Michael Jordan - Air Jordan (Greatest Jordan Video on YOUTUBE)

This documentary examines the entirety of Michael Jordan's career. All of his slam dunks, legendary moments, game winners, buzzer beaters, finals wins, competitive fire...all of it. Re-live the career of the greatest basketball player to ever do it in this original documentary created by Joseph Vincent.

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Joseph Vincent
Joseph Vincent:
HEY EVERYONE, some of the music in this video has slowly been hit with copyrights & got muted. If you love this video I fixed up all those issues in the new version, its the exact same video as this but those muted segments are fixed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8uFnOMxy7c
You've done it once again bro. I planned to watch it in parts, but I ended up watching the whole thing in one sitting. That's how good it was.
Greyson the Bunny
Greyson the Bunny:
"Theres a whole generation of kids now who'll swear by LeBron James, and while you're watching him play, its hard to believe that there was anyone better than that. Well, kids, I'm here to tell you there was someone better than that." So much TRUTH
Lu T
Lu T:
As a Millennial I understand that MJ is the undisputed GOAT.
francis lloyd
francis lloyd:
Never asked to sit out. Never complained. Never flopped. Real GOAT. 🐐
I dont see how people can even put LeBron in the same category. GOAT!
dbsks hsjsjsks
dbsks hsjsjsks:
Other people think that these are MJ's highlights, that's just how he plays
Alexander Bustamante
Alexander Bustamante:
I quit watching basketball after MJ left because I knew I would never see greatness like that again in my lifetime, and I wasn't wrong.
From 1975 until this day, never seen anyone as dominant & clutch as Michael Jordan in basketball.
Claudio Productions
Claudio Productions:
The most definitive sports athlete of all time, period. Absolutely brilliant video.
I remember watching that Celtics game live... Celtics were essentially unbeatable back then... Bulls still lost, but Jordan’s performance that day... OMFG.....
I think people that argue that MJ isn't the GOAT completely overlook the fact that he retired two times directly following 3 peats. That is simply insane to think about. Wins 3 straight titles in the middle of his prime, retires for 1.5 seasons and then turns right back around and wins 3 more titles only to retire yet again. The only reason this guy doesn't have 8-10 titles right now is because he essentially just didn't feel like it.
Joey L
Joey L:
One of the best part of watching MJ is seeing the reactions of the opposing bench when he makes a ridiculous play.
The Stony Gamer
The Stony Gamer:
This video gave me goosebumps for real. And all the feels. It was an honor and a joy watching him play the game. Long live the king. Long live the GOAT!
rAndoM doGma
rAndoM doGma:
Grew up in Chicago in the 90's. Nothing like being a kid watching Jordan and Pippen dominate. Best feeling knowing your team was the best. Never failed to entertain. Always played both ends of the court. It was amazing.
mike wilkins
mike wilkins:
Watching him still makes me want to go outside and try to fly like everyone did as a kid after watching his VHS!!! 😂
Nathan Darr
Nathan Darr:
I used to think Lebron was close to MJ. But after watching this, I now for the rest of my life I will firmly believe that Michael Jordan is by far the greatest player in nba history. It's not even close. I'm 15. I can only see highlights of him. I love lebron, but he's not close, Kobe isn't close. No one is close to Michael Jordan
Noah Smith
Noah Smith:
“It was a wrap for everyone in the league when jordan was in the building you weren’t getting ANYTHING” - the sentence that defines his career
Tony Moshier
Tony Moshier:
Unfortunately I wasn't old enough to witness MJ in his prime but from everything I have seen through highlights he is the GOAT. MJ just did stuff that no one else can do at the most clutch moments possible. Definitely a once in a lifetime player
I'd never seen the free throw rebound dunk before. That was hilarious! Ball bounced on the rim once and MJ was already at cruising altitude
Robin Vyas
Robin Vyas:
29:30 Such a beautiful shot. Just the right amount of arc while still looking like a missile.
Watching Jordan play makes me cry. He's literally the embodiment of willing something into existence. He wanted to win so bad that he made himself into the best player ever.
That'z You Girl! Fashion & Beauty
That'z You Girl! Fashion & Beauty:
He is DEFINITELY the ....GOAT!!! of Basketball.... I wish time could go back to his time of playing.....I really miss seeing a human being fly through the air and making those ridiculous shots that no one else could. He backed down from NOTHING or NOONE......LeBron James is great, but NO ONE....played the sport better than MICHAEL JORDAN.....Point, Blank, PERIOD!
It’s amazing watching Jordan go from a skinny kid, who jumps with grace and almost balletic poise, to becoming a huge, physical and even scary player. He added, along with his poise, a strength and grit that made him an unstoppable force in the air, and the Chicago Bulls changed with him from lighter colours and lettering to being a powerful, bold and dark organisation in branding. He really does straddle the gap between the artistry of Dr J and the power of LeBron
You know what's funny? In a lot of cases, you don't realize the greatness until later and nostalgia kicks in. With MJ, we all knew we were witnessing unprecedented greatness as it was happening.
