Miroslav Klose | FIFA World Cup Goals

No man has scored more FIFA World Cup goals than Miroslav Klose. Relive all of his 16 goals at the global finals for Germany - from his debut at Korea/Japan 2002 to the strikes that saw him equal and break the men's record at Brazil 2014. #MiroslavKlose #WorldCup #Goals #Germany

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100+ komentarze:

🇩🇪 Which Klose #WorldCup goal is your favourite?
Bettayeb Mehdi
Bettayeb Mehdi:
-Reporter : How many headers did u score ?
-Klose : yes
Mayank Raj
Mayank Raj:
Surely Miroslav Klose had a copyright of scoring headed goals in all the world Cup⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽. Unbelievable 👏👏👏👏
Sung Mo Hong
Sung Mo Hong:
Stunning stat: German national team NEVER lost a match when Klose scored a goal.
Partidas Inmortales de Ajedrez
Partidas Inmortales de Ajedrez:
Amazing scorer 😀
Enty x
Enty x:
Unbelievable player. He was 36 years old at the 2014 World Cup and was sitting on the bench in the first games (scoring that important 2:2 equalizer against Ghana as a sub). After the Algeria game, where Germany won luckily against a really strong team, Löw changed the lineup and Klose became a starter. He did "only" score one more goal (record 16. World Cup goal against Brazil), but with his intelligence, quality movement and unselfish play, the team had a much better structure than before. In the end, he startet in the final and liftet the World Cup 12! years after losing the final in 2002.

Always a classy player and now a World Cup Legend.

Thank you, Miro
alfonso buwana
alfonso buwana:
Klose has 4 medals in World Cup: 2002 (🥈), 2006 (🥉), 2010 (🥉), 2014 (🥇). Absolutey legend. He ended his international career with 🥇🌍 and all-time top goal scorer in the World Cup.
Tommy Lam
Tommy Lam:
in the moment,Germany need a forward like Klose
Aji Syifak Burhanudin
Aji Syifak Burhanudin:
In 2002, he didn't even need his feet to score.

