Milan 4-1 Cagliari | Giroud opens his account with Milan in style! | Serie A 2021/22

In a thrilling first half Milan hit Cagliari four times with the Frenchmen netting his first two goals in the Italian top-flight | Serie A 2021/22

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Issa Makhoul
Issa Makhoul:
Giroud is a top-shelf Striker. Notice, when he left Arsenal, they tanked.
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed:
Almost everyone loves Giroud. Mad respect.
Chelsea fan.
Thomas Milano
Thomas Milano:
Tonali's freekick reminds me of pirlo

Also Diaz's deflected goal is very inzaghi haha
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost:
Giroud will be the man to beat the #9 curse. Another great win, Forza Milan!
Gyver Ompusunggu
Gyver Ompusunggu:
Olivier Giroud & Tammy Abraham, ex-Chelsea, show their class at their new club. Hopefully their great performances remain consistent.
Alessandro Vettore
Alessandro Vettore:
Grande Giroud, grande Tonali e grande anche Leao che è migliorato e ci mette il cuore
Anas Tahshin
Anas Tahshin:
Giroud's finishing ability is world class
Kailash V
Kailash V:
Maignan is a perfect replacement for Donnarumma.
Giroud I believe is a great addition to any team, but he is particularly well suited for Italy
nick name
nick name:
I‘ve met Giroud like a week ago randomly in their hotel. I‘d say it‘s 50% my brace
I’m here for Giroud. Once blues always blues!
im so happy. i cant believe watching milan play makes me happy again and not sad or bored or depressed.
Nina C.
Nina C.:
Gattuso watching this match like he is The Godfather
Mad respect for Olivier Giroud, the man is a beast. Can’t believe Deschamps didn’t even call him for France’s next international match…
The first goal scored by Giroud is harder than meets the eye
Evan Mannion
Evan Mannion:
Wish we never got rid of giroud I’ve always said he comes in clutch when you need him and he’s so underrated it’s crazy
If Inzaghi got the goal in the 07 CL final, Diaz should get this one lol
Vitaly Papa
Vitaly Papa:
If Giroud started to play for Milan in Serie A straight after his spell in Montpellier he would already become a legend like Sheva or Pippo, serie A suits him a lot, he was born to play here, its his championship, sad he wasted his best years in EPL ..
Kylian Tatum
Kylian Tatum:
Giroud has always been a fine talent. All he needed was a start a chance
Nares Ku
Nares Ku:
Giroud is like wine. The older he is, the better his football is
Equilibria Story
Equilibria Story:
Serie A will be more exciting this season because there is no Juve domination anymore, many teams can challenge for the title.
Frosted Lightbulb
Frosted Lightbulb:
i love that giroud is on milan now. buying jersey currently
Kpop Trash
Kpop Trash:
Krunic and Tonali partnership would be phenomenal this season. 👀 They play like true champions.
No donnarumma
No calhanoglu
No zlatan
No kessie
Ahanbiswas Class10A10
Ahanbiswas Class10A10:
Giraud is really fulfilling the hopes of the number 9 . Also Brahim diaz is on fire 2 goals and 1 assist in 2 matches
Fantastic signs from Milan's first few matches, Tonali and Giroud both break the ice quick, here's to many more guys 🍷!
Ammar Barri
Ammar Barri:
- Oliver, how much time you need to score a wonderful goal for Milan?
- Yes
With Giroud in your team you always have 100% of winning a title
I love Milan
I love Milan:
Forza Milan,❤🖤 Olivier Giroud on 🔥 congratulations and for Sandro Tonali for first goal
Fernando Gonzalez
Fernando Gonzalez:
I love how the analyst is so into the game, it's like he forgets he's commentating.
Flavio bona
Flavio bona:
"Tonali è troppo sopravvalutata" "Eh ma Giroud è troppo vecchio" A nanna!!!
Diaz should go crazy to celebrate that kind of goal. Just like what Inzaghi did celebrate
Hùng Nguyễn
Hùng Nguyễn:
2:37 a pure love 🔴⚫
Tão deixando agente sonhar!!🇮🇹❤💚❤💚❤💚🇮🇹🇮🇹
Glad for Giroud, a newly European Champions League winner with Chelsea, scoring a double
Rakesh Murali
Rakesh Murali:
Gone are the days we were scared that Cagliari can pull off a win at San Siro 😊
Now are the days when every team is scared of the real AC Milan!❤️
Jayesh Ratangairi
Jayesh Ratangairi:
Great to see Giroud scoring goals . Love from Chelsea ❤️
Asher Yogolelo
Asher Yogolelo:
Heureux de voir mon équipe gagnait en maturité. Forza Milan ❤️🖤
pyrex skyline
pyrex skyline:
maldini and massara build milan from scratch. I love this squad soo much after almost 10 years
Inter, Milan, Napoli and Roma look very strong while Juve struggles. You love to see it, Serie A is probably most entertaining right after the Prem
mike okol
mike okol:
Glad olli is enjoying himself 💙🔵
can't wait for the Liverpool vs ac Milan match
What a victory 🤩
For sure this season will be ours
Josephine LaRive
Josephine LaRive:
Giroud, again frm Chelsea. Great going wherever you play.
Antonio Balistreri
Antonio Balistreri:
Se non altro, anche se c'è un min di meno, non dobbiamo aspettare le due di notte per gli highlights 😎👍😘🙏
I love Milan
I love Milan:
