Miley Cyrus - Just Breathe (MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions)

Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers perform “Just Breathe” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions.
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100+ komentarze:

Nurul Atirah
Nurul Atirah:
No matter how many phases she have gone through in many years, she still with the same guitarist since hannah montana era.
Gerardo Torres
Gerardo Torres:
This haircut would look horrible on everyone, except her, she rocks it
Michelle Proctor
Michelle Proctor:
Now that Miley has found herself as an adult her music is flawless. She's always had a voice, but she had grown and now knows what the pain and live feel like and you can hear it in her voice
I’m a Pearl jam fanatic. die hard I’ve seen them 44 times and let me tell you. Miley just killed it!! WOW. almost brought me to tears. great great job
Petra P.
Petra P.:
This era of mileys journey speaks to me the most. She is growing into her own complete self. Love the rock👌
Abby Moore
Abby Moore:
Everyone: 2020 sucks
Miley: Killing 2020
Desteny Salinas
Desteny Salinas:
I remember how much hate she got and reading through the comments now it's nothing but love. Brings me to tears how far she's come. I can't believe I've been a fan now for 14 years... Here's to many more years of listening to your beautiful voice Miley 💖💖
I love that she didn't change the gender of the lyrics. She sings "I'm a lucky man" and I believe her. Amazing performance!
ana zamonita
ana zamonita:
Finally somebody truly learning from Madonna and joan jett and blondie and dolly, and makes it her own. This is paying attention. Music is one and Miley speaks the language
Hollie Parry
Hollie Parry:
These covers are literally cradling me through the second half of 2020
Tu Ídolo Teen #ARG
Tu Ídolo Teen #ARG:
Te amo Miley💖💖💖
Constance Sousa
Constance Sousa:
I am so proud of HER...she can sing anything that she wants in her unique way. WHAT A TALENT...
Not bad but ...she has a long way to go to get to Eddie's level just saying.
Lali V
Lali V:
Just in case people are wondering she's doing a cover of Pearl Jam "just breathe" 💜
dimitraa._ _
dimitraa._ _:
Everyone’s talking about how this genre fits her so much but I feel the need to say that she looks more *mature* and more *confident* with herself in this era.
10,000 Subscribers Challenge
10,000 Subscribers Challenge:
People: shocked that Miley has an incredible voice
Me, an intellectual: JOLENE, BACKYARD SESSIONS 2012
Nem Ved99
Nem Ved99:
I Am Pearl Jam's fan. This version is not bad. Salute for Miley
Tracy Tarantino
Tracy Tarantino:
Melly Mel
Melly Mel:
Hours of sitting through Hannah Montana when my daughter was growing up to end up absolutely loving her coving all the songs I grew up listening to. Full circle
Yes I understand
That every life must end
As we sit alone
I know someday we must go
Oh, I'm a lucky man
To count on both hands
The ones I love
Some folks just have one
Yeah, others they got none
Stay with me
Let's just breathe
Practiced on our sins
Never gonna let me win
Under everything
Just another human being
Yeah, I don't want to hurt
There's so much in this world
To make me bleed
Stay with me
You're all I see
Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
What if I did and I'm a fool you see
No one knows this more than me
'Cause I come clean
I wonder everyday
As I look upon your face
Everything you gave
And nothing you would take…
Katarina BP
Katarina BP:
This backyard shows her real talent
We Can Draw Cute
We Can Draw Cute:
*I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner💝*
Khalid Eve
Khalid Eve:
IDK if people know this but she has a “Just Breathe” tattoo 😍
David F. White
David F. White:
Dismissed her as a crazy kid. Learned to appreciate her as a talented woman.
She is so underrated. Amazing as always.
Hannah Anne Abraham
Hannah Anne Abraham:
This is SO surreal. She's fantastic. Her voice, her outfit, her vibe...all Gorgeous.
I feel so privileged to be part of the generation that gets to witness this in real time.
