Milan 1-3 Fiorentina | Fiorentina condemn AC Milan to a third consecutive Serie A defeat | Serie A

Fiorentina continued Milans troubles as Ribery, Castrovilli and a Pulgar penalty saw them fall 3-1.

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Rumpel JA
Rumpel JA:
Frank Ribery make those defender look like they were 36 years old instead of him. Very nice performance.
Silver Prelude
Silver Prelude:
A Bayern fan, stopping by to watch how Ribery doing.
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich:
Grande Fiorentina 💓
I really feel sorry for Milan, but I really enjoyed Chiesa and Ribery, they're making a wonderful duo !!
Retro Fury
Retro Fury:
Maldini probably had a stroke watching Milan’s defence get decimated by a 36 year old
Peter Fighter
Peter Fighter:
It seems like Gattuso wasn't that bad
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod:
The perfect duet Ribéry-Chiesa. Leao 🔥🔥
Michel Alhadithi
Michel Alhadithi:
Ribery still deserve to play in biggest club, what a player, so happy for him
Röwsh Keyboard Hero
Röwsh Keyboard Hero:
Frank Ribery: I dont count age, i count my goals 😂😂
Vaital V
Vaital V:
Rìbery. There’s still some life in the old dog.
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله:
AC Milan decline is quite tragic.
Paolo Carriero
Paolo Carriero:
More people should be talking about leao’s goal because that was magic
Ribery shows that form is temporary but class is permanent! 👌
Ribery deserves so much more respect ✊🏽
Rizqi Pulungan
Rizqi Pulungan:
And then, AC Milan will fire Giampaolo and bring another "no name" Coach.
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins:
Fair play to Ribéry, I thought he was gonna be some washed up signing but kudos he really is showing his class.
Dery Permana Maha Putra
Dery Permana Maha Putra:
Frank Ribery Awesome, I miss him play with Robben at Munchen. Amazing wing duo
P Rayzar
P Rayzar:
Hurts to see him in a different Shirt. Still happy that see him playing. Looks wierd tho
Jonas Hassan
Jonas Hassan:
I feel sorry for Donnarumma. Such a great player, milan should appreciate his loyalty.
Alex Ioannides
Alex Ioannides:
Even at that age Ribery still has so much to offer, what a player!
i nearly cried watching ribery working his magic again.
ribery, at his old day still provide that dribble and run, world class player
Mad Martin
Mad Martin:
The teamwork between Ribery and Chiesa is magically wonderful. A very attacking Fiorentina.

Juve will now have a rival.
Colombian Flag
Colombian Flag:
I missed the ac Milan of the golden years.. The 80s and the 90s.
Qhama Tinga
Qhama Tinga:
Ribery back to his best🔥
Muhamad Fadilah
Muhamad Fadilah:
"Montella Has It Revenge!!"
Aneek Das
Aneek Das:
Amazing performance from Ribery
Muhammad Taufik
Muhammad Taufik:
Milan is my favorite club.. is so sad watching Milan right now, When anouther club can bring world class player with lot experiences like Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez, Ribbery even Ronaldo.. Milan even cannot bring Modric, Bale or Coutinho to they base.. in this game against Fiorentina, Milan defense really having issue with keeping discipline, two penalti and one red card by taking Ribbery leg in the center of the field, its doesnt neccessary..
Grace Fery
Grace Fery:
Welcome back La Viola. Such a great Memories. Batistuta’s Era . :D
Ruben Musat
Ruben Musat:
Gabriel Badilla
Gabriel Badilla:
Please no more penalty kick for chiesa , PULGAR is the right one !!!
Safwan Zaini
Safwan Zaini:
Watching AC Milan today made me fell so sorry to them. 😔😔 comeback stronger please
Wow, Ribéry is a monster
Adam jr.
Adam jr.:
Frank Ribery what a player 🔥 can’t believe they got him for free
Oooh Franck Ribéry ❤❤❤😍 FR7 Champs Élisées
- Fc Bayern -Miasanmia ❤🔥😍
- AC Fiorentina 👌🏻💪🏻😍

