Mila Kunis Full Interview - CONAN on TBS

Mila Kunis talks about running into Conan during the pandemic, her first "Late Night" appearance, and having to take the bus to work when she starred in "That ‘70s Show."

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Jared Wells
Jared Wells:
Absolutely stunning. Those eyes draw you in and don't let you go. And that smile.. Conan truly ages like fine wine
Deecky Rizzo
Deecky Rizzo:
How can someone be THAT attractive!!!?
Mila looks OK too.
Apoorva Dwivedi
Apoorva Dwivedi:
It was so sweet of her to wear a Conan T shirt. Also when she said he was one of the best talk show hosts 😊😊
pio villanueva
pio villanueva:
Conan's face after Mila's beautiful and touching compliment. 😁

Let's be real, though. As someone who has followed the show since the very beginning, when she said that (and camera pans to Conan's reaction), tears very nearly flowed from my eyes.

Conan, you really are the best. Not simply for being the funniest, but just because you're a genuine, kind, and amazing human being.

And lord knows how the world needs more people like you.
She looks better in jeans and a T-shirt at 37 then she did at 21 in a dress.
Grounded, beautiful, intelligent, well-spoken, down-to-earth... She's a dream
Kimberly Putnam
Kimberly Putnam:
I loved “That’s 70’s Show” and watched every episode. She has grown into a beautiful woman not just on the outside but especially on the inside. She’s ssooo down to earth and I admire her even more for it. And the fact she ended up marrying her love interest from the show is amazing. ❤️
Calvin J
Calvin J:
She has literally looked 20 for the last 15 years.
Dans Gols
Dans Gols:
I like how Conan introduces his guests as "OUR friend" because you do feel like you've become their friend as well through his show and same with Conan who first met these people during Late Night.
She is talk show Gold! Craig, Conan and even Howard Stern. Her personality is so inviting and friendly.
Autumnrae Hunley
Autumnrae Hunley:
As a addict myself who battles EVERYDAY and some days every hour I LOVE that Mila took on this role and from the clips Ive seen she REALLY TRULY hit this out of the "ballpark" how she looks in this scene detoxing/ withdrawing how she was very twitchy and jus she killed it, when I watched the trailer for this movie when it was first released I truly teared up this clip doesn't do the movie or even the trailer justice at all. Any recovering or active addict can see themselves in milas character. And the movie is about a mother and daughters relationship and that hit home so hard for me. I have been so unbelievably blessed with the mother God so perfectly gave me, Im an addict of almost 11years and I have done put thru and cause SO MUCH pain stress problems and so on to my family and my mom and NOT ONCE has she disowned me never has she cut me out of her life, she has supported me thru countless relapses rehabs jail time coming home sober and clean with so much hope to stay that way 100% absolutely positive I'd NEVER touch heroin again JUST to relapse again. Addiction is such a dark lonely painful scary place where most days not overdosing myself jus to end it all at times seemed like the best idea. Thinking if I was just gone I wouldn't hurt the people I love no more looking into the eyes of my loved ones and seeing the pain I have caused the let down I did. I don't mean to write a novel of a comment but I jus feel Milas performance deserves SO MUCH more recognition. Like She's such a beautiful person I couldnt pick a better actress to play this part. I Kno Mila will never see this comment but thank you for playing this role thank you for making it so real. ❤️💕
Andy is a master of patience and timing! And Conan is perfect at giving everyone around him their own stage!
Dan Carpenter
Dan Carpenter:
"tell us about the ones that were shitty to you!!" 😂 God bless Andy Richter
What an awesome interview. Love Mila and Conan.
Josh Grubb
Josh Grubb:
Such a genuine person. Great interview!
Scott Parrish
Scott Parrish:
She seems as genuine as Conan says she is.
She's one of those people where it doesn't feel like a "guest" but more like a "hang out" when she's on with Conan or Ferguson.
Mila has it all. Smart, humble, takes great care of herself and others. Can probably take whatever role she wants, can certainly take whatever type of role she wants. If I were to have a daughter and she looked up to Mila Kunis that’d be just fine with me.
Robert Maeurer
Robert Maeurer:
I love so much how they love each other and how real they both always have been
Leo Degas
Leo Degas:
Confession: you know when you like someones tv character but find them in real life, not so great.

I didn't like her character in the 70's show, but changed my mind when i saw her genuineness in interviews.

Now when i see her on youtube, i know i want to see what she has to say.

