Minecraft 1.16 The New Mobs Of The Nether Update [Minecraft Myth Busting 126]

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1.16 The Nether Update has arrived! In this video we put our new additions to the game through the classic gauntlet of tests to learn all about them!

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Looking for a 1.16 Fishing Farm? Well this video has a datapack to remedy the nerf.
Richracer 135
Richracer 135:
#mythbusting Question: Since the Strider is like a boat but for lava, how does the strider react to a change in lava elevation?
#mythbusting Myth: Many blocks that didn’t have dedicated tools were assigned tools in this update, such as the hay bale with a hoe. What does it take to insta-mine these blocks?
#mythbusting does soul speed work when riding a horse, pig or strider, etc.
#mythbusting there's a hidden feature in 1.16: mobs dismounting from minecarts will dismount to the first position that they fit into, which lets you sort them.
Question: How much space do each of the mobs need to be able to dismount from the minecart?
“Zoglins can be used in a guardián farm”

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Esburger Burger
Esburger Burger:
Myth: Does a pig still turn into a zombie piglin when struck by lightning? #mythbusting
#mythbusting myth: will the target block register a signal if a mob hit it and not a player?
Danish Zaryab
Danish Zaryab:
#mythbusting Myth: can you have a baby Hoglin in a boat grow into an adult Hoglin WHILE you are sitting in the boat with them?
Thorbjørn Per Hansen
Thorbjørn Per Hansen:
#mythbusting - do potions like "potion of harming" heal the zombified variant, or will something else happen? As an example, zombies take damage from healing potions
Jane Rubi
Jane Rubi:
i love how xisuma Changes skin if theres a new version
#mythbusting Myth: Are ancient debris really rarer than diamonds or is it jut said that because the veins are smaller
Angry Space Beaver
Angry Space Beaver:
#mythbusting myth: Striders take damage in the rain.
Xisumavoid: "This test may be cruel..."
Xisuma literally 10 seconds ago: *Melts mobs in lava*
Unknown Penguin
Unknown Penguin:
Myth: The piglins will only become agro when you open a chest if they directly see you.
#mythbusting Question: Are invisible item frames less laggy than their visible counterpart?
I feel like Tango will use Zoglins for his Season 8 Iron Farm.
Determined Games
Determined Games:
#mythbusting Myth: Piglins attack you when you're opening any chest, even if you just placed it and it's empty.
Adam Ruest
Adam Ruest:
Myth: Does the speed potion effect affect walking speed of strider on lava? #mythbusting
Nicholas Abenroth
Nicholas Abenroth:
#mythbusting myth: a wither skeleton will keep attacking a piglin after it is zombified, calling in any nearby zombified piglins.
#mythbusting Theory: If a Ancient Debris can't be exploded in its block-form, can it be exploded in its item-form?
#mythbusting myth: respawn anchors explosions in the over world do less damage than a bed in the nether
Myth: do the leaves on the nether trees/ fungus plant deteriorate and drop things when you remove the stem/ trunk?
Maria Mooo
Maria Mooo:
2:41 I sometimes forget he’s a 30 something muscular man and that laugh really caught me off gaurd
#mythbuster myth: you can put warped roots on grass blocks
Johnathan Bruh
Johnathan Bruh:
#mythbusting myth: zombified piglins can be cured just like zombie villagers
Karan Gupta
Karan Gupta:
#mythbusting Myth: You can ride a strider wearing frost walker on water
RinRee `
RinRee `:
people know so many myths already woah, I'm lowkey looking forward for the answers on the myth entries answers-
Space Tesla
Space Tesla:
#mythbusting Myth: Lodestone compasses still point to the lodestone while in a container
#mythbusting what happens when a piglin / zoglin is taken to the END demension
Jay Blue
Jay Blue:
#mythbusting Myth: The speed effect affects elytra flight speed, including flight with fireworks.
Jon Anders Sunde
Jon Anders Sunde:
Myth: When a piglin or hoglin begin transforming in the overworld, will the zombification process continue even if they are sent to the nether again? #mythbusting
Katri Valkama
Katri Valkama:
#mythbusting myth: can you ride strider on lava when its named dinnerbone ps. love your vids
SHRIIHAN Mukherjee
SHRIIHAN Mukherjee:
2:55 that's a intended feature. the wither will sometimes accidentally hit and agro an undead mob, so mojang made it so that undead mobs can't damage the wither.
Wavy Seaweed
Wavy Seaweed:
#mythbusting myth: can mobs climb the twisting and weeping vines?
City Bricks
City Bricks:
Trying to build a house in the nether and I literally can’t go into my chest without being attacked
Evil X
Evil X:
#mythbusting myth: a pig struck by lightning still turns into a zombified piglin
Prithvi Production
Prithvi Production:
Question: If we Bring a Horse in the nether, that is Wearing a Golden Horse Armor, Will Piglins Attack The Horse?
Gravity Gravy
Gravity Gravy:
send johny to nether

