Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard & Noah Schnapp Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, and Noah Schnapp answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves and Stranger Things. Does Millie Bobby Brown dance? What's Finn Wolfhard's band called? Is Noah Schnapp perfect? Is Stranger Things 3 the last season?? The cast answers all these questions and more!

Stranger Things season 3 is streaming now on Netflix
Stranger Things season 3 is streaming now on Netflix

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Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard & Noah Schnapp Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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King Jamal
King Jamal:
1:24 Finn: "Her name WAS Rosie"
Millie and Noah: ..🤔
Finn: "She is DEAD"
Millie and Noah: 😳😶
Finn, Noah and Millie: get normal questions

Joe keery: “is joe p r e g n a n t*

Gaten: “Is gaten e n d i n g”
P A:
Noah crushing over Millie. Millie crushing over Finn. Finn crushing over himself.
Millie looks like a 30 year old corporate employee who is not depressed
“Her name WAS Rosie. She is DEAD.”

All I see here is Millie Bobby Brown and her 2 teenage sons lol
No one:
Noah: ToM hOlLaNd SaId ThEsE bOaRdS wErE sRaTcHy...
Nutella X208
Nutella X208:
Finn: what does Finn Wolfhard love?

Millie: me....(realized what she just said).............and Noah Schnapp
Ava Henderson
Ava Henderson:
Noah: “Is Noah Schnapp speak French? This person can’t speak English” while the board literally says “Can Noah Schnapp speak French”
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge:
No one

Not even a grandma

Not even the kids in my basement

Noah: ToM HoLaNd sAiD ThEsE BoArDs wErE ScRaTcHy
Renee R
Renee R:
Season one: the upside down takes over
Season two: the shadow monster takes over
Season three: puberty takes over
Who is your celebrity crush?

Noah: Zendaya, *looks at Millie* Ok NeXt QuEstiOn
Nee Dee
Nee Dee:
Millie: what school does Millie bobby brown go to?
Millie: alright umm next board
Finn: what school does Finn wolfhard go to?
Finn: anyways next question
Noah: what’s noah Schnapps roblox
Noah: oh I love roblox I always play with millies little sister
Millie: don’t say it
Noah: ok
Zainab Khalid
Zainab Khalid:
Finn : looks like a animal.
Mille : looks like she have a business.
Noah : looks like a average teenager.
malka ulman
malka ulman:
Noah: "And I love..." **looks longingly toward Millie**

Millie: **not even noticing**
Sad Candace
Sad Candace:
Noah: kid
Millie: accountant
Finn: cat lady
Soluna the flower
Soluna the flower:
I love how Noah said he plays roblox with Millie’s little sister
“is st 3 the last season?”
finn: ...
millie: taaaake ooooon meeeee
noah: no
omgg I luv noah sm LMAO
I’m a Tom Holland fan so when he said “Tom Holland said these board are scratchy” I was like “NANI!”
Paul Carter
Paul Carter:
Noah: My celebrity crush is Zendaya ‘looks at Millie’ also Noah: let’s umm.. move on
Millie is dressed like a 28 year old librarian
Finn is dressed like some drag queen
And Noah is dressed like a normal teenager

These are really stranger things
Blossom Panda Vlogs
Blossom Panda Vlogs:
I like how they get normal questions and Joe Kerry gets ‘Is Joe pregnant?’
Layla El Azab
Layla El Azab:
“I think we should go out sometime”
Millie: :(
Djnun 23
Djnun 23:

Literally nobody:

Not a single soul in the room:

Finn: PoBoDyS nErFeCt
Lindell Stokley
Lindell Stokley:
Fin: “Is stranger things 3 the last season

Noah: NO
meta _ing
meta _ing:
All I see is a kid, a librarian and Michael Jackson
Who is Noah schnapps celebrity crush

*looks at millie*
Jeff Warner
Jeff Warner:
Do you realize that three of them act and talking like their dressing styles at the same time?

Millie: Her dressing is like womans which talking about politics, also she talks about her own life...

Finn: His dressing is like the mix of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson, also he talks about music, guitars and his own band at the same time...

