Mia Farrow's Bombshell: Son's Father 'Possibly' Frank Sinatra

Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth talks about her conversation with the usually private actress.

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yogi bee
yogi bee:
The bombshell would be that he's not Frank Sinatra's son.
He looks exactly like Sinatra....even the blue eyes. There is NO way he’s Wooody Allen’s son......no way.
Stevie Wonder could see that he’s Franks son.
Melanie Charlton
Melanie Charlton:
He is the spitting image of Sinatra.
Matthew Pretzel
Matthew Pretzel:
“He’d send in a 23 and me and just get back the song New York New York” -Theo von
Even if hes not Frank's hes not Woody's. He looks more like Sinatra than Frank Jr.
Anyone with eyes in their head can see that. Genes don't lie.
N Amiin
N Amiin:
When the 3 pics are side by side and woody Allen faces comes up I would believe spongebob square pants had a better chance of being his son than Ronan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Only people with eyes can see that he's Sinatra's son.
K L:
"They were so close even the sinatras treated him like family".... Duh. Thats cause they knew he is family.
Flawless Fluidity
Flawless Fluidity:
It would certainly explain why Ronan is so good looking. Two stunning parents? That's a win win 🙄
Abe 11
Abe 11:
"Possibly"?? He's the spitting image of Sinatra even down to the 'blue eyes'. How stupid do they think people are?
Ronan looks so much like Frank that even if there was no association between Mia and Frank and Frank had died 20 years before Ronan's birthday the entire world would still go "woah, he totally looks like Frank Sinatra"
Melissa Love
Melissa Love:
How she was ever with Woody is beyond me, he’s disgusting!
Courtney E
Courtney E:
He looks exactly like Sinatra. And nothing like that droopy looking oaf lol
page Turner
page Turner:
Don't Care who his father is, One thing I know, he is Smart and Intelligent young man.
Off course he is !!! ANYONE can see the resemblance
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson:
He looks more like Frank Sinatra than Frank's oldest son, Frank, Jr!!
stephanie mastini
stephanie mastini:
There’s absolutely no doubt he’s Frank’s son. When I first saw him I did a double take and thought that’s bizarre he does look a lot like Frank Sinatra....well well ..Can he sing?
Carolyne G
Carolyne G:
I like the tenacity and integrity in Ronan Farrow having watched some interviews of him and what he went through exposing Weinstein...respect.
Marilyn Hamilton
Marilyn Hamilton:
Straight away without hesitation his father is Frank Sinatra it's all in the eyes.
linda handley
linda handley:
He looks just like his handsome father, Frank and his stunning mother, Mia. She was so unbelievably beautiful in 'Rosemary's Baby' and one of my favorite actresses.
Nanette Valencia
Nanette Valencia:
Ronan is damn lucky he doesn't look like Woody
j leigh
j leigh:
I love Ronan's energy. He is a wonderful, soulful honest human.
Michelle Feldman
Michelle Feldman:
I can't wait for Ronan and Jon to tie the knot. They are a great couple. The real miracle is that Ronan is so high-functioning and accomplished and intact coming out of that messed up, sick, dysfunctional family.
Miguel De Avalos
Miguel De Avalos:
Ronan is stunningly handsome and brilliant! He is a perfect blend of Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow! Amazing genes. He is very special to me.
I can sincerely and honestly say Ronan Farrow is one of the most incredibly perfect looking men I have ever seen. He is absolutely stunning! WOW!!!
henrietta henson
henrietta henson:
Well he looks more like Frank than Woody.... a blessing in my opinion for him 👍🤣🤣🤣
oh my god he is definitely Sinatra’s son. Just look in his eyes!
Are you kidding me! The first time, I saw his face, when this subject first came up a few years ago, I KNEW it was NOT Woody Allen's son.
David Luiz
David Luiz:
As legend Don Rickles said " What am I George Shearing?" we all can see thats Frank's kid.
Woody Allen wishes he could produce a son that good looking. Good work frank!
Pommie bears
Pommie bears:
He has the Sinatra eyes. He’s definitely not Allen’s son.
Talk Show
Talk Show:
Happy Father's Day or Brother-in-law's Day LOL 😆 I love him for that.
jameela merveliuex
jameela merveliuex:
whoever is Dad,he is definitely lucky ,handsome and smart young man, and what is beautiful he is a humanitarian.
Chelsea Poet
Chelsea Poet:
"Woody Allen, the man the world thought was his biological father" er...no. We really didn't.
the other 1
the other 1:
There aint no woody in him at all. That's Franks boy. I thought that was a given.
