Moses Farrow defends Woody Allen, claims Mia Farrow was abusive

The adopted son of filmmaker Woody Allen is defending his father against accusations Allen sexually assaulted his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, three decades ago. In a lengthy blog post, Moses Farrow said he "can no longer stay silent" and his father "continues to be condemned for a crime he did not commit." Bianna Golodryga reports.

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100+ komentarze:

Don Brown
Don Brown:
What a god awful mess of a family...
Diane Valentine
Diane Valentine:
I think the media needs to back off. This a troubled family and it is a very complex issue.
Ms. King seems far too close to Mia and Dylan to be objective and 'commenting' on Mia's non-comment is proof of that.
Melanie Martin
Melanie Martin:
Three of their kids died by suicide. If anyone hasnt read Moses' letter I'd recommend reading it.
M PIussant
M PIussant:
The videos of Moses as a young boy are just amazing...he looked like the cutest, coolest and happiest kid in the world. I'm so sorry he had to be dragged into all of the family drama.
Money changes people. I was abused by my father and my brother never believed me
There was a made-for-tv movie back in the 90s about what happened between Mia, Soon-Yi & Allen and in it after the two separate, Allen tells Soon-Yi, Mia's thinking of adopting again, and Soon-Yi says "What will it be this time, a three legged goat?" It was a heartbreaking disgusting moment.
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow:
It's an extremely unethical thing for a journalist to pick a side in such an issue.
Cirstea Gabriela
Cirstea Gabriela:
Moses, i hope you got a good deal. $
Jean -Francois
Jean -Francois:
And I thought my family was total mess, a fairytale compared to them!
A destroyed family, is all we can know for sure.
N Fraser
N Fraser:
When an abused child becomes an adult, they get hit with the gravity of the crime. That is why the trauma affects the rest of their life.
i have reason to believed Moses because he has nothing to gained from this and since he doesn't have a beef with Mia Farrow. But let's face this the fact that this whole family is dysfunctional.
R L:
"Once, when I was given a new pair of jeans, I thought they would look cool if I cut off a couple of the belt loops. When Mia saw what I had done, she spanked me repeatedly and had me remove all my clothing, saying, “You’re not deserving of any clothes” and making me stand naked in the corner of her room, in front of my older siblings who had just returned from dinner with their father André". - Moses Farrow on Mia Farrow

"Forced nudity is now recognised by regional and international criminal courts as reaching the threshold for torture, inhuman, and degrading treatment and as a stand-alone sexual harm". -
Margaret Lowery
Margaret Lowery:
I don't believe it happened that day, it happened the day Mia found out about Soon Yi. I understand the pain she must have endured but then she dragged her whole family into her misery.
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen:
Families are battlegrounds of conflicting points of view. Scorned spouses sometimes do make things up and indoctrinate a child too young to remember to believe something happened when, maybe, it did not, in order to get even. I don't know what really happened. But is due process and skepticism still allowed?
Cynthia Haley
Cynthia Haley:
Gail should not be giving her opinion on the matter. Many involved in that me too movement are Highly Questionable.
Juan Soto
Juan Soto:
Haciendo un recuerdo de estas novelas llevadas a la pantalla y qie reflejja la vida simplemete como sucede encualquier parte del nuestro mundo.Recuerdo de esta con nostalgia saludos.
Attila Titus Baranyi
Attila Titus Baranyi:
This was confirmed by Soon Yin as well. They were emotionally abused, brainwashed.
Mary Kate Daniiher
Mary Kate Daniiher:
Thank you Moses. Sorry you had to grow up with Farrow as a mother.
i wonder why this side of the story doesn't get more exposure
James Howaniec
James Howaniec:
"Read the reports...." Good grief. This is a legitimate "journalist"? I'm a criminal defense lawyer. I've read many "reports" over the past 33 years, many of which have been false, exaggrated, filled with bias. The solemn look of this "journalist" as she solemnly told us to "read the reports." Good grief. Pathetic.
Jennifer Juneau
Jennifer Juneau:
I believe it. The nanny also wrote a book about it. Mia was manipulative.
Randy Karnell
Randy Karnell:
Can you still get IN on this?

