Motorola Razr (2019) | One week later...

Now the hype's died down, here's my Motorola Razr 2019 hands-on review, running through the specs and features and my thoughts on this foldable phone - from the innovative design to the limited specs and camera tech.

The new Moto Razr launched last week and there was a lot of excitement and buzz around this proper bendy smartphone, which isn't a fold-up tablet like the Galaxy Fold. Motorola's classic, iconic handset looks better than ever and that foldable screen really is impressively seamless, thanks to that smart dual hinge tech.

However, to get this slick design to work, the new Razr 2019 has to make some sacrifices. The performance is limited thanks to the Snapdragon 710 chipset, although only gamers should prove disappointed - the stock Android experience proved smooth in my hands-on time.

Battery life will also be hampered by the split 2500mAh cell, while it's the older Android 9 OS on board. Not great news for anyone who really does demand the latest tech.

As for the single lens 16MP camera, you'll have to wait for the full Moto Razr 2019 review to see how that fares. Motorola's usual features and AI tools are on board although you won't get the premium experience you may expect at this price point.

This updated classic will be released in the UK in December, for 1599 Euros - so around £1500. Stay tuned for full coverage!

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Enrico Langer
Enrico Langer:
Would love to see more of these folding phones that folding a regular size phone into a more pocket friendly size... For me this is the future of folding phones
Titus Squier
Titus Squier:
No matter how the phone has performed, it is great to see that a company has done something no one else has tried and started the concept of a flip smartphone.
It will take time to work out the problems that this idea will have, but I praise Motorola for trying something different.
The next generation of anything starts from one idea.
I like the design, but there's no way I'd pay a grand and a half for that.
I really hope this brings back flip phones in a strong way. I missed them and would really like to see the blend of touch screen and flip style.
Max Cassanelli
Max Cassanelli:
Just take my money. I can't wait for the saticsfation of disconnecting someone by slamming the phone shut
Kyle Cornett
Kyle Cornett:
Really like were Motorola are going with this, after using a Sony Xperia 5 for a week, I really enjoyed that 21:9 aspect ratio watching movies was great. Unfortunately this is way overpriced in my opinion, but a step in the right direction. Thanks for the video 👍
As a phone, this seems promising, though I'll wait to see what they do with it next. I would personally need a version with sim card slots, so if the make another one with that feature then I'll be very tempted to get one. :)
Armin Sanjana
Armin Sanjana:
I've loved the design of Motorola phones, this is actually an awesome looking phone how a true foldable ph should be. Samsung's foldable looks Horribly ugly, yes the price on this is a tad hefty but hey they've put in something so if I have the money I'll sure buy the Motorola
Wow, seriously want one. The original Razr that I had on BT was probably my favorite pre smartphone phone. Sadly the £1,500 is way out of my price range
Giant Pumpkins NZ
Giant Pumpkins NZ:
It looks great, and while it is super expensive, hopefully more handset manufacturers take risks and create different forms. I miss the days when there was lots of different styles around. If they can get the price down on this, I think it would be quite popular.
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer:
Love this design.. Just needs to be cheaper and better battery life
I love this new design, reminds me of the old times but I actually love it!
Bry Hul
Bry Hul:
Love this design! Praying other manufacturers take notice & move to this form factor!! I don’t need a phablet I need a phone thats easy to pocket & take anywhere, this certainly fits that bill! 👍
If they improve the specs and battery, the Razr could potentially be my ideal smart phone. I like the design, I like the fold style, and I think the size is perfect. But the price, specs, and camera defeats it.

