Mikolas Josef - Colorado (Official Music Video)

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Director: Marco Grillotti, Mikolas Josef
Script: Mikolas Josef
Starring: Diana Gan
DOP: Jan Ruttner
1st AC: Adam Cepelak
Edit: Jakub Salavec
Colorist: Vladimir Bobenic
Production: Production: Fernando Pedro Salgado, Eric Doby, Giacomo Monetti powered by Syr Gabryel Planet
Additional production: Christian Rodrigo
Additional footage: Vien Van
Runner: Stepan Braun

Published by: Published by Hyvetown Music, Three Bump Hill, Baby Angel Music S.r.l. (Italy), Vivienne Records s.r.o. (adm by BMG Rights Management (UK) Limited), Syr Gabryel Planet
Vivienne Records 2019

100+ komentarze:

Everest, w drodze po marzenia
Everest, w drodze po marzenia:
Wchodzę tu a 99% komentarzy to z Polski ♥️🇵🇱
Eliška Pátková
Eliška Pátková:
Konečně nějakej Čech co umí zpívat anglicky.
Grzegorz Krawiec
Grzegorz Krawiec:
This song is popular in radio in Poland. Love from Poland ❤️🇨🇿❤️🇵🇱❤️
Emilia M
Emilia M:
Miluju to ❤️ like from Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Zuzanna Nowak
Zuzanna Nowak:
I love it!🤩
Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱
Nikola Břicháčková
Nikola Břicháčková:
Můžete mi někdo vysvětlit jakto, že tenhle skvělý umělec není ještě v amerických hitparádách. Zaslouží si ho celý svět. Co písnička to skvost ❤️❤️❤️
Christina Maria Palaio
Christina Maria Palaio:
What if you run away with me?
You know the world is ours to see
Tell me your wildest fantasies, yeah
And come and run away with me

So let's get drunk in Colorado
Taking shots out of the bottle
Just dancing on the tables young and free
(Young and free)
Feeling like we hit the lotto
Living life without tomorrows
Breaking rules and doing things we shouldn't be

I be like
Hey mama hey mama
Let's hit that road mama
We don't need no money no you're all that I need
So what you say mama say mama?
Let's set this bed on fire
I just got you and you just got me
(I just got you and you just got me)

We don't need no reason why
(Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah)
We don't need a plane to fly
(No no no)
We already up so high
(We already high)
Here with your body next to mine
So let's get drunk in Colorado
Taking shots out of the bottle
Just dancing on the tables young and free
(Young and free)
Feeling like we hit the lotto
Living life without tomorrows
Breaking rules and doing things we shouldn't be

I be like
Hey mama hey mama
Let's hit that road mama
We don't need no money no you're all that I need
So what you say mama say mama?
Let's set this bed on fire
I just got you and you just got me
(I just got you and you just got me)

(Break it down now)
I got you (l got you)
I know I got you baby
And you got me (you got me)
You know you got me I said
I got you (I got you)
And that's all l need know yeah
I just got you and you just got me
I got you (I got you yeah)
And you got me (hey)
You know you got me
What you say mama say mama?
Let's set this bed on fire
I just got you and you just got me
I just got you and you just got me
Do.ominik18 Veselý
Do.ominik18 Veselý:
Wau... Skláním svůj imaginární klobouk dolů. Jsem rád, že si v písničkách držíš stále ten rychlý rytmus. Další písnička, při které se mi zase kroutí boky 😂😂. Zasloužíš si, aby o tobě věděl doslova celý svět. Fakt bomba.
Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧
Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧:
*Thank you Czechs that in 2018 I had the opportunity to meet this guy* 💙
So far the best Czech representative at Eurovision... 😊
Javiera Jashmila Nazar
Javiera Jashmila Nazar:
First ABU DHABI and then COLORADO. I can't wait to travel around the world with you 🌎💛.
Jan Klika
Jan Klika:
Z toho jde tak pozitivní energie! 🙏 A ten gospel na konci naprosto miluju! ❤
Szymon Niziołek
Szymon Niziołek:
Esc 🤔 2020 from Czech Republic? Hmmm... It will be winner.. Anyway like always.. Good job Mikolas 🥰 🇵🇱
Oliwka S
Oliwka S:
This song is gold!! Greetings from Poland❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱
Nathan Marinas
Nathan Marinas:
This song has something special🥰 but I don't know what 🤷🏻‍♂️, i'm gonna listen to it all night to discover it😂
A Strawberry
A Strawberry:
Why are all of you polish?
I'm from Colorado 😅
I first heard/saw you on Eurovision and loved your song and vibe- And with every new song I adore you more! All of them are unique and different but all of them are amazing!
Greek Music
Greek Music:
Greetings from Greece 🇬🇷❤️
Love you Mikolas😍❤️
If you had posted it in summer it would have been more popular
Czechia, please send this song to esc and you will be on top 3
Turtle Jones
Turtle Jones:
so how long until this blows up and becomes a worldwide radio hit like it deserves???
Efy Bocharr
Efy Bocharr:
It sounds like his "old" music genre mixed his "new" one

