Milan-Inter 3-2 | Leao shines in spectacular San Siro derby: Goals & Highlights | Serie A 2022/23

An incredible clash between Milan and Inter produced a goal-fest in the Milanese derby, the most prolific of the last three seasons. Rafael Leao took centre stage with two goals and an assist as he led the Rossoneri to back-to-back Serie A wins over their city rivals | Serie A 2022/23

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Sci Modeler
Sci Modeler:
I knew Leao was motm, but Maignan was Milan's true savior. The game might end differently without his magic saves.
Leao and Giroud are such a great duo for Milan. Totally underestimated players and can do the team wonders as shown in this derby. Props to Pioli's tactics to take the W.
Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
Ojalá un día ir a San Siro , saludos desde México 🇲🇽, Forza Milan ️
Gino Panthers
Gino Panthers:
As Bayern fan I'm glad I watched this match full. The best game so far this season in all the top 5 European leagues IMO. The physicality and the ref was awesome. 90's and 2000's vibes there. I hope the Italian teams will shine in CL this season. Its been lacking lately
Theo Stefan
Theo Stefan:
Leao and Giroud were top class no argument, but those Maignan saves were outrageous! We wouldn't get 3 points without him!!
Many people saying inter defending is horrible on the third Leao goal, they actually don't understand how fast Leao can be on pitch, He made any defender look slow and only need 2 to 3 step to go miles ahead with any defender, not to mention the trickery to make defender miss step, absolutely top class player.
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov:
Giroud is the ultimate prototype of a forward. Give him little, he gives you everything!
Ruben Oliveira
Ruben Oliveira:
Bom campeonato, boas equipas, que o Rafael Leão continue assim.
Leao is amazing - he has just became one of the goalscorers nowadays! Giroud is still great - he is my personal favorite classic CF!
AC Milan was much stronger. Deserved win. Maignan and Leao on fire 🔥
Zulfi azhari
Zulfi azhari:
leao performance is outstanding, he really proved that he deserves to be a serie A MVP
Ezequiel Gonzalez
Ezequiel Gonzalez:
Ojalá un día ir a San Siro , saludos desde México 🇲🇽, Forza Milan 🖤❤️
The change of pace from Leao for his 2nd goal crazy!
lenny Mrh
lenny Mrh:
Coś pięknego!;)
EA Sports FC Career
EA Sports FC Career:
A quiet, modest yet talented Giroud as always. He showed up where needed and struck again. Rafael pulled a rabbit out of a hat this time with two stunning goals. Trust me, this guy can go a very long way.
Hazim Karić
Hazim Karić:
Dzeko and Giroud for me are the most underrated players in the last decade. They are 71 together but still playing on a high level.
Venceu o maior! 🔴⚫🇹🇹
Azfar Rayan
Azfar Rayan:
The Serie A is getting back to its glory !! It's actually more evenly matched & thrilling now when compared to the PL . The top 4-5 of the Serie A are all pretty close in quality, so it gets really exciting !
Marcelo Costa
Marcelo Costa:
Rafael Leão é uma máquina! Os Tugas são fodidos 🇵🇹💪🏾
Sandile Saatch
Sandile Saatch:
One thing about Leao is that he's always smiling, even when he's on the ball...
Dejan Gawroński
Dejan Gawroński:
Wielkie Derby Dziękuję Wam Za To Milan❤🖤❤
Chukwuma Moghalu
Chukwuma Moghalu:
RAFAEL LEAO, The man who plays with a smile on his face, he was smiling through out the run & dribble for his second goal, as if he had already foreseen the goal before even making an attempt.
Olga Pinto
Olga Pinto:
Bravo Rafael Leão! Dois golaços e uma assistência!
Teodor Hrabovszky
Teodor Hrabovszky:
No one is talking about Giroud’s goal and his beautiful assist
ace Gaming
ace Gaming:
What an outstanding performance from Rafael leao 👏👏👏
Sya Kunene
Sya Kunene:
I've always loved Giroud for how well he links up with his teammates
Niko Rendy
Niko Rendy:
This was the reason why Milan rejected €100 M offer from Chelsea.I'm a Juventini but respect to Leao's quality.What a player!
