Mitch McConnell lambasts Donald Trump but votes not guilty

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said on Saturday that Donald Trump was 'practically and morally responsible' for the insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January – minutes after voting to acquit the former president in his impeachment trial for that very same act.
House majority leader Nancy Pelosi criticised McConnell’s remarks in a press conference on Saturday and said the issue of timing 'was not the reason that he voted the way he did; it was the excuse that he used'
Mitch McConnell savages Trump – minutes after voting to acquit

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Guardian News
Guardian News:
Mitch McConnell savages Trump – minutes after voting to acquit ►
G M:
The definition of a spineless dinosaur, if ever there was one...
Steve Morris
Steve Morris:
McConnell, an insult to humanity.
Linda Bayliss
Linda Bayliss:
You can't have two faces McConnell. What a disastrous day for America.
Two-faced Mitch strikes again! Says one thing, then does another.
Noel Reilly
Noel Reilly:
Who cares what mc Connell says or thinks. Old swampys time is up
Elias Salcedo
Elias Salcedo:
Mitch Mcconnell, modern day Pontious Pilate. He washes his hands with hypocrecy.
Russ B - Endless knot
Russ B - Endless knot:
A traitorous career politician who hopefully will get kicked out in the near future and no one will miss him
They (the senate) voted it to be constitutional before having the trial. McConnell can’t have his cake and eat it too. A complete collapse of integrity if McConnell had any left.
Alan Patterson
Alan Patterson:
He’s part of the swamp .
Hamza Jay
Hamza Jay:
Why do they keep uploading videos of this old people's care home
Full English
Full English:
Why is a pretzel in a suit talking in the senate? Have they run out of human beings and started employing beer snacks as senators now?
Dave Koffee
Dave Koffee:
McConnell is such a snake. As a nonpartisan act, we need to end career politicians on both sides with term limits. They’re corrupt
i guess america likes being laughed at? who knew
Honey Badger
Honey Badger:
Mitch is trying to save his career and failing
Francis O
Francis O:
Their whole political system is a joke, complete trash, global embrassment
Huh, I though his name started with 'M' rather then 'B' cause he's acted like one
Ginger Baker
Ginger Baker:
Amatuer hour in the US Congress.
Bonnie Cunningham
Bonnie Cunningham:
disgraceful Mitch
John Moore
John Moore:
Mitch “I can face two ways at once” McConnell this will haunt you.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong: season of The Walking Dead!
Mitch will be beaten in next general election.
Diarmuid Kelleher
Diarmuid Kelleher:
What is the point of retaining the Impeachment provisions if the Senate ignores the facts and votes on party lines.
7 out of 50 crossover votes.
And that's the most bipartisan presidential impeachment in 255 years.
What's the point.
why is everyone in congress so ancient
j k
j k:
*Chinese agent, McConnell
Government needs to get Younger. Term limits on the agenda 📋
Ipso Fattso
Ipso Fattso:
The purist definition of cognitive dissonance should now be an entry that says simply....... Mitch McConnell
Behdin Azadih
Behdin Azadih:
Hahah he is so scared that he will lose everything (senate seat) you can tell he is hanging on by a thread lol he won reelection narrowly. Lets wait for 2022 hahah
The senate decided after a review of the historical precedent that the president is eligible of being impeached, they voted on it and affirmed that. So this is just spineless behavior, If McConnell thinks he is guilty, vote that way
Shooting sports Transparency
Shooting sports Transparency:
GOP a party in deep decay
Celtic Echo
Celtic Echo:
Mitch is looking more and more like the Cowardly Lion every day!!
0 0
0 0:
Just to be clear. Keep it simple. Judge a politician by his actions, not by his words. Especially, when his words are classic political BS.
Jimi's No. One fan
Jimi's No. One fan:
When you stop the vote count for 3 hours on election night, you can expect to be caught out eventually!!
Daniel Macarro
Daniel Macarro:
Omg they already voted that it was constitutional. That was decided by the senate twice. This vote was not to be informed by the constitutional question
Patrick Sinclair
Patrick Sinclair:
After this farce how can the other nations of the world be expected to take American government or justice
Sasuntidictous Rhoireiphapos
Sasuntidictous Rhoireiphapos:
Funny how democrats were openly and explicitly encouraging BLM to go out and trash the country, but that was totally acceptable.
Iceberg Rose
Iceberg Rose:
Banana Republic
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore:
Whichever side of the aisle, the Swamp is the Swamp.
Time Traveller
Time Traveller:
Make Up Your Mind Mr. McConnell
Oh Lord help us!.. This man is one the people in charge. “WHY?”
Kuntucky: *Votes for mitch mcconnel.*

Kentucky rn: "WHY?!"
Mitch McConnell, you have acquitted the Kraken!
The Daystar
The Daystar:
The man is unquestionably guilty!

