Miroslav Klose - The Legend - Best Goals In His Career

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subash mangang
subash mangang:
Everyone loves klose.. A player with zero hater
Aurelio Jaramillo Rojas
Aurelio Jaramillo Rojas:
he knew how to score goals, not how to make them look great. that is what made him a good scorrer. a legend
Lionking flo
Lionking flo:
So einen vorbildlichen Spieler braucht die Fußball Welt wieder
paolo tondo
paolo tondo:
This man is a living Legend! 16 goals in 4 world cup. ..enough said
A legend and also one of the best role models. A disciplined, fair playing player who always conducted himself with the highest degree of professionalism. Respect <3
Klose, Podolski, Schweini, Lahm, Özil, Khedira, danke, danke, danke für alles ... jeder einzelne fehlt ...
2013-14 The years, when german football was unbeatable...
Philipp Snyder
Philipp Snyder:
Trainer: How good are you with headers?

Klose: Yes.
Tristans Football
Tristans Football:
he is what germnay and bayern are missing rn i know they both have great squads but no passion fight and leadership like klose one of my fav players of all time so underrated
Ein bodenständiger, höflicher Spieler ohne Theater, Theatralik und Gehabe, dafür mit Einsatz, Wille, Power und Hingabe. Zeigt mir auch nur einen Spieler im gesamten heutigen Profigeschäft, der diese Atribute alle vereint! Spieler wie Klose sind genau das, was der Profifußball in Deutschland und auf der ganzen Welt dringend bräuchte!
H. C
H. C:
Was für ein Kopfball Gespür. Einzigartig!
How to score with klose as your striker:
1.cross it in the box
3. Goal
4. Repeat
football Stars company
football Stars company:
imagine kimmichwith his crosses and klose with his headers
rip opposite team
HardRock Zombie
HardRock Zombie:
No goal from Werder Bremen or Kaiserslautern...come on
Marcel Treder
Marcel Treder:
absoluter Ehrenmann, ich hoffe seine Söhne werden auch Fußballer.
Herr NoName
Herr NoName:
He was born to play this game, he has such a high football IQ. He was special....pure genius
Bherna D
Bherna D:
Head : 99
Position : 99
Jump : 99
Langgeng Pangestu
Langgeng Pangestu:
His timing for the jump and accuracy of the header were simply amazing.
When I was young and started to watch football, I used to only watch international football. I was admired by one player, who scored in almost every match I was watching, and this was Klose. Today, I'm french, supporter of an english club, but Klose will always be my favorite player for being the guy who made me love football.
Mito kriegt soviel Wucht hinter den Ball wenn er zum Kopfball anläuft
Mr. Stiernacken
A great striker and one of the fairest players in the last years.
I'm a bit in fear of his health, judging by the amount of goals he made with his head though :P
Of all the players who've retired from the German national team in the last few years, I think they miss him the most. A true number 9 and a leader on/off the pitch.
Max Heinen
Max Heinen:
Klose ist ein Phänomen, einer der wenigen Spieler die in der Nationalmannschaft besser spielten als im Club
Lunatic Coco
Lunatic Coco:
All his goals were kinda the same. He didn't score bangers, he just knew where to be at the right time. This is what made him unique. He is the definition of a deadly striker.
the way hes always expecting the rebound and is always at the right position to catch it is amazing
Tran Hoan
Tran Hoan:
my greatest idol, Mr. Miroslav. German football may never has anyone like him
One of the last humans in international soccer.... Everyone is like a bot right now GGG
Mister Malt
Mister Malt:
Große Klasse. Als Spieler wie als Mensch.
pankaj chauhan
pankaj chauhan:
Most underrated player but he is genious all qualities of a striker.Missed him in 2018 world cup. From nowhere he wll score goals.
Mohab Mahgoub
Mohab Mahgoub:
I think Miro is the best Header of all time , he is not even the tallest player yet he know how to jump and when to jump and how to point . this shit is not easy at all , it looks easy but it's not
Every cross or pass, that came above his knees, Klose tried to head it in. I have never seen another player doing that.
James Jesse
James Jesse:
Am going miss u klose I'm from Jamaica i been watching Germany from 1990 in world cup on till nw I never seen a next baller play like u thank u for everything u did for Germany
Santy Barrios
Santy Barrios:
The Emperator
One Of The Most Greatness Strikers In All Fútbol History!!!
fathy allakany
fathy allakany:
One of the best headers in the history of the game !!
Galih Dhimas
Galih Dhimas:
A man that make me love Germany.
Danke miro
Klose is definitely the most underrated footballer of all time
He built everything from the ground up, absolute machine
Miro die Legende!!! Einen Stürmer wie ihn werden wir lange nicht sehen, wenn überhaupt :(
Filips Sorokins
Filips Sorokins:
Miro Klose - true warrior!
This is how germans play football
Vincent Productions
Vincent Productions:
Legend, nothing less than a legend, Amazing.
F M:
Legend! Clinical, class, calm, concise, and a gracious winner. Deserves everything he gets. Watching take the WC goal lead is one of the highlights of my life.
I Made Mahadipa Hari Mahatma
I Made Mahadipa Hari Mahatma:
One of the most complete striker! He absolutely a beast at his prime.
11 12
11 12:
Very underrated at times but always an asset for his national side - I say retire #11 with KLOSE
That man Klose, if the footballer doesn't impress you, the man should.
With him in 2018 we would have at least advanced into Round of 16 ... The Man for the important goals wouldnt have let us down
The n Social
The n Social:
Absolute great in finding space. Excellent awareness. Fast. Great header, great reaction. The key is to score. What a player.
4 cups, 4 medals
Sajna latheef
Sajna latheef:
My first jersey was by his name 😍
Mark Troughton
Mark Troughton:
Incredible talent, and what a gentleman!
Vahe Hatemi
Vahe Hatemi:
Nothing Flashy, just super deadly .... and then super humble
09:05 the goal shows quite well what good walking ways and goal instincts he had

I mean, no one sees the room, but Klose points with his walkway where the ball has to go.
Toni Ton
Toni Ton:
I love how at 7:44 every other player would have instinctively used their leg to push the ball into the net but not Klose. Klose knows his headgame is 100% accurate, therefore more accurate than hasty legs trying to sweep over the ball.
Positioning: 90+

Worldclass striker, definitely what the national team is missing right now.

