Motorola made the foldable Razr we've wanted

The Motorola Razr flip phone is back, but now it’s an Android smartphone with a foldable display. The 2019 Razr keeps the same general form factor, but replaces the T-9 keypad and small LCD with a 6.2-inch, foldable plastic OLED panel and Android 9 Pie. It’ll cost $1,499 when it arrives in January of next year.

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The Verge
The Verge:
What was your first cell phone?
Wenyuan Liang
Wenyuan Liang:
This is exactly what I hope a folding phone should be like.
Evan Nakagawa
Evan Nakagawa:
This is the closest we've come to a "practical" folding phone.
Motorola made the foldable Razr we've wanted at the price we can't afford
2007: this is the year where foldable phones are no more!

2019: hello “Moto”
into the unknown
into the unknown:
The second version of this is gonna be great, and hopefully at a more reasonable price point.
immortal ibsy
immortal ibsy:
this seems like the product that will be viable for most people after its 2nd or 3rd iteration and honestly, I am here for it
It seems amazing. It's smaller, less distracting and keeps the screen safe. The only downside here is only one, mid-tier camera, and high price. Great innovation from motorola
For the first time in years, I’m super excited about cell phones. Can’t wait to see how other companies put their spin on this.
I absolutely love this idea and concept but if the specs aren’t up to snuff then this is only a great purchase if it were 4+ years ago. Better cam, better processor, better screen resolution and frankly a better UI and this would be game changing.
Reuben Flores
Reuben Flores:
Really love how it folds into a compact design. Wish it was cheaper though.
It's actually very nice to see that Motorola, a company that has been around for so long and struggled so much recently to actually do something as remarkable as this. They know this won't be a top seller, and I don't think that's even the point, they just wanted to show how they can still do something very good.
I've been using the galaxy fold for 2 months. I can definitely tell you, no Galaxy Fold user will downgrade to a form factor that doesn't provide a tablet option. The experience is so immersive for gaming, ebooks and general web browsing. I will never think of downgrading by purchasing a foldable device if it's not a true 2 in 1.
In no way am I defending the current cons of the device but like our YouTube celebrity, I'm not going to nitpick. But form factor, yes. It needs to add incremental value, and most obvious benefit is screen estate... Just foldable on it's own is now already not good enough to warrant the 1.5K & up price tag. - of course, just my thoughts and my opinion alone :)
Vic Christoph
Vic Christoph:
This new Razr might not be the best phone but it sure looks a lot of fun! And as always, a great first take by the Verge.
Aesop McLean
Aesop McLean:
Not having a noticeable crease is huge. My 3 biggest issue with folding phones has been: the noticeable crease, the hinge accumulating dirt, and the easily damage screen. I hope the hinge on this phone works well so it can knock 2 problems off the list.
Brendon Renkema REALTOR
Brendon Renkema REALTOR:
This is the phone we never knew we wanted!
I am in shock. Motorola actually found a legit use for a foldable screen. I have laughed or shook my head at every implementation of this tech so far. But Motorola just shrunk the giant screen phone down to something that fits comfortably in your pocket. Can’t wait to see how it holds up over time and how it evolves with better CPU and camera. Finally an interesting new phone!
Armin Sanjana
Armin Sanjana:
Oh wow what a gorgeous phone 💕 have always loved Motorola .. hopefully it comes with an unlocked version too
E S:
I’d love to have one. I always loved flip phones because they fit in my front pocket and button it up and not lose it.
That is so freaking cool! I never buy first gen stuff though.. I may be in to this next version. Heck if I wasn't so cheap I might have bought this one for a second phone now.
Magnum Madureira
Magnum Madureira:
When it fold it gets smaller, this is not only cool but practical.
Rachel Davis
Rachel Davis:
The one thing I miss about old school flip phones is being open to flip it openly or slam it shut dramatically. What a satisfying gesture. I will not be paying $1500 for this but if this becomes more common and comes down in price and turns out to be the future of smart phones, count me in
Navy Nick
Navy Nick:
I was in love with my Razr; this looks amazing‼️
Luca Cifera
Luca Cifera:
I'm excited for this phone. That being said, I'll wait for the 2nd gen one once they work out all the kinks. :)
Mike Pado
Mike Pado:
Quality review. No bashing or glorifying, just a straightforward report. Nice work.
Quite possibly the best execution for a foldable phone. Well done Motorola
René A. Morales
René A. Morales:
This thing seems really cool. I hope other companies hop on board.
Cross X
Cross X:
This is the most usable foldable phone so far. I will buy it after they make improvements on this model :)
Love the form factor and concept. Razr was a icon....this makes it even better
Vette Guy
Vette Guy:
Damn i can not wait, was not my first cell phone, but loved my razr. I might wait until the $1500 comes down, if they bring out a second version. If this thing is durable, we will see lots of cool phones to follow.
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan:
new Razr, Disney old shows are trending, My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine are touring.... Welcome to 2003
Jamie Bracey
Jamie Bracey:
I actually preferred the krazr, the straight, non folding version of the razr. Liked it way better back in the day. Kind of a mix of the two.
⭐*.*':RickK* *RocKStar:'*.*⭐
⭐*.*':RickK* *RocKStar:'*.*⭐:
Like the original razr Motorola had plenty of different options and specs. I'm sure it will only get better.👍
Dean Franz
Dean Franz:
Aside from the CPU and the lack of microSD card support,
it's a step up from my current phone (I'm still rockin' a Galaxy S7).