Dianne Jones
Dianne Jones:
He has to be Frank's kid, otherwise he'd probably be hideous like Woody.
Julian Shapiro
Julian Shapiro:
He looks just like his daddy Frank Sinatra.
Robert Polnicky
Robert Polnicky:
I dont know if hes franks son or not but his looks sure make me miss those days when sinatra was that age. Nostalgia is too much.
Sandy Burkett
Sandy Burkett:
Ronan looks just like Frank Sinatra ...
Those piercing blue eyes..
Yes, he’s Franks Child...:))
Drinkwater 7
Drinkwater 7:
Possibly? Christ, he looks like a young frank more than young Frank did.
Kathy Davis
Kathy Davis:
He is most definitely Frank Sinatra son...looks just like him
Robert J. Williamson
Robert J. Williamson:
He's so obviously Frank's son and it is even more obvious on film as his eyes look identical and Frank had unique eyes.
Barbara Olson
Barbara Olson:
Rowan is a good looking man, I guess Frank Sinatra mug be his father. I think Mia must know, a mom always knows.
P Hoadley
P Hoadley:
DNA tests are a dime a dozen these days. I'm sure, by now, they know.
Woody can deny all he wants. He still married his adopted daughter. That says it all.
sheila winston
sheila winston:
Look at Ronan- he looks just like Frank! Woody, you lose again
Madeleine Backlund
Madeleine Backlund:
He has a very strong resemblance to Frank Sinatra. He also looks like Mia. But has no signs at all of Woody Allen. Not one bit. He has Frank's shape face and Frank's eyes and also Franks smile. He has Mia's complexion...
Texas 1
Texas 1:
Ronan is too beautiful to be Woody’s. Period!
Plus, Mi zFarrow is a hero for raising all those kids!
Lynnie Shaw
Lynnie Shaw:
I’ve said it for years. That’s a damn Sinatra kid.
The best news any young person could ever learn
Woody Allen is not his Dad
Whew dodged a bullet there
Dave Donovan
Dave Donovan:
i've watched 3 videos on ronan since ricky gervais mentioned him at the golden globes, and I gotta say...seems like a class act guy.
El Gordo
El Gordo:
This is the first I'm hearing about it since I only got into Sinatra a while ago, but that side by side kinda makes it obvious.
Kat C
Kat C:
Hes handsome as hell! Hes all Frank in the eyes, across the bridge of the nose and shape of face. Beautiful young man! Who cares whos son, hes here, successful and lovely to look at! Hollywood Royalty! What genes! A little dash of Maureen, a sprinkling of adorable Mia, the smoky flavor of Frank, and voila!!! What a dish!!! Great job Mia! You have a lovely family!
Me Cha
Me Cha:
From a distance, Ronin looks like Sinatra. Up close, I don't see it as much in photos. But videos? The small ways Ronin shows expressions with his face have me believing 100% that he is Sinatra's son.
Shylo Duffy
Shylo Duffy:
A simple DNA would end the silly guessing .
Absolutely...the resemblance is unmistakable. His eyes, his ears...ear lobes, teeth, chin, nose, his forehead, hair texture ...the bright smile...Woody Allen is kind of nerdy looking there's no way he's Allen's. Ha! That's cool...good looking kid.
Donna Sven
Donna Sven:
Over the counter DNA test work pretty well. I’m sure they already know.
Røbbin Mølk
Røbbin Mølk:
Wow....I can't think of anything that I care less about than this. But aren't we all lucky that they took the time, energy, and money to bring us this story? I'm sure it's made the world a better place.
Robyn Wood
Robyn Wood:
This is a bombshell? I mean, who *didn’t* think he was Sinatra’s son?
Gimme a break - he is the spitting image of Frank. This is a mystery only if you’re blind.
That's only a blessing!
Brita Cashman-Tarrant
Brita Cashman-Tarrant:
Possibly Frank's? Like Bill Maher told him, "Do you look in the mirror?"
Random 1
Random 1:
Look at Ronan’s eyes. He has his father’s eyes. That is Frank Sinatra. WA - are you kidding? !
Gorilla Cookies
Gorilla Cookies:
Nah, he is the offspring of Orson Wells and Scooby Doo !
Helen Keller would have no problem coming to the conclusion Ronin Is Franks Son !
Briar Bear
Briar Bear:
all you have to do is look at his face. He is def frank's kid. How fortunate for him. Handsome devil.
Lisa Sisneros
Lisa Sisneros:
I dunno if this was ever proven, but man that explains a lot. There’s no way those cheekbones and eyes came from Woody Allen. He looks absolutely nothing like Allen thank goodness!
