Mia Farrow's Bombshell: Son's Father 'Possibly' Frank Sinatra

Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth talks about her conversation with the usually private actress.

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Stevie Wonder could see that he’s Franks son.
He looks exactly like Sinatra....even the blue eyes. There is NO way he’s Wooody Allen’s son......no way.
Karen Okeane
Karen Okeane:
That kid has "Sinatra" written all over him.
Matthew Pretzel
Matthew Pretzel:
“He’d send in a 23 and me and just get back the song New York New York” -Theo von
Even if hes not Frank's hes not Woody's. He looks more like Sinatra than Frank Jr.
Kathy Davis
Kathy Davis:
He is most definitely Frank Sinatra son...looks just like him
Ying Huynh
Ying Huynh:
Not possibly, he is Frank Sinatra's son. Look at the resemblance, uncanny.
Georgie Gingersnap
Georgie Gingersnap:
If Ronan isn't Frank's son, then I'm Cleopatra. Who hasn't known this forever, already?
Only people with eyes can see that he's Sinatra's son.
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson:
He looks more like Frank Sinatra than Frank's oldest son, Frank, Jr!!
Al Ha
Al Ha:
"Possibly"?? He's the spitting image of Sinatra even down to the 'blue eyes'. How stupid do they think people are?
Melanie Charlton
Melanie Charlton:
He is the spitting image of Sinatra.
Well, he's certainly too good-looking to be Woody Allen's son!
Nanette Valencia
Nanette Valencia:
Ronan is damn lucky he doesn't look like Woody
Julian Shapiro
Julian Shapiro:
He looks just like his daddy Frank Sinatra.
Anyone with eyes in their head can see that. Genes don't lie.
Mozart Cruise
Mozart Cruise:
He is a spitting image of Frank ♥️
Sandy Burkett
Sandy Burkett:
Ronan looks just like Frank Sinatra ...
Those piercing blue eyes..
Yes, he’s Franks Child...:))
Vesna Bluestar
Vesna Bluestar:
Well he's the spittin" image of Frankie!!
rock starblow
rock starblow:
Omg he's literally is a spitting imagine of Frank..holy cow 😍
Lana Simpson
Lana Simpson:
That boy looks like Frank Sinatra, no doubt.
yogi bee
yogi bee:
The bombshell would be that he's not Frank Sinatra's son.
Pommie bears
Pommie bears:
He has the Sinatra eyes. He’s definitely not Allen’s son.
That's Frank's son, trust me.
stephanie mastini
stephanie mastini:
There’s absolutely no doubt he’s Frank’s son. When I first saw him I did a double take and thought that’s bizarre he does look a lot like Frank Sinatra....well well ..Can he sing?
Kat Franks
Kat Franks:
Kid got lucky. I wouldn’t want woody Allen to be my father 🤢
Dianne Jones
Dianne Jones:
He has to be Frank's kid, otherwise he'd probably be hideous like Woody.
Drinkwater 7
Drinkwater 7:
Possibly? Christ, he looks like a young frank more than young Frank did.
Lynnie Shaw
Lynnie Shaw:
I’ve said it for years. That’s a damn Sinatra kid.
Marilyn Hamilton
Marilyn Hamilton:
Straight away without hesitation his father is Frank Sinatra it's all in the eyes.
Brita Cashman-Tarrant
Brita Cashman-Tarrant:
Possibly Frank's? Like Bill Maher told him, "Do you look in the mirror?"
Mary Slocum
Mary Slocum:
Possible who are you kidding.. HE
IS his son.
henrietta henson
henrietta henson:
Well he looks more like Frank than Woody.... a blessing in my opinion for him 👍🤣🤣🤣
the other 1
the other 1:
There aint no woody in him at all. That's Franks boy. I thought that was a given.
Miguel De Avalos
Miguel De Avalos:
Ronan is stunningly handsome and brilliant! He is a perfect blend of Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow! Amazing genes. He is very special to me.
sheila winston
sheila winston:
Look at Ronan- he looks just like Frank! Woody, you lose again
Well he does look like him, good looking
Shylo Duffy
Shylo Duffy:
A simple DNA would end the silly guessing .
When I first seen him I thought he looked familiar. He made an expression that made me think Sinatra. I did not know, at the time, who he was.
Kevin Suarez
Kevin Suarez:
I mean come on, he looks just like Sinatra, talk about old or young blue eyes.
Terri Graziano
Terri Graziano:
For sure he is Frank’s son so handsome ....He did it his way!!!
R T:
Wouldn’t it be something if he sounded just like His father if he sang ?!?
If I was Ronan Farrow, I’d be so relieved if it was confirmed that Woody Allen was not my biological father.
Tutone Lyles Naranjo
Tutone Lyles Naranjo:
One wonders if Mia was trying to again hurt Woody Allen with this revelation.
Jálale Jeowkr
Jálale Jeowkr:
The sincere squirrel genotypically drip because glue simulteneously wait past a jealous difference. charming, drunk zebra
Kim Nicoliello
Kim Nicoliello:
He's definitely Frank Sinatra's son !!!! Looks exactly like him.
