Milan 3-0 Spezia | Milan cruise to victory over newly promoted Spezia | Serie A TIM

AC Milan put on a dominant display as they cruised to a comfortable victory over newly promoted side Spezia | Serie A TIM

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Diaz was fantastic today .
Ibrahima Ba
Ibrahima Ba:
Hakan Calhanoglu is the one who change the match he involved in every goal what a number 10 we are having now
sidik van parmin
sidik van parmin:
luar bisa walaupun kelelahan setelah lawan Rio eve tapi milsn tetep dahsyat👍👏👏👏
Hi Pro Agency hiproagency
Hi Pro Agency hiproagency:
This is a big celebration for all milan fans worldwide, especially those who stood behind the team through years of struggle. Forza milan !
Chibuzo Okoye
Chibuzo Okoye:
Only Krunic, Hakan and Kjaer are above 23 in today's game, the other 13 players on the pitch today are all under 23. Milan is really building a young team.
Solomon Zhabrak
Solomon Zhabrak:
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Time Done
Time Done:
Brahim Diaz is clearly better for us than Paqueta. Diaz caught defenders out of position, drew cards and direct free kicks. Paqueta did non of that but I wish him the best.
Giorgi Kvatchadze
Giorgi Kvatchadze:
Theo may be the best purchase we have made over last 10 years. Such an impressive player! International break now, and then two super tough games against Inter and Roma. We need to keep improving. Hopefully we can have Romagnoli, Rebic and Ibra back before the Derby.
aladin jelizi
aladin jelizi:
that last action milan was leading 3-0 and seeing 6 milan players sprinting like they are running for their lives best action of the match for me and that tells a lot about the mentality we are having right now ... forza MILAN
i have the feeling that after the quarantine the spirit of rui costa went to the body of Hakan, he has been scoring and providing assists every game
3 wins from 3, not a goal conceded yet, Milan looked to have carried their excellent form from the end of last season to this season. Difficult game against Inter coming up soon but if they win that would be a real statement
Ahmet Celal
Ahmet Celal:
The best calhanoglu
Without Calhanoglu, Milan is struggling the score. Calhanoglu plays very quickly and simple. Love this.
Anıl Gümüş
Anıl Gümüş:
Lion AK
Lion AK:
The last 12 match are 17 goal (8 goal + 9 assist)
🔥Hakan Çalhanoğlu 90 m. 💶 Loading.. 🚀
Theo looks like a prime Serginho, what a left back .
Without hakan milan is something, with ibra and hakan milan is beast
Çalhanoğlu 😍😍😍 Perfect 10HC
The real test comes when they face Inter, Lazio, Juventus, Roma, Atalanta.
Ali Ögel
Ali Ögel:
Hakan çalhanoğlu ❤️
Blink Sone
Blink Sone:
Chelsea fan here love to see AC Milan going back to the top again with lots of talented youngsters in there and some experienced lads. Serie A is very exciting.
I don't see somebody talking about the great moment of Calabria
besmir lleshi
besmir lleshi:
Everyone is talking about Calhanogulu or Theo but i would say that Calabria is doing a great job every match now and he is constant player as well. Colombo and D.Maldini are not for this AC Milan, we need someone who can compete with Zlatan.
Qtyo Kyung
Qtyo Kyung:
Theo the most consistent milan's player so the run
Pandji Aryo Poerwono
Pandji Aryo Poerwono:
Alhamdulillah another victory
Rossoneri !
Rossoneri !:
That last chance would be a great team goal. Missed these type of actions by Milan ❤️❤️
Hauge, Hakan, Brahim

Milan' Future attacking
I know it's super early, but seeing Milan tied for 1st in the league just makes me happy.
Aykut Yılmaz
Aykut Yılmaz:
Hakan Çalhanoğlu, who will be one of the legends of Milan history🔥💯
Dark God Darkseid
Dark God Darkseid:
THEO „BEAST” HERNANDEZ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Reyhan Danovan
Reyhan Danovan:
Almost all of milanisti talking about leao, tonali, colombo didnt play well. Did u guys remember kessie and hakan was bullied in their first 2 seasons ? Now they are key players in team. Dont judge these youngster in just couple match. They need time to prove their talent tho.
Rossoneri !
Rossoneri !:
Everyone underestimating Milan this season
We gonna win Scudetto just wait and see 🔴⚫️🔜🔛🔝💣
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava:
AC Milan greatest club in world no doubt. ❤🖤🇮🇹
Serdar Düzgün
Serdar Düzgün:
Warmaster AceJoker
Warmaster AceJoker:
Milan need to continue this form up. been missing from UCL for quite some time now.