nether half hour later: all mobs dead...
Lee Isaac
Lee Isaac:
#mythbusting Myth: does a piglin or hotline keep its potion effects after turning into a Zombified Piglin or Zoglin
Wiktor Podwojski
Wiktor Podwojski:
#mythbusting Myth:Do striders take damage from splash bottles with water
A Scruggs
A Scruggs:
#mythbusting Do named hoglins and piglins keep their names when transitioning into their zombie counterparts?
Thomas Wagner
Thomas Wagner:
I would like to know what happens to the zombies in daylight when they wear the netherite helmet.
Does this helmet break over time, like everyone else?
Or does the fire immunity and the lava immunity of the helmet also have an effect here?
*...* if not, what if the zombie is wearing full Netherite armor?
myth: how fast does a strider with speed 2 go
Lopes & Lopes videos.
Lopes & Lopes videos.:
#mythbusting myth: do nether trees lives in other dimensions?
Myth: Are striders just as fast, etc. in lava in the over world as opposed to the nether? #mythbusting
pyro shark
pyro shark:
“Oh zombie pigman who could ever replace you”

No one...
Godly Deadpool
Godly Deadpool:
#mythbusting myth: Hermitcraft server (the physical one) is just a crappy laptop that Xisuma had lying around
Patrick Gervais
Patrick Gervais:
#mythbusting Myth: my friend told me striders take no fall damage if they fall into lava, and if your on them you don't either
Godly Deadpool
Godly Deadpool:
#mythbusting myth: The either cannot be killed easily by trapping it in bedrock
Samuel Pierson
Samuel Pierson:
That strider skin is legendary!!! I’m dying
Since striders walk on lava rather than swimming, would the speed potion effect change how fast they move on lava, or would it have no effect like when the player uses speed when flying and swimming? #mythbusting
Nathaniel Dubois
Nathaniel Dubois:
I NEW THAT SUMA WOULD MAKE HES SKIN TO THE STRIDER! xD nice skin Suma. * Gives Suma a bowl of warped fungi *
Fireblade Entertainment
Fireblade Entertainment:
#mythbusting Question: how much rarer is ore when the overworld is generated as a skylands world instead of a traditional overworld
Edit: they are for sure rarer with how much less land there is but i want to know the numbers compared to the overworld
and how would it be different for caveworlds?
Firstly, I don't know whether you can "summon" lightning in The Nether.
But, does lightning light soulfire?
I don't know whether the biomes or presence of The Nether would make any difference.
Mr. Stew
Mr. Stew:
Does the Piglin's crossbow run out of durability like the pillager's?
I love how Evil X was in this video at 5:46, just helping out casually :-D
Also, the piglins are scared of the zombified piglins and so they ran away during the turtle egg breaking
Kimball Belliston
Kimball Belliston:
9:35 That's because the piglin is running from the zombie Piglin! You keep forgetting this
Mr. Proper
Mr. Proper:
Myth: The chance of getting valuable items when trading with piglins increases if you trade more valuable gold items (e.g. Gold blocks).
1:37 *Watches an axe murderer kill mobs* Well that was fun!
Alex Woods
Alex Woods:
#mythbusting striders will freeze to death in snowy/ice biomes just like snowmen will burn in the Nether.
I’m kinda happy about the “stridersuma” thing because I saw it on reddit, and I actually didn’t think it would happen-
#mythbusting Myth: Ancient debris doesn't burn in lava, along with all netherite items including blocks and ingots.
for myth busting, I would love to see if items with higher gold values get better trades with the piglins
Stijn Wiggerts
Stijn Wiggerts:
#mythbusting question: how do the striders (and the other nether mobs) interact with snowballs? If i rembember correctly the blaze takes more damage from snowballs. The strider seems more susceptible to cold than the blaze, so how do these mobs react to snowballs and other sources of coldness? (Ie ice, snow, snowy weather, and snow the snow golems snowballs?)
Mambri Kume
Mambri Kume:
#mythbusting myth: do piglins still attacks you if you hold a gold item (ex: gold sword) instead of a gold armor
#mythbusting myth: Enderman de-agro when you hit them within the warped forest. This only happens when more than one enderman is agro to you.
Hunter Iverson
Hunter Iverson:
#mythbusting Myth: What levels of the world does ancient debris generate? and in what quantity?
Brian Reid
Brian Reid:
Xisuma: There is one mob the Zoglins won't attack...
Me: other Zoglins
Xisuma: Creepers!

Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy:
Myth: if you blow up a chest in front of a Piglin using TNT, will it get angry?
Garfield the cat
Garfield the cat:
#mythbusting Myth: ancient debris are more common in basalt deltas. Or any other biome.

Im just curious
Celso Miguel
Celso Miguel:
Striders die in the rain, I accidentally killed one that my friend had tied in his while moving it to a pool of lava because of this ;-;
I actually found a new bug
When you crouch the player will move in every direction but backwards , please confirm this for me X
Artimis Fowl
Artimis Fowl:
Myth: piglins agro if you mine overworld gold ore.
roblox baconarmy
roblox baconarmy:
#muthbusting Myth: You can ride a strider wearing frost walker on water
will hughes
will hughes:
Supposedly when a red mooshroom is struck by lightning it goes brown.
The Fire Dragon
The Fire Dragon:
#mythbusting I'd like to know the exact numbers of the speed when riding a strider. On lava, on lava when you give it a bite of the fungus... Is it affected by speed and slowness ? Does it take fall damage when falling into lava ?
What's his speed on normal blocks ? Do potion effects affect it here as well ? Does soul speed work on it ?
#mythbusting Myth: can a pig turn into a zombie piglin when struck by lightning still happen in 1.16?
Garv Vyas
Garv Vyas:
i'm so sad beesuma's gone😢 the bee skin looked really great
Cooper Cowles
Cooper Cowles:
Is the ‘Loadstone’ a movable block since it has no inventory for the player to interact with?

Mohd. Haider Khalid
Mohd. Haider Khalid:
2:40 that laugh is so differentttt
Edson Gutierrez
Edson Gutierrez:
0:26 the old model is still visible on bedrock edition
Cameron Passmore
Cameron Passmore:
There's definitely some subsurface scattering on that thumbnail... did you render that out in blender or something?
Anthan Krufix
Anthan Krufix:
Zoglins won't attack Creepers so that it doesn't grief your world.
*Snow Golem:* "Allow me to introduce myself."
I Need a Name 8429
I Need a Name 8429:

Question: Can damaged Diamond Tools be used when upgrading to Netherite?

Question 2: Can encahnted Diamond Tools be used when upgrading to Netherite?
#mythbusting Myth: skeleton in my skele spawner changed from normal to enchanted armour skele after update, is this 1.16 thing?
ChillDawg5379 :P
ChillDawg5379 :P:
5:55 why is evil X there? Is it because of the lightning or were you still working on the strider skin?
#mythbusting Myth: Do the Nether Mobs attack Elder Guardians?
#mythbusting Myth: Do Striders take damage in cold areas or on snow? Like the snowman do in deserts for example.
#mythmusting Myth: Does Fortune affect hoes?
#mythbusting Myth: Baby strider is spawn more often than the adult strider on bedrock version
Fish Lord
Fish Lord:
#mythbusting myth: dose the crossbow of piglin break to produce a piglin without weapon like pillager?
💀✨ #mythbusting so me and my friend were building something then we heard this weird noise we tried to find where it came from but we couldn’t find it someone please help!!! ✨💀
Dhillon Chhatralia
Dhillon Chhatralia:
The strider sounds like such a threatening name, but they're rlly just harmless
honestly, Mojang should add a super mode for the striders. and when it gets mad it gets really big and super strong and can be maybe a mini-boss. Lol
Bartek 03
Bartek 03:
Myth: can strider swim up in "lava waterfall" (lavafall...?) and is he able to does it with a player on top
I noticed that the Piglins in the Overworld run around like headless chickens, even if they're immune to the conversion. Will they go after turtle eggs in the Nether?
Konstantin Ristovic9
Konstantin Ristovic9:
#mythbusting sometimes when I mine I hear a different kind of ariee noises, I feel like it has something to do with Herobrine? Can you check it out?
Not Yours
Not Yours:
The Wither is immune to damage from undead mobs, that's why the Zoglins can't hurt it at 2:37
#mythbusting Myth: Target blocks help you take less fall damage like hay bales.