Wow! you did it again Miki good job!
Mikolas Josef Lyrics
Mikolas Josef Lyrics:
So let's get drunk in Colorado 🔥❤️ love it❤️
Martyna Uzarska
Martyna Uzarska:
i love it
Brokenly Doeds
Brokenly Doeds:
That harmonies're so fckn good, especially in the Gospel-like part at the ending n the "i just got u n u just got me". This song is very good.
Workolondo Wikky
Workolondo Wikky:
His voice is really soothing, makes you wanna hear it again and again
Dekuju moc za tuhle písničku, našel jsem v tom sebe a díky tobě jsem neskončil s hudbou, jsi pro mě velkou inspiraci, děkuji ti za to, doufám že si to přečteš 🤗👌✌️
Michal Maršálek
Michal Maršálek:
Mikolas, your voice is so perfect. Your music has a savour and positive energy. Perfect song! Congratulations! 👍🇺🇲🇨🇿
Julia Giovanna Gatell
Julia Giovanna Gatell:
Sooo different from what I was expected, Still love it, very uplifting in somehow, my heart is pump it, thanks Mikolas, was exactly what I needed, love from México 🇲🇽 🤗 💋 💋 💋 ✨
Pearl Dibbles
Pearl Dibbles:
No one does a hook like Mikolas. So hot! Sending you love from USA Mikolas. You deserve universal stardom.
taekoobie kim
taekoobie kim:
I can’t stop watching this🥺💕From Vietnam🇻🇳☺️
Θάλεια Στάθη
Θάλεια Στάθη:
Perfect as usual!! ❤️ ❤️ Well done Miki! ❤️ ❤️ Continue the good jod! Lots of love and respect from Greece 🇬🇷 ❤️
The Wild Nanchelot
The Wild Nanchelot:
Why so short? :(
Maria Tsalamoura
Maria Tsalamoura:
This is so goodddd😻😻😻
Christina Maria Palaio
Christina Maria Palaio:
Words are not enough to describe this masterpiece.I'm in loveeeeee.Miki you deserve the world....I really don't have wooooords😍😍😍😍
johan's journal
johan's journal:
who loves mikolas??
Lucian Butuc
Lucian Butuc:
Super, Mikolas!!!🙈💪🏽
Yxng Scoot
Yxng Scoot:
how does he make banger after banger every time 😍
klára Šilhavá
klára Šilhavá:
boží jeho písničky nikdy nezklamou kdo souhlasí ať dá like. best song 😏
M D:
i feel so bad that i cant go to see him somewhere live.. college sucks man 😔
Ell ya
Ell ya:
"Let's get drunk in Colorado" good idea for new merch haha!!
Mary Highsmith
Mary Highsmith:
This so is so addictive. Soo good. The Rhythm, his voice is so soothing. The Gospel Part is everything. Love it.
Amazing! ❤️
Much love from Poland 🇵🇱😏💘
Mirror Onthewall
Mirror Onthewall:
Why doesn’t anyone sing about my state? 😢