I'd be so happy to upgrade to this phone if it was available on AT&T.
Alas, this is exclusive to Verizon customers. Hope you enjoy it, friends!
Anonymous Freak
Anonymous Freak:
I am *AMAZED* that phone was still working by the end, the way he was flipping it open *HARD*, then snapping it shut hard. That says more about the durability than anything else - with all the Samsung Fold reviews having to treat the phone with kid-gloves.
Not gonna lie if all phones adopt this design, I wouldn’t be mad
I love my "smart" phone but I miss the convenience of a flip phone. Especially at work. Being able to slide my phone into my pocket and bend at the hip was a plus. Hopefully this idea last and the price will drop. Right now R&D cost are still a factor. Still, I'll want to see how the screen holds up. I'm fairly rough on my phone.
Alex Parra
Alex Parra:
I really hope Motorola gets amazing profits or some nice business deals from this comeback to make even bigger advancements later on in gen 2
B D:
Razr is an icon and I am soo happy too see that they made it the real Razr again 🥰
Martin T
Martin T:
It’s honestly a good design, it’s what a flip phone should look like and what anyone would expect. I’m glad they didn’t make something weird looking
Er Forscher
Er Forscher:
This is what we want. Motorola back in action.
Ryan Joel
Ryan Joel:
Love the design but I cant lose fast charging and wide angle camera. I can give up wireless charging and the razr didnt have it too
Farra Elena
Farra Elena:
Remember not to snap the flip too hard or you'll end up with a broken screen 😄 that's a freakin cool phone. It looks sooooo coool.... ❤
Bry Hul
Bry Hul:
I hope other companies follow up with this design!! I don’t need a foldable iPad I want a full size phone to make calls on that fits in any pocket. Might make me leave Apple for this 🤐
Jed Clampett
Jed Clampett:
I'll wait for reviews from XDA developers. Guaranteed Motorola will offer a GSM version of this phone. So far I see many potential problems. However, the innovation is fabulous!
Shellyman Studios
Shellyman Studios:
2019 has been an interesting year for smartphones.
madhur goel
madhur goel:
Would have booked it immediately, had Moto given it modern processor and camera, and all other features of a modern top of the line android
Most practical folding smart phone concept I've seen thus far.
Gino Foto
Gino Foto:
pretty unique device, I just love the idea about goes to small cell phones once again...
Sudo Nim
Sudo Nim:
"Motorola seems pretty confident about the durability."
JerryRigEverything is going to have a field day with this phone.
Wow, a great first effort at bringing back that phone! Love the display its the best foldable I have seen yet. Now hopefully the Gen II model will be competitive with the flagships if they can get the right components to make it work.
Kuntal Mondal
Kuntal Mondal:
This is actually way more practical than any modern phones. I mean it becomes small and easy to carry.
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro Delgado:
Nostalgia alert, this was my first phone. Refreshing someone coming up with something different. Hope it works out!
Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis:
It's a wonderful phone and I'd love to have one.
But not at that price.
One Cheap Eric
One Cheap Eric:
Couldn't afford the Razr then, can't afford the Razr now.
Prince Tech
Prince Tech:
For some reason I love this phone sooooooo much. It’s small in your pocket but big in your hands.
Johannes Wöhler
Johannes Wöhler:
Remember, this is just first entry of its class. Maybe later we will find a new version with more powerful (enough for day to day, unlike those gaming and all) specifics.
Luca Cifera
Luca Cifera:
My first cellphone wasn't a Razr, but it was a Motorola phone. With that being said, I never owned a Razr, but I did own a Krzr, and I've missed flip phones, so I really am looking forward to this phone :D
Jonathon Spears
Jonathon Spears:
This is how folding phones should be. I love this phone. Not the folding tablets other brands are going with.
Old Skool Gamer
Old Skool Gamer:
The second gen of this phone may be a true killer flagship
Dan H
Dan H:
I think longer term there is going to be some battles in court when these foldable screens start to break on the point of is this regular wear and tear or is it a design flaw. Particularly in countries where you have sales of goods regulations such as Europe. I think it's going to backfire really badly, and I think you're gonna see massive recalls of these things, I suspect Apple has investigated this technology and decided to hold off for this very reason.
Avery Sharp
Avery Sharp:
I think I'll stick with my galaxy fold. I wanted a folding phone so I could have a tablet that fits in my pocket not just a normal phone that gets even smaller.
Motorola knows how to match and play with other specs with older processors. I'm using z2 play and you can't say it is a non flagship processor phone.

