Milan Kundera - INTERVIEW 1968

Milan Kundera parle de son livre "La plaisanterie"

Milan Kundera talks about his novel "The Joke"

Milan Kundera o nowej powieści "Zart"

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the unbearable lightness of inflatable chairs
I watched the entire video waiting for his chair to explode.
Kundera is my grandfather's second cousin. he is my only famous connection!
I can't take an interviewer rocking a balloon chair seriously. He's sitting next to Kundera not a Kardashian; that calls for a respectable, stable chair.
can you please put a video with eng subtitle?..
Korean sub needed
he reminds me of morrissey so much also those inflatable chairs im crying
I wish this had subtitles!
is there an english version of this interview??
Alberto Martín
Alberto Martín:
I need translation into my language, whatever it is, and you, video uploader, must obey my desires. There's no way I could understand English subtitles.
La glaneuse
La glaneuse:
Kundera <3
One of the greatest. The very greatest, I mean.
Xiao Han
Xiao Han:
i need Chinese translation !
Jelly Jolly Jelly
Jelly Jolly Jelly:
cant understand a single word but I finished it. love this man too much.
Happiness is not liveable
Happiness is not liveable:
one of my favourite writers,
@neverbeenfree Well, if you go to the film...
Khalid Sow
Khalid Sow:
i need arabic sublets
Il n´aime pas être interviewé. Je voudrais voir plus de lui interviews.C´est très dificile !! Congratulations pour télécharger!!Fantastique. Salutations de Brésil
Frankie Teardrop
Frankie Teardrop:
google translate 💔
can we have subtitles pls .... i will be really appritiate if subtitles are added
Milan Kundera
Milan Kundera:
still no subtitles?
Osc1llate W1ldly
Osc1llate W1ldly:
@hebvelez - favorite writer? Oh yeah? So when you get a chance try to ask him what he was doing on 14th of March 1950.
@Osc1llateW1ldly haha, so?
did I say anything about the accent? I'm just bitching about his fascination with france
Milena Etc
Milena Etc:
hihihi...I like the way he sits!
che uomo.
Maurice Pigaht
Maurice Pigaht:
For the translation, 2 things would help: Who is Pavese/Pavez? And what does the interviewer say/mumble around 6:05?
andres castaño
andres castaño:
Is this the only video of Kundera? I need the translation in spanish¡¡¡¡
Arkadiusz Kardas
Arkadiusz Kardas:
poważny pisarz, poważny dziennikarz i poważny wywiad, ale te fotele... komiczne :-D
Osc1llate W1ldly
Osc1llate W1ldly:
@pearlyriver he's most definitely changed after 21/08/68. That's for sure. And besides "The Unbearable Lightness..." is in my Top 5 best books ever. Just read it for the 2nd time and the book comes out completely different. Each page, just fascinating. 10/10 (and no-one gets the perfect 10 from me)
no.. he is alive .. celebrated the eightieth birthday (*1.4.1929)
Varastettu maa
Varastettu maa:
Seriously this needs English subtitles. There's no videos about him in English...
Eric Tassel
Eric Tassel:
J adore son balancement
Tu parle surement de la mise en scene de cet interview et des fauteuils en plastique qui se torde sous le moindre geste....
@xtorie parce que c'est l'insoutenable légèreté de l'être ...
Ramiro Akris
Ramiro Akris:
That chair is getting him high.
Yury Eremenko
Yury Eremenko:
those chairs were very hip back then
Richard Podnar
Richard Podnar:
Incredible lightness of being embodied in that chair which looks like the most uncomfortable piece of furniture ever made.
Leandro Bevilaqua
Leandro Bevilaqua:
Does anyone volunteer to add subtitles in English to this video?
Carol Ca
Carol Ca:
"... Qu'avez-vous voulu dire avec l'histoire de Lucie?"Ll'interviewer n'a décidemment  rien compris...
