“More important than anything was winning today” | Patrick Bamford | Leeds United 3-0 Southampton

Leeds United’s Patrick Bamford gives his reaction after our 3-0 win against Southampton at Elland Road in the Premier League, with goals from Patrick, Stuart Dallas and Raphinha.

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100+ komentarze:

I like Patrick's style. Hes so good, but he doesn't take himself too seriously. What a likeable character.
Bamford is a good lad & always comes across well in the interviews another goal for him tonight to prove his quality yet again. Come on you Whites
Gary Pearson
Gary Pearson:
This guy is class on and off the pitch
I be rooting for him for England !! (Coming from an arsenal fan )
Graham Holmes
Graham Holmes:
He's a good lad. A great team. rip granny Val 🙏
Clazza HD
Clazza HD:
Raphinha, Coops , Bamford, Dallas 💛💙💛💙
i admit i hated him at one bit last season.
i have to hold my hands up. Patrick, you have been brilliant for us, thank you.
Callum Sharp
Callum Sharp:
Can't wait for phillps to be back. Bamford is back baby.
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson:
We call him Postman Pat because he always delivers.
Bamford Is a goat
Bamford Is a goat:
Raphina is class
There is No Try
There is No Try:
Standard out of breath interview from the best striker we have had since viduka
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell:
That 3-0 win won me £120 🤩
Starmer's Barber
Starmer's Barber:
A very bright lad and a credit to the game.
Alex Dunford
Alex Dunford:
Bamford is a gem, crazy how well he has taken to the Prem. Can't wait to see more 💛💙💛💙
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson:
Nice touch with the Granny Val top. Love the togetherness of the team...much love to Kalvins family❤️
BANA the hat
BANA the hat:
Yes that's what I'm talking about love this club love this team we deserved that win absolutely love el loco what a truly unique coach what a man bring on villa done them already they must be dreading it come on lads mot ALAW
Ads Sir
Ads Sir:
Great performance from the lads today! Brilliant second half and well earned win. Next up we will beat Villa and get closer to Liverpool 😂
goosie 1
goosie 1:
Great win lads. Massive shout to costa. Looked quick and pacy. Raph will get all the plaudits but i personally thought costa changed the game. Gave us the out ball down the right.
Im so proud to be a Leeds fan. Been a long hard road but these lads are doing us proud. MOT
Alan Lowe
Alan Lowe:
Great striker. Great team player. Great guy.
Marcelo Rojas
Marcelo Rojas:
Que manera de sufrir con los pases y las definiciones que no se daban
myg 22
myg 22:
Well done Patrick, great work as ever, great goal and clearence, great, 3 points
Adam Hemingway
Adam Hemingway:
Second half was amazing bamford is class and what can I say about raphina wow absolutely unstoppable COME ON LEEDS 💙💛🤍
The way this club has changed over the past few years. The togetherness. No one is bigger than the club. There actually feels to be a connection with the club and fans that didn’t feel to be there a few years back.
jasbir bains
jasbir bains:
Go on the lads 💪💪
Great win well done lads
Gagi 057
Gagi 057:
lets go ladsss
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
Thank you Patrick for the start of our wonderful goals,, well done to all of Leeds staff,, made us supporters happy again...
Jason Parmar
Jason Parmar:
What a great guy! Does wonders for what a professional football player can be. Shame his former managers never gave him the chance
Day Day
Day Day:
He’s literally the best striker in the premier league this season
Christian Simons
Christian Simons:
Raphinha is the different guy despite missing a goal.
Greetings from Lima, Peru.
love this lad
Derek Wilkinson
Derek Wilkinson:
Well done lads, beat Villa n we more or less got premier League 4 next year 👌paddy 4 golden boot????
David Carrington
David Carrington:
brilliant results, well deserved victory. Three points, raphinha, getting better with every game.. our shining light. Clean sheet, well deserved and worked hard for it, meisler should gain confidence from this, and finally Dallas our most underrated player, works his socks off for the team and never complains. well played lads!!
sam welford
sam welford:
The amount of voice cracks he has 😂😂
Bram farang Gang
Bram farang Gang:
R.i.p granny Val ❤️💯 🙏🏻 God bless
Patrick you are such a humble person and Leeds luv you MOT
John Smith
John Smith:
Patrick is a sound lad. Never boasts, never puts down the opponents.....
Luke Gilks
Luke Gilks:
Great win
Llorente at the back made a huge difference! But we have to wait to play against a strongest team to see if the change really makes effect. MOT!
Patrick properly knackered after putting in 200% like he always does.