Just like apple doesn't use chips as fast as Samsung or even batteries.
Finally a phone that will fit in my back pocket without sticking out lol
Genius design! I like how the back camera becomes a selfie camera when it’s folded.
Most folks who are old enough to have had cell phones when they first came out had Motorola bag phones. Then we transitioned in to Nokia phones. I remember everyone at client companies I dealt with having the Nokia attached to their belts with a belt clip. The flip phones came later. This type of design may be what is needed to actually make a flip phone work for today's market. Get the price down and up the specs.
I think we can cut these manufacturers exploring folding phones some slack for specs. At least for now in the first gen phones. They're trying something completely new. And physics be physics. Kudos to them.
Piroska Kiss
Piroska Kiss:
OMG!!! This must be so cool!!! I loved the original Razr, that was my favorite phone (before I got my Blackberry Priv). I just wonder how long will the screen last, how many years will it work perfecty...?
特勒 рэедук トラー反希 фтеэ 反ヒ
特勒 рэедук トラー反希 фтеэ 反ヒ:
That phone looks useful. I hate smart phones having 6” screens
Helena Bottom-Farter
Helena Bottom-Farter:
Motorola and Samsung: Making foldable phones.
Apple: Dual Sim.
I think this is what Motorola needs to make a comeback... That price is going to be rough though.
Greeat review! I love your enthusiasm and honest feedback! I missed the old flip phones... hehe
It was my parent's first phone, they loved it and we still have it somewhere at home
Pretty excited to see how the 2nd generation of this phone will turn out to be!
Ninja Nerd Student #69
Ninja Nerd Student #69:
The beauty of this design is that it can get thinner because nobody will put the unfolded thing in the pocket to bend. It will be small and just thick enough in the pocket.
L12 M12
L12 M12:
Outdated specs to keep the price down 🙂👍 smart move! Pro version can probably come out later with a power boost for tech geeks who want more power! For more 💰
Nick Shades
Nick Shades:
I would say its a good start, Give it a better camera and an unlocked version and Ill be all over it.

Love retro modern stuff.
Dileepa Rajapaksha
Dileepa Rajapaksha:
I think this will become a turning point for smart phone design
Dan Pandrea
Dan Pandrea:
With a design like this and hopefully a reliable display and hinge, specs don’t matter that much.
Emerson B
Emerson B:
Pretty sweet. The original razr was the best flip phone ever, back before Android. Now if only we could install the Apple operating system on this new one...
CJ Rocky
CJ Rocky:
impressive. just needs more streamlined to get rid of the bulkiness. the next few models down the line will improve this however phones will be irrelevant by that point no doubt
Georgi Kaua
Georgi Kaua:
I always love the flip phone and this is perfect for me
Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott:
I got mine. Absolutely love it. It's back! ♥️
Deepak Mohanty
Deepak Mohanty:
Nailed it! Kudos to the designers and engineers involved.
Frisky Meowingtons
Frisky Meowingtons:
Instantly excited and wanted to purchase one at launch. Then I heard the price, no thanks.
I'm not due for a new phone for another year and a half, but I am so in love with this phone. Hopefully future iterations when I'm in the market for a new phone will have better specs. Still loving this though.
Malcolm Sullivan
Malcolm Sullivan:
Pure salesman plugging for sure, a phone I definitely won’t buy had Motorola previously and they were pants to be honest
Harry Wild
Harry Wild:
If this sells big, Apple will jump on this design and will call it their own!
This is the foldable phone humans deserves
Thanks Moto
I need to get one in silver so it can match the one I've had here all these years! Best phone ever! :D
A P:
If the fold is meant to allow you to carry it easily in your pocket, the full size when it's opened could have been a little bigger...
Alex Jenkins
Alex Jenkins:
I’d love to see JerryRig do his work on this. Hopefully Moto will incorporate his suggestions into the next generation of the new Razr.
I think it looks bloody fantastic! Great job
Pdro Hrtdo
Pdro Hrtdo:
The phone “we all” wanted but because it’s so expensive nobody will buy
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia:
Probably the ONLY phone that would make me switch from iPhone! Takes me back to my middle school days (2008)
Niketan Rai
Niketan Rai:
After so many years I'm seeing good press about this company. A step in right direction
They should’ve made this years ago. Although I loved my razor back in the day it just seems a little too late for this now.
Simple Dad
Simple Dad:
Cool! If this is where phones are headed, I can't wait for the future of mobile. I don't think its going to sell like hotcakes given the price, but nevertheless, the future is looking bright.
I will buy the next version. This will hopefully sell and make them money. Then the next one will be better I hope. Still a awesome design and I miss my old one! 🤣
Tapan Kumar Das
Tapan Kumar Das:
The display perhaps feels a little washed out to me. I could be wrong.

Also, the box in which it comes is by far one of the most interesting part of the whole package.