Mortal Kombat Movie - OFFICIAL TRAILER REACTION! We FINALLY have a trailer for the MK Movie. Here is my reaction and thoughts on the Red Band trailer!

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In "Mortal Kombat," MMA fighter Cole Young, accustomed to taking a beating for money, is unaware of his heritage—or why Outworld’s Emperor Shang Tsung has sent his best warrior, Sub-Zero, an otherworldly Cryomancer, to hunt Cole down. Fearing for his family’s safety, Cole goes in search of Sonya Blade at the direction of Jax, a Special Forces Major who bears the same strange dragon marking Cole was born with. Soon, he finds himself at the temple of Lord Raiden, an Elder God and the protector of Earthrealm, who grants sanctuary to those who bear the mark. Here, Cole trains with experienced warriors Liu Kang, Kung Lao and rogue mercenary Kano, as he prepares to stand with Earth’s greatest champions against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe. But will Cole be pushed hard enough to unlock his arcana—the immense power from within his soul—in time to save not only his family, but to stop Outworld once and for all?

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100+ komentarze:

Super Nooksta222
Super Nooksta222:
The best scene is definitely the blood getting frozen during kombat , holy shit that’s next level🔥🔥🔥
My life as a weapon
My life as a weapon:
''I am Sub Zero''
Scorpion: GET OVER HERE !

I got fucking chills when he said that
Mayor Of SexyTown
Mayor Of SexyTown:
Such a good job with Subzero, that move where he froze the blood into a dagger was sooooo MK.
Tterraj Smailliw
Tterraj Smailliw:
Scarlet: I control blood

Subzero: Hold my freezer
Matthew Hall Fitzsimons
Matthew Hall Fitzsimons:
Honestly this movie actually looks really cool for a movie based on a video game
VJ Gameplays
VJ Gameplays:
scorpion's actor being 60 years old makes the character more intense
Jayden Olson
Jayden Olson:
The casting for all these characters are the definition of PERFECT.
Voyagers Revenge
Voyagers Revenge:
Almost didn’t sleep until this dropped! LETS GOOOOO
"Kano wins. You fuckin beauty!" Love it!
COMICS PLUS! by Akasan
COMICS PLUS! by Akasan:
Loved it brotha!! I know you know your shit!!!
STAT 01:
This movie looks fucking sick. Whoever was the person who was in charge of making this trailer then they need a raise
This trailer looks sick!
I hope the "get over here" line by Scorpion gets remade.
Ironic Animations
Ironic Animations:
Everyone: *hyped*
Me: Oh my god I never heard any news about this!- YES
Michael Manherz
Michael Manherz:
The fighting and action looks exactly like the games with how over the top and crazy it is.
Drew Shobo
Drew Shobo:
Makes sense that Sub-Zero is the villain seeing as this is the OG Sub Bi-Han, not Kuai Liang like we've had in the past
Jimmy Middleton
Jimmy Middleton:
Looks badass bruh and when he takes the blood and freezes it so koo
People are so pressed about Mileena not having her teeth.

They could just be saving it for the viewing experience when it comes out in theaters. Why spoil it now?

Other than that, she looks amazing.
Combat Puppet
Combat Puppet:
Not going to lie I'm more excited for the movie now, it wasn't looking too promising until they released the posters yesterday but now I think it will be pretty good
I’m so hyped 🙌🏼
Can’t wait for this movie!!
Jason Todd
Jason Todd:
This movie looks effing beautiful!!! Im hyped for the movie.
the actor playing Cole Young is amazing he's really good he won't disappoint at all rest assured
Ben Doucet
Ben Doucet:
I feel a way to get people to warm up to Cole Young is by putting him in MK11 prior to the movie's release.

The moment Goro was revealed I flipped out.
READ Comics
READ Comics:
This actually looks perfect! I’m proud of this because it filmed in my country
Son Goku
Son Goku:
Cole Young looking in the mirror and seeing Hanzo? Maybe he actually is related to him some how
Vinyl Dude
Vinyl Dude:
Theres a tear in my eye. They actually cared this time🥺 this looks fucking awesone! The way Jaxes looses his arms!? Brilliant!
the fight scenes look straight outta the game. i’m so hyped for this man
Dude, your hair looks fabulous
Hamo The Magnif
Hamo The Magnif:
It’s so great seeing everyone’s reactions and how similar they are: 1. I just hope we’re not getting another annihilation, 2. Whoa, what? 3. Holy shit did that just happen?!
Anthone Ray
Anthone Ray:
The Scorpion/Sub Zero scene looks godly and I can't wait to see it in full! 🔥🔥🔥
King Flexx
King Flexx:
3:05 that's some insane looking effects with scorpion's teleport
J Mcdonald
J Mcdonald:
The Trailer: Finish them!!!
The One Being: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!
Ryan P
Ryan P:
I think Cole Young is actually Kuai Liang hidden away by his parents from the clutches of Shang Tsung and his older brother... he has no idea who he really is until near the end of the movie... as Bi Han surely gets killed and turned into Noob Saibot for a sequel
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson:
I loved the trailer so much everyone looked just like what they are supposed to be. I don't mind the Cole Young character and if he ends up being whatever you want him to be then I'm happy for all of you.
FDL Arts
FDL Arts:
I really hope we get long fast paced brutal fight scenes in this movie, and less gore for gore sake.
xXBrian 69herXx
xXBrian 69herXx:
“ I got the trailer a day early and it will be my authentic reaction.” You see how that contradicts itself.
PatrioticBoomer !
PatrioticBoomer !:
This movie looks absolutely insane and I can’t wait to see it, but if only it had Jonny cage
One negative thing, that GET OVER HERE was so weak.
Kwame Shakur
Kwame Shakur:
His reaction was literally eveeeeeryooooones reaction when we all first saw it lol 💯
Tex Corps
Tex Corps:
Kano had me worried by those images....this cleared those away, and the guy jax is killing looks like reiko right?

Though I am worried they got Kano seemingly killing one of my favorites in the trailer..
WebSlinger 3000
WebSlinger 3000:
I think I know who Cole Young is, he becomes Scorpion, his name is Yong Park, he is a non Canon character.
Mileena is the only minus. Otherwise, looks great!
Come on dude, Cloe Young is going to be the second Sub Zero and this trailer made even more obvious.
I really Hope this “Cole Young” is not The Alice (From The Resident Evil Movie’s) of this Movie.

Also everyone looks Awesome. Although Not to Nitpick tho but I’m getting more Samurai Vibes from Scorpion and Sub Zero then Ninja Vibes. Still pretty Bad Ass tho.
why do reactors have to repeat outloud what they see on the screen? We can see
Captain America
Captain America:
This movie help my depression like fr can't wait for this movie
I saw kitanas fan looking like it’s on display in the background next to the fighters when raiden hits his staff down AND when Shang tsung says “finish them!” You can see for a split second of Sonya using her ring blasts on mileena! Those are just some quick little details that I saw lol I’m soo excited for this movie!!!
kai verse
kai verse:
I am ... subzero

Jesus the delivery not only you can feel the chill but also the way his voice shaking like his cold
purple hax
purple hax:
skarlet: he...hey sub zero stole my move that’s my move
This looks friggin amazing. Grew up playing Mortal Kombat. Visuals look amazing. Can’t wait to see this
Griim sickowitz
Griim sickowitz:
Everything was perfect except the raiden cast ... And the scorpion "get over here" needed more violence and anger ... Can't wait to watch it tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson:
This reaction video consists of you seeing characters on the screen and shouting out their names. I wish that I could make money doing this.
Landon Rigney
Landon Rigney:
I hope that’s smoke, I love smoke.
J.A. Dre Gonzalez
J.A. Dre Gonzalez:
The trailer is beyond hype train. I'm stoked and excited as hell!!!
Looks so sick bro and this trailer kicks so much ass let's gooooo!!!!!!! I'm so freaking hyped bro
Ben Ioane
Ben Ioane:
If MK really this hype especially being a low-budget movie Imagine if it was high budget 😳
babacar mbaye
babacar mbaye:
the visual and effects were great. I'm hyped for this movie and can't wait see more scenes with scorpion and sub zero
Christian Crowder
Christian Crowder:
I thought that goro looked amazing, it was super impressive, I hope the “get over here” voice gets changed though, it did not sound good.
Larry Haylock
Larry Haylock:
I'm confused is that Reptile getting his heart out or lui kangs Animality form, I hope its reptile, I dont want Liu kang being beaten by kano that would be disappointing. But I love how the trailer is wow.
Jason Esposito, Jr.
Jason Esposito, Jr.:
Kanos Lazer shot out of the wrong eye in the trailer. Still looks good. I'm hyped
Michael Milby
Michael Milby:
I’ve been at it with everyone at work today for this to .. this sub zero is the first sub zero (bi-Han) if you look up his character bio for the film it says “subzero, noob saibot”
Nas Jackson
Nas Jackson:
Bruh this Trailer Went HARD! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Andy Castellanos
Andy Castellanos:
Looks amazing! For other films you want a good story and you want everything to be good, but for this I think that the fights and the fatalities will be worth the price and the wait alone!
Hope Johnny is in there even if he dies in a cameo or something.
Darren Crowe
Darren Crowe:
I honestly don't know how you kept looking over at the other feed during eyes might as well have been melted onto my screen😂
Nicholas Phillabaum
Nicholas Phillabaum:
You can't have a MK movie without Scorpions famous "Get Over Here" line. I'm so hyped for the movie
Imre Istvan Andras
Imre Istvan Andras:
Spends almost 2 min talking about how hyped he is for the movie. Sees a clear as day photo of The Great Kung Lao and asks whos that..... so much for being such a fan fucking clown
Viz ziV
Viz ziV:
Yooooooo kabal is in the movie he was fighting liu kang when he pulled out the fucking dragon
Danny Magdaleno
Danny Magdaleno:
This might be setting up Sub to become Noob Saibot in a sequel since he’s already being portrayed as the villain.
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee:
I've been everywhere else,had to come here for this. Damn this is amazing! 👏
Piotr Kowalski
Piotr Kowalski:
When Hanzo growls at you to get over here you better do it.
God.. I notice this trailer on trailer related channels + reactions videos and it has lots of views. If 85 % of these people who watched this MK trailer / video will also watch it in the theater or on HBO Max they will make enough money to make a 2nd part too. We can make this movie succesfuI (at the box office)
Ace Hole
Ace Hole:
Totally excited for this. As someone that grew up with the orginal movies and they are a guilty pleasure.... this film gets me harrrrd!!!
Brad Clark
Brad Clark:
My favourite part of the trailer was when Goro popped up on screen. I lost my mind when he appeared.
Shawn S
Shawn S:
i think cole becomes scorpion. the images in his head was hanzo reaching out to him. and in the get over here scene subzero is fighting someone else. HYPED
As a Sub Zero main for the last 30 years, I LOVE how badass they made him look in the trailer.

Kano looks weird without his metal eye.
The new mk theme music had me in tears 😭,so hype ! Let’s go
This looks amazing! Sub Zero looks to be the initial villain that introduces the characters to the supernatural and Mortal Kombat. Scorpion will kill him by the end to avenge his family's murder. I'm hoping we get a sequel where Sub Zero's brother takes on the mantle (like in the games), and redeems his family and clan.
The whole trailer was sick. Hanzo fighting, the frozen gun shot and arm break opening scene so good. I am Sub Zero gave me chills though with that voice.
Wrx rob
Wrx rob:
My gawd!! This looked amazing!! I can’t wait!! The part jax lost his arms, damnnnnnn!!!!
Brandon Coronado
Brandon Coronado:
Omg yes you have no idea how many years I’ve waiting for them to come up with a mortal kombat movie so excited
Victor Williams
Victor Williams:
Caboose with the awesome mk headband! Thank you for covering this content and providing great content of your own!☺️
It’s blitz
It’s blitz:
They did such a great job bringing all these characters to life.
Third Eye
Third Eye:
First reaction ever to the trailer on YouTube lol
Heroic Huckster
Heroic Huckster:
Honestly, if they'd just released that Sub Zero and Scorpion battle clip, we all would have still been satisfied.
if we’re already seeing people like mileena and reptile die in the trailer there’s a chance Quan Chi could play a part in the possible sequel bringing the revenant characters into the mix especially since we’re seeing scorpion with his whole fire set up and we know from mkx that Quan Chi was supposed to be behind scorpions whole “revenge” story
Kris Bell
Kris Bell:
They hit us with a perfect recreation of Subzeros throw, we are not worthy 🙌🏾💖
Why is no one talking about smoke being in the movie
Chris Cradock
Chris Cradock:
This is going to be a god damn masterpiece
Dude, shut up! The can't hear the preview for your blasted reactions. We all can here to see and hear the preview instead of YOU!
Hey caboose, haven't been watched you in a while, have you lost weight?you look great!
The trailer is kinda pointing to Cole young as like the main character which is kinda disappointing but the movie will still be AMAZING
America The Beautiful
America The Beautiful:
I have a feeling Cole is Scorpions son or related in some way.
Angels Custom Trim, LLC.
Angels Custom Trim, LLC.:
I’ve seen caboose since Arkham knight;On a different note, eve since my guy caboos has been using that headband, my guy caboose has been pulling girls 😎😎
I was as excited for your reaction as I was for the trailer alone
Gino Zeus
Gino Zeus:
THIS is the one Ive been waiting for such a long 😳 cant frucking wait!😎
Madd Fawkes
Madd Fawkes:
I’m already excited about this movie but seeing your excitement gets me even more hyped!!
Guate Salva
Guate Salva:
Dude it was so sick . My heart was racing and how good the characters look
Terry Weir
Terry Weir:
Can't wait to see the movie, it looks amazing!! 😀 😀 Can't wait to see the fatalities!! 😀 😀

Kano Wins!! You Fuckin Beauty!! 😀 😀
Love it!! 😀 😀