Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr final FACE OFF ahead of comeback fight

Mike Tyson (220lbs) and Roy Jones Jr (210lbs) hit the scales and then faced off ahead of their comeback fight tomorrow night.

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100+ komentarze:

Key Epic
Key Epic:
They look like two uncles squaring off at a family BBQ
Tyson comes out and knocks him out in 5 seconds...
Post fight interview:
somebody nobody
somebody nobody:
No matter the outcome both of them going to be feeling it tomorrow😂
clive r
clive r:
Tyson looks ready for a fight. Jones looks ready for a buffet.
Brandon D'Eon Music
Brandon D'Eon Music:
Announcer be soundin like he's reading from a boxing textbook
Theo Von
Theo Von:
gang gang
Deniz Sen
Deniz Sen:
Everyone talking about old men & Dollars never fought a day in their lifes, salute these warriors and show respect for what they've achieved in life.
Thor 2020
Thor 2020:
The Draw was a Joke, but for Both a sign of Respect . Still the Champ and Greatest of All Time is Tyson 💪
royalrod _
royalrod _:
Snoop had me crackin up “look like 2 of my uncles fightin at da BBQ” 💀
Lucas King
Lucas King:
Nice to see two young unknowns going at it, I think maybe they'll both go on to be champions one day.
Anthony A
Anthony A:
When your uncle and your older brother start having too many drinks
Arnold Dalocanog
Arnold Dalocanog:
Damn after seeing how Jones looked, I should have placed my bet on Tyson.. LOL
Emeli :3
Emeli :3:
I really hope none of them get hurt badly. That being said, I'm actually really excited for tomorrow.
Kevin Rules
Kevin Rules:
ROBBED, mike had more hits
That Guy
That Guy:
They look like two uncles squaring off at a family BBQ
Robert DiRocco
Robert DiRocco:
Tyson gonna knock out Cuba Gooding Jr.
When the announcer said “66” I thought for a moment “Jesus he’s that old”
Nicolas Buling
Nicolas Buling:
2:20 Roy: Hello Darkness My old friend
Antony S
Antony S:
This was a joke, we are the fools, and they are laughing all the way to the bank.
J. Landon Miller
J. Landon Miller:
When your Dad and Uncle are about to compete in the Thanksgiving corn hole game
Mike won, clearly. But had to call it a draw.
ThunderGod 918
ThunderGod 918:
I’m not watching this and I was named Tyson after him, Jones dosent even even look ready at all.
Is it only me or Jones looks kind of scared already😁
“Why we doing this?”
“For the money”
“... your right”
Should we just hang out man?
Ali Alhasson
Ali Alhasson:
2:20 My face after talking back to my parents
And it was a Draw
This Guy
This Guy:
Tyson looked away first, then an awkward flex right at the end 😂
Was waiting for Jones Jr to crack a smile since he knows he’s about to get rocked
Jamal Reynolds
Jamal Reynolds:
I can't believe im actually gonna witness Mike tyson in the ring
It's gonna be a dad's gone wild at a family BBQ type fight
Thanks for shattering my ear drums at the end 🙂
kinscup •_
kinscup •_:
2 of my favorite boxers going at it, who am I supposed to be rooting for now
Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes:
Roy Jones thoughts during stare off "doing it for the money, doing it for the money, doing it for the money" 😟
Wish Tyson had his old hairstyle.
xQualifieDx S
xQualifieDx S:
when i saw this faceoff for the first time i thought the uploader edited ghost reflections of themselves as a joke then i realized its plexiglass
spartan prince
spartan prince:
We all know Mike as soon as he hears that bell go off "ding ding" their goes the referee their goes the opponent both knocked out one punch Haha!!!
high voltage
high voltage:
They were kind of glaring at each other, like one of them trashed the other one's golf cart.
Christian Almaden
Christian Almaden:
still we can see mike tyson's prime hanging look at jones face XD
Jay Tea
Jay Tea:
Jones lookin at Tyson in the face off like “wtf we doin up here man?”
Muhammad Umer Shabbir
Muhammad Umer Shabbir:
This will end up with someone breaking their hip.
Tesla Cyber Truck
Tesla Cyber Truck:
2:12 "that's gonna be one of the greatest staredowns in the history of boxing"

Me: 🤦‍♂️
2:18 2 guys at the retirement home trying to figure out what’s going on.
xCLU7CH Cl7Yx:
iv never got a chance to see tyson fight im so damb excited to watch him goo! 💪🏼
John Formanczyk
John Formanczyk:
Roy "we done? Ima go back to bed now"