Forza Milan, ❤🖤 thank you for this magical victory 🔴⚫🔥
AJ Scott
AJ Scott:
Great finish from Giroud. He'll score 20 goals for Milan this season if he stays fit, no question
Sbaglio o quello è un tiraggiroud ?
terence sauceda
terence sauceda:
Feeling excited for this serie A season !
Ac Milan is the biggest club in Italy
William AC
William AC:
I can't wait for my team to play milan. We finally meet after Athens 2007. Hopefully our two teams qualify and leave Atletico in the dust ✌️
Athokpam Singh
Athokpam Singh:
Giroud is really underrated thanks to AC Milan that he is now showing his class
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Giroud bagus juga main di Milan😀
Would be wonderful to see Milan, Roma, Lazio title fight 🔥
J Martinez
J Martinez:
vedere un milan del genere mi riempie di orgoglio! Giroud che esempio di professionista vero, grande Sandrino primo gol meritatissimo
Muhammad Fauzan
Muhammad Fauzan:
great move by theo, so giroud can score. bravo team
Lollo _
Lollo _:
YouTube Italia nel 2020: Serie A non puoi caricare highlights di soli 4:14
Serie A 21/22: hold my 3:19
A c e
A c e:
Milan are going to be on 🔥🔥 this season
Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar:
Great start of the season. Forza Milan 🔴⚫️
shivachetan ulavi
shivachetan ulavi:
Come on Olly show them who the boss is! sending love to AC Milan from Chelsea <3
Milan isn't a team, it's a family
Tyrone Cunningham
Tyrone Cunningham:
Well done, Olivier. You'll always be a Blue.
Elizabet McCarter
Elizabet McCarter:
Enamora este AC Milan.
@Young jr SNOW 4Lyfe Official
@Young jr SNOW 4Lyfe Official:
Proud of my former Chelsea Player Giroud.....2 goals in First match for Milan👍🔥💯
Gabriel Husin
Gabriel Husin:
Such lethal and accuracy the finisher from giroud..he execute the chance perfectly with his touch..
Mas Teguh
Mas Teguh:
This season, Tonali will score more goals from free kicks than calhanoglu 🔥
Julian Lyhus
Julian Lyhus:
Well done Oli love from North London!❤️🔥
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Milan ❤❤❤. Tonali and Giroud played phenomenal Football 💪💪💪👍👍
Aisar Omar
Aisar Omar:
if Giroud performed well in Serie A this means he is a proven striker in France, England and Italy.
The team was incredible today.Keep going. Forza Milan 🔴⚫💪
Jonathan De La Peña
Jonathan De La Peña:
Girpud a beast 🔥😂🖤❤️
Tonali pure class 🔥🎯 broke the matrix
Goal of Brahim is the winner of puskas this year
Slick Boxing [Identity Veritas]
Slick Boxing [Identity Veritas]:
Giroud always underrated, under-appreciated, you name it. Man is pure talent
Kristijan Bodin
Kristijan Bodin:
Serie A turning back the clock.It's coming back with the vengeance and closing in on Premier League.Last season was great and this one is going to be even better.It became so competitive that 5-6 teams will fight for Scudetto this year.
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh:
That AC Milan kit is really nice 👌🏼
Goshen Carmel
Goshen Carmel:
Giroud will age really well in Italy mark my word
Alfatha Arkan
Alfatha Arkan:
Can't wait ac Milan performance in UCL ❤️
ifedi anyadubalu
ifedi anyadubalu:
That would have been a fantastic assist from Giroud if that had gone in.
Gokul C Gopan
Gokul C Gopan:
That back heel pass from Giroud❣
Nahian Rahman Nehal
Nahian Rahman Nehal:
Really chelsea had a great squad in that season ❤️
Magi Kon
Magi Kon:
Can we just acknowledge that pass from Giroud at 0:13 that was so beautiful
Zafirul Rahi
Zafirul Rahi:
you can never find a better ST then Giroud
Jake Williams
Jake Williams:
Brilliant player giroud arsenal should have never let him go
annao1 benniao2
annao1 benniao2:
Grandissimo Milan 💪💪💪 ottima prestazione continuiamo così 😉
Yana Permana
Yana Permana:
Excellent Performance ,Olivier Giroud 👍👌💙
So glad that Dollarumma still haven’t played for PSG.
fahri muhammad
fahri muhammad:
Stunning goals from Sandro
Maximus Adfectus
Maximus Adfectus:
FORZA MILAN! great Club again great
The great Ground so pleased love from Chelsea
CRF Desde 1895
CRF Desde 1895:
Nessa temporada esse italiano será nosso Forza Milan🔴⚫🔴⚫
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
Giraud is really fulfilling the hopes of the number 9 . Also Brahim diaz is on fire 2 goals and 1 assist in 2 matches
Abhishek Chatterjee
Abhishek Chatterjee:
a magnificent performance by AC Milan ❤️🖤
Chelsea fans will be proud of Giroud ❤️
Jeffrey Ortíz
Jeffrey Ortíz:
Que lindo es ver jugar al Milan 😍🖤
Sidiq Music
Sidiq Music:
This is fascinating🔥
Great direct play by giroud, diaz and team , excited by the chance of different style by Ibrs and giroud.🔴⚫
alida flus
alida flus:
Giroud has always been a fine talent. All he needed was a start a chance
niddg viiut
niddg viiut:
Giroud has always been a fine talent. All he needed was a start a chance
Ros Ibra
Ros Ibra:
From Syria 🇸🇾Forza Milan🖤❤️
Mohammad Syafiq
Mohammad Syafiq:
Great way to open San Siro. Forza Milan ❤️🖤
Railzans Pictures
Railzans Pictures:
fans : "Giroud is rincarnation of inzaghi"
inzagi : "no no no, my reincarnation is brahim"