MR. TICKLES WANTS TO PLAY | Little Nightmares - Part 1

It's only the first episode and I'm already in LOVE with Little Nightmares!


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When you’re watching this a second time because Jack finished the second one and I wanna see all the foreshadowing
Everyone's talking about how they're back, and I'm here for the first time. XD
Namari Aria
Namari Aria:
Jack: "That's a lot of toilet paper."

Everyone in 2020: "Hand it over."
Vanz Who?
Vanz Who?:
this makes a lot more sense with little nightmares 2. Also six is fucked up holy shit maybe she's the villain lmao
*am i the only one here who hasn’t watched these yet-*
Zoey C
Zoey C:
I'm rewatching this knowing the second game was a prequel. I just finished it, and I have to say... The game developers are absolute geniuses. Knowing the man you see hanged in the beginning of this game is the Thinman (long legs, same chair, same door), is almost poetic. Knowing the Thinman is just Mono, after a betrayal of the worst kind, is stunning. Six only dropped Mono because she realized he was going to become the Thinman. By dropping him, she thought he would die, ending the cycle forever. If Mono had known, he would've wanted it too.
Spoiler warning btw:

POV: you laugh when jack says six is cute but you know 5 minutes ago he killed mono.
McKenna the Femmelin
McKenna the Femmelin:
Jack mentioned this in the second one briefly, but I feel like these games has some symbolism pertaining to being a kid in an adult’s world. Everything is big and scary and damaging and there’s nothing you can do about it because you’re so small and helpless. All you can do is accept reality and do your best to survive. I know there are plenty of other story elements that contribute to these games, but I genuinely feel that that’s an element in them.
Six: starving
Jack: talking about how she shouldn’t have eaten spicy food earlier
Daniel Mulhern
Daniel Mulhern:
Fun fact: Jack has made an uncharted reference in both of his little nightmares playthroughs
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
jack was right when mono turned into the thin man mono actually killed himself that's why there's the long legs hanging at 5:26 thats the thin mans legs
Trisha Ryan
Trisha Ryan:
Mono ending the cycle here is so sad.
"thats alot of toilet paper"
no its not Jack, no its not.
Who else is watching this because jack started the second one?
Langls O
Langls O:
Who else is coming from the Jack’s last episode of Little Nightmares 2 and trying to find clues and things you didn’t catch the first time?
Kitty Stanner
Kitty Stanner:
Me watching this AFTER little nightmares 2*
Jack: "Jesus christ dude dont scare me like that, im a friend!"
Me: "is you?? 👀"
MuffinKat1375 Creates UwU
MuffinKat1375 Creates UwU:
Funny, Six is actually 9 years old.
For those who wanted to see the speculated "tall man suicide theory" 5:07
Cherokee Warnecke
Cherokee Warnecke:
Me coming back to rewatch after watching Jack play 2. “I’m a friend!”
Ha! No you’re not
Here after seeing the ending of Little Nightmares 2 so I can see Six die a few times to make myself feel better.
Rebecca Aarons
Rebecca Aarons:
Theory of the thin man

I have just spent forever looking at the clips of the chair in LN2 and this clip with the chair and after careful and doing lots of work I can say that the two chairs are basically fully Identical. As the colouring was different it was a little difficult but it does look to be the thin man.

I even studied the thin man himself and the shoes and pants seem to be similar aswell. So in my conclusion I would say it is him.
Emily Griffith
Emily Griffith:
Him- “I’m probably missing like everything!! :((“
*gets everything*
beep beep
beep beep:
Six: _literally_ _dying_
Jack: you have the shits don't ya?
Izeybot Pictures
Izeybot Pictures:
POV: you’re rewatching this to see the story in chronological order
Aliana Arenas Year 8
Aliana Arenas Year 8:
Me after watching LN2 with jack: “fuck you six,you created something so sinister that the one who saved you,you left mono to die and left him to grow up in a perilous loop forever and not grow up properly with a friend but the only friend he had betray him and his last thing he can remember is being dropped and playing it over and over while he tried to kill six before she betrays mono and mono grows up to be the thin man so they just go up against themselves ” 😭😭

Also me: this really deepens the quote “you die as the hero or you live long enough to see you become the villain”
Jack: There's a lot of toilet paper.

