Mid-Range is Dead: AMD RX 6600 XT Review & Benchmarks (PowerColor Fighter)

AMD’s RX 6600 XT is fine. It’s alright, from a benchmarks standpoint, but it’s also a display of stagnation in a market that is easy to exploit. AMD’s 6600 XT has strayed from value.
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These benchmarks test the PowerColor AMD RX 6600 XT Fighter vs. the RTX 3060, RTX 3060 Ti, and other cards, including the 6600 XT vs. RX 580, GTX 970, RTX 3070, RX 6800, et al. Benchmarks look at rasterized gaming performance to find the best cards for 1080p, 1440p, and 4K, but also ray-traced performance (very briefly) in a few games. We also test for thermals, power consumption, and overclocking on the RX 6600 XT.

If you want to learn more about the specs and die changes in the RX 6600 XT, you can find that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDqOYXfwiik

Exploding PSUs aren’t stagnation, check those out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDqOYXfwiik

We also looked more positively at the OEM-only AMD R7-5800 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqYBCNJUy5E


The AMD RX 6600 XT launches August 11th and you will have been able to find them here on Amazon: https://geni.us/DXVT6
You can find the EVGA RTX 3060 on Amazon here: https://geni.us/sBCPYBG
You (might) be able to find the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti here: https://geni.us/hX5CMV1

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00:00 - AMD RX 6600 XT
01:54 - Community Sticker Shock
04:01 - Stagnation & How We Review Things
08:01 - PowerColor RX 6600 XT Fighter Thermal Benchmark
08:57 - Erratic PowerColor Fan Behavior
09:58 - RX 6600 XT Overclocking
11:02 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider 1080p RX 6600 XT Benchmarks
12:11 - Tomb Raider 1440p GPU Benchmarks 2021
13:01 - Tomb Raider 4K GPU Benchmarks
13:29 - Total War: Three Kingdoms (1080p, 1440p, & 4K) on 6600 XT vs. 5600 XT
15:07 - Red Dead Redemption 2 (1080p & 1440p) on RTX 3060 vs. 6600 XT
15:49 - Rainbow Six: Siege (1080p, 1440p, & 4K)
17:06 - Division 2 (1080p & 1440p)
17:36 - Cyberpunk 2077 at 1080p
18:00 - Ray Tracing Shadow of the Tomb Raider (RX 6600 XT)
19:01 - Minecraft RTX at 1080p (RX 6600 XT)
19:32 - Power Consumption in Furmark
20:55 - Conclusion: (Temporary?) Death of the Mid-Range

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Host, Testing: Steve Burke
Additional Testing: Patrick Stone & Patrick Lathan
Video: Keegan Gallick

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Gamers Nexus
Gamers Nexus:
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I'm pretty happy that AMD finally got around to making a $200 graphics card.
I'm just very disappointed they decided to charge $400 for it.
Timothy Gibney
Timothy Gibney:
I remember in the good old days when a high end GPU would cost as much as a console and was scalded as rediculous. Now entry level cards cost almost as much as a console.
Oliver Rugg
Oliver Rugg:
I bought an RX 480 at launch, and I was very optimistic because at that time, for just £200 I received honestly one of the best 1080p cards on the market. 5 years later and it's still the best value 1080p card on the market, and I'm still using it. It must have been comedy hour at AMD's headquarters when they came up with the price.
>that rant at the end

This is exactly why I trust your team and Point anyone who's tech curious to this channel.

That being said, I know you're normally fairly stoic, I'd love to see some legit anger from you guys once in a while railing at this crap these companies are doing.