She's one of the good guys on this earth. ✌️
I didn't used to like Conan, when I was younger. I absolutely love him now. I think Conan was one of the first misunderstood artists who drove this new age of media. Conan is why YouTube has blown up, not directly, but because of people like him, if that makes sense?
FelipFlop Media
FelipFlop Media:
i love these long form interviews with conan. i really hope we get more :))
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI:
"Very good at physics, calculus, math... Loved it."
Funny how 2 people who so naturally played the 'dummies' are so intelligent IRL.
Luke Naoumovitch
Luke Naoumovitch:
I gotta say, I’m into this “no big deal”, low-key, format with just a plain curtain and just good conversations with people. I wish Conan could stay on tv :(
Full Tang
Full Tang:
Thank you Mila for doin this project and bringing light to this subject of horror. Its affecting the entire world.
Johnny Vo
Johnny Vo:
mila taking the bus due to having her car taken away was just precious. great story.
Tegan Rae
Tegan Rae:
It’s so cool that she’s wearing a Conan shirt. I love that’s she’s just so casual.
Justin Garrett
Justin Garrett:
Wow Mila *completely* transformed in that clip, I was not expecting her to look like that! It's just a stark contrast from seeing her in the interview and then in that clip!
I don't know how much I'm gonna miss Conan😭🤔 .He is THE BEST talk show host I've ever known. You'll be missed Conan
Revanth A
Revanth A:
Imagine being so pretty, down to earth, having mesmerizing eyes, such amazing hair!
The lady he's interviewing is alright too.
Ashish Frost Mohanta
Ashish Frost Mohanta:
Finally so nice to see a real crowd just like before, the old Conan, ( not aged lol cuz Conan shall not grow old ), i'd wish this show never ends, much love from India, best of luck for a new chapter 🙏🙏🙏
Mila told Craig Ferguson he was her favorite, then turns around and tells Conan the same thing. How you gonna do Craig like that 😆
DH Infantryman
DH Infantryman:
she is just awesome. Perfect in everyway. O and Brian is a nice guy as well. lol. Both of these folks are great people and would be fun to hangout with either of them. Riding around in an uber with Brian, ice cube and Kevin or setting off fireworks off at the beach with Mila and Ashton would be a blast. Thanks for all the great laughs you two and looking forward to many more. Wish you the best.
Jon Hansen
Jon Hansen:
i love how down to earth she is
Roisin Hart
Roisin Hart:
She's literally the best 🤣
Yo the guest being able to get up and really express themselves is a whole new dynamic, im here for it💪
Frank MacLeod
Frank MacLeod:
I just cant believe this show is ending. Oh and how is Mila getting more beautiful with each decade that passes
Still my celebrity crush, doesn’t age, really underrated actor, funny, cool, nice, beautiful, the total package. Mila and Charlize Theron the only people in the world that would make me cheat on my wife.
Been a Conan fan from literally 1994. Nobody better. It’s no wonder why all guests love him and feel comfortable all the time.
Sheenyl Hassan
Sheenyl Hassan:
Mila: Conan, you're my favorite talk show host.
Craig Ferguson: cries in sadness
She is authentic and confident in her self. It's really the most attractive thing about her. She is not hot. She is beautiful. Good for her!
Atia Tobing
Atia Tobing:
Conan will forever be my favorite talk show host.
These three together = gold. ❤️❤️❤️
Heidi Nova
Heidi Nova:
Such a heavy subject I'm so thankful they addressed. I recently had a patient in my care for organ procurement after an overdose. I'm pretty tough, but a 20 year old should not be dying for this reason and it rocked me.
I imagine she is one of the most perfect women in the world. Funny, cute, love her personality and smart.
I've had a crush on her since that 70s show lol. she's too funny
Anita J in FLA
Anita J in FLA:
She is pretty funny... I can imagine she and Ashton are hilarious together... 😊
Gabe M
Gabe M:
She's a great actor even while being interviewed
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI:
As a teenager, her husband used to shoot bottle rockets at the weird kids on roller skates. Of course he still loves fireworks.🔥🔥🔥
Maybe it's just age, but I feel like Conan has gotten better as a television interviewer since starting his podcast.
Michael B
Michael B:
I still can’t believe Kelso and Jackie are together
After Work with Tucker Iverson
After Work with Tucker Iverson:
conan and mila are both amazing, great interview!!
When she said that this is her favorite talk show, I think she was lying. Watching her on Craig Ferguson was so much fun. They even went to Scotland together. I believe she was just making Conan feel good, but in reality The Late Late Show was her best experience with talk shows.
lusiphur 067
lusiphur 067:
If you haven't already listen to her episode of Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend. Mila tells one of the funniest stories I've ever heard. She laughs so hard she starts crying!!! I laughed so hard my co-workers thought I was going to pass out!!!
R S:
It must be intimidating to sit opposite someone so beautiful, but Mila handled it well.
Love her first anecdote, but as someone that grew up in Iowa, fireworks were only legal in 2017. Does give more credence to the story. Assume while growing up, and in this circumstance, he did the normal Iowa thing of crossing the border for "very legal" fireworks
it’s always so cool to see a sitcom or movie couple end up a real and good couple. Ashtons a lucky man.
Shateen Rahman
Shateen Rahman:
Apart from Craig Ferguson, Conan is the only late night guy to have connected so well with the guests.
She hasn't aged a day since That 70s Show!
TK Caapi
TK Caapi:
god i adore her spirit.