Hope he gets called up to play for England.
Always professional and respectful
Well done Paddy, You had a goal against Wolves that you were robbed of..You give everything..Well done lads, great team performance..God bless Granny Val, God bless Kalvin and his family!..MOT!
L G:
A little young as yet, but I think we can all see that he will most likely end up in broadcasting. The media really have taken to him.
Abdul Malick
Abdul Malick:
Love how he always talks like he's out of breath 😅
Why do they never let him have a breather before the interview 😂
Mark W
Mark W:
He is a top lad and finally showing the football community his abilities. Keep it up
Pesadilla De la lata
Pesadilla De la lata:
David Holdsworth
David Holdsworth:
I openly say, I was on his back for a lot of last season. I humbly eat my words. Well done Patrick, you are doing great and a super ambassador for the club in your interviews. Respect MOT
Chris Kelly Fitness
Chris Kelly Fitness:
Quality from our number 9 again. Top player and great in front of the cameras too. We’ve still got Rodrigo, KP and Koch to return to this line up 😳😳😳😳
Tasha 01
Tasha 01:
For al those naysayers that said Bamford would not be any good in the premier league.. He is only 3 goals off his tally for last season.. He epitomises the Leeds mantra.. Side before self.. and by the looks of it doesn't take himself to serious. Very humble .. what a guy MOT
Lord Bamford, what a guy. Loved to see the Granny Val tribute at the end, just shows who they are as players and who we are as a club. MOT...ALAW!
GTXFn Cycling
GTXFn Cycling:
Love you. Love your voice cracks.
His goal changed the entire game! Keep scoring Patty
John Shores
John Shores:
I love the way that thee players can hardly breathe after the games , proves they give it their all MOT
Robie Aitchison
Robie Aitchison:
Such a humble, hard work fello. Deserves ever goal and some👌
Mark Isbister
Mark Isbister:
Brilliant performance and a fantastic result we’re doing this man keeeeeemon Leeds United mot 💛🤍💙
That win was for Granny Val. Fantastic win. Your in our thoughts Kalvin & family. 💙💛💙💛💙👊
John Gibson
John Gibson:
I wonder how many doubters who gave him a hard time last season are now praising him he is class I could see that last season and without him no premier league this season , we have found out how good he really his took his goal well WE NEED TO KEEP HIM AT LEEDS PADDY IS LEEDS MOT
New Thought
New Thought:
We just need a quality CM, CDM and CAM for us to have a quality squad.
Robert Chadwick
Robert Chadwick:
Let’s go lads
Steven Galarce
Steven Galarce:
Monsiur Snowman
Monsiur Snowman:
You need to give him a few more mins rest he’s just played 90+ mins 😂
Megawatt Fitness
Megawatt Fitness:
Up the table we go!!!
Sam DJPractice
Sam DJPractice:
My hero <3
Gabriel Larrotta
Gabriel Larrotta:
Solid fella :)
Love how nottinghammy he went at 1:05 😂
As a man with an unblemished record of staunch hetrosexuality, I love this bloke !.
Ali Usama
Ali Usama:
Why don’t they let him catch his breath i mean really lad has been running up and down let him have his breath for the love of God
Miha Kopusar
Miha Kopusar:
Mr Stamp
Mr Stamp:
Qualitay Mr Bamford Qualitay mate
Netto shopper
Netto shopper:
Such a humble gentleman
Richard Bullough
Richard Bullough:
Good win had to alter tactics but it worked! Ĺeeds !
Richard Rouse
Richard Rouse:
Top man 👍top team absolutely chuffed to bits with my club👍know give Bielsa an extended contract and some money 💰 then watch us go next season 😎👍
Tony Mcloughlin
Tony Mcloughlin:
Cool player he deserves an England cap.
H Sanousi
H Sanousi:
His style of play remind me of Inzaghi 👍🏽
Sham Soni
Sham Soni:
Finally no egos one unit play for the badge - amazing when you think of the tossers we have had over the years - just need to decide finally who we keep n get rid no need for sentimental reasons would love pablo to join coaching staff MOT since 72 - Bamford could be Alan Clarke Mk 11 the last time I saw this spirit was when O’Leary Babes first came on the scene before it went tits up
Danny Bowden
Danny Bowden:
Class act Patrick lad! MOT ALAW
1642- Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
1642- Nemo Me Impune Lacessit:
Is there such thing as cloud ten? Lol. Passed cloud nine a while back. So happy being a Leeds fan. MOT ALAW.
Damo8. LUFC. England.
Damo8. LUFC. England.:
Richie Rhodes
Richie Rhodes:
When loads of fans were slagging off Pat last season, me and my family still loved him. Because whether he scores or not, he always has worked his ass off for the team that's all that proper fans ask of the lads. (Not the haters and negatively opinionated keyboard warrior 'fans', who unfortunately get seen and read all the time )
Win lose or draw, we're with you all the way. Great win this though!
Peter Maurer
Peter Maurer:
Nice one Bamford.
Gary Blower
Gary Blower:
Great win
Espen Liebak
Espen Liebak:
YES WE CAN!!!!!!
WIN without super Kalvin😉 epic win guys ❤️❤️❤️ we feel with you Kalvin❤️
Sam Greasley
Sam Greasley:
What a win we should have buried the saints that second half 4,5 goals but still a win is a win villa up next hope we have the team a little stronger for that game MOT ALAW
Joseph Threapleton
Joseph Threapleton:
well done lads should of been 6 but 3 will do MOT
Bacon Man
Bacon Man:
I’ve never seen Meslier save a penalty and when Bamford tackled him in the box I thought it was a pen and I was like Meslier saved it because it was 3-0 and I didn’t watch the game but it wasn’t a penalty
Prateek Vasisht
Prateek Vasisht:
Why can't the interviewers give PB9 some time to catch his breath before interviewing him?
Lufc 1919
Lufc 1919:
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson:
Only fans I know to celebrate a corner Leeds Leeds Leeds get the fans back quality are Leeds fans
Kjell Esperås
Kjell Esperås:
Bam Bam Bamford Mister Bombastic. Bam Bam Bamford Mister lova lova
Niiz Niz
Niiz Niz:
He sounds a top lad that Bamford
JimBoB Beer
JimBoB Beer:
I’ve crossed the London Marathon finish line less out of breath than Paddy 10 mins after a match. Does he need help?
Lost Boy
Lost Boy:
Raphina celebration on my channel
Stuck In The Past
Stuck In The Past:
Well Done Lads
Marcelo Rojas
Marcelo Rojas:
Bien por fin se le dio, no deben equivocarse en los pases el resto bien vamos Leeds
Boostmyfitness Zoom
Boostmyfitness Zoom:
Joint 2nd top scorer 🔥🔥
shafi al dafiri
shafi al dafiri:
A deserved victory. Next is more important,