Dawn Strohm
Dawn Strohm:
That is hands down Sinatra's son! Just do a DNA test and put that rumor behind you. The boy deserves to know who his father is.......FRANK SINATRA!!!
Eileen Shea
Eileen Shea:
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow...there's no doubt in my mind Ronin is Sinatras love child.
Melinda Douglas
Melinda Douglas:
I haven’t seen any Woody Allen movie since he ran off with his “daughter”, not one. He is a degenerate.
Fran Minky
Fran Minky:
It’s more convincing when you google pics of Frank and Ronan as kids , They could be the same kid 😂😂
Winfrid Gillon
Winfrid Gillon:
There is no doubt that this is Frank's son - he's got the looks and he's got the eyes !
Mary Ann Swanson
Mary Ann Swanson:
Oh yeah he has a smile like Frankie's!
Irine Vladimir
Irine Vladimir:
Eye for an eye :))) 💕💕💕Well done, Mia! Good girl💕💕💕
Karen Okeane
Karen Okeane:
That kid has "Sinatra" written all over him.
Kathleen Norris
Kathleen Norris:
The eyes have it...gorgeous eyes
Nancy say's no he's not. But seriously? Look at him he is the spitting image of Frank
Snapping Jesus
Snapping Jesus:
Mia is a little nutty. Woody is a little nutty. Frank was definitely nutty. Ronan is a well spoken young man who can write about nuts.
Daniel Fronc
Daniel Fronc:
If you wanted plastic surgery to make you look like Sinatra Sr., you couldn't get as good results, even better, than with Ronin. I'd love being Frank Sr.'s son. He was an extremely talented, financially generous man who loved his fans. What a mensch.
H H:
How could Woody believe Ronan is his biological child? He looks absolutely nothing like him.
Ephesians 2: Verse 8,9
Ephesians 2: Verse 8,9:
8:09 !Ronan's the DOUBLE of Francis Albert Sinatra! goodness gracious me! Same blue eyes x
jean lancaster
jean lancaster:
I watched the story of Frank Sinatra. He was a very giving man, he did not advertise his giving. He just gave. He had his issues with fooling around while married but that was his business. We only knew because he's was a celebrity. He left Mia because she made Rosemarys baby. He told her if she made this movie he'd leave and he did
Seth Eskivias
Seth Eskivias:
Spitting image. This is one of those run of the mill stories sensationalist shows use when they run out of stuff to talk about revived every so often. An out loud secret!
I love Ronan's answer "we're all possibly Frank Sinatra's son". So funny, so true.
Old Blue Eyes is back...just new and improved.
Alice Wonderland
Alice Wonderland:
The spitting image of his father! How could anyone doubt it?
the bond man james
the bond man james:
Sinatra was a cool cat, at a time when sammy davis faced discrimination from thr media etc... for dating a white girl, sinatra stood by his side!!! Supported him. Frank was an angel!!! He looks so much like Frank!!!
Camille P
Camille P:
Love this post - nicely done 👏👏👌🏼
For the love of god, why is this a mystery? The kid could win a Sinatra lookalike contest. He is the image of Frank.
Veruca Salt
Veruca Salt:
For some reason, I remember when Mia had Ronan, whose actual first name is Satchel. I remember that he was an absolutely beautiful baby. He's grown into such a handsome, wonderful man.
Yeah, he's Sinatra's son. Do the DNA test.
Okima Wilcox
Okima Wilcox:
It’s like Ronan was on a game show and picked the curtain with the car behind it rather than the years supply of turtle wax. That’s right Woody Allen. You’re turtle wax
gwendolyn Beecroft
gwendolyn Beecroft:
He looks like Frank and Mia. He looks nordic with those soft fair features and striking blue eyes.
Oh surprise surpise... come on now..... Everyone with TWO eyes could have told you that Woody Allen could never be the father of Ronan. He looks just like is REAL Das, Frank Sinatra.
John Scanlan
John Scanlan:
Ronan is 100% Frank Sinatra's son - there's zero chance he's Woody Allen's kid!
Vesna Bluestar
Vesna Bluestar:
Well he's the spittin" image of Frankie!!
Clurk Roberts
Clurk Roberts:
Side by side, Dylan looks exactly like Mia, eyes... nose , ears .. even the shape of his face. I think he got his intelligence and wit from Allen. This comment is Mia Farrows way to strike back at Allen.
Stela S
Stela S:
Undeniable! They are identical.
He looks exactly like Frank Sinatra! I can't see Woody Allen anywhere in that young man's face. He is absolutely beautiful.
Well, he's certainly too good-looking to be Woody Allen's son!