Valeriane94 Quoi
Valeriane94 Quoi:
Attention ! Pas touche à mon Kundera !!! :p
Annie roses
Annie roses:
can anyone tell where i can get kundera?
Amine A
Amine A:
Est ce alain finkielkraut ?
Milan Kundera è lo scrittore che amo di più in assoluto, mi ha fatto molto piacere poter ascoltare la sua voce. Grazie per questo video.
rk b
rk b:
@DobBylan don't worry -- Milan's is pretty rusty here too! I only listened to 2 minutes or so, but he seems to be conveying the reality of the story's character's, their temporal framework, and how they are more 'real' characters in light of their realizing their everyday lives as something meaningful and historical. I think. P.s. My french is kinda rusty, too! I tried...
Kundera is one of few writers who have thought over the history of novel in a really in-depth manner and who, apart being excellent writers are also really original thinkers: his books are great, and his remarks on Kafka, Musil, Broch, Tolstoy perhaps even more so! His love for Janacek is... contagious.
Charlotte R
Charlotte R:
Il à du s'exiler en france, enfin qui mieux que lui pouvais écrire en francais.
Andy Shi-An Costello
Andy Shi-An Costello:
quelles bonnes chaises gonflables...
De Revolutionibus
De Revolutionibus:
Bardzo cenna rzecz. Rok 1968.. Uważam, że ten tytuł jest bardzo za "Pornografią"- Kundera tłumaczy to jako podobną energię życia. Żart jako konkretnie przedstawiona historia, dowcip i jednocześnie jako "kategoria życia". Długi ten film, to świetnie. On się później się odciął od Czech Francją- tu jeszcze mówi dziwacznie.
Trang Le
Trang Le:
@Osc1llateW1ldly I'm sure that person you were talking to still love Kundera as a writer, no matter what he did. Anyway, that incident happened half a century ago, people change, and Kundera too.
solo citando Jack Kerouac posso dire qualcosa di Kundera e di tutti i suoi personaggi: "com'è triste, è quasi come la vita vera"
Critiscism must be accepted. I believe that there´s several ways of saying something without the "feel ashamed" expression. I used this expression once spelled by Chunder as a tool for irony. I don´t agree with this "blasè" attitude.
If critiscism must be accepted, this must be accepted for both sides, because my declaration was critiscism too.
postergado hv
postergado hv:
No le entiendo una mierda en francés, pero: SOS UN GENIO KUNDERITA!
I don't understand the fascination with the french and France. Milan can't even express himself properly in French, I feel exhausted just watching, yet he wants to live there, be there, work there.
też na kolegę donosił. Ale to nie zmienia faktu, że jest geniuszem.
Pourqoui est-ce qu'il s'assoit d'une chaise plastique comme ça...
Charlotte R
Charlotte R:
Ok merci de m'avoir répondu, il n'aime pas le coté tv se montrer. Il en parle dans un article que j'ai lus, y'a très longtemps. Ce qui le rend encore plus " comment dire " C'est une personne très humble. Puis l'histoire des pays de l'est comment dire c'est pas dans la culture de s'afficher, y'a une pudeur, une retenue, typique des slaves. Je n'es en aucun cas pris ton com. Comme une attaque, j'suis juste franche parfois rude, c'était une question. Bien à toi
Matthew Peach
Matthew Peach:
Mr. Kundera looks so uncomfortable in that ugly, ugly chair.
Please please please someone post this in English.
Is he dead??
Jak to nie, facet 14 lat przez niego siedział w pierdlu. To nie był kolega, pomyliłem się. Nieznajomy gość.
do konca nie wiadomo. zreszta nie interesuje mnie to zbytnio. jest geniuszem i ja go takim zapamietam, dla mnie absolutnie najwybitniejsza postacia literatury i muzykologii.