Simple Man
Simple Man:
Man that was when basketball was worth watching. He transcends his team and everyone enjoyed the show.
Ibn Sabeel
Ibn Sabeel:
It takes a GOAT to know a GOAT. This man Joseph Vincent is the illest. Hands down. This video is priceless. 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
One of the biggest MJ fans and examining his game and attempting to replicate it took me very far with that damn ball. I have watched every short movie he has ever come out with starting with Come Fly With Me...I have to say my man...this was The One! 💪🏿🏀🔥
Warren Williams
Warren Williams:
Wow what a trip down memory lane. I'll tell you what, that was stupendous in its entirety. I can remember a a boy being awed by Mike and trying to emulate his every movement. Call the boys, lower the court, then the magic began. I was Mike with the crowd roaring in my head, tongue sticking out, leading through the air, the flashes take center stage and boom he dies it again
I started watching the NBA at the very onset of the Pistons/Chicago rivalry and man, I am so lucky to have witnessed the live action and the feel of watching MJ play. It was like a privilege and an honor. I watch the Last Dance and MJ YouTube videos when I'm depressed, just to remember the happier times in my life when I was the ultimate basketball fan. All hail the best, Michael Jordan.
Antonio B
Antonio B:
Michael Jordan was more than a basketball player. He was a feeling, an emotion. To know it is simply beautiful.
Mr. Tee
Mr. Tee:
Not just the greatest basketball player but the greatest athlete of all time.
The best part, was watching all these games live on TV, and also going to see him play live endless times. The highlights are always nostalgic, and still give me the goosebumps like they did the day they happened.
Another amazing documentary, JV! 💪
Tim kay
Tim kay:
One of the best documentaries on MJ around! Great job and thank you
Andy Alviar
Andy Alviar:
Kudos to Mr. Vincent. Just watching this gives me goosebumps. There's no denying who the GOAT is. Maybe in another 50 years but not this year. He didn't call himself the greatest to play the game. He is called the GOAT by his peers.
Watching him win that game with the Flu was just phenomenal...
I remember watching MJ in 1990's The playoffs vs Indian Pacers, The NY Knicks & lastly the Portland Trailblazers these were the best series in my opinion and most memorable.
Saw MJ play live on multiple occasions. Incredible in all facets of the game. Just wanted to point out that once he became proficient in the mid-range game, he became un-guardable. The Pistons could beat them as long as he continued driving or shooting long jumpers. The Jordan Rules worked because Detroit could double/triple team if he drove, but they couldn't get to him when he pulled up mid-way to the basket. Side note: try to find some old Bob McAdoo (Buffalo Braves) and Bernard King (Knicks) footage if you want to see high-volume, low-flashiness mid-range scoring.
The Sure Shannon Show
The Sure Shannon Show:
Your editing skills are off the chain. The audio excerpts blended so well with the footage. I love at the end how film shots were added. The films shots blew me away. I was pulled more into the story. It would be cool to see more film excerpts.
I was born in 1976 I'm 45 years old I am a die hard LA LAKERS fan. I hated to see the Lakers lose to Mike but he wasn't going to be denied. He is undoubtedly the greatest basketball player to ever Play in the NBA👑🏀🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆👍
Year after year, I HAVE to watch this video start to finish. Miss you 90's 🙌🏿
Everyone who thinks anyone other than Michael Jordan is the greatest to ever play the game, fails to realize that their favorite player also considers Jordan to be the greatest to ever play the game. Funny how that works.
Andi Kurniawan
Andi Kurniawan:
the beautiful and impossible game of that generation made the NBA known and watched throughout the world today
Donovan Lambes
Donovan Lambes:
Jordan ran a 4.3 forty more impressive than when I witnessed him drop 69 on my beloved Cavs at thegone but not forgotten Richfield coliseum
Jared Crotty
Jared Crotty:
Man, I’ve seen a TON of Jordan compilations. This is hands down THE best. Killer editing. Great vid.
Ciro Salazar
Ciro Salazar:
a truly inspirational player, a hall of famer, and the goat of the NBA, Michael Jordan.
I'm lucky to have watched this legend live on TV growing up in the 90s.
Freddo Foxx
Freddo Foxx:
From 8:56 to 9:04, it's my favorite dunk moment from Jordan
AD Renaissance
AD Renaissance:
Ok, we all know how great was MJ and personally, as a teen I watched all his games. And this was a time when the NBA didn't have all these rules. You can hand check, centers were able to camp on the middle, you can punch or throw a player to the floor and no foul, etc. But what strike me was that MJ had so many weapons and his style, finesse, fierce approach to the game and no fear whatsoever to any one on the floor. And did I mentioned he play against all the greatest players ever? He was the first on some many aspects! No other athlete was more recognizable globally than him. Simply put, MJ is the best player the NBA have ever seen.
Love the lines: ''I say this to so many people that we're fortunate in our lifetime to have seen the Michael Jordan. Rather than being born 30 years from now and only hear about the legacy.''

