🏫 Microsoft Teams Tutorial in 10 min

In this step-by-step tutorial in under 10 minutes, learn how you can use Microsoft Teams to meet, chat, and collaborate with others.

👋 Additional resources:
- Sign up for Microsoft Teams: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software
- Sign into Microsoft Teams: https://teams.microsoft.com

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:24 Sign up for Microsoft Teams
0:42 Sign in
0:55 Download desktop app
1:28 Navigation bar
1:48 Join or create team
3:18 Edit team settings
3:34 Channels
3:57 Posts & conversations
5:55 Organizing channels
6:15 Activity
6:38 Chat
7:12 Calendar & schedule meetings
7:44 Join meeting
8:46 Calls
9:04 Files
9:15 Wrap up

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Kevin Stratvert
Kevin Stratvert:
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Bo Zhao
Bo Zhao:
A great intro on how to use teams. The app put everything in work in a cleaning category!
Aditya Teraiya
Aditya Teraiya:
Zoom, chrome, teams!
This guy is literally making videos for school!
I needed to give a presentation on teams to my team and I had 15 mins before the meeting. This gave me what I needed, quickly, and I nailed it. Thanks dude
Kay Kay
Kay Kay:
Phew! Much needed - thank you!
Marcius M G Souza
Marcius M G Souza:
Nice view points...good job!
Alexander Once
Alexander Once:
Thanks Kevin! Now with this great tutorial anyone can start in making teams, may it be on business, school, or any other organization.
Lisha Arlene
Lisha Arlene:
Thanks 👍🏼 I’m a teacher trying to stay ahead.
Kharylle Kenoh
Kharylle Kenoh:
Thank you! 🥺 we'll be using this for the next Term.
MA Pervez
MA Pervez:
Very well presented. It was fast & furious & fun.
Maître BACHA
Maître BACHA:
ACE learn English With Movie Clips
ACE learn English With Movie Clips:
thumbs up👍
See ya on the next video
Tyler Stanczak
Tyler Stanczak:
Awesome tips on how to use Microsoft teams. Thanks Kevin!
Tim Malone
Tim Malone:
wow, brain exploding. Thanks for doing this, I can see that I need to spend more time figuring this out.
Emilio Gauna
Emilio Gauna:
How do you erase chats? Good video.
Fast and furious video! I like it.
Becky Kent
Becky Kent:
Great intro tutorial. Learned enough to get me going quickly.
Private Japan
Private Japan:
OMG. Thank you so much! I need to use Team to teach my university students soon. Now, I am confident that I can do it! Thank you for making it so easy to understand!!! :)
i have my first grade, 6 class, tomorrow thanks to u I am ready with teams ( I used zoom first and this is first time using teams but I understood very nicely
Learned a lot from this tutorial. Learning this under 10 minutes was just like becoming an expert. I don't get to use all the features since I am a student but thank you so much for this tutorial.
Herbert De Jesus Castillo
Herbert De Jesus Castillo:
Kevin's another well done video . Thanks a lot for your time invested here , but also for your real and sincere enthusiasm you show when talk . Regards from he Dutch Caribbean Curacao
i'm Herbert De Jesus Castillo
Martin Konečný
Martin Konečný:
Very handy! Thank you Kevin! :)
TA L.:
I am going to watch your "OneDrive" video next. I am doing a course and have homework to move off of OneDrive into Teams....having trouble. LOL
Lumka Maxakana
Lumka Maxakana:
@kevin stratvert, thanks a lot brother
Linus Herrmann
Linus Herrmann:
Great video as always! Thank you.
victor vilchis
victor vilchis:
Awesome video. Thanks Kevin!
Jacqueline Gert
Jacqueline Gert:
Kevin, do you have any videos on making calls, setting up auto attendant?
saba asif
saba asif:
Hello Kevin, thanks for creating Teams videos, it's highly informative. Could you please post some helpful tips for Vision and Hearing impaired MS Teams users, that would be very helpful. Appreciate your efforts.
Thanks! This was super helpful! easy peasy
Kimberlee Lavin
Kimberlee Lavin:
Ulta now uses this. I am so new to it all. Your video was great help. Plan to watch everything you have. Thank you
Reformer X
Reformer X:
Great tutorial as always. Thank you.
Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis:
Enjoyed. See you next time
Rodolfo Soriano
Rodolfo Soriano:
Thank you Kevin...well-said indeed!
Khaled Mosleh
Khaled Mosleh:
Thanks for this tutorial. Keep it up, Kevin
Olivia B
Olivia B:
Hi Kevin, all your videos are great, thanks for sharing! A video about security on SharePoint online would be great! ( how to handle access rights directly in SharePoint, not in Teams, how to create specific groups, not only the default from teams...) Have a good week!
Tech Hub - GA
Tech Hub - GA:
Very explanatory Kevin. Thanks alot
Lpg 8
Lpg 8:
Thanks, my company just got this and they make it so difficult to just watch a video for an overview. This was extremely helpful.
Imran Mohthar
Imran Mohthar:
Love every your videos😍
Law kok chen
Law kok chen:
Hi Kevin 👋

Can we have a video about the List feature in Team and the List view customise function using JSON?