Puji Setyono
Puji Setyono:
Leao had showed her class, and Giroud was amazing
abdulhakeem abdulganiyu
abdulhakeem abdulganiyu:
Classic match.... Derby. Leao is a rare gem
This game has everything..lots of goals..dramas...tense...jump scares...🔥🔥🔥
Omondi Valentine
Omondi Valentine:
Loving the reactions of the fans behind the post whenever Milan scores
Afridi Mon
Afridi Mon:
What a derby💥✨️
Paradise Planet
Paradise Planet:
That Giroud finish was class
Kyle Pienaar
Kyle Pienaar:
I struggle to remember another derby performance this dominant. Leao is absolutely world class
Ronald vrs
Ronald vrs:
An excellent victory!! Milan has shown a great superiority in the match!! FORZA MILAN 🔴⚫🔴⚫
In my view, the referee was the MOTM. He was just so calm and let the game end without any problem. What a derby was!!!
Ope Adu
Ope Adu:
Giroud has to be in that french squad for the World Cup!! He is so underrated, it hurts. Plus his link-up play is second to none.
markos fekadu
markos fekadu:
challanoglu never disappoint AC Milan after his departure. He provided the best assist for the first goal.
Born Again GG
Born Again GG:
Leao has truly reached superstar status, nobody could've seen this trajectory when Milan bought him three years ago, so happy for him. Howeer if Milan truly wants to improve and really challenge in Europe you can't be playing with players like Calabria, Junior Messias, Salemaekers and Brahim Diaz who are all players that are holding you back.
Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo
Lilliana 💖 32 y.0 -check My V!deo:
Leao and Giroud are such a great duo for Milan. Totally underestimated players and can do the team wonders as shown in this derby. Props to Pioli's tactics to take the W.
Midnight Rain
Midnight Rain:
beating 2-3 defender, and one with a smile 😄the smiling assassin.. Leao is on fire 🔥🔥
Akan Etienam
Akan Etienam:
What a game this was!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cameron Singh
Cameron Singh:
What a game , and my favourite European Derby didn’t disappoint 😊 as Rafael Leão continues to show his class ⚽️🔥
Arch Unique
Arch Unique:
I miss giroud. Arsenal fan here. Those little flicks he does 😍😍
Rafael Leaaaaaaaaaoo!!! Goosebumps 😊
Down to Earth
Down to Earth:
I was there. At the San Siro to witness this epic clash.
What a day! What a game!
Forza Milan 🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴
Leao is going to be one of the greats and I love to see it !
AC Milan was much stronger. Deserved win. Maignan and Leao on fire 🔥
ali fakih
ali fakih:
We watched a charming derby 😍
Excellent work done by Master Pioli.
He really outdid Inzaghi.
Leao and Giroud were very decisive today.
Forza Milan 🔴⚫❤️❤️
Rui Guo
Rui Guo:
This shd go down as one of the most classic Derby in history! And so happy the result is in Milan’s favor. Leao & Maigon are our heroes of the night! Forza Milan
Suhandi Wijaya
Suhandi Wijaya:
I wished Milan sell Leao for really high price above 100m but now I hope they keep him at all cost. He has became indispensible player for us 🖤❤️
Ibrahim Ambrose
Ibrahim Ambrose:
Leo & Giroud are doing great but still missing Ibraa on the pitch!
By the way, whole match was worth watching live!
Forza Milan!
Krasi N
Krasi N:
There were a ton more chances for Milan not shown in this video. Especially in the first half. Milan dominated for 66'. Stats show it: shots 17-7 in favor of Milan!
Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich:
0:42 Hakan with an amazing assist. He was truly the MVP of the match.
Mike J
Mike J:
Great game, both sides played well, thought Inter were impressive too. Tonali is turning into a really special midfielder, his distribution is getting better and better
What a derby🔥
Ronald vrs
Ronald vrs:
Rafael Leão is the one!!! 🔴⚫🔴⚫💪💪
Rafael Leao just can't be stopped, potential to be best in the world with that
Lukman Dwi tito
Lukman Dwi tito:
That inter goals are inevitable,we were lucky today..
Leao remind me lot with thierry henry.