Michelle Eubanks
Michelle Eubanks:
This song saved me so many times over the years. I was having a rough night with thoughts of self harm. I looked for some music to calm me and found this. Thanks to Miley I'm still almost 3 months clean from self harm. I love you miley thank you ❤❤
Max Agatsu
Max Agatsu:
Gurl knows what she's doing. she's felt the pain and seen the blood.
Jacob Phillips
Jacob Phillips:
44 year old man, just learned I'm a Miley Cyrus fan. Love the voice and raw talent, looking forward to more rock from you.
Eric Mustaine
Eric Mustaine:
¿Y donde estan los fans latinos para poner like?
Esta mujer tiene una voz distintiva, versátil y amoldable a cualquier estilo. Que orgullo♥
So were all in agreement that Miley is saving 2020?
Given To Fly
Given To Fly:
demonic as your agenda is i must say this is incredible.
Ronald Harris
Ronald Harris:
She seems to have really found herself in these performances in 2020. You can sense a new maturity and poise in the performances, more heartfelt maybe... What was the line from the 5 heartbeats "You will never be a truly great song writer until you have experienced truly great heartbreak". I think that goes for performers too.
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez:
All my stars are dead! I never even thought of giving Miley a chance but she's matured to legendary levels and now I'm a fan. A fan of all her quirks, her struggles, and I'm rooting for her. She's reaching deep into the human soul and that transcends into all humanity.
Thorny Turtle Ranch
Thorny Turtle Ranch:
I had a "girlfriend" in college, more of just a lover and it wasnt very passionate but I knew no better, fell head over heels for her, she looked nearly identical to this look on miley. Now she is over weight and not attractive, she has a ph.d. and we were in the same field so I see a few pics on internet. A friend of mine tells me shes is still a royal bitch. She never married. She talked about a crush on madonna. So maybe she wasnt fully heterosexual. But damn I fell hard for her. Wish I never wasted my time on her. My wife of 20 years is still beautiful at nearly 50, turns heads from 5 year old little boys to married men in public with their family to old men. So I'm in good shape but Pam had this look, hair slightly darker, maybe slightly less choppy.
I’m a rock fan and never paid much attention to Miley...until lately. She ROCKS and has one of the best voices on the planet! So glad I opened my mind and became a fan of hers!
Brekner Catalin
Brekner Catalin:
I just want her to cover hundreds of songs, she almost always does an incredible job.
Kate Iraola
Kate Iraola:
Pearl Jam is proud of Miley for this.
Hemi Edwards
Hemi Edwards:
Her voice is mature beyond her years. You can tell she's been through a lot in her life, it shows in her voice.
Jes boi
Jes boi:
I'm surprised by this new side of her. I feel it's the most authentic I've ever seen her and this is the miley I love. She has had some hits but this whole thing is a hit now.
she went through a lot of trauma and hate, everyone was judging her for being her and nobody paid attention to her talent. but she is still here, giving her best, growing and evolving. thank you, miley, for being so strong human being and spending 15 years on stage and giving so much energy to your every performance. you helped me when i lost my dad and was in depression, you and your songs helped me to go through it, especially your song "inspired" and "karen don't be sad" helped me when i was feeling like giving up on my life. you're special and unique, as you say "don't let them win" and follow your heart. there are always people who love you and appreciate you. always.
p.s.maybe if you listen to her actual self-written music that she wrote during suffering with depression, where she sings "death, take me with you, i don't wanna live...", you would think twice before sending hate to her. she's a human being. this world needs her kind heart and open soul and insane talent. i hope she knows she's not alone and that she's loved.
Lisa D l
Lisa D l:
I love her you can hear the pain in her voice, I like the new Miley I"ll always love her voice she's so different sounding compared to others!