How did you vote Mitch?

Not guilty.
Dino Danelli
Dino Danelli:
Time for Mitch and his Chinese relationships to go
DC Homeboy
DC Homeboy:
McConnell needs to be in a rest home.💩💩💩💩💩
Robert Troll
Robert Troll:
Wow! I'm impressed. Little pr statement to try and save your political relevance, and no balls to vote for impeachment.
Growmie Greenthumb
Growmie Greenthumb:
I blame the cousin lover state of Kentucky
Constandina Roux
Constandina Roux:
Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel ... two of the same.
New Learner
New Learner:
McConnell played political game well. Pelosi's reaction tells you that she didn't see it coming.
Midn1ght 90
Midn1ght 90:
‘Lambasts’ guardian did you even watch the trial? I know investigation and journalism doesn’t go together for the guardian but come on, all you had to do is watch the tv.
You will go down for your crimes, McConnell!
Mike Monhemius
Mike Monhemius:
One of the few times I respected what he said.
Keep Calm And Travel On
Keep Calm And Travel On:
What a joke
Whanka !
Virgo Blue
Virgo Blue:
When will mother earth save us innocents from this hellish nightmare 😔
carol flynn
carol flynn:
Hahahaha. GUTTED hence why.
Bee J
Bee J:
... I can't believe my eyes I can't believe my ears
dan daniell
dan daniell:
Oh it’s the ice cream lady
James Jones
James Jones:
I am now convinced that Mitch has Alzheimer's.
Stephen Caulder
Stephen Caulder:
Never bite the hand that feed you!
Ad Astra
Ad Astra:
Thank You Mitch...I believe you really rose to the occasion here...although he was not convicted in court, he was convicted in the court of public opinion
Jude Yeoman
Jude Yeoman:
Mitch Conner??
Martin Smith
Martin Smith:
GOP💀>> R . I . P . (Rot in Peace)
Salty grauniad???
catherine white
catherine white:
Daniel Sebag
Daniel Sebag:
Is it me or does he sound like James Stewart ?
A Smith
A Smith:
Is there nowhere to get this speech in context?
Mitch needs to go!!!!! GO!!!!!!!!
Khin David
Khin David:
Wow. This dude did not hold back. Does any1 remember if a fight started there was always one dude cowering away like a btych.
yousef El-hanem
yousef El-hanem:
.....and the public lambasts McConnell 😂🤣🤣😂🤣
icy ivy
icy ivy:
Look up what Mike Shirkey had to say about Mitch McConnell.
TOKER 365:
They can’t use doctored evidence in a criminal court and that’s all the evidence the democrats have got
Mike Proctor
Mike Proctor:
His favorite thing is to parade in front of cameras and make CNN talking points. He must have the same donors the Lincoln Project have.
Ping Yen
Ping Yen:
Pelosi & Newsom have to be recall.
Sheldon Campbell
Sheldon Campbell:
McConnell needs to go!
triple terrific
triple terrific:
these people should always be under oath. man the amount of purgery in this case
Mariano Mesa
Mariano Mesa:
Mitch the turtle , it's awesome how you can make a lot of money and do nothing....
Behdin Azadih
Behdin Azadih:
They can’t get another job that is precisely right!
Mihai Apostol
Mihai Apostol:
Two faced Mitchell
Where did you dig up these old fossils
June Bridgeman
June Bridgeman:
Boo hoo boo hoo
Tom Hogue
Tom Hogue:
acquitted; acquitting
Definition of acquit
transitive verb
1 : to discharge completely (as from an accusation or obligation)
Tom Hogue
Tom Hogue:
acquitted; acquitting
Definition of acquit
transitive verb
1 : to discharge completely (as from an accusation or obligation)
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel:
*I'll never trust a man with no neck ever again...*
Reekie Reekie
Reekie Reekie:
Oh dear this is going to cause SO much trouble in the long term
Curt Gowdy sp
Curt Gowdy sp:
The elephant herd will have to adjust , but they never forget...the supreme court will agree with Liberty everytime fact jack
Mitch, you are finished!
Steve CJ
Steve CJ:
Term limits are defiantly needed
Aztec Eagle
Aztec Eagle:
traditional news journalists from new York times 📜🗞️ 🚽and📺 trash 🗑️ can hypnotized box.
journalists back to school or to the prison with El Chapo
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees:
Is Mitch McConnell "two faced"?
Philip Webb
Philip Webb:
A sewer rat!
Joe DiSantis
Joe DiSantis:
He s just trying to appease Pelosi.
Nana Fosu
Nana Fosu:
Glad I'm not American but the supposed star 🌟 of democracy isn't at all a star. All the rhetoric that comes out of America and they can't even do the right thing. It's a shame.
mean darroni
mean darroni:
Lol the establishment media and big tech are GUTTED 😅