''People think that Jordan gets mythologized out of proportion. In fact if anything he becomes underrated over time.''

''There's a whole generation of kids now that's gonna swear by Lebron James cause if you're watching Lebron James it's hard to imagine that anyone was ever better than that but kids I'm here to tell ya there was someone better than that.''
Kobe Bryant will always be my 🐐. Yes, I'm speaking as a fan and he is the greatest player of my generation. However, if we talking about who is the greatest player in NBA history without a doubt it's Michael Jordan. Lebron was NEVER close and never will be. MJ was so good if he was to walk on water, you would not be surprised.
s k
s k:
The idea that LeBron is as great or greater than Jordan is utterly ridiculous, esp for those of us over 50 yo who grew up in Chicago and watched (or recorded) every single game. These aren't 'highlight' videos because Jordan did something spectacular EVERY SINGLE GAME. No exaggeration. Greatest athlete and fighter I've ever seen.
it's so incredible to watch him drive down the middle, even in crucial moments. you gave him 2 FEET of wiggle room, and he's going right through ya whole team
Jesse Aaron
Jesse Aaron:
I grew up in the Jordan Era. What a great time to be alive
Dr. Cryptox
Dr. Cryptox:
MJ's regular playing is equal to most modern day basketball pro's entire career highlights
Tony Krug
Tony Krug:
Thank u Jordan for all the great memories! It was truly an amazing ride!!!
Matt Alibozek
Matt Alibozek:
I used to have that dunk contest on VHS, I had a bunch of them. I remember when I saw that dunk Jordan did from the free throw line I was amazed. He was probably the best player of my generation anyways. I still have a Jordan jersey in my closet from the 90s and have his basketball card from the dream team.
Jeff Froment
Jeff Froment:
He was awesome his first few years in the league but once he put on a little muscle and practiced his outside shooting he became dominate. Then he just got better and better and there was nothing another team could do about it. When he won his first 3 peat he was just starting to peak his second 3 peat is when he really peaked at his game. He played all 82 regular season games. No one can do that today or they're just to lazy to play 82 games a season nevermind do it 3 seasons in a row. He will always be the GOAT no matter what LeBron fans say. Let LeBron play in Jordan's era from when Jordan entered the league. LeBron would just be a good player. The closest player to Jordan was Kobe and I will take Kobe over LeBron any day of the week. Jordan changed the game of basketball and made it a popular sport once again. Also if I'm not mistaken Jordan had a 46" vertical when he was in his 20s to young 30s. That's insane when you're 6'6" tall and can jump 46 inches in the air. That's mind blowing especially for back in the 80s and early 90s cause no one had that high of a vert. Then LeBron wonder's why he will never be the GOAT. LeBron is a huge cry baby, always flopping around, switches teams like he's changing his underwear, he's way to cocky cause in his mind he is the GOAT. LeBron could never play in Jordan's era cause it was seriously rough and tough back then in the NBA. I mean the Pistons had the Jordan Rules, the Lakers had something similar not as rough though. LeBron cries when someone slaps his arm, imagine LeBron playing with elbows and pushes, slaps, grabbing, OMG he would have a hissy fit right on the court. That's why Jordan will always be the GOAT cause he played through all that and you still couldn't stop him. Jordan was always business when on the court and he wanted to kill you. I really miss Old School NBA cause I can't even watch a game today because it's just to soft.
That was one of the best Jordan/Bulls video I have ever seen. It's better than the "Last Dance!" As far as just covering MJ's career. Well Done
Wis Dom
Wis Dom:
GOAT. *_"If anything, he becomes UNDERRATED over time"_* That line is so true. People today just cant believe Jordan was so great. So they have to bring his legacy down so that their favorite player can "seem" better.
Michael Stone
Michael Stone:
Growing up watching Michael Jordan play basketball actually made me play basketball! He is the Greatest of all times! He made basketball to the greatest heights! To be honest Air Jordan has Passion for the game!
Jay Company
Jay Company:
The way Michael Jordan just hung in the air was just spectacular
Boulder Pathways
Boulder Pathways:
11:01 My favorite Jordan play ever. What's crazy about the play is how good Larry Bird played defense on that play! 2 GIANTS of the NBA squaring off and Jordan ROASTED HIM!
Eric Schaaf
Eric Schaaf:
You are the Michael Jordan of editing. The sound effects were awesome, too! 🏆
emmanuel valdez
emmanuel valdez:
i like how you didn't ignore Micheal's abilities on the defensive end the man was a beast on both sides of the court.
IBRAHIM Alowonle
IBRAHIM Alowonle:
Dude you are such a great documentary maker. Big props to you.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
20:00 to 22:00 is my absolute favorite part of this video. Chuck Daley's reaction at 21:16 is hilarious 😂😂
jermaine austin
jermaine austin:
Michael Jordan is the Greatest of all time , team sports wise Jordan and Pele are the GOATS.
Josef Nocera
Josef Nocera:
Amazing video 🤙🏽 Nice work, you can really tell you have love for the man and the game ❤️ Best basketball player ever for sure 😎
James Gall
James Gall:
Still the ONLY video that truly does justice to the legend that is MJ and the feeling we all had growing up in Chicagoland watching him. It was like we had a real life superhero... you almost got the feeling he was out stopping crime when not playing ball.
Robin Vyas
Robin Vyas:
24:08-24.28 I think these two plays should be more included in his highlight videos. They both are pretty unique how and the way they were executed.
If it was just Michael Jordan on the court against 5 of NBA’s best… The Bulls would still have won.
MJ was and still is… THE Chicago Bulls. He is THE classiest professional athlete in history.
Others could benefit from Michael’s professionalism.
This is the greatest basketball player of all time and he still is…

