MOTD Manchester United vs Brighton 2-1 Ian Wright And Alan Shearer Postmatch Analysis

MOTD Manchester United vs Brighton 2-1 Ian Wright And Alan Shearer Postmatch Analysis
MOTD Manchester United vs Brighton 2-1

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Mason's goal was like watching Edinson.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
Mason’s ‘difficult second album’ is now almost behind him. Next season we will see Greenwood 3.0. Spoke well too after the game and I will love to see him go far. Looks like a nice, albeit very young lad.
Oh. I understand why it wasn't a penalty now.

Very lucky.
D Anton
D Anton:
They question to non call for a penalty but on the play when Rashford scored zzBruno Fernandes was cleaned out from behind a that could have been a red card but there was no mention of that. The guy didn't even get a yellow. WTF!
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix:
If Mason can get double figures again this season. It will be great. Ole has just kept subbing at the end of games. So many goals are scored during that time period.
Llewellyn James Kinnaird
Llewellyn James Kinnaird:
Var ruling doesnt make sense....
It's like they can review things when they feel like it.
When they dont , they just say the ref has made the decision ??
Damian Smith
Damian Smith:
How many times have you heard "Man united got away with one" this season .... something not wright 🚫
Breaking Nawang
Breaking Nawang:
Varchester United !
Richard James
Richard James:
David Jmaes massive bell end, so Macquire wasn't allowed to challenge for the ball ?
Gwenore Deshon
Gwenore Deshon:
Paul Red Wolstenholme
Paul Red Wolstenholme:
Why is he calling rashford phenomenal when is not Andy Cole was phenomenal with 30 goal striker a season
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
Didn’t James flap at one to let Cole score at Anfield?
The agenda w/ Man U and Maguire by the PL is actually horrendous.
Oddy Pele
Oddy Pele:
Welbeck kicked Maguire.🤣 Not a pen.
gary byrne
gary byrne:
If utd got themselves a world class dm and stopped this defensive shit football they could actually challenge for the title..
Khalid Alnajjar
Khalid Alnajjar:
Not a penalty wtf on about 🤣
Wakan Tanka
Wakan Tanka:
Brighton robbed a clear pen, another 12'th man victory.....
Utd an here. I thought it was a penalty. We caught a break there. Potter is a good sport. Good points for Utd.
kennedy njenga
kennedy njenga:
We are lucky to win
Brian Doyle
Brian Doyle:
Yet another match where Brighton were the better team but didn't win.. Maguire clipped his heel there's contact no other reason for him not to get the ball clear goal chance cheated from Brighton... Graham potter is a really good coach and games but most decisions are not going his way....Cole spoke about goals for Brighton but they aren't getting the luck from officials today was something that the ref should of gave it was more of a pen call than not simply because wellbeck only needed to nip that ball and it's in everyone could see it was a pen.. Brighton have played some nice football this season not like headless chickens but nice football potters trying to get champagne from lemonade and fair play to him everyone loves an underdog especially if they try so I hope they stay up...
pralhad shrestha
pralhad shrestha:
Brighton robbed of a point twice this season. The 99 minute fiasco and wow, if the football community tells me that's not penalty then I would stop watching the game.
Damian Smith
Damian Smith:
England will never win a CUP .. biased federation .. McGuire Kane are cheats and rarely if ever get pinalized pundits call them cheaky and smart .. take away the language and the tv coverage english league wouldn't be so popular's getting frustrating to watch
Fan Fan
Fan Fan:
Man.U. won again with the help of referee!
Willy Deatheatter
Willy Deatheatter:
Ole pls leave. Save yrself some lagacy
Ernesto Ortiz
Ernesto Ortiz:
Not a good manager at all
Overated united