Michael Lewis on the Mirage That Is America's Public Health System

Hello. This is Eric Topol for Medscape. It's my incredible privilege today to speak one-on-one with Michael Lewis, the storyteller of our era, about his new book, The Premonition: A Pandemic Story. Find more on Medscape: https://wb.md/34TO9LV

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Michael Easter
Michael Easter:
6:11 I've watched many interviews with Michael Lewis, and this is the first one to mention the cover of the book. Well-done!
Cindy Bogart
Cindy Bogart:
These are two of the greatest doctors out there! They are do intelligent & wise✨
jim allen
jim allen:
The contrast between the Fifth Risk and A Premonition is explained in A Premonition. These institutions were once important and did great work. The Fifth Risk calls out the incoming Trump administration for failing to respect the value of government, yet that really started with Reagan. A Premonition shows Reagan knee-capping and politicizing the CDC and we should presume also the FDA. Hence the two books are not contradictory, they just have skewed timelines. (Addresses comments at roughly 32 minutes into the video.)
jim allen
jim allen:
Should kids shots be taking so long to approve?