Cheers guys, if your team is ever in my area. Beers are on me.
Joshua Harlan
Joshua Harlan:
Steve: "We're gonna keep this one short"
Me: Checks the video length... That checks out.
Peti Gyurós
Peti Gyurós:
Intel's 'thanks Steve' and 'back to you Steve' soundbites are hands down the best thing they've produced this year.
6:18 - Steve is more consumer focused that the consumers themselves who pay for these outrageously overpriced cards...
Thank you for the consumer approach. I do get tired of the "won't someone think of the corporations" mind set some tech channels and the fanbase get into. It makes my skin crawl, these companies would literally throw you under a bus if they could figure out how to monetize it and square away the legal trouble.
Sonic Broom
Sonic Broom:
The mid-range should never be more than $250
TechGamer 2001
TechGamer 2001:
AMD is giving you the privilege of buying the RX 5700XT just a few years later for 20$ less of its release price but with slower VRAM due to the 128bit and slower bandwidth due to it only supporting 8X Pci-e sure it's fine if you use it on a gen4 device but it losses around 10-15% even more depending on the game if you pair it with a GEN 3 device it really is such amazing progress.
Joshua C
Joshua C:
Thank you for having a consumer-focused viewpoint, Steve and team. Means a lot for all us plebs
Alan Estes
Alan Estes:
I love the honesty Steve. This is why I keep coming back for all of your content.
Another year my rx580 has to pull through.

I remember the good old days, when you could get great price to performance, for 200 or less, and when 400 was the, "high end".
I absolutely love that Steve gives sensible advice on upgrading our systems. We don’t NEED a new video card if we’re rockin older hardware.
Leif L.
Leif L.:
Sad Caveman Steve - "No one cares, they'll buy it anyway."

I hear you, I'm slowly coming to terms that the 5700xt I bought back in 2019 may be my last GPU.
The paradox is that somebody buying a lower end card probably needs that card to last longer than somebody in a position to buy higher end cards who is more likely to frequently upgrade. With that in mind, a lower end card without something like DLSS is a hard sell.
After several months I finally "won" a newegg shuffle and it was this card the Powercolor Fighter RX 6600XT. It was priced at MSRP which while still overpriced I reluctantly paid it since I've been forced to use a Radeon HD 4850 since last November when my then current card bit the dust unexpectedly. While ten plus year old games can still be fun I'm ready to get back to playing more modern fare.
It's so nice to watch GN reviews. They're much more down to earth on recommendations and they're brutally honest
I’ve watched quite a few reviews on this card and Steve’s conclusion is the best of all.
I love the conclusion part of the video, i love seeing someone like Steve empathize with the little guy, so many of these big tech tubers are living in another universe.
"the 3070 is obsolete"

Im glad you worded it the way you worded it steve, shows genuine humbleness despite you already having made it big.
I remember when mid-range cards cost around $199. Good times.
"That's what is known to scientists as 'a lot of percent'" - I'm glad you took the time to look up this fact Steve. Not many people know the technical term for that. Good job!
Nick B
Nick B:
Hot damn I wish I could thumbs up twice. That segment at the end was scathing, entertaining, and sobering. Thanks Steve!
Ujiltrom M
Ujiltrom M:
15% increase in performance?

"We feel that 60 FPS was too small to target, so we targeted 69 FPS instead. Nice."
Those stabs in direction of Gigabyte are hilarious. For me, the benchmark numbers are mostly uninteresting, as I’ll probably buy the next GPU when my 1070 dies of old age in 10 years or so, but the sarcasm and roasting of bad products (which these deserve) gets me back here. It’s always bringing my a smile :)
Me, 2020: "Oh this 1660 Ti will be a nice stopgap."
Me, 2021: "Nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution."
Josiah Galicia
Josiah Galicia:
I'm usually happy with my performance with my GTX 1070 almost entirely because most of the AAA games coming out that are so demanding either don't interest me or are a pile of hot garbage. For me 1080p at high - max settings is all I care about.
elJebus 0
elJebus 0:
"Thanks Steve" clips will never get old. Hilarious.
Some of us do still care, Steve. I'm not saying you're wrong for your reasoning, just giving you some hope. I still tear into people for willingly putting $800+ into a secondhand $399 card. Sure, the market is bad, but if consumers collectively grew a pair and refused to purchase absurdly overpriced graphics cards, manufacturers wouldn't keep increasing profit margins.
Bep Kororoti
Bep Kororoti:
Love using the mouse mat, very aesthetically pleasing and does its job well. On my glas covered table the grip is not super reliable but on normal surfaces it's rock solid. Extremely solid product, I'm glad to have supported you with this!
Looks like the 1060 won’t be dethroned as the most popular graphics card on the Steam Hardware Survey anytime soon.
Scott Weber
Scott Weber:
It must be so weird to be a reviewer in this market, videos are probably getting more traction than ever but also nothing you say has any impact on purchasing decisions. Pretty much just being relied upon as a GPU therapist.
Timothy Harber
Timothy Harber:
"We'll keep it short." Still 25 minute video. Never change, GN <3
It makes me sad to see Steve this disappointed! We're all ready for some good tech, I hope it comes soon.. can't wait for the in-depth pressure testing etc of some excellent cards
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell:
The "Thanks Steve" meme still makes me laugh out loud, Thanks Steve!
the fact that you guys have a compilation of gigabytes PSUs exploding is insane
Victor Alvarez
Victor Alvarez:
Steve's talking about upgrading or not upgrading and I'm over here like "Damn, I just wish I had one." lol
A Kar
A Kar:
I've been a PC gamer since I first upgraded to a proper gaming card (I miss you, Geforce 2 GTS).

At this point in AU it actually appears better value for native 4k gaming to pay a slight premium on a scalper's PS5 than to pay these exorbitant prices for NVIDIA/AMD cards.
Jason Van Dyke
Jason Van Dyke:
Love your candor at the end! NVIDIA and AMD shouldn't have excuses to rip off their customers. What kind of company wants poor customer experiences to be their goal?
Funcrusher -
Funcrusher -:
GN Once again proving to be the best enthusiast channel on the internet.
I like how Steve looks like he just got up from sleeping on the floor and started recording a video
Hans Wichmann
Hans Wichmann:
Bought my Sapphire 5600xt bases on your reviews and best (at the time) bang for buck ratio, A year later still glad I listened to you! Now that prices are finally just starting to stabilize, again taking your comments to heart, I'll wait awhile probably until the next gen Ryzen is shaken out. As always nice piece Steve...
Karl Karlsson
Karl Karlsson:
Steve and team, thanks for this review. I still game in 1080. I'm still using the R9 290 and it does everything I need it to in the games I play

Sure, my power use is stupid when I push the GPU but I look at what I can get as an exchange, I would rather pay a few dollars more monthly than hundreds now

Again, thanks to you and the team for making relevant content
0 1
0 1:
I miss watching the detailed reviews of each model , I get that its a business but I really do miss it knowing every detail of the market.
phrag's BRZ
phrag's BRZ:
you guys are getting SO much mileage out of that ONE intel presentation, that freakin rules, never let them live that down, ever. under any circumstances. if anything, make a video of just them saying "thanks steve" and have it up on your channel. instant billion views.
Joseph Wall
Joseph Wall:
Thanks, Steve!

Are these poor value propositions all due to just stagnation or is inflation also playing a role?
I got a preorder in on one of these. I’m still excited even after hearing your ending tangent 🤣. I swear I love how honest you are. F these companies but I got a 2GB RX550 that needs to go in the trash.
Oktus Prime
Oktus Prime:
People: I can't wait for AMD to be competitive so we can get normal prices again!
Sasquatch Guy
Sasquatch Guy:
I love how power color makes a simple, sleek design
Jason Fullerton
Jason Fullerton:
Me (Nov 2019): I'll pick up this RX580 for $160. That should do fine until next gen GPUs come out next year.
Me (2020): I can wait until the release of midrange cards.
Me (2021): Well, at least I won't be tempted to upgrade my 1080p 75 Hz monitor to 1440p any time soon.
Thank you, the breakdown at the end of the vid is what I needed to hear.
I miss the days of the GTX 460, when a good card was eventually just 115 UKP. Proper midrange as it once was.

For a while now my MO for upgrading beyond the used 1080 Ti I bought 2 years ago was to get something twice as fast which used a third less power and cost no more than 450 UKP. I think the seas will boil away before such a thing is going to exist. While waiting though my gaming interests have shifted as newer games have devolved into hand-holding nonsense, so now I don't need a speed increase, in which case something that was the same speed but used a lot less power would be appealing (ie. I care more about noise these days), but at these prices modern cards are a joke. In the UK the 6600 XT is around 430 UKP, ie. a staggering $600 US.
Zanibar Reyener
Zanibar Reyener:
I'm actually confused why aggressive fan curves are a bad thing, though being drunk like these I can see as weird. Though I guess I'm so terrified of components failing from thermal load because of past expensive failures from heat that noise levels are the least important factor for me.
It looks like the 6600 XT is great for mining Ethereum. So, I guess AMD just made another mining card and gamers get screwed again.
Chris Rinaldi
Chris Rinaldi:
Yep, mid-range is dead, and they killed it.

You've perfectly captured that feeling of exhaustion about the new graphics card of this generation. It's either going to be overpriced or you can't buy it.

Back in the day, that kind of bad value would make the release DOA. Literally everything will sell.
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke:
The best part about GN being able to promote their own products on their store, is they get to come up with the discount codes.
Wetlook Jesus is back yay ✌✌✌
In these desperate times I actually enjoy Steve's jaded jokes the most, I consider these pieces humour and I love them. Plus seeing Steve try out for speed-reading alt-job is just f-ing awesome.
Keep on keep keepin on. 👍💕
Benjamin Oechsli
Benjamin Oechsli:
7:56 "Not _objectively_ bad, we're just trying to watch out for you, the customer."

