millie bobby brown LIES about her skincare routine..

? shook merch ?

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*even water proof mascara*
That excuse of "she is a teen" , is like lele's excuse "is because I'm latina
Allie Cary
Allie Cary:
my brain does not understand why she can’t just put it on her face.......
Alisa Popova
Alisa Popova:
no one: ... me pretending to be a beauty blogger using my mum’s skincare when I was like 5:
MJ's Crazy world
MJ's Crazy world:
"I immediately feel better"

Ya air really helps me too!!
Griff McDonough
Griff McDonough:
Why does she look like an eight-year-old version of Jeffree star
Jeaceia Gonzales
Jeaceia Gonzales:
Am I the only one who was never even really interested in her lol (damn thanks for the likes babes😭❤️)
Savana Lababidi
Savana Lababidi:
Who’s here watching this because of corona. Don't lie.
‘she’s just a teen’

and lele is just a latina.
emma grace.
emma grace.:
if she’s old enough to make a line of products, she’s old enough to take the backlash 😶
Millie: Share your thoughts
Also Millie: *turns off comments*
No Name
No Name:
It would take 2 seconds to actually use the products? I cannot think of a single reason why she wouldn’t just use them
Nicki B.
Nicki B.:
She was trying to replicate her routine. I am a little confused about why she didn’t just use the products. But, I don’t think it is worth all the backlash and drama.
Dannika lloyd jones
Dannika lloyd jones:
Who cares 😂 why is this a big dramatic thing in our lives
why she looks like a teen and mid-aged woman at the same time
tapesbyemily _
tapesbyemily _:
All ik is that the first product she applied wasn’t fake, I have it and it’s completely clear when you put it on ur face
This is pathetic, adults are coming after a teenager just because a she didn't use her own skin care line wow.
Issa Rae's Body Double
Issa Rae's Body Double:
Would have loved if she said “you’re right, I didn’t use the product. I’m lazy.”
I don’t understand why millie didn’t just use her products, but I don’t think she deserves hate for it
Is Rihanna the only person who actually use her own products?

Omg?! thank you for 30k likes😱😱
Aditi k
Aditi k:
Quite scary a teenager acting like a snake oil salesmen, she’s going to scam her way to the top
•shxny skies•
•shxny skies•:
literally the only person that I know uses their own products is like *rihanna.*
me vs you
me vs you:
oh my god. She lie about her routine. Terrible. Imma make a whole ass video, about one small thing:(
cassidy rose
cassidy rose:
celebrities shouldn’t be starting skincare lines. “just because you can doesn’t mean that you should”
idc if she's a teenager, she literally put NOTHING on her hands like girl it's your own product are you scared-
Bebeluffo ***
Bebeluffo ***:
Bro— it literally makes you feel like it’s not safe to use if the one who made the product isn’t even using it 💀
Z Ford
Z Ford:
Look, saying she’s a teen isn’t excusing what she did, but it’s putting into prospective that she’s young, and famous or not, she will make mistakes, it a reminder to tell people to chill. Because a fake product routine isn’t worthy of death threats. You crawl before you can walk, she’s learning. If she was a older person in the makeup industry with years of experience, this would be a little different, but she’s just starting out. That’s what the “she’s just a teen” comments mean. As a teen I wouldn’t want every fuck up to be highlighted and blown up by adults who cant even get more than a nine to five. Please let her grow up yall🙄
_Roxi_ _
_Roxi_ _:
She’s only a teen...
Okay and?
She isn’t anymore special then us
Blue Night
Blue Night:
When she TRYS to take advantage of her acting. Skills 😂😭
mai with luv
mai with luv:
for an actress, she's a really bad liar
tujanine t
tujanine t:
i can only imagine that the reason was that she had bad skin at the moment. and like obviously nobody buys ur skincare if ur skin looks bad so she wanted to keep her makeup on to cover these pimples. that’s why she faked using her products. I mean I CANT think of another reason this is so absurd
Anonymous :3
Anonymous :3:
to all the people saying “why doesn’t she just put it on her face” well you’re right, she should have but she also knew that it would probably damage her skin and she’s just trying to make some extra cash by seeking this bad product
Chloe Marie
Chloe Marie:
why is everyone dragging this CHILD.. i don't think there was a problem with her showing how she uses the products, but she should have just explained how she put them on instead of demonstrating w out the product, it just made her look silly, no reason to be bitchy over a little kid..
Le monke
Le monke:
I actually have some of these products, and it really looks like that. I saw this video some time ago and I didn't have the products yet, but when I heard some people talking about the products and that it was perfect for acne I tried it out. You really don't have a soapy effect (Maybe It's 'cause It's vegan, I'm not so sure about that) And when I applied the moisturizer it really made that sound and it really looked like that. When I was applying all that I actually thought of this video. That's why I came back. I'm not a fan of Millie (I am a fan of stranger things though, ngl.) I'm not trying to defend her, I just wanted share my experience with you. Hope I didn't offend anyone with this comment. Please don't leave a comment if you're just going to hate.

