MORTAL KOMBAT Trailer (2021)

First trailer for MORTAL KOMBAT

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Munya Chawawa
Munya Chawawa:
That 'get over here' was like the first attempt at Sonic, needs work - but then we're good!!!!
Imagine if we could see how many people actually replayed the scene "get over here"
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye:
That Kano guy seems like a swell fella, definitely not the type to betray the team or anything like that.
A. W. B.
A. W. B.:
People need to get over Scorpion... he says “Get over Here” exactly how you’d expect a Japanese man, wearing a mask, in the middle of a fight to say the line.
SubZero cuts Scorpion and freezes the blood and stabs him with it.
That's the most badass thing I've ever seen
Seat Time
Seat Time:
You had me at ripping some arms off.
Creative Thinker Anik
Creative Thinker Anik:
my heart touching movie👄💋🌹
continued watching..react anymore plz👄💋🌹
Awesome Aiden91
Awesome Aiden91:
I like how these comments are just directing the movie now
🤣 hearing a bunch kids critique something they weren’t even alive for when the first game came out. But y’all right you’re the experts now I guess. 🤣🙄
Dathan Ford
Dathan Ford:
They’ve gotta find a way to add in “Toasteee”
Dark Factory
Dark Factory:
I'm confused whether that "get over here" was cringy or awesome
"I... Am... Sub Zerooooo"
gave me the chills.

Pun intended.
Valery Alvarez
Valery Alvarez:
This Time ...""SCORPION's and SUB ZERO's MOVIE HISTORY""...!
Lloyd Nicholls
Lloyd Nicholls:
All these kids be saying:
"Aw wow! Mortal Kombat as a movie! What an original idea!"
Captain America
Captain America:
Scorpion: "Get over here"
Sub-zero: No
Scorpion: sed :-(
“Finish them.” And “Get over here.” Needs work but I’m really liking the Kano actor
Kamal Bashir
Kamal Bashir:
Scorpions daughter: dad it's snowing outside
Scorpion: no its not its your frosty uncle again let me get my ropes and yellow mask real quick
hinder_ epoch4
hinder_ epoch4:
I guess I'm the odd one who loves the,"GET OVER HERE!" in this film...
Am disappointed not seeing Johnny Cage. His like one of the main characters in M.K.💯
I lost count to how many times I replayed that "get over here!" scene.
Feels weird without the original theme music but its alright.
The Bat Tech
The Bat Tech:
Everyone complaining how scorpion said "Get Over here"
Me : who is a Liu kang fan
The Final Wolf
The Final Wolf:
Why did the "Over here" sound closer to Owa Owa than "Over here"
That "Get over here" sounds like what my nan would say after falling out of her stair lift.
A User
A User:
everyone's on about the "GEt oVEr hERe" but no one is asking where johnny cage is at. 🙄😒
Marcelo Cavazos Garcia
Marcelo Cavazos Garcia:
"Its a birthmark"
"What do you mean"
"He was born with it"

Dialogue 10/10
Rapper LuGhz
Rapper LuGhz:
Sub Zero, first mortal to wear a covid face mask. He sure did see the future.
I’ll watch the movie after consulting with the elder gods 😂
The "get over here" is not that bad once you listen to it a couple of times.
“I guess Ermac wasn’t available. He’s a busy guy. He is many. They are but one.”
Sajjan Raj Vaidya
Sajjan Raj Vaidya:
It sounds more like, “Get over here, please?”
Dwight Prewitt
Dwight Prewitt:
This trailer gave this movie a lot of hype to live up to...
? ¿
? ¿:
We: Lord Reiden!
Reiden: 🤓
Romie Harris
Romie Harris:
Am looking forward to see this movie then I can say what's what and the souround system make the movie av a tempo so pls all fans give mk a chance hopeing they get it right or rather interesting....
Opus Epynomus
Opus Epynomus:
Eveyone-Who's playing Johnny Cage??
Producers- it's Joooohhhhhnnnn Ceeeeenaaaaaaa
Finally, my kind of heroes.
-It is a birthmark
-what do you mean?
>>He was born with it.
scorpion sounds like a drunk stallone saying get over here!
CJ m
CJ m:
Original “Get over here” can never be replaced or duplicated. Love the Sub Zero and Scorpion feud forever. That frozen blood shard was pretty dope.
I'm more excited for this than my son turning 18 and not having to pay child support anymore
“It’s a birthmark”
“What do you mean”
“He was born with it”

Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes
Anna Koźlińska
Anna Koźlińska:
No wonder I had the same reaction as the "Family Guy" characters in "MY PLANE HAS WIFI" scene :D :D :D
If this has the “cheese” the 90s version had, the gore of the game, and awesome fighting choreography.... WE HAVE A WINNER!
Zuberi Hassan
Zuberi Hassan:
Y'all gotta work on that "get over here". It sucks. 😂
sang waja
sang waja:
when i saw this trailer...i cried!!! tear full of childhood hero
is back.....
Subject Delta Δ
Subject Delta Δ:
“It’s a birthmark”
“What do you mean”
“He was born with it”
*detective 100*
Luz Hernández
Luz Hernández:
1:35 wait a minute, are you telling me that Mileena and Kitana are black? Why do they keep doing this? Why is it so difficult to respect the original ethnicity of each character in movie industry?
ELI 30
ELI 30:
"Get over here"
"Finish him"
Road 35
Road 35:
You know what’s funny - that is the first time Iv seen Scorpion use his signature move in a scene and pull someone towards him like in the video game.
Dan Harris
Dan Harris:
"Get over here" was bad, but is anybody else going to mention how Goro still looks like he's from the 1995 movie?
K&K Productions
K&K Productions:
It actually looks good! I'm so happy!
Víctor Moreno
Víctor Moreno:
I’m subzero Sounds Like the game “Perfect”
James Gabrielle Magbanua
James Gabrielle Magbanua:
Hasade O
Hasade O:
Been more than 20years..."get over here!!" never gets old
This trailer has me hyped up! I hope the movie doesn't suck!
Shekhar Mine
Shekhar Mine:
OMG, i thought it's a Play Station 5 Game
golden freddy 6780
golden freddy 6780:
For me the Arcade days are unforgettable, remember going up and down the city with friends facing new people in Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, and Street Fightet II. Will go with a friend to watch this, regardless of ratings and criticism of the movie.
E. Reyes
E. Reyes:
That "Get over here" sounds good.
Leo leo
Leo leo:
'I am Sub Zero' that line gave me goosebumps! This movie gonna be 🔥🔥
k Jack
k Jack:
1:20-1:21 ..bro how much cable weight flys is Jax pulling loool.
Scorpion looks sick !
Solto Esengulov
Solto Esengulov:
Looking forward to see background stories of those amazing characters. Mostly grandmaster Hasashi. And oooh boy that Raiden teleportation looked awesome, always loved the God of Thunder.
Damm this looked so good until that “get over here” they should’ve just taken the audio from the game for that bit
Sometimes, world is kinda confusing but when the world makes games into movies it gets even more confusing
at first i was like, " oh no not again, pls stop hammering Mortal Kombat into he ground". After the trailer im like, yeaaaah bring it ooon. but fix "get over here". wtf was that!
*0:15** Sub Zero VIOLATED Jax. **1:58** Sub Zero puttin in work on Scorpion in the gulag*
When you watch this trailer so many times the GET OVER HERE Line is amazing. At first I was like meh and now am like F YEAH!
Aysu Maady
Aysu Maady:
The first film was not so bloody. There was the aesthetics of fighting.
Riemer Dijkstra
Riemer Dijkstra:
I've got a quistion for god. WHYYYYYYYYYYY
naman mohammad
naman mohammad:
Scorpion probably wearing a N95 mask so couldn't hear "GET OVER HERRRE"
Everything You Want
Everything You Want:
"Is a birthmark , he was born with it"

Every sixty seconds in Africa , a minute passes 😶
Satya Kartik
Satya Kartik:
Finally dream comes true what I wished to become real. Yeah, a strong action combo competes with marvel.
Rene Carballo
Rene Carballo:
I been waiting 24 years for Mortal Kombat 3 to come out.
Roy Nihangaza
Roy Nihangaza:
This is like the 7th time I have seen Jax lose his arm and each of them are fucking different
Me after hearing Scorpion: HE SAID IT.!! HE FUCKING SAID IT!!!!
Jay Tha Kydd
Jay Tha Kydd:
Damn! This trailer turned my Samsung into shang tsung!
So the real problem now is "aren't there to many white people" and is anyone "LGBTQ"? Because we all know we can't have a reboot with out the woke sauce.
Jacqueline Mediane
Jacqueline Mediane:
Jaelin Milton
Jaelin Milton:
Idk bout that “get over here” I must consult with the elder gods
Thee Erebus
Thee Erebus:
that get over hear sounded like he was yelling in lower case.
Mike Larry
Mike Larry:
It’s takes a 90s kid to understand the importance of this movie
GGGamer guy
GGGamer guy:
Tbh, i thought the get over here part was good, yeah it was muffled...

But it had great music and the way it was played out was amazing.
Tell DA Great88
Tell DA Great88:
"GET OVER HERE" might as well been come here please.
Scorpion then: GET OVER HERE
scorpion now: get Uva Hiaa
Martin Ramm
Martin Ramm:
The way he says "These are your champions??" Amazing..keep saying it 20 times a day lol
Kung Lao
Kung Lao:
Jax: *has arms*

Mortal Kombat: "and I took that personally"
Lord Vader
Lord Vader:
"Get ouvrj here!"
1:37 this shot looks pretty good
Arkın Akı
Arkın Akı:
“Get over here!” should be darker..
mortal kombat is all about "FATALITY"
Just Take a Deep breath
Just Take a Deep breath:
Girl: “Is a birth mark”
Jax : “what do you mean?”
Girl: “he was born with it”
Well no shit that’s why it’s called a birthmark
alfandi nbs
alfandi nbs:
Since the actor wearing mask they can actually edit the get over here part you know 😂
Ewan Shepard
Ewan Shepard:
Finally a movie where they acknowledge that noob saibot once was sub zero
Shoobbie C
Shoobbie C:
Not gonna bother watching this becoz there’s no Chun Li in iskimpy ninja outfit. 🤪🤪🤪
jay jos
jay jos:
Actually what he wanted to know from
" Its a birthmark"
"what do you mean" is not the literal meaning but he maybe wanted to know about the power of that mark... Lol 😂😂
Bruddah Osas
Bruddah Osas:
It's okay guys Johnny Cage isn't in the trailer because he's filming a movie right now
1:48 Best part of the trailer...
Mazi Akinola
Mazi Akinola:
2 seconds of Kano and he could be everyone’s favorite character already 😂
Xuan Thai Le
Xuan Thai Le:
That Sub-Zero’s voice is so deeply and cool
Love how he use his power
San Prince
San Prince:
I remember playing this on my psp when I was younger this is actually so exiting to see