Continue frérot toujours au top 🙉
Bringing the legendary french man for free in this team, full of young talents, but without an experience and a leader, bringing Kevin Prince Boateng,, and, as an icing on the cake, Ribery, was THE BEST MOVE by Fiorentina!
They got a true example to look up to, all their young and utterly talented players, like Pulgar, Chiesa, Milinkovic... If they keep these players, and further strengthen the squad, we could easily watch La Viola in UCL in a year or two! Bc, they surely fight for the 4th place, there's no doubt about it! Everyone thought it'd be Milan, as the biggest candidates for the 4th place (but now the reality, hits strong, and it'll be a miracle if they get an Europa League place at the end of the season), along with Roma, and most likely Atalanta to join that race again! But no one should cut out Fiorentina, 'cause playing like this, both effectively & beautiful for the eye, an offensive football that gives results, I believe that they'll be fully capable to fight for Europa League, and maybe even 4th place. Who knows?!
Mo7med Ali saad
Mo7med Ali saad:
what a wonderful player, Ribery!! 🔥❣️💛💓💙💗
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez:
I can’t believe my team has gone this LoW! It’s heart breaKing ! Smh
Alfa Elwafa
Alfa Elwafa:
Even the commentator said "this isn't Milan", what a tragedy.
Bashkim Hoxha
Bashkim Hoxha:
Im in awe everytime I see Ribery playing, he is such a hardworker for Fiorentina and they do great on attack with him , and Im a Juventus Fan
Helmy Nasution
Helmy Nasution:
Him: "this is unbelievable"
Him: "it's going to be worst"
Prima Aditama
Prima Aditama:
This is Prank ! Hahaha Prank ribery
Cruze Moore
Cruze Moore:
Milan are the Manchester United of Italy
John Seca
John Seca:
Third time this season! And they say penaldo 😂😂
For you who didn’t get it .third goal from penalty this season
Ac Milan poor performance again,Ribery doesn't get old
Ribery's goal is a perfect masterpiece
Zakaria Dabagh
Zakaria Dabagh:
Wow Ribery!! Hope Viola get CL this season
n2ver f8rget
n2ver f8rget:
Hate to see ribery in any other team, but love to see him doing well❤️
What is Franck Ribery?!? 😱😱
Shiro Venom
Shiro Venom:
My brother Frank Bilal Ribery make it looks so easy
adjeast ludin
adjeast ludin:
Chiesa and Ribery are deadly!!!! Chiesa would learn many from this legend
Andriy S Rachman
Andriy S Rachman:
Montella is lucky to have gives motivation, spirit to young players
Kim Jong Fat
Kim Jong Fat:
I can only imagine how stressfull it is being Donnaruma 😂
the gamer Adel
the gamer Adel:
Bruvvvv, I have never seen such a great keeper who saves you from conceding 3 goals EVERY SINGLE GAME
SMM Productions
SMM Productions:
Leao's Goal was amazing.
Ribery is just like a bottle of wine. He gets better and better with age.
I miss him a lot in the Bayern jersey ! 😭😭😭
Bayu bayu
Bayu bayu:
Ribery 36 years old. Skill always ON. LOL
things you love to see: this.
Ribery has still got it 🔥🔥🔥
Ceesar Aleejandro
Ceesar Aleejandro:
Ribery - pulgar - chiesa 🔥🔥🔥
Wahyu Tri Ananda
Wahyu Tri Ananda:
0:33 old but gold
Frenk Hidri
Frenk Hidri:
Only leao and donarumma are actually doing their best here
Giampaolo needs to go immediately
Also curva sud left the stadium you know its bad
Aman ADP
Aman ADP:
Amazing Ribery..great skill.. 👏👏
THE ELDANAL SHOP perhiasan eldanal viral
THE ELDANAL SHOP perhiasan eldanal viral:
3:43 moment of the night
dale like
dale like:
3:13 great
Pieter Picauly
Pieter Picauly:
That was awsome, Mr. Ribery! 👏👏👏
James Timotius
James Timotius:
I'm happy with it and i d like giampolo to stay 😗🤣
Zach Mohammed
Zach Mohammed:
Congrats fiorentina💪💪 ribery is awesome!
Anjar Jordison
Anjar Jordison:
Serie B awaits 😂
ghajini ayya
ghajini ayya:
Ribery still got it 👏👏😍
OG Cookie Monster
OG Cookie Monster:
6 points in 6 games. -4 goal difference. 16th in serie a. Clearly the only criteria to become a Milan coach these days is to have a pulse. They will fire Giampaolo and bring another no-name joke of a coach. So pathetic
We need a proper coach, a system!
Thank you BIG FRANK!
Walter Gabriello
Walter Gabriello:
wow ribery amazing performance
El barrey
El barrey:
I'm dying to watch my club's humiliation 😢😢
- Nyoto -
- Nyoto -:
ribery : " easy milan "
How the mighty have fallen 😪
Aldry Bob
Aldry Bob:
Barcelona from italy 🤣🤣
daud abdi
daud abdi:
Oh my Milan 😭
Maxx Mb
Maxx Mb:
Ali 10
Ali 10:
Ribery went Italy to scrore beautiful goals.
Reptiliano Amable
Reptiliano Amable:
Pulgar <3
la familia
la familia:
Ribery, you old man 💪🙂
Leao is like the only decent player in that tragic club that was once great.
Carl G
Carl G:
Madix Irekt
Madix Irekt:
Man i'm crying now. The old great Milan is really gone =((
Milan Duka
Milan Duka:
It hurts to see my club like this.. the great Milan! But tbh that blonde at 1:18 made me feel better! :) gorgeous!
JA 12
JA 12:
Ok Ribery has the best runs but that Leo run for his goal was immense
Jorge Nadjar Silva
Jorge Nadjar Silva:
Come on my team! You can.
leno voo
leno voo:
Smart deal from the coach and the management of the club to bring Ribery .. More successful than the deals Real Madrid and Barcelona ..
Jean Carlo Miranda
Jean Carlo Miranda:
I would like to see a United vs Milan right now xD
Endra Kurniawan
Endra Kurniawan:
Amazing skill by Ribery👍
Wirok Netizen
Wirok Netizen:
RIBERY : "easy"
Andika Aziz
Andika Aziz:
Ohhhhh my milan 😢
Zxenon Nemrod
Zxenon Nemrod:
Fiorentina, Ribéry 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
muhammad fikri
muhammad fikri:
happy to see milan lose 😂
Ultra Trump
Ultra Trump:
This Florentina team remind me of the Florentina team with Angel Gabriel Batistuta "Bati Gol"
Julien Campardo
Julien Campardo:
Milan relies on Donnaruma to much the defence just expects him to save every shot that’s thrown to him
Is hard watching milan suffering like this
If u were once great u always have to stay great