-Love, someone in this world. <3

P.S. the products really helped with my acne and pimples. If you got any problems with acne, pimples, dry skin or anything like that, I recommend her products.
I bought her concealer too, and I'm really happy with it! :)
She's a good person (I believe) and I think she actually applied it and that it was just the product and the video quality.
gia ardiansyah
gia ardiansyah:
millie: *aggresively rubs her face with her dry hands*

*There’s nothing on her hands*
*She’s didn’t even open it I-*
Alexandra x
Alexandra x:
is it just me who could care less, like i’m not a huge fan or anything but when you think about it, i know she made it looks like’ she is putting it on but what if she was just demonstrating what she’s doing-
jae Ochoa
jae Ochoa:
These grown ass people really come at a 16 year old 💀
Natalie Linard
Natalie Linard:
She literally was just rubbing her damn face without product lol
i cannot do this snowflake *
i cannot do this snowflake *:
“I am just applying now..”

*rubs in air*
Even if she’s just a teen she shouldn’t be lying
mae escobar
mae escobar:
her makeup isn’t even smudging like it should when you wash your face with makeup on😭
Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower:
Me: watches her wash her face.

Also me: Why do I see nothing?
Mia Nancy 11
Mia Nancy 11:
When I first watched this the dummy me didn’t even think anything was wrong with the video, I thought she was actually putting stuff on her face until I watched it a second time XDDD
Whats with all these celebs attempting to sell skincare, ill stick to walmart thank you very much.
Love Playz
Love Playz:
“oOo YoU maYyy SaYyy I’m a DreAaameRR”
princess in pink.
princess in pink.:
it was never a big deal to begin with
Choice Osadolor
Choice Osadolor:
Damn you guys are really getting mad over a 16 year old making a mistake, like she's not perfect.....damn😂
Samantha Galbraith
Samantha Galbraith:
I don’t get the big deal like idgaf if she used her own products or not like omfg
I love how on a video i saw of someone reviewing millies products everyone was leaving hate bc she had an opinion that she wasn’t very satisfied with the product. And making millies age an excuse for everything like millie decided this business on her own chill
Sidney Lira
Sidney Lira:
Don’t really like Millie as a person in general feel she became spoiled 🤷🏽‍♀️
katley murris
katley murris:
I don't get why she couldn't just use it? Like wtf it's more effort to pretend no?
LoCaL wEiRdO
LoCaL wEiRdO:
so what she didn’t use the product, its not like the world is ending
I mean, there is nothing wrong with promoting air, I guess.
Emily Schmidheini
Emily Schmidheini:
y’all really getting pressed over a skin care routine... A SKIN CARE ROUTINE. some of you are wayyy too sensitive.
Samjo Official
Samjo Official:
Honestly I don’t know why these actresses/actors gotta lie about things and I hate how they dress like they’re 30 years old. They should start dressing and acting their own age, wear less makeup and everything. Doesn’t make you look good, it’s disturbing
laura cadaval
laura cadaval:
idk why i'm here now but i've seen videos of ppl trying her stuff and it doesn't like make bubbles and shit
Rose Menon
Rose Menon:
Look, I watch Stranger things, I like Millie, and I know she’s just a teenager, but why create a skincare line, and not even use it? I-
I mean I'm not really upset with her I just wonder if she thinks we are that stupid it's kinda insulting
saanvi saini
saanvi saini:
I mean damn, I wanna try that air out too sis
Katrin Iurian
Katrin Iurian:
What’s the point of not putting it on for real... I mean. She could have avoided all of this very easily...
Chat Noir
Chat Noir:
I like how there are genocides, famines, and colonizations happening everyday, but this is what people choose to get triggered about 💀 the privilege in this comment section is ASTRONOMICAL.
averie salberg
averie salberg:
you can hear the sizzles from the product, so she obviously is using it
Life• As•Hawa
Life• As•Hawa:
What if she already washed her face or just didn’t wanna use it but wanted to sponsor it there’s no reason of to why everyone is upset it’s her face not yours🙄🙄
Jayda Hill
Jayda Hill:
i just don’t get why she couldn’t... use her own products like wtf 😂
Opal Arts
Opal Arts:
My friend got it and she said “yeah it burns to use but it’s sooo helpful” SIS
why are all of you so hurted abt this, omg is just a skincare routin, silly asf
Serene Eman
Serene Eman:
She apologized, everyone makes mistakes and she didn’t know can we drop it?
Covers by Armzee
Covers by Armzee:
All I can't understand is
ava mccullum
ava mccullum:
this is literally me pretending to be famous filming a my face routine vid.
Camila Prado
Camila Prado:
Please tell me I'm not the only one who got this video on recommendations out of nowhere and didn't even have any idea who Milly Bobby was.
Caroline Boyden
Caroline Boyden:
Omg girl just tucking her hair behind her ears with her “soapy” hands
Jade Lane
Jade Lane:
I loved her ;-;