Ray Glover
Ray Glover:
KS Author
KS Author:
Wow, I'm not a Millie Cyrus fan, but she mailed this song. Got me, I'm crying. 🌹💖🎉
I came EVERYDAY in here to hear this paradise :( oh miley "Just breath, communication and Sweet Jane" broke my heart in so many pices.. i feel so sad... and you know? i like this :(
eric mccarty
eric mccarty:
Okay, this song is on my "untouchable" list, no one should ever attempt to cover it - and yet, you did, and did it so beautifully that I started a new list - no one but Miley should cover it list. Seriously these are the songs that make the soundtrack of my life and can't even begin to tell you how touched I am by your beautiful renditions. Thank you.
denisse chuco
denisse chuco:
She is so talented, I love her so much
kevin okeefe
kevin okeefe:
Outstanding Miley! I’m sure Eddie and the boys would be very proud of you and the path to maturity you’ve decided to embark on. 😊
Bridgett Viox
Bridgett Viox:
Miley fan or not, she has the vocals.
Rainee Castillo
Rainee Castillo:
i’m crying so much. I grew up with miley since hannah montana. we’re the same age. i’ve literally gone thru most of the same phases.. and this was my favorite song in high school and I just imagine her loving it like me but now finding her full authentic voice and honing in on her true self and voice... enough to absolutely kill this cover. I love her. I love eddie vedder. this was perfect.
Ming Li
Ming Li:
I never cared for Miley but damn she’s like a bottle of fine wine and gets way better with age!
james jay
james jay:
this woman never ceases to astound me... I fall in love with her again and again. this performance is truly amazing. I'm weeping. her voice her poise her eyeshadow! 😘😍😘😍
Revonne Combs
Revonne Combs:
She is one gorgeous Lady with a wonderful voice. I Love to hear her sing this song. Shes been threw alot in her life. I Love you Miley .God bless and God Speed.
Solaris Rising
Solaris Rising:
She is such a star. How lucky we are to have such an incredible artist like her in this lifetime 😭💖
Plastic Hearts is out 27th November. Don't forget to buy and stream Miley's upcoming album
Now that we’ve had Country, pop etc. I think it’s time for a rock album. Bc I think we can all agree that MILEY CYRUS WAS BORN A ROCKSTAR
M a n o
M a n o:
I mean I don't know her personally but SIS from just a Disney Show that BLEW UP a WHOLE ASS CELEBRITY ❤️ I'm proud of her
With the rasp in her voice she needs to go to the rock music genre
Douglas Elliott
Douglas Elliott:
She is an entertainer, what a beauty!
Taylor Johnson
Taylor Johnson:
Imma have to listen to this one maybe a thousand times.
Lil Jaydy
Lil Jaydy:
Tbh these backyard sessions are lit 🔥💯♥️
This makes me feel everything.
Vinícius Lima
Vinícius Lima:
That’s so powerful and beautiful! Please we need this version on Spotify 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
One of the best voices out there. Glad to see she's dropping the bubblegum pop and embracing the grit to show off her talent.
Alexandra Melinte
Alexandra Melinte:
It sounds to me that she has so many similarities in her voice with Dolly Parton
Amazing performance suits her really really good
Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce:
Her voice was always good ain’t ever change she just growing into the beautiful woman we love to see. 💖
Marilia Fernandes
Marilia Fernandes:
god damn that's just... i don't even have words, perfect, genuine
Amber Kauffman
Amber Kauffman:
She has really come into her own as a Woman, she looks so beautiful from the outfit, the makeup, the hair, she looks mature and absolutely gorgeous!! And the girl has some pipes she can sing and she is EXCELLENT at covering songs! (Also never see a woman make a mullet look so sexy and gorgeous)
Ms. M.
Ms. M.:
She’s becoming one of my favorite artists by the song
Marvin C
Marvin C:
Who else has a weakness for women with rough voices? :)
amanda crystal
amanda crystal:
I agree with so much she bring love to the heart and soul of actually she is music
People often judge artists like Miley for being saintly and being "obscene". But we all know that our Miley is so much better. You can see in her face how well she is! I love you, Miley, just the way you are!