Do we know if a video will still play if you close the screen? That could easily boost it a few notches for me
I can totally see the external OLED screen being used for most of the things, conserving a lot of battery life.
I love this phone and I could imagine buying it in the future. However I think it's a pity that the top is glass since you would be able to use a case and I don't like it when my phone looks dirty. However I wouldn't know how to do it otherwise. Not using glass would make the secondary display look weird lol
Rocco Sophie
Rocco Sophie:
This, was brilliant! With some refining and improvements, (needs and sd slot) Motorola could easily steal the lead from Samsung and Apple. It's a far superior design. Samsungs "Fold," is too big and bulky, too expensive, and too "last year." As far as I'm concerned, I think this new "razor," is the future of cell phones.
Selma Metzger
Selma Metzger:
I remember my favorite flip phone was the MOTORAZR2 V9.... I absolutely loved that phone
Tony Romano
Tony Romano:
Brings back memories of my old razor. I would buy one in a heartbeat if I had the money.
You Tube
You Tube:
The fact that they put in the original OS screen on it and the keypad ... PRICELESS ..
I really like the design of the phone, but what I find concerning is the battery which is a lot smaller than I expected.
Samuel Moore
Samuel Moore:
I love the look of this phone. I'm wondering how it will stand in 6 months
Keep in Mind when the original Razr phone came out it was $600, for basic flip phone, compared to 2019 version. So the new price is not bad considering orig cost.
user 123
user 123:
I would love to get it as a new phone but after constant bending, does the screen get a bit weird at the bending point?
into the unknown
into the unknown:
they need to come out with a pink one so i can live my 2004 days again.
It looks AMAZING honestly to me IMO.
But that battery life tho...
Will the phone overheat due to heavy usage?
I can see where the middle of the screen has a slight rising gap when you fold the phone...
Will that get caught on something on or around me eventually?
Can that rip the screen off?
Great idea though!
I'd love to see how they designed it to bend like that and function!
Max G
Max G:
This design is actually very functional. If it weren’t for the price (that’s a given due to the engineering and production costs) I wouldn’t think twice about getting this.
Solovino Juntoseva
Solovino Juntoseva:
Wow, I love the retro screen. Brings back memories!!! Truly impressive but too rich for my blood and no micro sd card??? And in the states it will be verizon? Yuk Definitely will consider this if it becomes cheaper and if Sony stops making phones which I fear maybe soon. :(
A question that intrigues me is the plastic display consume less energy than a crystal display? maybe if use less energy it can compensate the relative low battery capacity in Razr, since normal crystal displays takes about 60% of battery consumption in a smartphone
I really love it. It has been a long time since I felt this excited about a new phone or any product for that matter. I am a 90s kid and I grew up with Nokia, Motorollas and Flip Phones! So excited and I want it so bad!
I love the phone, I could easily buy it but I refuse to pay that for something that will no doubt be less powerful than the latest Samsung standard galaxy. I can only hope for Motorola it's really successful and the price drops and they increase the phone's memory, graphical and camera power.

I'll be keeping my eye on this, I truly am interested in the screen technology behind it.
So my questions would be what kind of support does it have for apps, and how does snapchat work with having to close the phone? That and what kind of water resistance does it have? Id also really like to see the picture quality for hiking and stuff
Ramya Narendran
Ramya Narendran:
♥️ Motorola

This a new technology. As an Electronics Engineer I definitely understand why this is costly.