(do not see below for clarity - as there is none)

Rudi M
Rudi M:
The Reporting by CBS is obviously biased and slanted. I read Moses Farrow entire Blog post with great interest and I am glad I did, it was a revelation. I also read that Yale–New Haven Hospital team concluded: "It is our expert opinion that Dylan was not sexually abused by Mr. Allen". Lets just stick with the facts, that's really all that matters.
Bob Cooper
Bob Cooper:
Dozens of kids in the McMartin daycare center had memories implanted. Moses' story isn't anymore crazy than Dylan's story.
Mia Farrow is known to lie. She swore under oath that Ronan is Woody's biological son, but then hinted he might actually be Frank Sinatra's kid. That would've meant Frank cheated on Barbara, who was still living until 2017. It's extremely disrespectful to Barbara to hint that her husband cheated on her if it's not true.
Ace The Great
Ace The Great:
I don't know much about this but I can tell you from experience it's easy to be brainwashed by your mother especially if she's manipulative enough. I've been there.
I don't know and anyone who claims to know for sure doesn't, unless maybe they are part of this family, and even then their lives and futures are so threatened if they say the wrong thing that they may know, but I don't think they can say. I feel very sorry for Dylan whatever the case. I look at her face, and her hair and she just look blank, like there is nothing there but a hodgepodge of different conflicting feelings and like he inner being has just quit trying to make sense of think for herself. I wish her the best.
Whale’s Willy
Whale’s Willy:
To answer Dylan’s question: because 2 investigations found no evidence of abuse.

I wonder what it’ll take to really prove this case or get closure? Lie detectors are suspect as well apparently.
Summer of Kitty Love
Summer of Kitty Love:
Mia was out to ruin the man after the damage he caused! I would never want to mess with her!
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas:
If she thought he was a monster why let him in the house? Why leave him in the house with your children? Mia, you're not being straight.
Geez either one side is totally lying about the other or both sides are guilty of what either is saying and are all at fault for tearing the family apart. It's a devastating mess for all of them that they may never recover from until someone comes forward and confesses if they want to stop feeling the shame.
LiS Wright
LiS Wright:
About Moses: Remember he was adopted and adopted children are always afraid that they will be left behind.
Diana H.
Diana H.:
I LOVE this kid. .he's very brave to come forward.. that is one crazy mother
Randy Karnell
Randy Karnell:
"The Truth Must Always Be Convenient To Us."

the late great Frank Daniel.

Kira Nolan
Kira Nolan:
People find Dylan's story credible because they refuse to hear Woody's side.
Mothers have manipulated their children for years, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.
If 2020 was a family...
tRoy a
tRoy a:
She been couched . This happened all the time sad. He be in jail if that's was a case. He(son) is telling the truth .
Vincenté Thompson
Vincenté Thompson:
How ya dad and brother in law the same person 😂😂😂
Bottom line: never charged - check the history - investigated with some of the country’s best - not charged - heartbreaking
Moses Farrow just the name makes me 😂😂
Steven William Bayless Parks
Steven William Bayless Parks:
Mia most likely preferred Ronan: her biological child, blond, blue-eyed, intelligent; most of the other children most likely got lost in the shuffle.
All these Hollyeood nut cases who collect kids like trophies, are not right in the head. Look at Angelina Jolie.
rene gonzalez
rene gonzalez:
yeah, the reports say a lot, especially about how HE WAS FOUND TO BE INNOCENT by ALL accounts
Mesolithic Man
Mesolithic Man:
'Cos it's never been known for a scorned wife to seek revenge on her ex using the children. To think Mia Fartow hasn't already got a load of emotional baggage from her earlier life...(Sinatra).
omar chandler
omar chandler:
I never knew that the assault allegations were AFTER Mia and Allen had split when he started up with Mia’s daughter. I don’t know if the allegations are true but it puts a different light on things at the very least.
Darius Manson
Darius Manson:
Also what does Moses think it would be like to have a tiger mom?
miss prissy
miss prissy:
This dysfunctional family story reminds me of of Jolie/Pitts family dysfunction.
A journalist shouldn’t manipulate public opinion by giving their personal opinion.

