Michael Douglas Wins Best Actor: 1988 Oscars

Marlee Matlin presenting Michael Douglas with the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance in "Wall Street" at the 60th Annual Academy Awards® in 1988.

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Well deserved. Michael was just superb as Gordon Gekko.
Wall Street is a masterpiece .
Mike Smith
Mike Smith:
I LOVE how affectionally Robin Williams looks when he clearly sees how hard Marlee Matlin is trying to not only talk but also how she literally puts so much into saying, "Good Morning Vietnam". A classic line from the movie. Shows what a wonderful human being he was and good for Marlee Matlin for literally training with a voice coach to do this. :-) 
Nicholson is sitting there with a dark sunglasses like a badass
0:55 I absolutely love the genuine joy on Robin William's face when Marlee Matlin says the title of his film like how his character says it. ^_^
Dan M.
Dan M.:
I just rewatched Wall Street last night and absolutely loved it! Michael Douglas was a more than deserving winner!
I watched this for more Matlin than Douglas, but he seems to be a good man with his values in the right place.
I think it's very sweet that he dedicated his award to Kirk and his parents. He truly deserved it and Gordon Gekko is timeless, excellent performance by Michael. And Marlee Matlin learned to speak after winning her Oscar the year before! Go Marlee!
Joshua Berkowitz
Joshua Berkowitz:
Michael Douglas is a great actor and a cool guy. I stopped him on the Upper West Side a few years ago and got a picture with him, he was really cool about it...
Rightfully deserved Michael's performance in Wall Street was exceptional.
Back when Hollywood made movies worth watching, good enough to make the Oscars a nail-biter.
tahani alanazi
tahani alanazi:
The sweetest thing when Robin Williams said good morning Vietnam and Robin's reaction is wonderful
N L:
marlee is trying so hard to pronounce every words and see how excellent she is
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
Just watched your movie yesterday (25 years after its broadcast🙂) And afterwards I gotta say: Congrats Mr. Douglas, very deserved! I also enjoyed the latest picturisation starring Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan.

