Miley Cyrus Expertly Navigates Wardrobe Malfunction On NYE

Miley Cyrus didn't let a slight wardrobe malfunction slow down her New Year's Eve party! The "Prisoner" singer expertly and humorously shook off a slip up with her onstage look as she rang in 2022 with her own NBC special with co-host Pete Davidson.

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She handled this wardrobe malfunction like a next level professional. So talented, attractive, and poised, that she has set a new bar of entertainer.
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
Miley so right, we've all learned how to expect the unexpected. No matter what happens, we have to stay resilient, and hopeful.
Madeline Christon
Madeline Christon:
You go girl! You handled that so well! Gotta love you just because you do you like not yoo many people can♥️😘
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez:
That red blazer giving the ultimate Samantha Jones tribute ,loveee it
Effy Thomson
Effy Thomson:
My whole family predicted this happening right before it happend. We all called it, it was expected. She handled it very well though.
Antonio Lim
Antonio Lim:
When ur no stranger to nudity and skin...she handled it like a PRO...just 'nother day at the office :D...gotta give her them props *\(^.^)/*
Charles Keller
Charles Keller:
It's really hard to believe that there are EVER any wardrobe malfunctions at any events when you have the best of the best clothes makers performing the work on the best material.
It's not like these clothes are just cheaply put together rags from arthritic hands.
one of the most resilient humans in the planet! you go Miley!
Nothing wrong with Miley having a wardrobe malfunction, the more the merrier!
Katie B.
Katie B.:
Way to go girl! It's a party in the USA and you are one classy pro
meredith jones
meredith jones:
She's a boss. That NYE party was awesome.
RainyDay 2723
RainyDay 2723:
That’s it, it’s official: this is who I want to be
Yolanda Tanner
Yolanda Tanner:
Good girl,she handled that very well
Biden Supporter
Biden Supporter:
Boo Boo Boo Productions
Boo Boo Boo Productions:
Like a PRO, Miley! <3
S S:
I was watching and love mylie but this was not an accident. She wanted to ensure this night was remembered it was a good publicity stunt. If her top fell off why wouldn't she continue holding it until she got back stage. She just let's go of her hold and it drops off.
Always a wardrobe malfunction !!!
andrea spitzer
andrea spitzer:
When Janet wardrobe malfunction happened at the Super Bowl they made a huge fuss over it Disney even removed her stuff from Disney world
Jane Dawson
Jane Dawson:
Excellent save. Makes Maria Carey look like an amateur.
Teresa Watson
Teresa Watson:
Hard to believe wardrobe malfunction amongst pro singers? Rediculous. Miley acting like she came from somewhere else.
Brittney Lao
Brittney Lao:
I don’t know why but I got Samantha Jones vibes, and I am here for it
Gabriele Dellorso
Gabriele Dellorso:
“Among others”
Ridiculous to ignore Anitta who performed 3 songs, as opposed to other people who were mentioned by name
John Metzger
John Metzger:
It's going to be that kind of year? I'm Alright With that. 🤪
Tina Macomber
Tina Macomber:
As soon as it fell off last night I already knew it was gonna be all over social media💀
Aarav Kajaria
Aarav Kajaria:
I am from India. Here nobody has the rights to be so under-dressed! Shame on the culture in America
mufc 4ever
mufc 4ever:
Bound to happen when you’re already wearing next to nothing
black mamba
black mamba:
She joked about getting naked onstage just like 2 weeks ago lol
Jordan Hibbs
Jordan Hibbs:
If y’all think this wasn’t planned….come on
Chrs P
Chrs P:
As the saying goes, " don't go on a joy trip with the Gas tank light flashing red " :)
E Benn
E Benn:
She did it on purpose
Spion Silver
Spion Silver:
Mal" Function i see ..
The good ol "relevance - slip again
wish her all the best in 22 - at least she looks better than pete
Tad Rogers
Tad Rogers:
It was on purpose,no one has been talking about her,so this throws her back in peoples talks🙄
So she comes out without the strap attached and is surprised it won't stay on? lol
She handled the wardrobe malfunction like something that was missing the spotlight and planned it
Vanessa Carr
Vanessa Carr:
Yeah, malfunction alright 👍... I'm sure it wasn't planned 🤭
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross:
convenient set up. . everybody's definitely looking at her now 🤠 predictable as a champagne hangover !
Monica Martini
Monica Martini:
That’s what happens when you perform in a bikini made with dental floss 🤦🏻‍♀️
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid:
She should of just let it slip give everyone a real show lol. Why not your only young & famous once right. Go for it Miley.
Not a fan previously but Miley’s show was the best NYE show
melissa smith
melissa smith:
She was still more covered up than she was swinging around on that wrecking ball. Being naked does not phase her at all. Her behavior detracts from her talent.
Xafah Podraza
Xafah Podraza:
when u cant sing...a "wardrobe malfunction" will distract the crowd from your lack of talent...right.
The things they do to get more attention
denise cappelletti
denise cappelletti:
The Best New Yeas Eve show ever
Hope the media keep that same energy that had with Janet 😏
Laura Torre
Laura Torre:
Pro for sure!!!! Im not a huge fan, but she earned mega points!!!