The way he introduced himself to tge world was awesome!
Elvyanus Randalayuk
Elvyanus Randalayuk:
No penalty goal..👍
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison:
This dude didn't care if he was gonna get punched in the face or kicked, he was going to put the ball in the net no matter what. You can see the desire, tenacity, and focus when he is attacking the ball. That's why he has the most goals in the WC.
Faz Ayo
Faz Ayo:
FIFA: football?
Klose: no, headball.
Was a lawyer .
Was a lawyer .:
He was a classy player , german footballers are criminally underrated
fabino btw
fabino btw:
Pay Respect for this Player!
Most WC Goals thats insane!
Arkadipta Guha
Arkadipta Guha:
Goal poaching is a an art. Having attacking awareness and being at the right place at the right time is talent. Gerd Muller, Klose and Lewandowski know how to get it done. Some people might disagree though..
A German Legend 🇩🇪💯
Ryan Léclaire
Ryan Léclaire:
This man is the reason I fell in love with football as a young kid in 2006.
Jason Moldovan
Jason Moldovan:
Me: How much did those flip celebrations take it’s toll on his knees?
Arthritis: Yes
If I remember correctly he didn't play all 7 matches in 2014, so he could have scored even more goals.
Wesley Tavares
Wesley Tavares:
Miroslav Klose
Goals: 16
Right foot: 8
Left foot: 1
Head: 7
Other: 0
David Glickstein
David Glickstein:
Such a nice boy, no diving, only fair play and a wonderful team comrade. No.1 deserved.
Eyal Mor
Eyal Mor:
Are you kidding me? He just scored 4 headers in one game
Jose Angel Velez Moreno
Jose Angel Velez Moreno:
3:33 Klose, the last survivor of that starting box that lost the 2002 World Cup final against Brazil led by Felipao in that match, scored the goal that would take him down in history in a massacre against Ronaldo who had just lost the record top scorer in the World Cups and could only see from the commentators' box how German got his revenge at the most critical moment for Brazil. At home, with your people, against the coach who won us the cup, against Ronaldo and with a beating that is never forgotten again.
Osuigwe Chukwuemeka
Osuigwe Chukwuemeka:
He wasn't the most flashy player, but he was disciplined, effective and he fitted so well into the German system.
Cr7sanju Cr7sayooj
Cr7sanju Cr7sayooj:
Miroslav klose❤️the german legend
Dreaming Away
Dreaming Away:
The only player that played in four world cup semi finals.
How fitting that he scored his 16th and final goal against brazil
RedGold Green
RedGold Green:
He is such a great football player. Born to score more goals for Germany🇩🇪⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽🇩🇪
Abhideep Jain
Abhideep Jain:
He has the most goals in world cup 👑
Sayan Chatterjee
Sayan Chatterjee:
A lot of people only remember Klose as a clinical finisher, but he was often an incredible passer and effective tackler/ball snatcher in and around the opponent's box. He has had so many great assists that people don't remember.
Imagine now if the person also took the penalties for his team...😳
Anonymous 21
Anonymous 21:
Fact:He scored all goals by head in 2002 world cup
a true world cup legend
Wir brauchen wieder so einen Stürmer wie ihn😍😢🇩🇪
Irshad Raza
Irshad Raza:
Miss him so much 🥺 legend... Miro Klose.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The Young Guitarist
The Young Guitarist:
The now Germany squad really needs him🤩
What a legend, impossible for Germany to find someone like him again.
gerold heer
gerold heer:
Always working, great attitude, down to earth, athletic and difficult to defend. At 4 World-Cups, Miroslav Klose built a legend of himself at the end. 16 goals and the World-Cup.
Meidian Media
Meidian Media:
His heading ability is second to none. One of the best of the best.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord:
Was so happy for MK when he got his goal against Brazil
SHEESH “Mathias Asnake”
SHEESH “Mathias Asnake”:
His celebration vs Argentina 🔥🔥🔥
Roger CH (El buen Roger)
Roger CH (El buen Roger):
Also I remember some ofthe best fairplay examples by him
Leecci Lee
Leecci Lee:
He's the perfect german striker - he does his Job efficiently and nothing more
"Kluse, Júlio César, Kluse..."
Most important is Number 10 and most legendary is number 15. After he sitting on the bench, 2 minutes in the game he scores and become starter again.
Rey Haze
Rey Haze:
Klose, my all-time favorite. There's nothing like performing on the world stage, and the classiest of players
Klose is a living legend hes so underrated ;(
nuruz zaman
nuruz zaman:
Miroslav Klose is one of my favorite footballer. He is the highest scorer of the World Cup.♥♥♥
I demand respect for this guy 🔥🔥
An absolute legend❤️❤️
Miro Klose. My favorite player ever, the one I idolized above the rest
Sandesh Regmi
Sandesh Regmi:
He was great on heading goals
Anthony R.
Anthony R.:
My favorite striker, and one of my favorite player of all time. I've never been a big fan of players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar who uses a lot of moves to pass like two or three people. They are great players, but I've always prefered efficiency above the rest. Klose, Shevchenko, Lewandowski, just monsters when it comes to bring the danger in the box
Immanuel Simanjuntak
Immanuel Simanjuntak:
My favorite Player of all time. Hello from Indonesia 🇲🇨
godx venom
godx venom:
He is simple and incredible at the same time😎😍😍
Guru-Ghantaal Gaming
Guru-Ghantaal Gaming:
King of headers in worldcup ❤️
Dennis Micheals
Dennis Micheals:
Most of his goals are headers..fascinating
Giriraj Singh
Giriraj Singh:
5 headers in first appearance in WC! INCREDIBLE!!!
Boss Gaming
Boss Gaming:
Respest for the legend🤗🤗🤗😎😎
K.james Carters
K.james Carters:
The long distance maestro! His long distance effort is the penalty! Absolute legend
Daniel Mak
Daniel Mak:
The legend!!!