3:43 ...pfff
Abigail J
Abigail J:
Agree that certain mothers can manipulate their children (whether adpoted or not) into believing lies. My mother was a queen manipulator.

Inevitably, the kids grow up and either continue to spread the lies or they disconnect from such a miserably inadequate parent.
most people will brush off a childs allegation of an abusive mother...
Anon Anon
Anon Anon:
Wow Gayle Soo unbiased... ugh
Good boy Moses, you have so much courage to defy your evil manipulating mother and the rest of her small but mysteriously loyal gang of monsters.
Will Mac
Will Mac:
I believe the train set location is the key to whether the allegation stands up or falls apart. If it can be proven it wasn't, then the allegation looks v shaky.. if she changes her story, it also falls apart.
barbara bain
barbara bain:
right on moses...proud u came forward..
Coffee Clutch Journalism.
Pat Manchester
Pat Manchester:
Mia brother has been convicted of child abuse. Mia left him in charge of her children often.
Reddy REDDY:
If you really care about victims then why aren’t Moses Farrows’ coaching and abuse claims about Mia Farrow just as valid as Dylan’s? Unless some long lost CCTV footage of what happened that day comes to light, I don’t think anyone can say with 100% certainty what happened. Everyone should calm down and stop making definitive proclamations one way or the other.
Razor Beard
Razor Beard:
It's distressing to still hear it framed as something that happened "that day" as if they still believe the framing of this scenario. In actuality, it was planned the moment Mia Farrow suspected and could prove Allen was in a relationship with Soon Yi and carried out over a lengthy period of time. That's why Dylan still commits to it. It's methodical.
What reports is Gail referring to? The one that I read stated that they thought Dylan was not abused.
I don't place faith in lie detector tests but I think refusal to take one speaks volumes. I think there is much more likelihood of getting a false guilty result than a false innocent result. Woodys test showed innocence. She refused the test bc she knows she lying.
Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor:
Of course this will get less press and views than the accusal.
Sherri Tucker
Sherri Tucker:
Yeah, the reports also say that Dylan either made it up or was coached by Mia. The only one guilty of child abuse is Mia Farrow.
So what does her not being a great mom mean if he is a sexual abuser? Noone is challenging the fact that he had sex with Soon yi. That situation alone is repulsive.
Dan Elmore
Dan Elmore:
"Read the reports. The reports say a lot."
Yes they do - like that Dylon's statements have changed, and sound as though they have been coached. That is a federal agency trying to be as polite as possible about a child, when there are serious indications that said child is not telling the truth.