Super catchy song, as usual. I’m glad he ended up being successful ❤️
TheAdam _
TheAdam _:
I’m addicted to this song. Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪☘️☘️
Francesca Ghinolfi
Francesca Ghinolfi:
This song it’s most beautiful
Kecske Pogácsája
Kecske Pogácsája:
I love it so much ❤❤
Congratulations from Hungary 🇭🇺❤🇨🇿
Summer vibes in November 🔥 Greetings from 🇵🇱
Bence Adu
Bence Adu:
It’s a really catchy song. And the video is like a boy version of ariana grande’s into you video.
Holly Jj
Holly Jj:
Why was it taken off Spotify
Julia Żyła
Julia Żyła:
I love you
Vika Rabets
Vika Rabets:
it's the best song I've EVER heard🤤🔥
Oliwia Ciecierska
Oliwia Ciecierska:
Das ist gut Müsik😍
Liška099cz RobloxováXD
Liška099cz RobloxováXD:
Awesome 😍😍😍
Ioanna Tsakona
Ioanna Tsakona:
To je super😄
Attention! This is a smash hit incoming
Yogesh Tiwari
Yogesh Tiwari:
Love from india
Wow! Country music suits im well!
Magda Ziembla
Magda Ziembla:
I feel happy when i listen this song
Orla Hayward
Orla Hayward:
Great work Mikolas. I love this song especially the part at the end in the beach with the gospell singers. Brightening up our winter here in the dark north!! Xx
Francesca Ghinolfi
Francesca Ghinolfi:
Like from italy ♥️🇮🇹
Jack Russell
Jack Russell:
This is damn good!
Janusz 2019
Janusz 2019:
Much love from Greece❤
Dana Brabcova
Dana Brabcova:
I love it!!! It's so danci..and video is super hot!!!!! 😜🎶🎉😘
Ania Jędrusik
Ania Jędrusik:
Love love love from Poland ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Maria Kal
Maria Kal:
I want a t-shirt saying "what if you run away with me" or "let's get drunk in Colorado" and if you don't make my dream come true imma get rlly mad 😤😂
Again an amazing job! I love all his songs!
María Pérez
María Pérez:
Your song is so good , i was sleeping and I need listening it again , so I switched on my phone and I listen again. It is amzing
Jacy _1419
Jacy _1419:
OK I loved lie to me but I just fell in love again. Giving me those summer chills😍😍
the plot: she left with Reno Raines
Greetings from Poland! 🇵🇱
Zuzana Mejsnarová
Zuzana Mejsnarová:
Našla jsem lék na podzimní deprese!! ♥ :D I need those summer vibes, they are floating all over me! :) Opět jsi se překonal! ♥
Eurovision 2020?? Hmmm.... Greetings from Poland😋😍
Lorena Antonella
Lorena Antonella:
Love from Peru ❤️
Much Love from Japan🇯🇵👘❤️
Please, I need this song on Eurovision this year! Pretty please! It's such a BOP!
szymon _mtb
szymon _mtb:
Beautifull Vibe OMG i love USA
Pearl Dibbles
Pearl Dibbles:
Listening in America 🔥
Abraham Rangel Colin
Abraham Rangel Colin:
I cannot find this song on Apple Music 😒🥺... Need Mikolas in Mexico 🇲🇽😬
Anna Krzysztofek
Anna Krzysztofek:
Perfect song ❤️ love this mustang
Dana Brabcova
Dana Brabcova:
I love to listen to this song when I am driving... I feel free🤣
my dream
just trying gacha dont sub
just trying gacha dont sub:
I keep dancing to it I just love it
Deserves to be number 1 worldwide! Beautiful, it made me cry and its catchy!
Ivana Turinská
Ivana Turinská:
Thanks for you and your songs🙏❤
Dark gamer Shadow
Dark gamer Shadow:
Oh man, this song is incredible, just from the first hearing and I liked it, congrats! Greetings and love to my Czech brother and sisters from Bulgaria, je to úžasné! :)
Maru Valianová
Maru Valianová:
je to strašně chytlavý :) pořád mi to hraje v hlavě :)
Aja Franková
Aja Franková:
Tak tohle je nejvíc povedenej song! Miki! Úžasné, paráda!! Jsme na tebe pyšní!💕💕
Kenneth Johnson
Kenneth Johnson:
100% his best song yet! I could hear this getting top 40 play in the states.
dobrie x
dobrie x:
I love it omg🥰all poland love you 🥺😍
Christina Lu
Christina Lu:
this song make me wanna dance all day long
Agata Malina
Agata Malina:
You are anazing!
Love this song 😍
Love, Poland ❤️
I love it ❤️
👌 music

I’m looking forward to meet miki in Prague
Yusto Febri
Yusto Febri:
heiiii mikolas Josef i love your song and your performance in miss Supranational 2019 what a beautiful voice and songs
Omg! It's Best!❤️
Vikorie Sapehina
Vikorie Sapehina:
Omg krásná písnička , je supeeer zpíváš moooc hezký😍😀😀
hello grls
hello grls:
Upřímně jsme nečekala že to bude takováhle super písnička. Fakt super! Hned stahuju. Kdo souhlasí?