she is the epitomy of a naturally talented beautiful strong grounded woman 😍❤❤❤
Kimberly Irving
Kimberly Irving:
I adore and respect her sooo much!!
She is so natural and pretty. Honest, smart and funny. Oddly doesn't makes me feel bad and ' jalous' I'm not rich. 🤗
Leonard Gebo
Leonard Gebo:
Mila is an amazing intelligent women :)
Wrenlin Whitelight
Wrenlin Whitelight:
There isn't a single A-list celebrity that doesn't vividly remember meeting Conan.
"They all have incredibly nice foreheads"
-Conan 2021
Mike Hollister
Mike Hollister:
My lil Nephew is always running around screaming " Someone kicked me in my Mila Kunis"
Robbie S
Robbie S:
Ashton's Son : I wanna be a Dinosaur

Me : That's a Kelso thing to say 😂
“I just know I don’t have to curse”

Well, damn, no one told JB Smoove that lmao
Jim Soderbom
Jim Soderbom:
She is perfect, so real and so cool!
Am rose
Am rose:
She funny and real. Old school upbringing from Russia so seems like her parents did not let her fame go to her head grounded her is bus fare. These days parents let kids get away with that talkback or lack of discipline.
Joshua Waltz
Joshua Waltz:
Mila is a great actress. Funny as all get out and absolutely stunning.
Mila is great 🤣👍
Ian Patrick
Ian Patrick:
I don't know why but I've never really liked Mila Kunis, or maybe I just didn't understand her before, but now she has grown on me and she seems like a really well rounded individual.
Andrew Hawkings
Andrew Hawkings:
Damn, the return of the audience is the worse thing that could happen, really. During the quarantine time I came to appreciate the actual conversation between Conan and the guests. If guests were funny, it showed. Now, it's back to crowd pleasing once more.
She could never get another role in Hollywood for being type-casted for being herself in every film and I would love her forever.
Loved this 💜
Shamus Obi
Shamus Obi:
One out of only two to make it out of that 70's show with a decent career.
God damnit, I wouldn't miss these last shows for the world, but I cant stop getting emotional man
Anita Duff
Anita Duff:
How come Jack Mcbrayer isn't one of Conan's last guests? He certainly deserves to be!
Kenneth Gilbert
Kenneth Gilbert:
If this show doesn't end with Ice cube, Kevin hart, and the girl, picking him up, smoking a ton of weed, and he drives off with them, i will be furious.
A Carr load
A Carr load:
Love love lover her. Mila and Ashton remind me of Dax and Kristen in the sense that I could see them being in our little parent group haha
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado:
Milas personality is just the best!
Somewhere Craig Ferguson just shed a tear... HE TOOK YOU TO SCOTLAND, GIRL! lol
anita hargreaves
anita hargreaves:
What a lovely person. Love Conan too.
kaci weeks
kaci weeks:
I freaking love her Mila is to amazing & just stunning
I am not sure Conan knows of his impacts on the middle eastern comedy society! Love from Iran! wish you the best in your future endeavors! sad to see you leave this medium, more than eager to see you on HBO MAX!
Chris Hutchison
Chris Hutchison:
Wow! She really is genuine
Solomon Salsberg
Solomon Salsberg:
She is awesome, I wish more of Hollywood was like her. She also taught me something, nft and the word fungable, my spell CHK doesn't even recognize the word, lol...
Conan was so sweet and I couldn’t believe how effed up she looked in the scene from that movie. Ah, we all know someone who has struggled with substances.
Numb3r Col0rs
Numb3r Col0rs:
"Sand is soft" should've gotten a much bigger laugh lmao that was a ridiculous joke from Kunis and it didn't get appreciated
Nikhil Adiga
Nikhil Adiga:
She still looks like she's 21!😍
Aaron’s YouTube Theater
Aaron’s YouTube Theater:
After she walked on stage, I kept wondering how many times she was going to keep fixing her hair. She could’ve worn her hair up to prevent all that. 😆
John Smith
John Smith:
Yeah, she was right on, "we're all going to die!" followed by the Election, followed by "suddenly everything is back to normal like nothing ever happened."
Conan is interviewing a regular girl (woman, sorry). Real, grounded and without pretense
I have always been a fan of Mila but now I am a big fan.
Sal 88
Sal 88:
I ❤️ Mila!!!
Craig Ferguson will be disappointed for saying that Conan is your favorite talk show host, Mila!
Lackadaisical Wray
Lackadaisical Wray:
Her personality is exactly like my little sister... ☺️
android rulez
android rulez:
Andy was killing it in this interview
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