I google the top and cost more than my rent lol 😂
The Badgerette
The Badgerette:
She is a breath of fresh air!
Malfunction ……😂
Eddie Abbott
Eddie Abbott:
Kagan Asmr
Kagan Asmr:
Miley pulling a Janet Jackson. She expertly does a striptease on national tv.
Mark Dewar
Mark Dewar:
Why isn't the media freaking out over this like with Janet Jackson?
Ashley Geauxinue
Ashley Geauxinue:
Ah same old Miley. Damaged clothes, damaged voice, and yet another damaged Disney diva.
Username not found
Username not found:
No way these stars aren't aware how small those tops are an how they will fall off.
Turbo World
Turbo World :
Always fun
When you dress half naked, these type of things have a high propensity to happen. Also, we've seen them before.😒🙄
No way it was a her though
Tom Allen
Tom Allen:
It's not like anybody hasn't seen those little things before.
Bo Sambola
Bo Sambola:
Seems staged. Literally 🤔
Maybe she'll consider pasties next time 😂
gordon rettmann
gordon rettmann:
There's a party in my pants
Badger Badgerton
Badger Badgerton:
How many tattoos can you identify in this video? I'm up to 623.
Aqua God
Aqua God:
Shes a Legend
*Fun Fact: You can't breathe while smiling*
Just kidding i wanted u to smile 💕
Tom Swanson
Tom Swanson:
Done on purpose. Shock stunt.
1 of His Children
1 of His Children:
Pete D stumbled into recognizable fame. Lucky dope
black mamba
black mamba:
Idk it seems a little too convenient and esp, that red blazer was just there? Ok 👌
Wendy Joiner
Wendy Joiner:
I don't understand how people feel so enthralled and happy about marking up their bodies with tattoos. A tattoo here or their place a professional might actually be nice. When you make your body like a little road map with symbols and icons it looks stupid!
The Busterdog
The Busterdog:
Happens too much for her to be just an accident. Suspicious... It's all about everyone talking about her, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Madonna proved that in the 80's and 90's.
cheap n tasteless
cheap n tasteless:
In case you havent ever noticed when a performer starts to hit the has been not as popular anymore stage they always seem to find a way to be in the news.
How courageous
Simply, Bartosz
Simply, Bartosz:
Miley looks soooo amazing!
My new year resolution: start a diet..
Anonymous Sources
Anonymous Sources:
She handled it like a "pro". The only thing missing was a pole on the main stage.
Princess Diamond
Princess Diamond:
Miley Cyrus u my girl,🎉🕊️🇧🇸🤗💛
N C:
She handled it well because it was planned.
Live Life
Live Life:
Beautiful n free 🌼
Blessings to you ma,'am 💛✨
n a happy new year 🙏🙏
cheap n tasteless
cheap n tasteless:
HARDLY A MALFUNCTION. Planned. and she even tossed the top down to walk away to "handle it like a pro". Scripted drama skanky mama.
M W:
Totally scripted
Jim Applen
Jim Applen:
She had cloths on?
SIM 740
SIM 740:
if her dad wasn't billy ray the world wlda been spared
Ronin Global
Ronin Global:
Janet Jackson should sue for copyright infringement on this staged 'wardrobe malfunction'... sad lame attempt at provoking attention... *sigh*
Peter Gallant
Peter Gallant:
Great job Miley 👍👍👍👍
Princess Diamond
Princess Diamond:
Edward Couvertier
Edward Couvertier:
Miley loves showing her goodies and we love watching, luv u Miley.
Very well planned 👍👍
For one I believe it is ok to show breasts as they do overseas. The human body is just the shell of the person. In Europe, there is nudity on broadcast TV and commercials. The United States needs to get off the modesty trip as it is actually repressing women's rights to their bodies.
Nikki M
Nikki M:
Anyone else shipping Pete and Miley 😆
Itzel R
Itzel R:
Couldn’t be any more planned! Please we can creative content, we are not a dumb audience !! 😒🙄
Joyce Johnston
Joyce Johnston:
Hi well Miley will be Miley all good and fun at least no harm was done thats what counts fun and peace you go girl peace peace to all✌️😇
MnMn Bahr.
MnMn Bahr.:
I smell staged malfunction
Caleb Brito
Caleb Brito:
My family and I was watching this last night @ the beginning and just didn’t see the rest because it wasn’t interesting 🤨 and just looked like a dumpster fire!
Come on, it's mylie. It was planned.
Michael Holloway
Michael Holloway:
Uh huh. Took place in a dip off stage. All set with revealing jacket. How gullible are you people?
Catherine Kille
Catherine Kille:
So sad. Bad dad. Desperate stunt. What a ....
Ronin Global
Ronin Global:
Totally scripted, planned, and executed from the Janet Jackson playbook... yawn
Judy Tidwell
Judy Tidwell:
Jason Davis
Jason Davis:
Sigh yet another wore drobe malfunction for miley shouldnt it be more like miley flashes the crowd again
Once you've made the internet your gynecologists, it's a little late to be shy.
Always Employed
Always Employed:
Eh, I don't think welcoming the new year with Miley is even a good idea. Oh and, accidental wardrobe malfunction? Yeh, sure. Nothing to see, anyway. I think first PlayStation era Lara Croft looks better.
Malfunction ok then if you say so