Read those reports, indeed.
I guess since Mia abused Moses, that means Dylan didn't get molested by Allen? That's the argument??
Sandra Shevey
Sandra Shevey:
I love the way this one and Winfrey seem to the Father Confessors for all the celebs. In the old days you had Hopper and Parons but they knew when to stop. Winfrey and this one barge right in. They must be on the phone. The news media causing real and irreparable harm in the invasions of private lives. You no longer have reporting. These people make the news. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
What would you expecting from a women was collecting bunch of babies from exotic countries? She enjoyed shopping adorable babies, but not interested raising adopted children with responsibility, dedication. They don't adopt babies for humanity, they do for their own needs. Probably make them feel better?
Mrs Justicewilbeserved
Mrs Justicewilbeserved:
Moses was such a cute little boy. Regardless he did or not. Getting involve with someone whom you met when she was a child is pretty gross. But i wish them the best on both side.
Chelsea Poet
Chelsea Poet:
Innocent until proven guilty must be upheld or society breaks down.
Saint Cloud Nursery
Saint Cloud Nursery:
This man was not legally charged, Moses comes out against him earlier then recants years later saying "we would have never left her alone with him, it didn't happen" The fact that he felt he could not leave her alone with Allen speaks volumes. If Mia was brainwashing the kids then why would she set it up to be sure Dylan was never left alone with Allen? I am sorry but he loses all credibility when he has an affair with the step daughter and marries her. He claims the affair didn't start until she was 21 but he was in that home with her when she was a small child. and they have naked photos he took with her. He betrayed his whole family. I have a hard time being angry with Mia or judging her I am not sure how I would have reacted knowing that my life partner was having an affair with my daughter, underage or not. As far as allegations that she was abusive, that is really up to the kids to work out with her, they are adults now, in their own power and they should confront her. Allen was there if he was aware of the abuse and did nothing then he has that hanging over him also.
Christine D
Christine D:
They all need lie detector tests, and get to the real truth
Christopher Mullaley
Christopher Mullaley:
I'm a Chinese guy named Moses, of course I'm emotionally scarred.
Linda Burton
Linda Burton:
I’ve always though Mia was little touched anyway.
Pagan Pilgrim
Pagan Pilgrim:
Dylan's story has changed quite a bit and has included details that don't make any sense.
Victor Carrero
Victor Carrero:
This chick says there creditable and in fact there not if you read the police report it says she not creditable. There's no evidence just mia putting BS in her daughter head since she was 7
Imagine your own family mess for all the world to hear.
Carol Nahigian
Carol Nahigian:
What Moses says rings true
Some moms are terrifying!!!
patty 8873
patty 8873:
Ironic that Mia is in support of Roman Polanski who is accused of child rape.
So many adopted kids, All around... What happened to Biological kids?

Chinese Mom? Yup she has all the tools required manipulate kids mind
Laura Powers
Laura Powers:
Sleeping with the husband's of the women she pretended were her best friend was well known among the powerful celebrities of NY.
F. B.
F. B.:
We all know who Gayle King is siding with. She's so transparent, with her biased comments!
Betty White
Betty White:
Mia's interview with Howard Stern was very telling. I'll leave it at that.
Nunna Yrbznz
Nunna Yrbznz:
it's horrible that any journalist discussed the allegations with the OTHER children.
Randy Karnell
Randy Karnell:
Moses doesn't wanna end up.

Like Jerry Lewis' sons.

"It was their own fault," says Moses.

"They should of KNOWN to divert/obfuscate."

I feel bad after reading his letter I feel Mia may be the guilty one of causing abuse in the household .
adhd trader
adhd trader:
Why does this family exist for us to observe?
Why did Mia wait until 1992 to bring this out?
Susan Jimenez
Susan Jimenez:
Jeez surprised anyone came out normal in this family Ronan seems like only normal one
Just Me
Just Me:
Funny Gayle, your a reporter yes?? I'M SORRY BUT WHO'S SIDE are you ALREADY on, ahem??????!
Ryan Ortega
Ryan Ortega:
Oh, I wrote what I wrote prior to Gail informing us all that those of whom have discussed the incident with Dylan find her believable, which is a great and not at all manipulative manner of exiting the segment.

In Jury trials, either side can, and oft times do, make claims of what ‘They will show’ despite never even again mentioning the initial claim. With the sub field of Social Psychology that focusing on small group behavior, the overwhelming evidence in support of the unsubstantiated claims of future evidence in support of a statement made being a tool that has a positive influence on the Jurors is available to all who may care to look.
Barefoot Prof
Barefoot Prof:
One day she will have a book confessing her memories were implanted
Ted Dayer
Ted Dayer:
Mia Farrow is really scary
Mia Farrow is batshit crazy.
Kagome Momo
Kagome Momo:
I feel lile he just backing up his Sister because he probably relates to her more.
Tordy Clark
Tordy Clark:
Hows it more believable you've been brainwashed than the story of Allen assaulting you, Dylan? You were brainwashed .I feel bad for Dylan. She knows deep down her mother coerced her. It will be a long fall from grace for Dylan, to admit it. But people will support her for being bold enough to admit the truth.
It often happens that the ones you help- go against you
Not A Doctor
Not A Doctor:
That whole family is effed up...