Noah: His dressing is like teenagers and talks about "Roblox" at the same time...
No one

Literally no one

Not even Joyce and her magnets

Noah: OoOoOooOoOOoOhhhh
Grace Thomas
Grace Thomas:
Don’t lie we are all watching this for the millionth time 🤣
Bailey Carson
Bailey Carson:
Why is Noah the only one dressed like an actual teenager 😂
I liked how noah kept answering everyone else's questions.
Arianna Campos
Arianna Campos:
All: Is stranger things the last season


Millie Finn: Let just go to the next one

Noah mouthing no.
Alexander Hurst
Alexander Hurst:
Is no one going to say that when they asked Noah Scnapps Celebrity crush he looked at Millie for a few seconds!!
Armaan P
Armaan P:
this video was good and all but the real thing is......

no one:
finn: “her name WAS rosie. SHE IS DEAD”
'what does finn wolfhard love?'

millie: me... and noah schnapp
Camila Torres
Camila Torres:
board: does finn wolfhard love me?
everyonr: aww
millie: you can so see a 10 year old typing that..
me at 32 years old typying that 👁👄👁
Erica Cruz-Swanson
Erica Cruz-Swanson:
she looks like a middle-aged mom because of her outfit and then the British accent
Amala Tina Andrews
Amala Tina Andrews:
when Noah said "and Im Noah Schnapp" he said in a british accent lmao.
Millie at 15: Famous actor

Billie at 18: Famous singer

Me at 15: Trying to see the fridge light turn off
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace:
“Her name WAS Rosie she is dead however thanks for bringing up great memories” - Finn wolfhard 2020
Kryptic Kenisha
Kryptic Kenisha:
Millie dressed as a 39 year old librarian, Finn dressed as Michael Jackson. Noah dressed as a normal teenager: Did I get the dress code right?
shella's daybook
shella's daybook:
noah literally knows everything about millie and finn, he has answers for all the questions HAHAHAHAHAHA
Best friends Whenever
Best friends Whenever:
Noah: we should go out sometime
“Tom Holland said these boards were... scratchy”
Best friends Whenever
Best friends Whenever:
First Noah is stuck in the upside down and he’s stuck in the friend zone
It looked like Millie Bobby Brown wanted to kiss Noah schnapp at 4:20
charley einstein
charley einstein:
welcome back, this will NOT be your last time here.
HolJS 11
HolJS 11:
Noah: And I love..... *Stares at Millie*

Me: CMON SAY IT !! 🥺
Steve Harrington
Steve Harrington:
Finn and Millie: "Let's wear grandma clothes and not tell Noah"

Edit: Thanks for the likes noobs
Ashley Playz
Ashley Playz:
Noah: Honestly I think you're a very beautiful person
Finn and Millie: Awww
Noah: and I think we should go out sometime
Millie: 😐
sepgu OT9
sepgu OT9:
4:54 "What does Finn Wolfhard love?"

Millie: (immediately answers) Me........... and Noah Schnapp

Ok my mileven heart <33
Kate Lynch
Kate Lynch:
Noah: ‘I think we should go out sometime’
Finn: ‘The whole.. Alright.’
d a i s y t h i n g s
d a i s y t h i n g s:
Noah: We should go out sometime

Me: gladly.
I love how Finn and Millie are basically like "I ain't telling you anything about me" and Noah is like "here is my entire life, ily"
Millie and Finn: *rolling in the chairs
Noah: *scratching a board
me: "do yall have adhd or something..."
Rowan Da Artist
Rowan Da Artist:
When noah said :we should go out sometime. I was like : sure when?
Hannah Wong
Hannah Wong:
Millie Bobby Brown is like younger version of Elizabeth Henstridge
Charli Mackay
Charli Mackay:
Millie: you have to be a ten year old to ask that question . Me: being 13 searching that
Linda Nella
Linda Nella:
Millie Bobby brown looks like a middle aged women who got her life all figured out .

Edit: omg thanks for the likes, like ion even know how to react 😳
3 of a kind
3 of a kind:
Finn: I love Noah Schnapp Millie bobby brown and the stranger things cast
the it cast: wow ok buddy
Taylor Twister
Taylor Twister:
7:04 “😱is it?” “oh it is right?” this made me die lmaooo
Riley Alexis
Riley Alexis:
Noah: i have a fake call app!