And about Marlee Matlin, what a remarkable, beautiful lady! We can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to actually announce the nominees! 💪
Gordon Gekko was the part of Douglas' career; even in the somewhat inferior sequel, Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps, Douglas was still outstanding. It's ironic that Michael's Father, Kirk Douglas, never won a competitive Oscar during his career, despite worthy performances in Lust For Life, The Bad And The Beautiful, Spartacus, and Paths Of Glory. Michael ultimately co-produced the successful film adaptation of Ken Kesey's One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, which Kirk had starred in on Broadway; Kirk couldn't obtain financing to make the film, and gave the rights to Michael, who hired Milos Foreman and Jack Nicholson, after it was determined that Kirk was too old for the lead role by the mid 70s.
"The point is ladies and gentlemen, that acting, for lack of a better word, is good. Acting is right, acting works. Acting clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of evolutionary entertainment. Acting, in all of it's forms, acting for comedy, for drama, for romance, sci-fi has marked the upward surge of cinema, and acting, you mark my words will not only save movies but that other malfunctioning company called Hollywood. Thank you very much."
Michael Jagger
Michael Jagger:
Just seeing Robin Williams look so happy and smiling is enough 👏
Damn, Marlee Matlin was gorgeous here,
Ferruccio Guicciardi
Ferruccio Guicciardi:
"Thank you for helping a son step out of the shadow" - :)
Marlee Matlin looks stunning......
Just saw "Wallstreet" (the first one) and i must say that Michael was amazing - the perfect role for him. A very deserved win, and a top speech too...
PenelopeDinkledong S
PenelopeDinkledong S:
Ahh, the 80s: when giant shoulder pads ruled for both men and women...
Michael Douglas has great acting in Wall Street.
Cinema Inclined
Cinema Inclined:
I love his 80's haircut!
Love Animals
Love Animals:
This was Michael Douglas's, and Cher's year (Michael with good work in two hit films Wall Street, and Fatal Attraction, and Cher, with three movies, and a return to the music charts).
"I'm not talking about some four-hundred thousand dollar a year working wall street stiff flying first class and being comfortable, I'm talking about liquid....... rich enough to have your own jet. Rich enough not to waste time. Fifty... a hundred million dollars buddy...... a player... or nothing." Gordon Gekko, Wall Street.
Miss Meow
Miss Meow:
Aww I love Marlee's speech. She is so adorable! I read her book, "I'll Scream Later," and it was great :)
The Dark Knight? Are you kidding me, that was a great movie. The rest I can pretty much agree on
jenny edling
jenny edling:
One of the greatest actor ever! He and his father💗
Michael Douglas one of my favorite actors love him so much!
Dutch Martin
Dutch Martin:
"Greed is good." Priceless.
Natalie ps
Natalie ps:
It's so great to see an actor who actually deserves the win. He had some stiff competition too . Looks like a great oscar year as cher won for moonstruck. One of my favorites. Kirk douglas was a giant in hollywood. It cant be easy steeping out of his shadow but to younger generations that werent alive when douglas was a heavy weight Micheal surely surpassed his dad or at least is great in his own right. Does not happen often. Look at sports how many sons of hof guys become better than their dad?
Def one of the best Oscar speeches ever. Amazing performance.
John Munro
John Munro:
His dad lived for another 32 years! Amazing and fully deserved.
wall street- my favourite movie next to a knights tale! oh Michael was soo good in it.. he deserves it!
This was at the height of his sexiness!!
Anna kowalska
Anna kowalska:
I love Michael ,he was so handsome at that time,a nice guy!Happy Birthday  to you Michael!
OMG she's natural, adorable and beautiful... in her ways <3
Gregory Alan Bailey
Gregory Alan Bailey:
Falling Down is his best movie, and one of the best movies ever. 
Rex Durrett
Rex Durrett:
One of my all time favorite artists, I love his ability to be straight evil
Culprit LA
Culprit LA:
have to say, one of the nicest presenter/winner combos ever
Aaron Waters
Aaron Waters:
You know that if Jack Nicholson had one he would have said "Thank you, Scooby!"
Julie Molthop
Julie Molthop:
3 yrs prior to this win, I was one of his limo drivers at a company he contracted with. He was the nicest, most polite man! Always asked to listen to KROQ on the radio. Carried his own bags, always. And his wife was always kind, and waiting for him as soon as we pulled up. Every time. Beautiful, genuine people.
justin fleming
justin fleming:
Lou Diamond Phillips couldve had an best actor oscar nominee for his role as the late Richie Valens in La Bamba
John Keneth
John Keneth:
Michael douglas was beyond brilliant in his role for Wall Street.
Michael Douglas was Soooooooooooo Gorgeous!!!!!!!
j4d3 goat
j4d3 goat:
**Great** actor and a **great** role!
He was **made** to play Gordon Gekko!
p 28
p 28:
One of the best performances I've seen. MD in Wall Street.

And by god Marlee is stunning!!
Thank you very much. As the single largest shareholder in Teldar Paper, I'd like to thank you for letting me speak.
I absolutely LOVE the fact that this was the time when they gave the winners a solid three minutes or so to give an acceptance speech. Nowadays they start rushing the recipients off the stage after about 30-45 seconds. For God's sake, can;t they cut at least one of those lousy musical numbers and give each winner another freakin lousy MINUTE to thank people?!
ice cold
ice cold:
I would have loved it if he'd have walked onto that stage and said "Greed, for the lack of a better word is good..."
Light Portal
Light Portal:
Well deserved. One of the best performances in 80's
Aww Marlee Matlin made me smile.
this guy really deserve it, one of the best actors of all time, true legend
All of the Best Actor Nominees of 1987 except for Marcello Mastroianni have won at least 1 Oscar:

Michael Douglas: Wall Street

Robin Williams: Good Will Hunting

William Hurt: Kiss of the Spider-Woman

Jack Nicholson: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Terms of Endearment, and As Good as it Gets 
Conjugal Visitor
Conjugal Visitor:
Marlee Maitlin is awesome!!!
Viantz Pradz
Viantz Pradz:
I really love and obsessed with michael hair style!
Love Michael <3 Loved it when he talked about Kirk too.
Debra M
Debra M:
Paper Plains
Paper Plains:
I just love his voice.
Albert Flores
Albert Flores:
So this is Hank Pym a year before he resigns with SHIELD
lewis Howatson
lewis Howatson:
Nice mullet Michael haha, nah just kiddin he's amazing. I can't stop watchin Wall Street right now, it's just so good
how can you understand who the winner is? Jacks expression said it best
Seinfeld: "What are ya, Deaf?"
Matlin: "BINGO!"
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen:
He is great! One of my favorites!
Arvind Das
Arvind Das:
Gordon Gecko is as real as I want to be ! Ultimate Gordon Gecko . Amazing script
Stan Shargors
Stan Shargors:
He is my favorite actor.
Thank you, sir! I hope you beat the disease and live happily with your lovely supportive wife and children. All the best!
MaKe ViDeO's WiTh JULIE:
One of my favorite actor amazes me all the time I watch his movies
Scott Miller
Scott Miller:
A Wonderful Man Great Actor and a Class Act !!!!!
Been Rockn n Rollin Since 1888
Been Rockn n Rollin Since 1888:
His father was a good actor, he learned from the best.
Dean Pedd
Dean Pedd:
Marlee Matlin is so Amazing.
Pak RT
Pak RT:
This was back when Sandy Kominsky still got a lot of script offers
Patrick Dan
Patrick Dan:
*Wall Street is an awesome movie* 🔥 🔥 🔥
Christopher Lawson
Christopher Lawson:
Class act all the way!
Nicole S
Nicole S:
Marlee Matlin is so beautiful!

... and duh Michael Douglas is also amazing.
Ah! bowakawa pousse pousse
Ah! bowakawa pousse pousse:
Wow. What a brilliant line up of nominees.
Márcio Cruz Beserra
Márcio Cruz Beserra:
Best film : Predator
Best actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
J Roberts
J Roberts:
Marlee Matlin was gorgeous back in the day.
Emma Planas
Emma Planas:
My god
Marlee looks so beautiful
@EZELED42 : The Oscar ceremony for wich Hoffman won his Oscar for Rain Man was held in 1989.
The A-list of the 20th Century all up for one category. Just awesome. Today doesn't even rate.
j4d3 goat
j4d3 goat:
Great stuff! Really well deserved!
Avbath Voose
Avbath Voose:
Thought it was neat that Marlee spoke the names out.
Debra M
Debra M:
Still love this movie wow, Michael Douglas one of our superb actors of our time!
Ray Whittington
Ray Whittington:
I'm grateful to be able to enjoy clips like this one, seen here for the first time all these years later. 1988 was a year of hell for me. Makes me wonder how many other events I would have enjoyed that I missed the first time around, in my not so good old days.
Allie H.
Allie H.:
she is seriously so damn pretty <3
Super 1
Super 1:
"Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel"
Lady Morgaine Rose
Lady Morgaine Rose:
Amazing deep voice Mr Michael Douglas
The performance that defined a decade of excess. Michael Douglas effectively gave a face to the Wall St. shark.
Mashael Alsweed
Mashael Alsweed:
Ana Luiza Pena
Ana Luiza Pena:
Wow, I had no idea Marlee Matlin was so beautiful at a younger age!
what a DEEP voice!
T De
T De:
Get well soon Michael!
Peter Hansen
Peter Hansen:
The presentation is impressive !!
@Eev1s --Hurt should've won---he was amazing in that movie--
and he had a fully fleshed out role to play--that he nailed!
This is a great, natural speech.
Janelle Kirkland
Janelle Kirkland:
I love him in that movie.. One of my favorites 😎
Muhammad Andra Aditya
Muhammad Andra Aditya:
0:49 and right behind him also won Best Actress Oscar that night
I’m sure all the actor’s agents loved this presenter
Lauren Daley
Lauren Daley:
I saw Marlee Matlin at candlelight epcot 2019, i was part of the choir....too bad most of that was this school from georgia and they were horrid.
Rich Alderson
Rich Alderson:
That is a wicked pair of 80's shoulder pads Gordon!!