Mortal Kombat – Official Restricted Trailer REACTION!!

Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Mortal Kombat – Official Restricted Trailer - #MortalKombatMovie


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Hiroyuki Sanada as Scorpion? Count me in.
Form of Therapy
Form of Therapy:
I was never a huge fan of MK but this is the most hyped I’ve been for a film in a long time. The trailer just seems like they treated this movie really well and it’s gonna be fun as hell.
Waqas Irfan
Waqas Irfan:
HBO MAX: We have a Mortal Kombat movie.
People: GET OVER HERE !!!
matt t
matt t:
sub zeros move freezing scorpions blood to use as a dagger.... holy shittttt dude!!! my childhood feels complete
The great One
The great One:
*Random black guy*
"Who's that"
*Arms get frozen*
"That's jax!"
Hidora Daikaiju
Hidora Daikaiju:
Love the casting for Scorpion. We don't get enough of Hiroyuki Sanada.
Ty—Sh —Co
Ty—Sh —Co:
The species of Baraka is called "Tarkatan."
Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero is so good. check him out in The Raid, The Night Comes For Us, The Swordsman (2021), Warrior (HBO Max series).
Bruno Bucciarati
Bruno Bucciarati:
They could do a whole spinoff with the Sub Zero vs Scorpion storyline.
Yung Cain
Yung Cain:
Ryan Reynolds would make the most perfect Johnny Cage ever👍
Sash Elliott
Sash Elliott:
So glad you liked the trailer guys!! A lot of this film was shot in South Australia and I was lucky enough to work on some of the VFX for this! So keen to see your reaction to the full movie :) :)
Sourav Ganguly
Sourav Ganguly:
The one who Aaron's Calling baraka is actually the great Kung Lao, one of the early champions of Mortal Kombat, hundreds of years ago and Kung Lao's ancestor, that's probably an ancient painting depicting his win.
Joel Ybanez
Joel Ybanez:
Apparently Crisis has made James Olsen into a Mortal Kombat character
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus:
IGN has a trailer breakdown with the director, he says Cole is a new character they're introducing for the movie.
Drew Shobo
Drew Shobo:
The guy you thought was Baraka is actually the Great Kung Lao (our Kung Lao's ancestor) who won the first tournament and was eventually killed by Goro
Alucard J.B M.P
Alucard J.B M.P:
There is no such thing as "too much Hiroyuki Sanada's badassery in your life". Man, I love this actor.
Just Floating Through
Just Floating Through:
Joe Taslim as Sub-Zero looks freakin dope. The entire cast looks great. I do hope y’all react to Warrior someday or at least watch it on your own time, Taslim is also in that. And I’m pretty high on Andrew Koji.
"No matter how many of my people you put into the ground, we will not fail" such a great line
Falconizer 64
Falconizer 64:
Skarlet taught Sub Zero to make weapons out of blood
Kabal is in this trailer fighting liu kang you can see his hook swords and on his back is lots of tubes
The Miz from WWE would be an incredible Johnny Cage IMO...
Tony Randall
Tony Randall:
This looks sic as hell. R rated, action galore, and just plain going to rock. I enjoyed the original movie back in the day but this is what we need for 2021. Just having Hiroyuki Sanada as my favourite Scorpion.
Logan W
Logan W:
When liu kang is summoning the dragon I think that’s kabal he’s using it on
Alexander Kramer
Alexander Kramer:
Fastest I've seen this recommended, and all I can think was
"Get over here!"
Aryan Jaiswal
Aryan Jaiswal:
Been waiting for this, The protagonist Cole Young seems to be related to Scorpion. At 17:55 Liu Kang is fighting Kabal, a mercenary turned speedster.
Only worried about what seems like a non-mk character being the main character.
Rich Dawg
Rich Dawg:
I like how no one realizes that reptile was in the trailer.
Alucard J.B M.P
Alucard J.B M.P:
The name of the new character, Cole Young, totally sounds like Kuei Liang, the identity of the second Sub-Zero. So this movie's gonna be the origin story of the second, more heroic version of that character (Bi-Han was totally evil). OR, my second theory... as a kind of twist, Cole Young will still be related to the Lin Kuei clan, but in the movie he'll become Scorpion's sidekick and fight against Sub-Zero.
Edward Arnett
Edward Arnett:
Bruh hbo max has me. Zacks justice league, GvK, mortal combat, conjuring 3, matrix 4, Dunn, the suicide sqaud, and more 🤩🤩🤩🤩
The CGI in MK:Annihilation was NOT good, not even back in the day. Jurassic Park came out 3 years earlier.
D Rock
D Rock:
The writer confirmed that was Scorpion's skull face when he was standing in the fire swirl.
Diego Armando Quino Puma
Diego Armando Quino Puma:
"No one beats sub zero" - Hal Wilkerson
Pedro Caballero Clemente
Pedro Caballero Clemente:
“The fate of earth in our hands!”

....Jax left the room 🥺
Dave O
Dave O:
The moment you realise Eric should’ve played Kano
Darth Vaper
Darth Vaper:
3:00 I’m assuming that painting is “The great Kung Lao”(the guy standing) over who looks to be Shang tsung.
13:05 that's the Great Kung Lao, Kung Lao's ancesto that died 500 years ago when fighting Goro
Arif Pratama
Arif Pratama:
His "get over here!" is better than the trailer
Crayola Dookoo
Crayola Dookoo:
I would love to see Bruce Campbell as Jonny cage
Thomas Stripey
Thomas Stripey:
Tadanobu Asano died as a minor Vanir deity in Thor: Ragnarok.... and ascends as Lord Raiden, God of Lightning in Mortal Kombat.
Rene Knight
Rene Knight:
It was gory, campy and suprisingly faithfull. I'm totally on board!
Tarik Suday
Tarik Suday:
"It's a birthmark"
"What does that mean?"
"He was born with it"

Alfi Artya Diwanda
Alfi Artya Diwanda:
When you watch the movie, make sure you're ready with your controller in your hand 🙏🏻 😉
dave b
dave b:
Could we get a reaction to 95 Mortal Kombat?
*crosses fingers*
Reptile is in this movie, a part of me hopes that, this is just a reptile species assassin, and that we'll have a more accurate one, in a possible sequel.
Paul McCloud
Paul McCloud:
Hiroyuki Sanada! I'm sold.
Mikael Monsaraz
Mikael Monsaraz:
Black Sabbath Iron Man at the credits was amazing
Tad Cooper
Tad Cooper:
This looks so much fun
Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans:
If you go back and pause at the moment raiden uses his staff to teleport everyone you can see Kitana’s steel fans sitting on a pillar next to Kano!
Josh K
Josh K:
I live in Texas and I have icicles hanging from my house so big I can literally use them as a sword. So I find it hilarious that this trailer came out at the same time as our current icy situation.
The movie looks soo good, amazing reaction, soo looking forward to the film now
MysticMyth Gaming
MysticMyth Gaming:
I don't expect or want much. Just give me a comprehensible, well told basic story, well choreographed and shot fights, gore/fatalities and we have a good popcorn movie.
Alex Gibb
Alex Gibb:
When Liu Kang uses his fire dragon move, he is fighting Kabal.
Conal Hendry
Conal Hendry:
Goro is from Outworld... He's a member of the four-armed half-human, half-dragon race, called the Shokan.
Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio
Luis Felipe Silva Sampaio:
the painting that appears when sonya was talking it shows the great kung lao!!!! liu kang and kung lao´s ancestor!!
Dion Sanchez
Dion Sanchez:
"Its a birth mark"
"What you do mean"
"He was born with it"

Bruh what? This must've been different scenes, because that exchange was stupid as hell.
Sergio Jr
Sergio Jr:
There's a lack of Johnny Cage so far that drains some of my excitement.
Nalituba Chizongo
Nalituba Chizongo:
"COLE CAGE" 😂😂😂😂😂 Johnny cage's younger brother
Hooty Wooty
Hooty Wooty:
“Is that Baraka?”...Great Kung Lao, c’mon.
Prime Minister Jahnold Poop
Prime Minister Jahnold Poop:
13:01 I think that’s the Great Kung Lao
Eric Mason
Eric Mason:
I haven't been hyped for a film for quite some time...and I am legitimately excited to see this. All the casting choices are *chefs kiss*.
Always love your reactions! Btw, hope Shane is doing ok, really miss seeing him on here
Stanley Jr Nicodemus
Stanley Jr Nicodemus:
It would appear that Crisis made Jimmy Olsen a cyborg arena fighter...
Steven Crighton
Steven Crighton:
Every MK trailer reaction

Me: Get over here!
The trailer really gives me the impression they're actually trying to adapt the game into a movie. Not just making a movie with the name slapped on.
The ending is perfect!
this is tickling some weird childhood nostalgia in me in a way I didnt expect. kinda excited for this.
Jiggin Johnson
Jiggin Johnson:
Finally!!!!This is what I dreamt of as a kid. I fondly remember mortal Monday, all the arcade releases, etc.
Guliber Valdez
Guliber Valdez:
That was a great fucking Kano impression 😂😂
Hey just so you guys know there is a post credit scene in wandavision
This is the one movie i'm sad we're not gonna be able to see at the movie theaters with a big crowd.
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues:
I've never been this early but I'm SO GLAD that you reacted to this !! <3
Mobley House Video
Mobley House Video:
Didn't feel the music and I still need to hear "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!"
Antony Zuñiga
Antony Zuñiga:
You should see the ip man Saga starring donnie Yen
I'm gonna watch this for two reasons : Scorpion and Sub Zero.  Hiroyuki Sanada vs Joe Taslim is going to be epic
Stephen Adolf
Stephen Adolf:
I've been waiting for your guy's reaction to this
William Parry
William Parry:
Finally someone acknowledging the original techno theme tune being used. Love the trailer!
I'm pretty sure the mural is of the Great Kung Lao, Kung Lao's ancestor. He won the tournament in the past
the bald figure you saw and thought was baraka was actually The Great Kung Lao, ancestor of Liu Kang and modern Kung Lao. basically, he was Earthrealm's first champion until Goro killed him
Kennia Soriano
Kennia Soriano:
glad to see Rick again, i hope he's doing ok!!
3:33 _all in sync nodding_
Bobby Simpson
Bobby Simpson:
This needs to be seen in IMAX for sure, hopefully we can find one open. Awesome!
Anthony Baratta
Anthony Baratta:
Great reaction just one Adjustment:
Ray Park played Baraka...
Сергей сын Александра род Кругловых
Сергей сын Александра род Кругловых:
you forgot about one more character - Kabal
The Fatman
The Fatman:
The first movie was passable and I liked it when it came out.

This looks like a good version
Anime Dude
Anime Dude:
I think Cole is Hanzo's (Scorpion) descendent
Joey B
Joey B:
Dude on the right NEVER SHUTS THE HELL UP
alex baxca84
alex baxca84:
First reaction: schok!
Time to watch the original movie as a reaction. I would so watch that lol.
OneEyeWilly 3
OneEyeWilly 3:
Where the F Is Johnny, he's litterly a actor
Flow Caliber
Flow Caliber:
Thats "THE GREAT KUNG LAO" ancestor to Liu kang and kung lao in the picture
Adam Northwood
Adam Northwood:
That’s honestly perfect casting for Scorpion
Steve White
Steve White:
Is good to have Friends when your Into the Comic Con World.
Gina Pedraza
Gina Pedraza:
I've been waiting for your reaction guys!!
I'm with Eric on this, c'mon. Drop the track one good time and you'll have me unabashedly sold.
I'm surprisingly early.
Probably like TDKR, I like your real name, Kaui Liang (Cole Young)