2020 ppl: QUICKLY!!!!! GRAB IT!!!!!
Who else just finished LN2 and is here to find the connections between that game and LN1 one by rewatching it??
the playthroughs I’ve rewatched several times when I’m sad because the nostalgia makes me happy:
Little Nightmares
Detroit Become Human
Papers Please
Happy Wheels
there’s probably more but I don’t want to name every single game Sean has played lol
Millie Saiii
Millie Saiii:
i’m back here trying to wrap my head around the ending of the second game
Nobody: literally nobody: jack: *sees pool of blood* “ooo there’s handprints”
just came from the ending of the second one to see if six starts where he left off
Sylv3r Nova
Sylv3r Nova:
Pov: u are looking for the moment the tall guy is seen hanged above a chair which is speculated to me mono 5:30
Vannessa ?
Vannessa ?:
Jack sees a dead guy
"Oh? Okay then?"
Jack hears music
"Ohh! I'm creeped out now!"
Jacquline Mitchell
Jacquline Mitchell:
Anyone else sad when they saw mono hanging there?
Ciaron Clifford
Ciaron Clifford:
2017 Jack: "There's a tiered, staggered system you need to abide by"

2020/21 Boris Johnson "There's a tiered, staggered system you need to abide by"
Lord Shennington
Lord Shennington:
It feels strange watching this one after the second game.
"oh no... you have the squirts dont ya?"
dog owners be like
Jay Kraenow
Jay Kraenow:
19:21 "awww he's adorable!"
*completely ignores blood stains all over the ground*
Angelo Zone
Angelo Zone:
Me in 2021 that still doesn't know what this game is until now:👁️👄👁️
Ruben Villa
Ruben Villa:
Watching this series after watching the Little Nightmares 2 series and I have to say, I can’t help but feel anger towards 6 for what happened in the prequel.
Paige McAndrew
Paige McAndrew:
"it's like i'm a different creature altogether!"
*flashbacks to little nightmares two"
you're a creature alright..
French Toast
French Toast:
6: Keeling over and dying from hunger
Jack: We should get you to a toilet FAST
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez:
who else rewatching because there tryna add everything up from the second game?✨
ngl i finished watching jack play the 2nd game so im here to watch the first to see how they tie in together
For those who wanted to see what Jack was talking about in Little Nightmares 2 about the main character.
Imperfect_star _
Imperfect_star _:
Here from LN2, and uhhhh- six, i don’t feel bad for anything that happened in this series to you
Angelina Kovalchuk
Angelina Kovalchuk:
"Is that Kubo's mom?"

I laughed so hard idk why
Aiden with an e
Aiden with an e:
I think seáns theory is correct about the hanging guy being mono
Benjamin Fricke
Benjamin Fricke:
WOAH, hold on! The music box at 16:15 plays the melody from the song “Togetherness” from Little Nightmares II. Which, in turn, has a music box version of Six’s theme from this game. That’s so cool!
Lemondrop Tea
Lemondrop Tea:
I'm rewatching this from 2021 because Jack had said too and I wanted to see if there were any more seacrets because Jack has now finished this game
Kaidin Byrd
Kaidin Byrd:
Somebody: kills them selves
Jack: this is awesome
A few tips for Jack:
Break all the dolls.
Hug all the gnomes.
hello fellow humans who are here rewatch or watch for the first time (like me) the entire series after the sequel is announced
Laney Gale
Laney Gale:
I can’t look at Six the same now 😭😭🙂
naomi kit
naomi kit:
this actually starts how the special ending of the part 2 would start
6:40 love how on Jack’s channel. He loved the little guys but on marks channel he was like ‘get away demon’
Me watching this in 2020 and looking at the toilet paper and be like: “You just found treasures”
Re-watching and crying at 5:20 ... Mono didn't deserve that 😭
I remember seeing clips of this game when I was much younger.

Scared the shit outta me.