This is the greatest Jordan video of all time and will always be.

Thank you Joseph
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit:
He is the reason why I started watching basketball. The greatest all around player of all time. Got some bad asz shoes also.
I absolutely love that no matter what video I seem to watch of yours, you have a clip of Bill Burr. Brings me immense joy; well done.
Thank you for the memories, what a great film! 🔥🔥🔥
Victoria Adams
Victoria Adams:
Watching Michael play gives me goosebumps
His movements were just so, graceful. Best highlights.
Victor Garcia
Victor Garcia:
You did a really great job with this Michael Jordan video, Joseph Vincent. The roaring lion effects were perfect.
YoungBlood Sithole
YoungBlood Sithole:
Joseph Vincent understood the assignment!! You really deserve to be in a hall of fame. Thank you, leader. This is nothing short of inspiration.. Air Jordan🔥🔥
Michaela Tabs
Michaela Tabs:
the most beautiful game in basketball, MJs finals games.
It will be sometime before we can see another Jordan. He was pure energy and magic
Brings me back to my childhood. Jordan will always be the best ever. My Dad would only ever watch an NBA game if Jordan was playing.... anything else was boring to him.

I was a Sonics fan and yet never missed a bulls game.
Moe Lester
Moe Lester:
39:10 always blows my mind no matter how many times I’ve seen it
Good Citizen
Good Citizen:
Great job on this, a masterpiece!
Beau Burrell
Beau Burrell:
Outstanding video! You deserve an award for this creation.🏅
HitmanKing Jay
HitmanKing Jay:
Growing up watching MJ was damn speechless and kids today don't understand that MJ was just not human he just means so much to the game he is always giving you 130% every game
3dgar 7eandro
3dgar 7eandro:
21:01 this is why he was a legend... What a unic player and a living legends!!!!🔥🔥😌👌👌
28:21 man Jordan truly was out of this world👏👏
Trist mas
Trist mas:
MJ jumped from so far out in those old Jordan 1's . That's Amazing
Nuno Silvestre
Nuno Silvestre:
Este homem é...the great !!!
uma lenda que influencio a minha vida e de muitas pessoas a jogar basquete
One of the hardest things about making videos is the time and effort you put in to watch all the videos before even editing.
Props to you Joseph on a great video!
This will be in the millions.
Alexander & Arthur reviews
Alexander & Arthur reviews:
Wow! Great games for Michael Jordan, in the 80s I love the way he played.. great reviews
Chris A
Chris A:
Mike Jordan was apart of a great organization. I really noticed that the following year after getting knocked out of the playoffs by Orlando . The bulls immediately made the right trades. Their fan base where so amazing in supporting the team.
Gonçalo Correia
Gonçalo Correia:
This documentary is another work of art, thanks Vincent
Chicken King
Chicken King:
Michael is the Greatest Ever💯
Kabir Bhatti
Kabir Bhatti:
I don’t even watch basketball, but this guy is something special.
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark:
2:21 RIP Mr. Jordan. I was a huge fan of Mike and to this day am tore up about what happened to his pops.
Fifty Dayz
Fifty Dayz:
Everybody wants to be like Mike. Genius💯