Mike "Yeah me to"
Ray L
Ray L:
However this turns out, a great inspiration it has been and will continue to be to all.
Arab Tourism Egyptian pharaoh / السياحه العربيه
Arab Tourism Egyptian pharaoh / السياحه العربيه:
Greetings to all those involved in this good work.
Good morning from Cairo, Egypt !
Carlos Tasty-Weiner
Carlos Tasty-Weiner:
🦾Tyson Ain't Effin' Around!! Sorry Jones, I Wouldn't Want to Be Ya Bro!😉👍
opzz xsin
opzz xsin:
2:20 Roy: Hello Darkness My old friend
Never thought I would see Mike Tyson fight again in my life. What a delightful treat this is
AV Kids Club
AV Kids Club:
🤣🤣" just made his debut on the edm scene" lol
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu:
2:20 Roy: Hello Darkness My old friend
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
2:20 Roy: Hello Darkness My old friend
Chris Harris
Chris Harris:
I got chills when mike tyson was going up thought this would never happen again.
kano b
kano b:
I like how everyone is counting out Jones like he wasn’t unstoppable too.
Alfred Zig
Alfred Zig:
Oh yes, Tyson still has got it. I'm looking forward to his comeback
Rrsd 700
Rrsd 700:
Seeing Mike Tyson back in the ring is good enough for me!
2:36 feels like I'm playing a game
Glad its easy to hack ppv, paying to watch this was a crime 😂
These two will be great prospects for the future.
Who's here after the fight
Vcnt Omondi
Vcnt Omondi:
Am I dreaming or this is actually real!!! I've been following this fight develop from scratch, but it's still like a dream to me. I can't wait. Iron Myke Tyson all the way ...
Young Fif
Young Fif:
Legendary 🔥🔥
Chriss 1k
Chriss 1k:
I'm a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds. - Mike tyson
Tyson could be 80 years old and still scary as hell.
natasha oneluv
natasha oneluv:
Tyson takes long to takes his trouser off 😉😂💗💯
C- Power
C- Power:
This made me smile......🙂 Both living legends. I grew up watching Mike Tyson. These young ones don't know why the term "KO" was so popular! It came from Mike Tyson!
Edwin Error
Edwin Error:
When do it start and where can i watch it
Gregor Clegane
Gregor Clegane:
In my serving days I was honored to have served Roy Jones Jr and his wonderful family. Very down to earth people no lie.
abd 7791
abd 7791:
Both men staring down at each other as if they were rudely awoken from a nap
Wild beast Man
Wild beast Man:
This is gonna be an interesting fight! 2 legends. Well see what happen!!
I have a bad feeling about this fight but I'm still watching it
annag cocl
annag cocl:
Damn after seeing how Jones looked, I should have placed my bet on Tyson.. LOL
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr:
Damn after seeing how Jones looked, I should have placed my bet on Tyson.. LOL
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee:
damn Roy looking like he just ate a thanksgiving pie
Tony Lagunas
Tony Lagunas:
Looking like my two drunk uncles on thanksgiving bout to square up 🥊 🍺
Ed Wood
Ed Wood:
Great to see the classics back!
Matthew Kodatt
Matthew Kodatt:
BT Sport isn't available in my region. Too bad, I'd love to pay for this fight
Dennis Cole
Dennis Cole:
RIP my ears at the end there.
Jeremy Eden
Jeremy Eden:
Roy Jones looks as if he just got off the couch and agreed to fight.
Im hype to see this fight let’s go!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jones hugged Tyson EVERY FRIGGIN' ROUND!!! Glad I didn't come out of my pocket to see this.
Misko Jones
Misko Jones:
The years go for all, roy jones physical was awesome
Cesar Pozos
Cesar Pozos:
2:32 they both were confused af as to where to turn 🤣🤣🤣
Ash I
Ash I:
How weird is it seeing Mike weigh in again...
Pop Ease
Pop Ease:
Can't wait dude. This is gonna be so dope to watch regardless of the outcome.
chinkhuan tan
chinkhuan tan:
It must be intimidating facing off with mike
Nice to see two young unknowns going at it, I think maybe they'll both go on to be champions one day.
William Berding
William Berding:
Nice to see two young unknowns going at it, I think maybe they'll both go on to be champions one day.
Jones: man this is just supposed to be an exhibition
Tyson: imma eat his whole family
This just takes me back to 1999,How I wish we could go back!!!!
omg this is really happening!
Roy "I won't give up my purse for charity" Jones Jr.
Internet and Interesting
Internet and Interesting:
Roy Jones sprit left his body when he faced mike Tyson 😅
D Williams
D Williams:
They look like they bout to walk downstairs and make a bowl of cereal....
Wendell Peters
Wendell Peters:
Two has beens, Tyson a true heavyweight in three.
Whoever photoshopped Roy Jones's head needs a cut!!
Cole Hunter
Cole Hunter:
Mike struggling with his pants made me laugh
Damn the boi Morray 🔥 in the backgrounds
Rishi Rich
Rishi Rich: