Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Spark Bathing Debate | E! News

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher share their family's bathing habits during a recent interview on Dax Shepard's podcast, "Armchair Expert."

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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Spark Bathing Debate | E! News

100+ komentarze:

E! News
E! News:
Wait, have we been washing wrong this whole time?!
T P:
If I go one day without showering, I feel like I’m gonna DIE
I shower twice daily!!! I can't imagine not doing this especially in the summer 😩
Kiia bath & body
Kiia bath & body:
Some things you should just keep to yourself.
zalika marriott
zalika marriott:
I don't know how I feel about it. I wash my whole body everyday, I thought that was the normal way to go about it but to each their own I guess
This is like going to a fancy car wash and saying "just wash the windows, and the head lights. The other parts are fine."
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
They should be teaching their children proper hygiene only bathing them when they can see dirt pure laziness ,and nasty.
French Vanilla
French Vanilla:
Why are these people so proud of being nasty. You are supposed to clean your WHOLE body everyday I mean how disgusting. Spring, summer, winter, fall!
That is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard since the invention of running water. And they were able to make kids? Why the hell would you publicize this?
William Mentzer
William Mentzer:
Let me get this right. You wash your hands for COVID, but the rest of your body is OPEN SEASON.
Juan Medina
Juan Medina:
Good for them BUT I’m showering everyday AND I’m using my favorite body wash
Carmen Alexis 💯😍
Carmen Alexis 💯😍:
What they meant is THEY don’t bathe their children everyday… the help does. 😂😂😂
Antajuan Grady
Antajuan Grady:
weird because stars' homes usually have great marble showers!
I shower everyday, every inch of my body, it's relaxing. I enjoy my smell better this way and want anyone around me to shower everyday.
LadyM4life Green
LadyM4life Green:
So...some people are obviously not washing their hands with soap let alone their bodies...daily? I liked to shower before I leave my home and wash the day away when I return (especially before bed)!
I've said it before, I'm never participating in another pot luck ever again. 😷🧤
Olivia Simone
Olivia Simone:
That’s disgusting 🤮. People sweat daily even while sleeping at night . That’s so gross
Next year they’ll be featured in hoarders
Leonidas 024
Leonidas 024:
This is one reason why I will never do one night stands 🤮.
Bella Estrella***17
Bella Estrella***17:
Mika Kunis said “ I don’t wash my body with soap everyday ! ‘ & I say then wtf is the point of bathing with just plain water ❓I don’t feel like plain water is gonna get u fully clean , u still gonna be funky after that unless u use soap , smdh. I’m sorry but I can’t go a day without bathing my WHOLE body❗️🧖‍♀️💦🚿🧼🛁🧴🧽
Latoya Kellie
Latoya Kellie:
Some people have no class or shame. Why would they announce this like it's something to be proud of? They could've kept this to themselves.
Mimi Rose
Mimi Rose:
*I wasn't the parent that bathed my newborn....ever* tfffffff
Summer G.
Summer G.:
I call BS 🙄 would they know how often their kids bathe that's the nanny's job lol 🤣.
Fourdecades Productions
Fourdecades Productions:
After hearing the interview it sounds like they trolling us Smh
I agree, scrubbing your skin everyday with present-day water is harmful (lots of bleach and other harmful ingredients in the water) I wash my face, neck pits crotch hands and feet once or twice a day with wateronly (face) and the rest water and soap. The rest of my body, I exfoliate with a scrubber irregularly and then rinse with a wet washrag. Sometimes I shower. Not only better for my skin, but it saves alot of water.Depends also on the weather and if I'm sweating or doing a dirty job.
Manny 97
Manny 97:
I hope they don't workout daily. You will definitely need a bath after each workout session.
SuBin Kim
SuBin Kim:
About showering daily:
Yes, you could be making your skin drier than it would be with less frequent showering. This is not a public health menace. However, daily showers do not improve your health, could cause skin problems or other health issues — and, importantly, they waste a lot of water.
D Atherton-Bonner
D Atherton-Bonner:
😳 yeah so, they’re NASTY! All the natural cleaning options on the market that DO NOT “strip oils”?! FOH!
Dawn Lee
Dawn Lee:
People taking what they said the wrong way. They said they wash their private parts every day but not their whole body.
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie:
This isn't that uncommon. Years ago people washed once a week. When I worked in a nursing home they got a shower once a week.
Deborahh Jessica
Deborahh Jessica:
How can you not shower everyday ?
Live in Florida and you will shower 3 times a day.
What gives some actors authority on how human hygiene should be maintained ? Somehow, popular people are trusted on all kinds of matters that they have no training or education on any more than the average Joe. Trust them on acting advice, but for hygiene advice turn to science and field professionals, not to actors. This is what's wrong with people today, ignoring boring science in favor of abnormal and weird things in order to bring some excitement to their monotonous life. The same thing happens with vaccines, and you can see how dangerous this behavior is.
Arusha Braithwaite
Arusha Braithwaite:
Not black people's business. Carry on
enchanting felzx
enchanting felzx:
Lol and i was taught a woman should bath twice a day i feel less guilty about my once a day routine. Love me some Ashton and Mila but this is just nasty man 😷
If this was anyone else, cps would be at that house cause that’s disgusting 🤢
Lp Gang
Lp Gang:
Im wanna give them the benefit of the doubt n say this is publicity cuz i cant believe it
dave lightSaber
dave lightSaber:
...that’s nasty .
Martina Penny
Martina Penny:
I totally agree with Mila....I also grew up in a cold climate where it was not possible to have a bath every day...of course if you live in a hot and or humid climate then it's different...babies do not need to be bathed every day...especially new borns except for their cute little pie holes
Youtubebreanna 1
Youtubebreanna 1:
I’m just saying a shower Every other day and sometimes I go every two days there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you are keeping up with your hygiene and between you don’t necessarily need to shower every day
Bathing is like Religion - Believe in it but don’t obsess over it ⛪️
Luna Belle
Luna Belle:
When you live in the tropical country, you MUST shower everyday. I can't imagine the smell ewwww!!
I often get cranky when my husband decided to not take a late shower. I'll tell him to sleep outside!
I don't care how late I get home. Before I put my body on the bed. I MUST TAKE A SHOWER! it is so relaxing and comfy when I feel so clean.
Afhara Elfiore
Afhara Elfiore:
I wonder who taught them that soap is unnecessary, lol.
UnderTrader Forex
UnderTrader Forex:
seems these days going against the Norm to start a movement is a thing no matter how extreme
Ser Ka
Ser Ka:
Man I don’t know summer time even twice a day. Girl your poor past i understand but you don’t live that life anymore.
She probably doesn’t get her period.
He works out and only throws some water on his face? Sh*t at this point those two probably do smell
Ms. Daniel
Ms. Daniel:
These ppl nasty asf🤨
Post Tramatiq
Post Tramatiq:
So he just washes the salt off his face with water after working out, and they only take bird baths and he doesn't bath kids children for days. The funniest s#$t I heard all week.
Ava Bear
Ava Bear:
I need to shower everyday , I’m a woman . I’m hoping on her period she changes her routine
Rudeboy CastronoVa.77
Rudeboy CastronoVa.77:
🤯🤢😵completely trifling...guess the whole family is nasty...smdh
I do this and same with cleaning. It can waste water, dry out skin and hair and cleaning every day just means there’s more to do the next day. Once a week is good for me for both.
Fabricio Milanese
Fabricio Milanese:
that's just gross and nasty!
Lorrie Rothstein
Lorrie Rothstein:
The whole family should shower every day. Germs are everywhere. I wonder if they wash their clothes
Sorry...nightly shower person here. Wash face 2x 2x week
Ebony Palmer
Ebony Palmer:
It's their life.
April B
April B:
Weird 🙄 whole body-every day‼️
Jerry Jayson
Jerry Jayson:
Mila Kunis is Jewish and raised that way and i believe alot of Jewish have these non bathing customs
Messiah Marie
Messiah Marie:
Just plain gross!
Karamel Natasha
Karamel Natasha:
I I bathe and take a shower every day so I don’t understand how they don’t use soap every day that’s just nasty I am a smell really bad
Akeem Harris
Akeem Harris:
Lol dude I love 70show but brah I guess that’s them it’s up to them that’s them tho I don’t judge people unless they doing to much you know. What I’m talking about a lil to much but hey ok whatever idc to much
Rachel M.
Rachel M.:
I think its interesting how many people have commented "i wash every day bc this is how i was raised" or "it's important to teach kids proper hygiene" but quote no scientific evidence that bathing daily is necessary...
If your country is near the Equator, don't follow this advice unless you live a tribal life. If your country is in colder climates, by all means.
Odet Martinez
Odet Martinez:
Bullsh.t they just contradict themselves he throws water every time he works out ... he only washes the kids when they see them dirty... like then all the f. Time lol
The Power Within
The Power Within:
How greasy and yucky is their hair then?
Ameena Ali
Ameena Ali:
People in the comment needs to actually do research before commenting. What Ashton said in the video is actually not wrong, showering everyday is proven to remove the essential oils from the body and make your skin drier and unhealthy. With that being said, showering everyday also depends on your daily activities such as if you are very active and go out everyday for work, exercise, age or even the seasons such as summer. It is very common people in cold countries or countries with extreme winter seasons not to shower everyday and it is totally fine. Showering can vary from person to person and we dont know what kind of lifestyle they have. This has nothing to do with them being unhygienic, more like people commenting on something that are they dont know about
Pure Blessing
Pure Blessing:
My head is stupidly thinking about race. …😅
Keyda Thomas
Keyda Thomas:
This is not a debate. This is disgusting.
Rena just me🤟🏻
Rena just me🤟🏻:
Everyday twice a day in the summer..Winter every other day
guess that’s why they gave her the job to voice meg
Straight up nasty!!!!!
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones:
🤪 I use dove soap n body wash I'm good every other day
J S:
Ashton Kutcher's feet stink... I should know. Back in 2005
EsotericEnigma Melanin SHE
EsotericEnigma Melanin SHE:
After reading the book DIRT nothing surprises me
Jake Padgett
Jake Padgett:
Rich people are so out of touch. Must be nice to stay clean and refreshed all day. When i get home i cant even sit on the furniture or anywhere until i shower.
My aunty showers every second day but me I shower daily
The 3 Whales
The 3 Whales:
Do people actually care about this? If you do then I feel sorry for you.
Sherry Ezz
Sherry Ezz:
I just throw up in my mouth ew
No Flex Zone
No Flex Zone:
Why is this weird? 100 years ago humans bathed once a week and they survived. Water conservation is important with 8 billion people..
Just A Rude Guy
Just A Rude Guy:
How disgusting. I shower at LEAST 12 times a day. Anyone who doesn't shower at least 12 times is disgusting.
Beth A.
Beth A.:
( Good hygiene and teaching it is important. It sounds like the Kutcher kids do get bathed sometimes, but waiting until they stink is so lazy! Lazy parenting isn't anything to ge proud of. Imagine the school calling because your kid is the stinky one in class. )I bathed my kids at least 2x a week and more if needed. I did not use harsh soaps but used oatmeal or goats milk soap and shampoos. It's important to have adults and children bath or shower after being in chemically treated pools and natural lakes,stream and so forth. They may even have an allergy to what's in the water. Especially in the summer there are some bacteria, pollens and other nasty things you can bring home on your skin when you go swimming. I also did skin checks on my kiddos during bath time to catch any my son who I figured out had a pre cancerous growth at age 5 or my other son who had a scalp issues needing doctors evaluation. Bathing is theraputic too! I used to work bathing memory care patients, amputtees and disabled veterans both in facilities and in their homes. Most of them Said bathing and feeling clean made them feel human , and valued . ( BATHING also helps kids and elders who are constipated have BM's.) There are goatsmilk products for bathing that are amazing and won't dry out skin/ great for sensative skin. Bathing should be done as needed, but never bathing is a mental health issue unless you live in poverty and can't afford to.
Barbie Pink
Barbie Pink:
That is actually neglectful of their children !
Maya Chad
Maya Chad:
I recently learned that yt people don’t actually scrub their whole body in the shower! Lol
Boomer Rumor
Boomer Rumor:
Oh that's just great now we're going to have a butter duck Nation
dj trish sheeba
dj trish sheeba:
Dirty habit much. What do you mean by natural oil .. Oh please spare me
SuBin Kim
SuBin Kim:
I shower every one and a half to two days~ and wash my face with cleanser twice daily
Keisha Smith
Keisha Smith:
Definitely a YT ppl thing
Inez Banks
Inez Banks:
These are wealthy people.Their marriage and their children.
Joan Gillette
Joan Gillette:
These comments are so comical. I don’t know anyone who washes their entire body. You scrub the areas that need it. Does your shoulder stink or your knee or elbow? 🤣 Legs only happen if they need to be shaved. You don’t need to shower everyday unless it’s needed. Newborns actually should not be bathed very often.
Stay washing the way u wash n make sure ur kids shower everyday cuz theirs infections if u don't wash sum parts of ur boddy properly
Jah Raster
Jah Raster:
One word .....S T I N K.😷
Gross 🤮
Sam Dude very
Sam Dude very:
They must be in a/c all day
Uncle Marlon
Uncle Marlon:
House is just STANK
The must.
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones:
🤪 people like they body odor is a weird fetish smh
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
Their kids are going to be walking around like pig pin from Charlie Brown talking about nah I’m good I washed last month
Enny Enny
Enny Enny:
Is this a joke?
Bianca Hacker
Bianca Hacker:
Get body wash that has oils in it?? Dont go without washing your body.
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson:
Meg Griffin trippin
Liam Jay
Liam Jay:
Bathing debate ????
Alyss Kennedy
Alyss Kennedy:
This is weird topic.