Thanks, Steve. Now, back to you, Steve.
I am glad you are so passionate about this. It's frustrating to see how much AMD and NVIDIA swamp us.
Fierce Vinegar
Fierce Vinegar:
remember when mid range cost 200 bucks
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams:
Haha, "When there's a restock, it will be pretty close to MSRP." That's true actually, but only because the MSRP doubled! for board partners. SO, now you can expect to pay $600-760 for this card on Amazon or Newegg.
When Intel kindly helps us to distinguish past Steve from present Steve, back to you Steve.
Steve G
Steve G:
I Love this honest review!
Thank you for actual reason.
Brutality honest as always. Guess I'll hold on to my 5500xt a bit longer still does what i need it to.
Mid-range performance, premium price.
at this point i've been waiting so long, i think my gpu is gonna be the one heirloom I pass down to my kids when i die.
Im now finally thinking I will go for Lovelace. It sounds like next gen is going to be crazy
Leif Hagelsmak
Leif Hagelsmak:
I can't believe I still agree with Intel on something for this long... yes, Thanks Steve.
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas:
I cant wait to play 4k high refresh rate when the 32k cards come out
Let’s be real: anything that stays in stock is probably not worth buying right now
It's Akile
It's Akile:
Spooky to see Low-mid GPUs price reach new heights when PS5 said to be braking even for a far more complex package of CPU,GPU,VRAM,PCIE4SSD. These Desktop GPUs must be using rare materials from a different dimension, explains the recent UFOs
Man I love that "Thanks Steve" bit/transition.
Shaun Hall
Shaun Hall:
Time to find a new hobby. Archery sounds good! I'll paint a target on my desktop.
Cole Ciervo
Cole Ciervo:
Wow! The 6600XT has 5700XT performance at the same exact price! Isn't progress great? :^)
Ibrahimovic Bra
Ibrahimovic Bra:
people thought amd is a company with nice prices, they love their customers, but they are not different than nvidia or intel, if they had the best gpus/cpus back in the time they would do the same shit like nvidia or like intel
Mista _Mask
Mista _Mask:
I remember exactly last year, cards used to be sold below msrp at Microcenter because nobody would buy them. Cards like the 1660 super and the 1650 super.
Venom Vendue
Venom Vendue:
Wish it was the 199$ successor to the rx580 8gb, as it also was a midrange card for 1080p. Guess I'll just stick with my sapphire rx580 that I got for 90$ almost two years ago for a year or two more, till theres a better value to upgrade
Lidoe 1612
Lidoe 1612:
This honestly gives me more hope for intel’s ARC gpus
I remember when you could get a mid range card with 75% of the high end power for around 220€....
Finally someone said it. They're making massive bank while blaming the current pricing on the shortage.
Rehan Patel
Rehan Patel:
Please do a rendering performance test with video editing and CAD softwares🙏 you're doing great work. Thank you for such detailed reviews of everything.
Still super weird that I'm waiting on Intel's GPU to see what they cook up.
instead of low/mid/high range we now got mid-range, high-range and ultra-high-range
Jerzy Czaja Szwajcer
Jerzy Czaja Szwajcer:
well, fan strategy that they have is valid it prevents any initial build of too high temps
AMD's like: 'Look at me, I'm the scalper now!' xD
So 2 years ago I bought my 5700xt for £360 and now I can buy AMD's newest card for £380 for exactly the same performance , yeah that's stagnation , that's "Meh" oh and "Thanks Steve" 😉
Hell yeah! Happy to see my good ole GTX-970 still on the charts.... at the bottom, hang in there buddy it will all be over "soon". 20 FPS in The Division 2 @1080p is a little sad though. :(
I look forward to replacing my 1070 some time before 2025.
Mark Mayhew
Mark Mayhew:
Thanks for the review and educated take on this cards place in the market.
Just Ray
Just Ray:
I am still on “wait list” for a 3080 card since 9/18/2020, and at this point, I kind of don’t care about upgrading anymore By the time I actually get that email alert, the 40 series will most likely be near…and sold out in a store near you!
Bobby M
Bobby M:
Remember when you could get a new gpu for $250 or less? Good times
I think the conclusion and recommendation here, for buying a new GPU in general is the best and sharpest version of how it's previously been said, couldn't agree more.
James F.
James F.:
Honestly I love these guys but I think its time to retrain my YouTube algorithm to show me hobbies I can actually participate in
Neko Tuga
Neko Tuga:
Gotta say that I'm sad about your decision about pressure testing, I found that specific part very interesting as it made me more aware of issues that could come with it and I enjoyed the content, but I do understand the reasoning.
As always, your content is great and I watch most videos, thank you so much for the insight into these cards.

Also, this is probably a very niche environment, but I'd love to get some data on how these cards fare on VR titles!
There is very little content on it and, if you think it's worth it, you could bring a set of new people to your videos by helping with this particular subject, even if it's just a short 10 to 20 seconds slide with a few metrics.

Thank you for all your work :)
It's very much appreciated and I learn a lot from it.
all these cards are making me so much more happy that I bought a 5700XT at launch and went through all the early driver issues, and didn't try to change. I'll wait for the next gen.
iFone Fan
iFone Fan:
Steve’s sadness about the current market makes me sad too and I have a 3080. It sucks when other people are miserable.
UncleButterworth SweetNSalty
UncleButterworth SweetNSalty:
"it's alright."
Come on Steve, your team didn't even put the confetti on that one. Is this supposed to be symbolic of the apathy most people are feeling??
Thanks for including the 970 and 1060 in your benchmark results! Also, a big thank you for calling out the massive profits and bullshit excuses on pricing increases made by these companies. Yes, I need to upgrade, no I’m not going to run out and buy this. The poor value offered by both AMD and Nvidia mean I’ll keep making do.
Well said Steve. It's good to have an advocate for us.