Lisa Toland
Lisa Toland:
Miley, you don’t need all the gimmicks, or the shock antics. The beauty of your voice speaks for itself. I am loving seeing you find your authentic self without all the BS. BRAVO!! So beautiful!!!!
Delilah C
Delilah C:
Pearl Jam sang this. I have been listening to theirs for as long as I can remember. Im so glad people still know about this wonderful song.
I’d love to perform with you one day 🥵💜
Love this 😀 she can literally sing any genre her cover of heart of glass is amazing .... really digging this though especially with getting Kansas Dust in The Wind vibes 👌
Giselle Medina
Giselle Medina:
‪HER ROCK ALBUM “plastic hearts” IS COMING NOVEMBER 27th 😘 ‬!!!! Stay lit 🔥
Vikki Hogg
Vikki Hogg:
She’s really growing on me .... can’t deny she’s got something special.
Deborah Aguilar
Deborah Aguilar:
Need it in Spotify !!!😍😭😭
Meg Ward
Meg Ward:
my husband and i's song, lovely cover. i love her voice and think that all these covers are awesome. she sounds amazing.
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri:
I'd wait for the day when Miley becomes the voice of one of the princesses Disney will make
Enrique Von Quin
Enrique Von Quin:
I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are a goddess! Dude, to tackle one of Eddie Vedder's best songs like this is beyond sublime!
outmazirt outma
outmazirt outma:
Oh Miley Miley! You know this is good when your eyes are getting wet and noting you can do about it. She nailed it. She is the real deal, She is the re-incarnation of the 80ies. Love or hate this girl, she is pure talent.
I'm a 37 year old man who now apparently likes Miley Cyrus. What a weird realization. I'm pumped for the Metallica cover album that's being worked on. If Miley keeps this up, she's going to become legendary.
Maalika Kazia
Maalika Kazia:
Backyard sessions with Miley are my absolute favorite
Harry Greb
Harry Greb:
She does heart of glass off the chart she’s the one....
Philip McClenaghan
Philip McClenaghan:
Its like I used to "hate on her" for "what I thought she stood for", the more I hear her and read about her story, the more I applaud her. She has matured like a fine wine and I can not wait to here what she has to come in the future!
Jody Johnson
Jody Johnson:
I wish you would stay here with me I will always love you and never complain I will have a reason to smile again with someone so beautiful as you
Kitdorlang Nongrum
Kitdorlang Nongrum:
Miley is so talented and versatile I don’t see these other pop girls doing what she’s doing...SHE DESERVES MORE!
Deirdre Bromell
Deirdre Bromell:
I am in awe of her talent... Her life so far has helped produce some amazing songs... Keep going Miley and be happy
Your amazing this made me cry it's amazing how you make me feel trough your music miley thk you so much for being you
Audrey Marcotte
Audrey Marcotte:
wow way to do my musical heros some justice! Amazing ability to breath new life into some classics - pearl jam, the eagles, pink floyd and even new stuff like billy.. congrats
John Quick
John Quick:
Love the song, but damnnn..her body looks amazing in that dress !!!!
stayhappylittle mermaid
stayhappylittle mermaid:
Never trust a person that has let you down more than twice. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson, and anything more than that is simply taking advantage.
Donna Seymour Stapleton
Donna Seymour Stapleton:
LEGITIMATE "HERSELF" & also watching her evolve. Cant wait to see her love HERSELF as SHE is again! Some of the more natural HERs thats already all inside herself ❤️
Lionel Patterson
Lionel Patterson:
Molly standing there on the stage looks like a gazelle
:Aby Bri
:Aby Bri:
Maravillosa canción😢
Wonderful song...
Michelle O'Connell
Michelle O'Connell:
Can we get a downloaded recording of this because I love it!
Renata's Kitchen Stories
Renata's Kitchen Stories:
The thing I love about this woman is that she just knows how to be herself. Fuller and fuller every year.
Matt WC
Matt WC:
Sometimes I think Miley is the only good thing in 2020.