Years to come, and this type of phones will go way cheaper, just like how touchscreen smartphones have evolved into much cheaper phones compared to when they were introduced.
David C
David C:
POINTS OFF for the fact that this is NOT a "one week later" review.
I just realized flip phones back then didn't have cases. Back then we were proud of scratches on our phone, it made it ours.
Library Adjacent
Library Adjacent:
I want this mainly because its compact. It has more than enough to do what it is I need it for so I dont see the point of comparing it to a regular phone. Tbh I'm really looking forward to a second version of this.
what I would want is something in between. The galaxy fold is too bulky for my liking, but the new razr is too awkwardly shaped, with the long narrow display (i have fairly good sized hands and typing on that would have my hands so cramped up).
Kat Lucas
Kat Lucas:
Absolutely love it! but price and battery life would stop me from making the purchase
Rich Taylor
Rich Taylor:
Nice review as ever Chris and that is one phone I def want! :-)
Oh Canada
Oh Canada:
Far too expensive but would absolutely love it if more smartphones went for the classic "flip phone" design. Really miss the good ol days of slapping the phone closed to hang up on people.
Mikhail Fernandes
Mikhail Fernandes:
I folded my wallet when I heard the price
Marc Field
Marc Field:
You got to admit. That T9 throw back is pretty damn cool.
Peace Unity
Peace Unity:
I like the look and most its features except the thermal situation
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor:
Motorola really screwed up with the pricing here. I don't know whether it's just greed or whether they had to do it because of R&D costs or something else but it's just going to turn a lot of people off from it. I'd pay $500 at most for this. Even then it's a first gen product so I'd wait a gen or two to buy it anyway
Liam Jenkins
Liam Jenkins:
I was interested in this until I realised it was more expensive than a second hand car!
This was designed to be a phone! I mean why would you care about cinema experience when watching movies with this? I think it's awesome and the camera is pretty okay.
Peter Fryer
Peter Fryer:
Too expensive but certainly a great innovation
I wonder how long it will last,that much folding-unfolding has to wear out the screen.
thats actually cool af. my first phone was a flip phone.
I hope apple makes something like this soon
I need this. I still have my analogue Microtac Elite from the early 90s. Phone design was interesting then, you could drop them from head height and they would bounce off concrete. This is a beautiful gadget.
sean flesch
sean flesch:
I am totally buying one in 2 years when its $300!
Finally a innovative design phone came in last few years to beat the iPhone X series...
Price needs to come down to at least 800 to 900 and motorola of all companies was able to make this work even though it's a weaker phone compared to everyone else
In the U.S. this phone is only offered through Verizon.
Does anyone know if you can get this phone unlocked form the manufacturer?
The screen will eventually crease or crack from being folded too much. No way to use a glass screen protector. Likely few to no case options. Not worth the $1,500 imo.
mr man
mr man:
Beautiful phone. Unfortunately the virtual sim makes it a big NO NO NO for me. That's its big disability. (For most of us). Even if the sim version is available. It's just too pricey.
Ahhh I feel again like this time when we had Smartphone revolution. First smartphones was ugly, expensive but only at start. Then they were cheapper and cheapper but also prettier.
It's way too expensive, especially for the actual specs. But it's the most beautiful smartphone I've ever seen, I hate how large smartphones have been getting lately. I only just replaced my Galaxy s3 last year, and it was a hard choice, just because I didn't want a bigger phone.
I love it. For us who prefer to carry phone in jeans pockets it is ideal. Unfortunately i got iPhone and last compact iphone is se and partially 7 and 8. Hope apple will do some compact like that.
Ngọc Duy Nguyễn
Ngọc Duy Nguyễn:
Haven't been this hyped for a phone since blackberry priv
I hope this one not gonna suck though
I'm not gonna lie I have the s10 plus but this is a sexy phone .
Tech Matt
Tech Matt:
Yeah the price is just too damn high for something which does the same thing that other phones do. Yeah the new folding display is cool and all and arguably a little more practical than current phones, but really not worth dropping 800$ more for the phone which calls and texts.
it will all depend on the battery life. If the battery can last two or three days I would get it. these iphones and galaxies have gone as far as they can go and I wouldn't be surprised if the new Motorola Razr was to become the new phone people would want even though it is going with older technology. It's all going to come down to if this is just a throwback to the past or if it's a throwback that lives up to the hype.
Red Foreman
Red Foreman:
So is the screen a flexible glass ? Or a plastic ? I would love to see a drop test 😂
We had super premium segment of smartphones dying out in front of our eyes with sapphire buttons and five digits pricetags...