The most underrated player ever..

Even his fifa rating were not high, but he is still the goat
Liyan Arif
Liyan Arif:
The thumbnail should be like miroslav klose header goals💙❤️
Dewan Rabbe Hasan
Dewan Rabbe Hasan:
This man is the reason behind my unconditional love for German football team ❤️
Giriraj Singh
Giriraj Singh:
Legend #1 😍😍
They should name that move the "Klose" that he does a lot: he muscles in and cuts off opposing player, when they're both chasing the same ball. Never seen anyone else do it so pronounced.
Gold Saint Virgo
Gold Saint Virgo:
My fav goal is his goal against Brazil, because it was when he broke the record and also his last goal in the World Cup.
X Survivor
X Survivor:
Most of the goals assisted by the Legendary Michael Ballack 🔥
David Hoyong Jeong
David Hoyong Jeong:
When I first saw him in 02 WC, I genuinely thought he always headed cuz he didnt know how to score with his feet. Amazing striker for Germany who the history of World Cup will always remember.
Herr NoName
Herr NoName:
People forget what a great sportsman he was
In the beginning I felt that it is more of a world cup header goal reels than world cup goal reels !
Francisco Antonio Amaya Méndez
Francisco Antonio Amaya Méndez:
That's why he's my favourite player of all times.
P W:
Needed KLOSE today! Phenomenal #9, big shoes to fill.
Emanuel Kafka
Emanuel Kafka:
He is my soccer icon 😍
Klose forgot it was "football" and scored all the "header" goals in the first match😀
Emanuel Kafka
Emanuel Kafka:
King of world cup goals 🇬🇭🇩🇪
Danial Asraf /Darwish Official
Danial Asraf /Darwish Official:
Finally, in the cavani all world cup goal videos i have comment to suggest miroslav klose, thanks fifa,i love you
Babu Rao
Babu Rao:
Great focus, brilliant instinct, cool dessision-making, relentless and always choosing the simple way to score.

Also one of the greats in sportmanship.

There is no reason not to love him.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
When you max out the heading stat in pro clubs-
That Miroslav Klose from 2006 is just about the best striker I have ever seen. He had an amazing season in Bremen that year and then an unbelievable world cup.
Rich Mond
Rich Mond:
One of the most underrated Strikers in history
"Miro, get your head in the game";
Germany used to be the most lethal team when Klose was in forward. Look at Germany now 😢. Muller and Werner are a disappointment 🤦🏻‍♂️.
Fuzzy Azmy
Fuzzy Azmy:
Now germany needs somebody like klose
LaMASIA 5611
LaMASIA 5611:
Such an AMAZING player. I loved KLOSE growing up. Hes very underated.
one of my favourite players of all time, always looked so cool and calm, and often provides in the big games
Raffeislam Prince
Raffeislam Prince:
Without penalty 16 goals in 4 world cup
Consistency level=Merislov klose🔥
Mayank Baruah
Mayank Baruah:
3:11 - This is gonna go down as one of the greatest days for German football in World cup history

Little did they know what would happen to another South American opposition 4 years later
eier mit speck
eier mit speck:
Miro Klose's career is the most beautiful lovestory ever.
Magnifique travail, j'ai aimé ❤️
Rixx Kumar
Rixx Kumar:
One of the all time greats
Syed Amin
Syed Amin:
Miss u Miroslave Klose from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
Tommy Boykin
Tommy Boykin:
I love how Messi got to see a striker with double the world cup goals he has up close...
And not ONE penalty :)
True legend and one of my favorite Strikers of all time. <3
Random brown dude
Random brown dude:
Normal people: football
Klose: headball
So, can he scores with his head 🤔
That goal against KSA still feels like yesterday,
thanks for making goal, miro
Sybren Boi
Sybren Boi:
First 5 goals all headers, classic n°9 👏👏👏