Also noah: *friends are celebrities*
•ItzPsycho Demon•
•ItzPsycho Demon•:
Finn: What school does finn wolfhard go to
Finn:Good question *Skips Question and continues*
Me: 👁👄👁
HappyBoy - Roblox
HappyBoy - Roblox:
Millie In Stranger Things: **Sounds like a teen**
Millie in Real Life: **Sounds Like a British Mom**
8:02 oooo so there is gonna be a season 4 “when i come back as Mike” yesss
Dino Nuggy
Dino Nuggy:
"I can totally see a 10 year old wrote this"
The 30 year olds: 👁👄👁
Christina Maria
Christina Maria:
Do you notice how whenever Noah got asked “who’s your celeb crush” and then first he said Zendeya and then he said “anddd I likeee” then he looked at Millie ❤️🥰😔
Abby Flewellyn
Abby Flewellyn:
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Millie Bobbie brown: no I am not left handed
Me: * sobbing because I am left handed*
No Cap
No Cap:
Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that Noah plays Roblox with Millie's little sister?💀💀💀
Laia Sánchez
Laia Sánchez:
Noah and millie answering:
Finn: eEeEeEeEyY
Jimmy The jimmy
Jimmy The jimmy:
Why don’t they answer the school questions
Shower Thoughts
Shower Thoughts:
Millie's jawline is stronger than most humans could possibly dream
All y'all shipping the cast members is annoying af 😭
tiffany chen
tiffany chen:
“let’s all wear weird clothes and not tell Noah”
Noah Schnapp is like every average viewer watching this video, doesn't know whats going on but still having a great ol' time
Lola Turchi
Lola Turchi:
0:45 Millie: Paige and Ava

Madeline Edgar
Madeline Edgar:
8:22 Millie: you can so see a 10 year old typing that in...🥺
Me: [14]🙂🥶
finn: her name was rosie but she is dead
L R:
This whole video is basically just Millie and Finn babysitting Noah

jk I love you Noah and Millie and Finn 💕
Parasite Ospent
Parasite Ospent:
No one

Absolutely no one

Noah: I think we should go out

39 million people: hehe boi
AlexaMarie Tirado
AlexaMarie Tirado:
Am I the only one who noticed that noah copied millie's accent when she millie said her name or was it everybody? XD
Ivanna Ponce Moctezuma
Ivanna Ponce Moctezuma:
Noah : “pienso que eres realmente una persona hermosa”
Yo:cara de radio rebel
haroon miah
haroon miah:
Noah dressed like a typical teen, millie dressed like someone involved in politics and finn dressed like a...lesbian
Bobbee Driver
Bobbee Driver:
Is Noah Schnapp perfect

Quinten Haaksman
Quinten Haaksman:
9:37 noah: and i love....
also noah: **looks at Millie**
noah: s i l e n c e ok let's move on
Anna Bana
Anna Bana:
How noah millie looked at when he said: "youre a beautiful person. We should go out sometimes" .......
Stranger sthings 3 THE last season?
Noah: NO......................
haylee johnson
haylee johnson:
Millie as a 15 year old: A famous, talented actress

Me as a 15 year old: Looks for my phone when it is in my hand
hermiones_ eyebrows
hermiones_ eyebrows:
"is stranger things 3 the last season"
millie and finn: ...
noah: *mouths 'no'*
Black_Out Pro 2
Black_Out Pro 2:
No here’s the real reaction:
Millie and Finn: Oh yes he is perfect!
Me: BaBy YoU aRe PeRfEcT tOnIgHt
millie and finn : the chairs are kinda slippery

No one
not even in the upside down
noah : continues to scratch the board
Harjeet Singh
Harjeet Singh:
Cursed Spells
Cursed Spells:
Noah literally asked out 22 million people out on a date lmao
Blossom Panda Vlogs
Blossom Panda Vlogs:
Not even gonna lie, this is the 12th time I’ve watched this.
Samantha Robinson
Samantha Robinson:
Who saw this video minutes after it came out but keeps coming back to it because it seems so fun to be there?
Abbey Gail Dygico
Abbey Gail Dygico:
9:39 ohhhh so you do love Millie Exposed nOaH sChNaPp!!!
Hadel Awwad
Hadel Awwad:
Idk why but I feel like they were being a bit rude they barley answerd any questions and if they did they were rude about it no hate I love them so much but u know