From Chelsea fan
Syedzada Salman
Syedzada Salman:
Spezia got Revenge today Ac milan struggling today 0 on target shot
Alvin Aldi Firhansha
Alvin Aldi Firhansha:
Happy to see milan performs like this, hope they can keep consistent week in week out
The king AC Milan🖤❤
Aayush Srivastava
Aayush Srivastava:
3:16 this is what we came to see
Ersin Büyüktaş
Ersin Büyüktaş:
Çalhanoglu bu sezon ateş ediyo 🔥
Kinzie Pinontoan
Kinzie Pinontoan:
4 months later..
AC Spezia 2 - 0 Milan, 0 shot on goal.
sarjan pade
sarjan pade:
Do you believe if milan can win Serie A title this year?? I believe😎
this commentator: Midan, Cadhanodu, Deao
Gjak Rossoner
Gjak Rossoner:
Well done Milan ❤🖤, explodes in the second half
Rafael Leao-🇵🇹Obrigado
Theo Hernandez🇪🇦-Gracias-🇨🇵Merci
Hi from🇽🇰🙋‍♂️
Mus Mar
Mus Mar:
Calhanoglu makes great impact on team. I hope he will contribute like that and we need one defensive player. I think Ozan Kabak is great option.
Diaz performes better as trequartista ! We got a very talented player
Ali Blablabla
Ali Blablabla:
Beautiful football, next we shall see how they do in the derby.
Gjak Rossoner
Gjak Rossoner:
A new Milan is being born ❤🖤🇽🇰🙋‍♂️😀
Milan returned ❤️
Tan Mezja
Tan Mezja:
Win for Zlatan until he comes bois :)
We needed a CB and a striker, hopefully our cbs stay healthy and Ibra too.
Im ManUtd Fans and
I Hope Ac Milan Won Scudetto This Season
Chris AKG
Chris AKG:
Partido entrecortado, sin muchas ideas pero se sacó el resultado, esperamos mejoren para il derbi ..
Forza 🔴⚫
Forza Milan
Forza Milan:
Happy for the 3rd clean sheet in Serie A this season😀🖤❤
Paul's Valley
Paul's Valley:
After the Opeal era, 1st time Milan comes back to the Runway with Emirates. Really happy to see Milan like this. It's like King of Kings goes back to his Throne
Remzi Yigit
Remzi Yigit:
Calhanoglu great performance, great skills...
Hj Kanto
Hj Kanto:
Samu Susollejo should have been worried about his role watching Hauge tonight
Javan Eangle
Javan Eangle:
Theo. Hakan skil. Leao gol
Legend HTS
Legend HTS:
Still without Zlatan something is lacking in the CF section
So enjoyable to watch Milan play with such confidence and energy. Love to see it💪❤️
James Lame
James Lame:
All of this thanks to zlatan mentality lion 🦁 among men .
Aryan Tamrakar
Aryan Tamrakar:
Theo is such a beast of a left back.. The only problem at Madrid was he had to battle for the spot with Marcelo in his prime.
As a Juve fan, it's nice to see Milan (hopefully) turning a new leaf. I know you guys had nearly a decade of dark years, I've been there lol. Hopefully this momentum continues.
Theo Hernandez is phenomenal 🥶🔥
mauricio martinez
mauricio martinez:
2:22 literally train took him 🚈🚆⚫️🔴
Edu Ganteng
Edu Ganteng:
Perfecto ❤️ , Sempre Milan 🔴⚫
Muma Ndubula
Muma Ndubula:
I love this club so much, I missed seeing it win continuously.❤❤❤ Forza Milano
Igor Sikorsky
Igor Sikorsky:
Big Respect to Mr.Pioli for putting AC Milan on Top !
Orhan Karabogaz
Orhan Karabogaz:
Hakan Çalhanoglu 🇹🇷😌
Spezia played well until they conceded the first goal🔥
евгений миланенко
евгений миланенко:
We need to back up Theo, he always plays regularly first team. i hope dalot or (maybe next) Kabak back up for Theo.
Forza Milan From Indonesia.
austincpt Louw
austincpt Louw:
I'm impressed with this result "Forza milan" 🔴⚫️🔥
Theo looks like Bale against Inter in Champions when he was spur
Rahmat Sofyan
Rahmat Sofyan:
theo's speed really fast..
Nikola Bidžić
Nikola Bidžić:
Looking forward to seeing Hauge on the nexr matchday❤🖤
Vande Giri
Vande Giri:
Love to see milan back in business🔥
Milan do great and will be the second best team in the Serie a in a few years👌🏼
Burst Burstovich
Burst Burstovich:
Forza Milan! <3
Fish Learnin
Fish Learnin:
not satisfied . he missed a hat-trick
Dewa PRP
Dewa PRP:
Hauge are dangerouss 🔥🔥
Milan Jovanovic
Milan Jovanovic:
Yeeeeeeee forza milannnnn from montenegro !
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
*AC Milan starting to look like their old self again...*
_I'll be waiting for AC Milan to return to the Champions League_
AL BayBay
AL BayBay:
Great win Milan❤️🖤on to the next💪
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
57' Rafael Leao (1-0); 76' Theo Hernandez (2-0); 78' Rafael Leao (3-0)
Faisal Muhamad
Faisal Muhamad:
Theo and Rebic on left are perfect combination
brandon rayn
brandon rayn:
Theo Hernandez:
Jou Ja'o
Jou Ja'o:
Forza Milan 🔥🔥
Poke Fanatic
Poke Fanatic:
Team of the week card for Leo in fifa 21 for sure after this amazing performance
Fish and Fishing Activities
Fish and Fishing Activities:
It is indeed a great content!! Keep it Up!!
That conter-attack...
Dedi Saputra
Dedi Saputra:
3:17 : how they built a dead attack. This is insane
SeAm Mawuna
SeAm Mawuna:
Great win. Keep playing best Milan. Forza Milan. 🔴⚫💪
Parker 84
Parker 84:
A.C MILAN a demostrar que es el mejor de Italia y del mundo ❤️🖤 saludos desde Bogotá Colombia
Milan!! let's goo!!
Adhi Pradipa
Adhi Pradipa:
Gasss terussss Milan!
Madrid big mistakes selling Theo, since Theo come to Milan always win
Milanista Omar
Milanista Omar:
That last run 🏃‍♂️ 🔥
Alessandro B
Alessandro B:
Is Milan on the way back to glory? I certainly hope so. Forza Milan.