Hopefully it's the prototype pricetag and in future we'll see a "budget" version(s)
Rob Wright
Rob Wright:
Good design but i'd rather wait an extra two months and pick up a S11+
Csaba Veres
Csaba Veres:
I dug up my old Razr when i heard about this phone. The Razr was a classic and this looks like it might live up to the old classic!
Daniel Woolcock
Daniel Woolcock:
I'm a Samsung note user and I think this will be a way forward. The galaxy fold is good but still too big. This is a big phone folded in half to get in the average size pocket. This will take off big time. If Samsung copy this you know it's going to work.
Just like the original V3 they went conservative on the CPU and the camera. I'll be waiting for the V3i equivalent, they'll be cheaper and better.
Smack Talkers
Smack Talkers:
My question is will it support Verizon's 5g?
Laura Streeter
Laura Streeter:
very tempted. but I wish it came with a better battery and 5g. I guess dual eSIM is out of the question.... :P
Mohamed Basheer Packeer Rawther
Mohamed Basheer Packeer Rawther:
I am happy buying a Lenovo Smart Display for USD99 now. Awesome device! Time will come when I can buy this device for much cheaper. I am ready to wait!
E S:
I’ll have one once the price drops. Like all new technology it’s expensive at first.
Early Morning Gray
Early Morning Gray:
I don’t even like phones but this phone is Bae. 😍🥰
Janben Odyuo
Janben Odyuo:
Some other brands/companies are gonna bring up these kinda phone with one-fifth or lesser of the price 3 years later😀
Not to comment the component like cpu or something, but design and good function is 7/10. Its gud enaf to someone with high mobilities or someone need small phone but compact with user.
Dope Dan
Dope Dan:
At best it’s a £250 phone and that’s being generous, it’s a shame Motorola just didn’t try harder because it could of been a wonderful thing (Motorola still has a place in my heart for making the mini wings) no that was a excellent phone
Willena Crawford
Willena Crawford:
I'm curious to see how these foldable phones hold up over time. With daily use; opening and closing it multiple times a day. Doesn't seem durable. I see everyone closing it carefully but I want to slam it shut lol
its matt
its matt:
Bit of a strange one coming from Motorola given they have not been making any standard Smartphones above midrange level and then they suddenly come out with this ‘topend’ price point design. I mean who is going to want to pay 1500 on a Motorola branded phone?
Em an
Em an:
i think the problem on that is when you insert it on a bluetooth ipega controller, it will accidentally fold.
Dane Carr
Dane Carr:
Being 29 I loved the Razr V3 flip we are blessed with the V4. You youngins can’t even relate to texting with T9 😂
I'm not an iPhone person but this nostalgia is my type!!
Tommy Evans
Tommy Evans:
I love the flip phone look!!! and I also love how you can Just adjust the quick view and how when you SHAKE the phone it brings up the CAMERA !!!!!
When the price becomes fair this will be my next phone.
James Stevens
James Stevens:
love the form factor - but its slow, expensive, poor camera, low battery - a lot of compromise for £1.5K - so I won't be an early adopter, but if it creates a whole new genre of smartphone format - FAB!
anthony amanya
anthony amanya:
That's great innovation. Though a bit pricy
For everyone confused about the price, this is brand new technology. Consider the amount of money Motorola had to put in to develop this new technology. There is no supplier where a phone company can simply buy the screens from. If you’re on a budget, new technology will never be in your budget, however, with enough publicity and sales, this price will slowly drop for all foldable phones.
José Serrano
José Serrano:
This thing is beautiful but 1,500$ is too damn much 💔

Its too expensive
I'm delighted to see it, because the RAZR V3i has been my favourite phone.
I'm also like Nokia, do you have any reviews on Nokia?
Also I play games (FIFA, Top Eleven) on my phone, what's a good phone for playing games on?
Glyn Cash
Glyn Cash:
Price drop - down to £399 in the UK (26-02-2021)
Gyani Admi
Gyani Admi:
Another Motorola phone, but different this time. I hope moto launch more phones
Marius Mitrea
Marius Mitrea:
Joe Mccallum
Joe Mccallum:
I think ima wait for the next gen, it'll have a better battery and camera capabilities...
Khamsin Shamal
Khamsin Shamal:
Great design and stylish, but being sucked into Google’s surveillance swamp and being sold to information brokers is a big no-no. Really sad that Android was taken over by Google.
But again - serious cool design.
Trey Lennon
Trey Lennon:
For people crying about the price just wait till next year when it’s $800
Silvia Hendiana
Silvia Hendiana:
I remember my razr when i was in junior high school ❤️
nick johnson
nick johnson:
Excellent video love 2 review thanks for telling us about the sim £ 1500 to much
omg they even put the original Motorola Razr keys layout on the screen for dialing numbers. Awesome
Kaushik De
Kaushik De:
Definitely the razr is sexy but 1500 usd for a 16 mp camera is just not worth it's price
Do one a year later when the phone cracks at the fold. Hopefully it happens before the warranty runs out for those mad people who’d pay $1500 for this.