ale co za kretyn dal mu takie krzeslo?!
You don´t need liguistic ability to step out your own culture. That´s only your opinion. This isn´t a paradigm. And the example about the war is a little cursory, don´t you think?
Well... this discussion will let us to nowhere. I sugest a break... In fact, I won´t answer anymore. Parochialism? Wow, that was arrogant.
Qu'il est beau, détaché mais passionné. Et ce charmant sourire qui ne pretend rien, ne cache rien. "Je suis le pire interprète de mon romain". Et c'est incroyable qu'il a plus tard écrit des livres en francais.
Je l'aime.
Anuradha Inamdar
Anuradha Inamdar:
Yes,I would also wish for subtitles. Though I have done three years Diploma in French, & could understand many words,in order to absorb the proper meaning of the lovely French language subtitles would be preferred.
L'autre homme parle voulais entendre Kundera plus, et l'autre homme moins! Mais Milan a un très bel accent. Je vous adore, MK. Vous m'aidez avec ma vie difficile.
Mr. Steingold Shekelberg
Mr. Steingold Shekelberg:
qui est Pavez ?
André Houllier
André Houllier:
La plaisanterie ? Ici, c'est comment échapper à cet infernal animateur tv. Un ptit coup balançoire?
Charlotte R
Charlotte R:
Ton Kundra et bien, Humble la fille, déjà regarde le bien il n'acorde aucune tv, donc regarde en boucle le peu qu'il y'a.
Charlotte R
Charlotte R:
Ok, Une Fille de L'est. " Respect si tu as vécu en Russie ". Je pense que nous n'avons nul besoin de nous étaler sur l' histoire des pays de l'est. Tu dis beaucoup de chose juste, " et je comprend ". J'était petite quand j'ai découvert Kundera et la musicalité de ses mots. C'est dans ma culture familiale, j'ai lus plus tard, ado. Tu m'a donnée envie de retourner dans ma bibliothèque " pour relire La Valse aux Adieux ". Que de souvenir, Merci pour ce retour vers Kundera.
C'est intéressant d'entendre cet entretien au moment où l'"affaire Kundera" éclate. Les dernières phrases sont éclairantes : "Pour les jeunes, plus rien n'a d'importance, qu'on ait passé vingt ans dans les mines, OU QU'ON SOIT CELUI QUI VOUS A FAIT PASSER 20 ANS DANS LES MINES." Mon Dieu! Kundera devient un personnage de son propre roman.
Arthur Robert
Arthur Robert:
Je trou ve que meme sil a du mal a trouver ses mots en francais, son message passe tres bien! Apres tout, la plupart de ses livres ne donnent pas de reponses directes aux lecteurs mais lui laisse le choix d interpreter les histoires a sa maniere.. Alors je comprends pourquoi il est dur pour lui de donner son interpretation personel du bouquin. Cela n est pas ce qu il recherchait en ecrivant ce roman. Il expose superbement bien la contradictoire psychologie des hommes et des femmes...
Kundera isn´t a superior human being based on the fact that he has knowledge of multiple languages. There´s no moral obligation of communicate in several languages at all. There´s no problem in asking for subtitles... Nobody must feel ashamed of this. I´m brazilian, I barely read and speak english and I admire who is capable of speak several languages... but I don´t admire the arrogant answer you gave to the guy who asked subtitles... You feel ashamed of your arrogance.
Francisco Bañados
Francisco Bañados:
Con razón Kundera odia dar entrevistas... Fuera de que su francés era un tanto tarzanezco en 1968, su balanceo en el sillón inflable realmente lo hace ver como un tonto. Es como en su escena del funeral en el Libro de la Risa y el Olvido: cuando a un tipo se le vuela el sombrero, todos se fijan en el sombrero y ya nadie escucha al orador. Aquí su movimiento en el bizarro sillón inflable hace imposible escuchar sus respuestas.

La entrevista será freak, pero es un documento histórico!
If this was in 68, at that point he was not living there. Also, can you imagine yourself? How hard it had to be express yourself in a language you can't get a chance to speak - remember it was 68, so the communist regime before (and after) did not allow very much practice abroad. We should admire Kundera for what he achieved and not be bitchy that his accent is not perfect, nor hes not like a native speaker. Let's face it, how many teenage french speak worse than him.
Charlotte R
Charlotte R:
Beaucoup de chose juste, mais pourquoi me dis tu cela à moi. Vus que mes deux com, ne te sont pas destiné. Ton avatar fait peur " Orange mécanique ". Je dirais encore plus incroyable qu'il si fait rare.