Thank you!
km sanju
km sanju:
Thank you Kevin for sharing the knowledge, you explained very well 👍👍 from India.
Hey Kevin great information!!!! I'm so appreciative!!! I don't have a calendar 🗓 in my navigation bar 😕can you help me?
Jens Frederik Frederiksen
Jens Frederik Frederiksen:
Great video - great tool
Victor Isibor Reviews
Victor Isibor Reviews:
Hi Kevin,I wish you more success here on Youtube,as a fellow Youtuber,I recognize the hard work you put in.
My YouTube Channel has learned a lot from yours.
nixx 30
nixx 30:
Thank you for this video. Very helpful!
Gajabathiarjun TG
Gajabathiarjun TG:
Thank you Kevin sir. This is amazing you've really completed Microsoft Teams in short span of time with a clear and understandable teaching. Can you please put a video based on Microsoft Your Phone by accessing files through our mobile and also screen mirroring. :)
Rob Sanchez
Rob Sanchez:
Lols, why do I only have Activity, Chats, Apps (Calendar & Help) in my newly installed MS Teams? No Teams Button or Call
Nita Mac
Nita Mac:
Hi Kevin, would you do a video that covers Webex Teams, in the classroom setup? Thanks! I love your videos!
Barb Binns
Barb Binns:
Kevin, I have no connection to a school or a business. I’d like to use MS Teams for free. Is that possible?
Igal Oren
Igal Oren:
Komputer Mendoan
Komputer Mendoan:
thanks for the tutorial. i really enjoy
OnPoint Property Solutions
OnPoint Property Solutions:
hi - when i try to add a member to a channel it is greyed out, can you help?
Ryan Lewis
Ryan Lewis:
Thanks Kevin Learned a lot
adam johnson
adam johnson:
If you are sharing in a teams meeting an image and need to change to an spreadsheet do you have to unshare and reshare or is there a better way to toggle?
Thank you for this video! My prof will be using this app and i have no idea what it is. This is a great help 💖
Please help. I work on a MacBook but the 'assignment feature' does not show in my Teams app. How do I solve this?
Erin M
Erin M:
Kevin, idk if you see this or if you have ANY pull.... but please..... is there any way that we can color code teams chats so, at a glance, we can see if we are messaging a group of people or individuals. Like making a chat that has your boss in it RED so you don't accidently say something, etc.
Anthony Reuterink
Anthony Reuterink:
Greetings Kevin, can you advise how to source and place Microsoft Meet icon on task bar
An & Thanhlong Vo
An & Thanhlong Vo:
Man you're REALLY GOOD at technology
malcom mustafa
malcom mustafa:
Hi my friend i need your help plesa can you tell me why i don 't have TEAMS on my app ...i just open it for my school please help me bro.
Nicia Dias
Nicia Dias:
Can you please tell us how to find out when someone removes you out of the meeting!! Like who the imposter is??🙄🙄😭👉👈
Alexis Huxley
Alexis Huxley:
Hi thank you for great video my teams does not have a calendar tab?
Hey Kevin.. I’ve learnt a lot from your uploads. My college in the uk are using ms teams. However, they’ve decided to remove access to key elements such as creating groups. As such I’m finding it hard to explore the best method for teaching my learners. Can you suggest ideas? Cheers
Atharv Gupta
Atharv Gupta:
The tutorial was less than 10 minutes with all the explanation. Great !!! 👍👍
Richard Proctor
Richard Proctor:
Thanks Kevin. Very helpful! Can you form a team with a group of people outside of your office? Ie: could a Team be created for, say, a group of volunteers who work for my organization, but don’t have an email address connected with my organization?
R Lucio
R Lucio:
I need to create a workflow what's the best app to use?
Watch and Learn
Watch and Learn:
You always share the great tutorials. I have learn everyday from you. Thank you. Can you help create the Google Sheet tutorials? I want to learn how to keep a Hyperlink that is created in the excel and when uploading to Google Drive, it still works. Thank you!
Acs Amro
Acs Amro:
Thanks a lot for your excellent job. Continue ..Wait your amazing 👏 videos. Amro
Twinkie Gurl
Twinkie Gurl:
Kevin, are we supposed to go out & BUY new” microphone” & “speakers” and have them also installed to my laptop ? after downloading/installing Microsoft video chat app?? I’m confused.
Anil Gopi
Anil Gopi:
When I'm viewing someone's screen share during a meeting, there is this floating controls bar in the middle and covers part of the screen. I can't seem to move it out of the way. How can this be done?
Samantha Twist
Samantha Twist:
"nothing like having a meeting from the locker room" hahaha
Angus Lyon
Angus Lyon:
Great summary. Thank you @kevin. QUESTION. Onnce project is done and I delete the team. What happens to the underlying SHAREPOINT site with all my files etc. I assume That is not deleted as well and can be accessed via the team name?
Rabie Tarakji
Rabie Tarakji:
Hey, just a quick question about Webex as I can see you previously made a tutorial on it. Is there a way to accept donations/payments after a session on Webex? either through using an integrated feature or a 3rd party app that works well. Something like POWR on zoom for example, do you know of any way to accept donations on Webex? Thanks for the videos and your help.
Keys On Fire By A. P. S. Rathore
Keys On Fire By A. P. S. Rathore:
Hey Kevin, Can you make video on "Best FREE cloud gaming service like geforce now"
Thank you so much. Great lesson.
Kiranmai G
Kiranmai G:
Hi Kevin, I have a query. Can we assign products equally among group of people and one kind of product Id shouldn't split among the multiple people it should be shared to one person. Could you please explain it using VBA macros in excel or formulae. How you will get a chance to do a video on this🤞
Ankur Kayal
Ankur Kayal:
Great Tutorial, just wanted to know if we record a meeting, do any other people get access to that recording, or is it just me?
If I have a company and I wanna have the 20$ version and I have 40 users in my meetings, do I have to pay 40x20$?
Greden Joe
Greden Joe:
thanks for video but.. i ain't got no teams icon on left bar..
and left below there's "invite someone" not a "join or create a team"... what is happened to me...
Thank you very much, It has helped me a lot. I have online classes and it is through Microsoft Teams.
CA Nirmal Choudhary
CA Nirmal Choudhary:
Hi, I have a question that latest teams version doesn't incorporate the Noise Suppression feature, could you please help me on it. MS team is not taking update after
Amelia Setiadharma
Amelia Setiadharma:
Hi, thanks for all the videos about teams.. help me a lot with my kid's online class.. like, A LOT.. since what the school told us about teams was very basic.. sorry if my question is off topic, but is there a way to know if there's someone who keeps on kicking the other attendee out of the class? Because sometimes it just happens way too often.. and we're always told that it is because our signal is bad.. which sometimes I don't buy it.. maybe not the other attendee to see, but the admin or whoever created the class? Thanks a whole lot again!
How did you get this design? I still have the old purple side bar in teams.
Raghav Jani
Raghav Jani:
Hey Kevin Sir!! I am a biggest fan of urs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u !!!!!!!
Côté Lisa
Côté Lisa:
thanks for all the videos. Is that possible to see how to create personal data directory. I used Forms to get them and Excel. But when they update 1 got double names. have you an idea of ​​how to update without duplicate?
First off, your videos are amazing, thank you. But do you know if/when Microsoft will eventually phase out desktop apps? I'd much rather use web browser teams but it's terrible compared to the desktop app, will they eventually focus on browser over desktop?
Aayush's Light Of Knowledge
Aayush's Light Of Knowledge:
1st view, 1st comment 1stlike
That was an awesome summary of MS teams! Can you do a part 2 covering more features within Team 🤔?
What do you use to record?? :(
Mian Moiz
Mian Moiz:
window hello face is currently unavailable kindly make video on it . i have window 10 but my window hello face isn't available on my dell pc. please make a video on it as soon possible .it is request bro
Lindsey Datos
Lindsey Datos:
very useful. Thank u
Another great video Kevin. I have a question...I am trying to set up a Team with so that I can train some govt employees that are not part of my organization, although their agency uses Teams and I use Teams. I have invited them as guests, generated codes, etc...but I cannot get it to work. I'm sure it is "PICNIC" (Problem in Chair, Not in Computer) but I am fresh out of solutions. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!
7:58 No options for Background filters is visible. Is this a plug in one has to get???
Great video.
Once i use teams, but te other persons do not see me. They ONLY see a black screen. Can you Help me?
Jerry Rosenzweig
Jerry Rosenzweig:
We're just adopting within our company. One thing we're noticing, which might be related to the version rolled out, is that when we have meetings with video, all of the people (small video blocks) are shown on the bottom bar. This is not productive in that we're looking down when checking for their attention/reactions vs being able to have that bar with attendees across the top. Can this be changed? I've not been able to figure it out.
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith:
Hi Kevin, I wanted to ask you if its possible in Teams to add a banner on my screen while I am speaking on video calls. For example, with my name and title, or with the current topic thats being discussed. Or even, if we have an online video quiz to show the current question while the viewers can still see my face and video stream in the same window. Do you have any ideas? Love your channel, great job! Brad - Spain.
Sumbo Williams
Sumbo Williams:
Hi Kevin, Can you help? I am organizing training in my organization for 1 week, with 2 sessions running concurrently (11am - 1pm). Unfortunately, today, I was only able to download attendance in Session 1 and not the other (hopping/switching between sessions). Plus the recording of session II did not upload in the chat section after the training ended.(a colleague, not me started and ended the recording). Where/How can I get recording and attendance for Session II?
Heli Nascimento
Heli Nascimento:
Hello. One of the meetings that I do with TEAMS has a group in one large room. Every time that someone in the call speaks we hear an echo. It is terrible. To avoid the echo, they need to mute the room mic. Is there another way to cancel this echo? Thx
Diane Malek
Diane Malek:
How can you see a gallery of participants during a meeting?
Arab Gamer Yt
Arab Gamer Yt:
Kevin, my laptop has 8GBP ram but teams work very slow in my laptop. Can you help me with this kevin