Danke Miro 👏👏
Mahmoud Saleh
Mahmoud Saleh:
just imagine what he did with lazio in last days of his career, absolute legend !
Christoph Klöckner
Christoph Klöckner:
His headball goals are legendary. He was My favorite soccer player! I miss him on the field and in the em.
Ketjap Manies
Ketjap Manies:
The way he scored is so simple he dont know how to make a long dribble and shot from outside the box. He needs a friend to pass the ball and give one or two touch and woallahh points for his team...

Legend even says if klose become top scorer one of his teamate become top assist...

What a legend!!!
Christoph Knarr
Christoph Knarr:
Bei miro kann jeder Stürmer einpacken und schauen, dass er so weit wie möglich wegkommt
Johannes Bärensprung
Johannes Bärensprung:
In my memory Germanys score sheets in the 2000s only had the names „Klose“ and „Ballack“ on them 🙏🏻
Klose spielt lieber mit dem Kopf, statt mit den Füßen :D
Michael Seo
Michael Seo:
Sadly, Germany is still looking for his replacement.
Old fashioned forward hard to come by these days, What a player 🔥
keep_it_cool 10
keep_it_cool 10:
He always put himself in a great position to score. You can see how he want to score! What a Beast and LEGEND!
Fernando Céspedes
Fernando Céspedes:
I remember the mundial of 2014, the best mundial for me 🔥 🇨🇴
Darek Hareza
Darek Hareza:
He play with passion❤pleasure and respect Legendary Star Klose
Ethan Christiansen
Ethan Christiansen:
He just had such amazing technique and composure, he stood out when he played..
Mohd Ariff
Mohd Ariff:
imagine klose and inzaghi in one team..the team will score more than 10 goals in a match 😂
mixolydian mode
mixolydian mode:
When he accepts the co trainer position at fc bayern, players like timo werner could greatly benefit from his expertise.
Pravda Sila
Pravda Sila:
Поздно начал играть , был каменщиком , респект и уважение )))
S W:
When he was 21 he scored 1 goal in 18 appearences in the fifth German League
When he was 24 he was the top goal scorer of World Cup. It is just so incredibly inspiring
Schweden Neunundneunzig
Schweden Neunundneunzig:
Sein schönster Salto war der nach dem 4:0 gegen Argentinien bei der WM 2010 in Südafrika...👍❤
2:54 this one is insane.
always contest the near side. what a great positioning!
Dieser Klose wird so sehnlichst in de N11 gebraucht...und dazu ein super Mensch
Gabriel simic
Gabriel simic:
Klose spielte echt mit Köpfchen :)
one of the best striker in the World..Legendary..full of respect..!!miss the moment
Ben Jo
Ben Jo:
He would still be an absolute starter for germany right now. What a legend that man is 🥲
Legend 🔥🔥🔥
Carlo De La Cruz
Carlo De La Cruz:
my favorite Germany player of all the time , Klose le legend , the natural goal scorer
His finishing always looked so simple yet effective, what a career.
Melvin Francis
Melvin Francis:
imagine him and KDB playing together
Juju Rellama
Juju Rellama:
one of the all-time greatest in Football,
Positioning: 100
Heading: 100
wallpaper 2a
wallpaper 2a:
Relentless, courageous & full of energy! My god, there were so many pretty goals....& most of them were headers.
Sebastian Ajmar
Sebastian Ajmar:
Bayern⚪🔴 Lazio Rome ⚪🔵 and Germany 🇩🇪 legend
Victor Leal
Victor Leal:
Finalizador nato, esse nasceu pra fazer gol!
Absolute fucking legend and that's coming from a Dutchie. One of my favorite and in my opinion most underrated strikers.

Also one of the few players who tended to be even more prolific playing for his country. Absolute fucking legend and I honestly doubt his WC goal record will be broken in the next 100 years or so.
T A:
7.53... Even when he could have kicked it he headed it😂 legend!
Willy Plumplum
Willy Plumplum:
just goals, amazing
You have to appreciate just how long he played on a good Level. Never the best or most flashy player but minus 2 seasons he always played good, even at high age for a footballer. Very consistent Player.
Prazol Bista
Prazol Bista:
The highest scorer on the world cup so far
DonAnônimous yt
DonAnônimous yt:
*Legendary holy monster🙌 💫🔥💯☄👏*
anees ali
anees ali:
Ballack's crosses and Klose's headers...😍
Need I say more
Hi didnt played football.

He played headball.

On another planet...

Wir vermissen dich Miro
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill:
For a little guy, dude had some hops.
Maks Efremov
Maks Efremov:
Best forward forever MEGA LEGEND
Noble Wanderer
Noble Wanderer:
Big game player 💪😎
Huge character!
Birol Ulupinat
Birol Ulupinat:
Genialer Fußballer 👏👏👏
Silence Is Golden
Silence Is Golden:
One of my favorite forwards
Klose the man , the myth , the Legend and the best joker when you Need goals
One Day Germany will have two Kloses on the pitch ;)
There are non of some of his insane goals from the 1FK or Werder Bremen time in this video. Makes is kinda random. There are also a few goals twice in it.