Rhonda Clipper
Rhonda Clipper:
The best news any young person could ever learn
Woody Allen is not his Dad
Whew dodged a bullet there
Courtney E
Courtney E:
He looks exactly like Sinatra. And nothing like that droopy looking oaf lol
Flawless Fluidity
Flawless Fluidity:
It would certainly explain why Ronan is so good looking. Two stunning parents? That's a win win 🙄
Helen Keller could easily tell he's Sinatra's son🤦
Robert J. Williamson
Robert J. Williamson:
He's so obviously Frank's son and it is even more obvious on film as his eyes look identical and Frank had unique eyes.
Emilia Adamo
Emilia Adamo:
Hey he knows who is his father. Looks just like Frank.
Julia Wild
Julia Wild:
Spitting image of "Ole Blue Eyes."...Annnhhhh...could be, doc.
Pinkrella Jones
Pinkrella Jones:
That's Frank Sinatra.Twin oh my God no news here.
the bond man james
the bond man james:
Sinatra was a cool cat, at a time when sammy davis faced discrimination from thr media etc... for dating a white girl, sinatra stood by his side!!! Supported him. Frank was an angel!!! He looks so much like Frank!!!
Gris G.
Gris G.:
“Possibly?” Okay
Off course he is !!! ANYONE can see the resemblance
Worlds Biggest Loser
Worlds Biggest Loser:
Possibly?? Look at the bastard, he’s got the old mans eyes big time!
:)) wow. woody. sorry man. sweet Mia did wrong on you.
Carolyne G
Carolyne G:
I like the tenacity and integrity in Ronan Farrow having watched some interviews of him and what he went through exposing Weinstein...respect.
Are you kidding me! The first time, I saw his face, when this subject first came up a few years ago, I KNEW it was NOT Woody Allen's son.
To me he looks the most like his mum. Maybe she's got the dominant gene.
The fact that he ended up with his adoptive daughter speaks volumes to this whole incident
Anne ONeill
Anne ONeill:
Woody can deny all he wants. He still married his adopted daughter. That says it all.
Winfrid Gillon
Winfrid Gillon:
There is no doubt that this is Frank's son - he's got the looks and he's got the eyes !
Steger 13
Steger 13:
For sure he look just like frank. He just need to do a dna test.
Talk Show
Talk Show:
Happy Father's Day or Brother-in-law's Day LOL 😆 I love him for that.
Leah McNeill
Leah McNeill:
Omg, looks just like Mr. Blue Eyes!
Georgia Young
Georgia Young:
Oh c'mon...his face screams Frank Sinatra...
Joanna C
Joanna C:
He looks just like Frank, his father.
Woody gave that speech
But he never looked up
He looked down the whole time
Reading the piece of paper
That seems 😳 guilty
Puzekat Meow
Puzekat Meow:
There’s a DNA test that will prove this
Well, he sure ain’t Woody's son!
on the rocks with salt
on the rocks with salt:
Stevie Wonder can see who his father is.
Laurie Allen
Laurie Allen:
He's the spitting image of Frank.
Richard Rice
Richard Rice:
He's the Chairboy of the Board! Owning up to this infidelity was a. rare flash of truth for her.
No new news! He looks exactly like his father with blond hair!
Matt Williams
Matt Williams:
Stevie Wonder can see that boy is Frank Sinatra's son
Krista Carlton
Krista Carlton:
He has to be . . . he is gorgeous, and would look like a frog if woodys!
Elizabeth Djokovic
Elizabeth Djokovic:
He's the spitting image of Sinatra.
No doubt in my mind about his paternity.
What we always new - who she kiddin and Woody didn’t see it? Come on
David Luiz
David Luiz:
As legend Don Rickles said " What am I George Shearing?" we all can see thats Frank's kid.
AAron Thom
AAron Thom:
I've literally always thought, he looks NOTHING like Woody Allen, and he actually does resemble Frank Sinatra.
Loretta 253
Loretta 253:
Possibly??? Nahh more like definitely his father
Spitting image of Frank....definitely not woody, lucky for him.
Laurie McDarby
Laurie McDarby:
Of course he is Sinatra’s son!
Woody Allen is freaky......
Dana Cole
Dana Cole:
Obviously.&..whats up with women marrying creepy looking men..glad the boy looks like Frank
M. R.
M. R.:
He’s blue eye son. Just look at those eyes.
Bayside Local
Bayside Local:
How Woody Allen continued on with his life makes me ill, it's heartening to see Ronan Farrow play such a big role in the #metoo movement. His mother did a beautiful job, sperm donors be damned
Ron Douglas
Ron Douglas:
All you have to do is look at Ronan to see he is the spitting image of Sinatra.
Falcon Hawkeye
Falcon Hawkeye:
Is it just a coincidence that he is a spitting image of Frank and doesn’t share one trait with creepy Woody?
Rebecca Lopez
Rebecca Lopez:
It would be funny if neither one was the father.
gatito vargas
gatito vargas:
No way this "ugly" guy Allen is Ronan's father (Thank God). Frank a beautiful and talented person for sure is Ronan's dad.
Camille P
Camille P:
Happily - cannot SEE any of Allen in this gorgeous man!
yvonne jones
yvonne jones:
he really looks like frank and it is what it is
Gimme a break - he is the spitting image of Frank. This is a mystery only if you’re blind.
Hell yeah! Thank goodness for DNA tests
Dave Donovan
Dave Donovan:
i've watched 3 videos on ronan since ricky gervais mentioned him at the golden globes, and I gotta say...seems like a class act guy.