I ship fillie

But now im just gonna imagine she didn't just do that and didn't date Jacob Sartorious
emily cardoso
emily cardoso:
i’m pretty sure the face wash that she used doesn’t have a colour. i have the florence by mills face wash that she used, and it’s clear. that’s probably why it seemed like she didn’t put anything on her face. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Makaila Marbles
Makaila Marbles:
It’s literally just a skin scare routine like why are y’all so shook 💀
Giselle Gardner
Giselle Gardner:
I actually used the clean magic face wash and when you put in on you can’t really see it maybe a little if you look closely but other than that you can’t really see it
Tidal Faun
Tidal Faun:
Millie may be a teen however she is selling a product therefore needs to be responsible for that product.
Liz and Hannah’s Channel
Liz and Hannah’s Channel:
Omg she probably just didn’t want to wash her face right then lol maybe it’s not that big of a deal
The hell does she know about making skin care and makeup?😂
v a ñ t a é b ö ó
v a ñ t a é b ö ó:
Me: "Millie how old r u?"

Millie: "You guys are getting aged??"
*i have to laugh, this is so ridiculous*
It's Leah
It's Leah:
I think it’s fine, because I don’t think other people realized that she was just showing what she was doing, and demonstrating, even tho it looked likes she did.
Willyz Ally
Willyz Ally:
"She's just a teen !!" Okay which is why she has to learn that all our actions have impact, on our own life and on others. She has to learn how to take responsibility of the things she does.
Especially if she is exposing her life and opinions on social media, do it knowing people will see and react, be prepared for consequences.
Being a teen is hard, as you are entering adulthood. Like really Can someone just take her phone away from her jeez.
Karolina Nowak
Karolina Nowak:
Ok I know people make mistakes sometimes
But she did this for what?
Elizabeth Gomez
Elizabeth Gomez:
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This reminds me of when she said stay in home everybody ( bc of the covid-19) and then she be out with her dog and dancing to miley cyrus songs 🤣!
JaegerWolfTango 18
JaegerWolfTango 18:
I edited my comment so you don’t know what it got 11k likes for
/ h5y8
/ h5y8:
Um... who really cares about this kind of """""""drama"""""""'
Abby Thomas
Abby Thomas:
I don’t understand why people were so mad about like who honestly cares
3:22 when the “tweet fades away” the font is different,and there is a paper texture in the background behind the text, and there are red dots under a few words, which doesn’t show in real tweets, and Millie has a Samsung so emojis look different, hun you just made your own text and put it on top of millies tweet...
Abby N
Abby N:
she's lowkey so annoying 😔
Mikasa Huyula
Mikasa Huyula:
audio sounds like she’s rubbing sand together with her hands
Rowan McGrath
Rowan McGrath:
Why are ppl mad like I’m over here dying of laughter
Ray R.
Ray R.:
The circus music got me dead 🤣
Vittoria ツ
Vittoria ツ:
3:02 so uhm am I the only one who noticed that this Twitter user has Taehyung as the profile picture? :D

Hold on it’s just me-
Karate Neko
Karate Neko:
EXPOSED!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 (In Stranger Things) “Friends never lie!!!” OOF
How To game
How To game:
That skincare routine is as nonexistent as my “good looks”
Mariella Cusano
Mariella Cusano:
I heard the products don’t even work that good, I watched a whole bunch of reviews and that’s what they said 😐
Lps Crystal Productions
Lps Crystal Productions:
I dont think its all a big deal, she apologized and thats that. 😂
Gabriela Murat
Gabriela Murat:
she literally her eyes open while removing the "mascara of her eye"