That's how we do it. Mike is our guard angel. For me the best goalkeeper now across Europe. Rafa is absolutely outstanding. Giroud is a monster. He likes scoring against Inter. Forza Milan ♥️🖤 Sempre Milan 🔴⚫
Ousseynou Gueye
Ousseynou Gueye:
Rafael Leao est un joueur vraiment très sous couté mais quel joueur ! Forza Lotta Vincerai non ti lasceremo mai #ForzaMilan 🔴⚫ depuis le Sénégal 🇸🇳🇸🇳
thomas swords
thomas swords:
What an unbelievable game the passion and the quality of football was incredible
Nelson Ajayi
Nelson Ajayi:
We need to pay this young man. We can no longer let talent like this leave even if we get bids from other clubs. He is actually a difference make. Forza Milan, statement win for sure
IO_Nik0 🇲🇾
IO_Nik0 🇲🇾:
Awesome derby match 🔥
ghislin kouassi
ghislin kouassi:
What a brilliant pass from Giroud!!!
David დათო
David დათო:
Grande Milan!❤Forza Milan sempre!❤🖤
P D_v
P D_v:
So happy to see Giroud shinning in Milan !!
It's interesting that Tonali does not get any credit. The guy has such a skill with the ball it's crazy. And supringsingly strong when defending. He'll be a keyplayer for many years. 🖤❤
Leao is one of the rear species! Forza Milan ❤️🖤
World class performance from Leao & Maignan 👏⚫🔴
Rafael Leão, what a baller ! 🙇‍♂️⚽️🔥
Class, Leao! ❤️🖤
Krys Walters
Krys Walters:
Kvaratskhelia and Leao were both amazing this weekend. Hope we get a title race like last season. ❤🤞
Kurt Wild
Kurt Wild:
Che partita...entrambe le squadre hanno giocato un grande calcio
Forza Milan ♥ ⚫
Chigozie Enekwizu
Chigozie Enekwizu:
I watched the replay of Leao's 2nd goal over and over......dat guy has some serious skills! And the sudden acceleration, SMH. Ridiculous!
Leao is just something different… Oh my goodness. 🤯
Futbolowe Wzloty i Upadki
Futbolowe Wzloty i Upadki:
The best game so far in the major European leagues.
Thanks Hakan for passing to tonali for create first milan goal. The giroud goal was typically no. 9 striker, no need much shot on goal, but have insanely precision. Its like lewandowski..
What a great match!
Raskol Nikov
Raskol Nikov:
If Leao could play at a top level in the "Champions" (wish it were Milan) he could be a Ballon d'Or
TC Just TC
TC Just TC:
Leao *smiling* as he shoots is always a delight to watch
Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh:
another classic from both Milan giants!! will be a close race to the title this year, let's just enjoy the journey 😀💪
Leao always smile when he made goals. 😊
Paschal Da Simmzi
Paschal Da Simmzi:
Giroud Is really a selfless player, simple and classic. Leah on the other hand is a pure talent. Forza Milano
beautiful performance from rossoneri. still unbeaten. Milan goes top form all the way in!
Fahmi Andriant
Fahmi Andriant:
Forza Milan ❤️🖤
Grazie Leao ❤️🖤
Vittorio Fioravanti
Vittorio Fioravanti:
Best edition of Milan's press I've seen in some time. The press and Maignan/Leaõ's co-MOTM performances aside, I thought Milan brought higher energy levels than Inter and all that was the difference. In short, great win as a group. Forza Milan!
Rafael Leo is a gem 💎of serial A Milan goalkeeper too was spectacular 🙌
Ari Syarifudin
Ari Syarifudin:
Leao & Giroud 🔥🔥
Earth Peace
Earth Peace:
Leao was great but Milan's keeper also produced a few stunning saves.
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi:
Leão, Tonali, Giroud and Maignan what a game they made!
Arpit Banerjee
Arpit Banerjee:
Milan is the best team in Serie A for sure. Despite less spending. their talent is evident.
Sunarto narto
Sunarto narto:
Bravo Milan ❤️❤️❤️
Walther Guillaume
Walther Guillaume:
So Glad to see Milan AC at his best again 😍
George Lyombo
George Lyombo:
What an assist from Giroud for the third goal
Fajar Wardana
Fajar Wardana:
Leao almost in a same level with mbappe, vini, halland 🔥
Philip Jumaa
Philip Jumaa:
Hats off for the Milan gk for his amazing saves
Manchester city fan
Manchester city fan:
Well Played AC Milan . Well deserved win
Cassano Gray Campbell
Cassano Gray Campbell:
I trust my boy Olivier Giroud. He never disappoints
Mohamed Yaal Yoonus Ali
Mohamed Yaal Yoonus Ali:
Milan derby never disappoints👍