Haha fat grey man go brrrrrrrrrrrrr
Electric Flixzy
Electric Flixzy:
The hanging man In the first game is the thin man in the second game or mono who is trapped in the loop
POV: Your here because you want to watch him play the 2nd one but need to watch these first.
🥁Piper Lawson🥁
🥁Piper Lawson🥁:
Six: *dying*
Seán: *talks about how she should not have ate the spicy food and talks about how it will come out like the Nile River*
13:17 whoever lived there prepared for covid-19 apparently
5:08 This could quite possibly be the thin man (or Mono), from Little Nightmares 2. At the end we see him sitting on a chair similiar to that one, so this could quite possibly of been him if he killed himself.
Here comes the nostalgia train!
Only Jacksepticeye would presume the little one has explosive diarrhea instead of just being hungry XD
Joanna -_-
Joanna -_-:
Watching this again after finishing him playing the second one
Mr. Flamingo
Mr. Flamingo:
If you’re like me and want to play this after watching jack play it, it’s free in the steam store now!!
TyTy TextingStories
TyTy TextingStories:
The ship you're on is called "The Maw" It's like an aquatic prison for the children that have been brought to The Maw, The Lady's power's seem to only work in The Maw. That's why Six didn't use her powers in "Little Nightmare's II'' and Six seems to be able to absorb powers unlike everyone else for example. Mono, and the other children being held captive, Six also thinks for herself before all other's so that's most likely why she betrayed Mono in the second game. and in the original "Very Little Nightmares" we see a girl that is in a hot air balloon. She crashes into this house's attic that is on a cliff called "The Nest". The main character we play as has a yellow raincoat, similar to Six's attire. But that character we play as is definitely NOT Six, near the end of the game, one of the monsters known as "The Pretender" is chasing after our main character. As she is about to get caught, Six steps in and pushes a boulder on The Pretender. Somehow she survives and pushes both the main character and herself off a cliff. (Back round on The Pretender: The Pretender is this little doll shaped monster, she plays with doll's made from The Craftsmen, she seems so harmless but she can make anyone disappear at her will.) They land in the water but only the main character's raincoat floated up so we can guess they either died from the fall or they were fighting under water then The Pretender vanished them both. Anyways. Six, climbed down the cliff and got on a piece of wood in the water, then I guess she scooped up the raincoat from the water and that's how she got her famous attire. She then proceeded to travel on the sea's. (Timeskip) A mysterious boatman found Six. He took her too The Maw and that's where the "Little Nightmare's I" started. Six woke up in a suitcase and we can either guess that she was brought in that suitcase or she was wondering around The Maw and found the suitcase to sleep in. then she proceeds to continue her journey... (That's really all I can type and I hope that helped you Jack 😁)
Ari F
Ari F:
I love how we're all back right now while he's playing the second one lol
Braxton Brockbank
Braxton Brockbank:
I just realized that this game is named after my little brother
Tegan Wright
Tegan Wright:
So that lanky man was at the beginning of the first one hanging and that’s the chair and that’s the door! Wow. Coming back to watch this after ending of second one
Gaming Verse Youtube
Gaming Verse Youtube:
Wait that’s the tall man from the second game being hanged
Evan Pehling
Evan Pehling:
"oh ya got the sqirts dont ya?" Jack 2017
Elle mai
Elle mai:
Watching this after watching him play the second one just so I can recap
No one:

Jack: “Why am I vibrating?”
Y'all remember when Jack had green hair?
Watching this again since Jack finished Playing Little Nightmares 2
"I'm just a kid, and my life is a nightmare!"
Y/n L/n
Y/n L/n:
I came back after watching his little nightmares 2 to test the difference of the graphics, and BOY the second little nightmares graphics are so much better
Morgan Cutlip
Morgan Cutlip:
Is anyone else watching this because jacks playing the sequel and you don’t want to be completely lost?
↱ ᵕ̈ᵥ0⇂D ˎˊ-
↱ ᵕ̈ᵥ0⇂D ˎˊ-:
i love how we’re all rewatching this for the secrets💃🏼
kj / riv
kj / riv:
jack just finished the second one so im back here
Baxter Melrose
Baxter Melrose:
I love jack but it's jarring to go back to watch stuff when he is just constantly talking haha
I still can't believe what happened in the prequel
POV: You heard Jack was playing Little Nightmares 2 soon, so your re watching this just to recap
Dylan Foster
Dylan Foster:
"Aw, I can't TP the place?"

Excuse me sir that is a commodity.
Snake Viber
Snake Viber:
Me cassually watching this so I can remember what happened in the game
oh my god the old intro🥺
Maggie MiniMix
Maggie MiniMix:
Here after watching Jack's ending on LN Part II
louistomlinson sugarhigh
louistomlinson sugarhigh:
watching this in 2020:
jack: that's a lot of toilet paper
me: *triggered*
Simon mf captain
Simon mf captain:
5:31little night mare 2 reference (eye door and mono hanging)
Fishslayer 6000
Fishslayer 6000:
11:52 is my favorite part
Kayci Dopp
Kayci Dopp:
Oh my gosh, that really does look like the thin man from LN2; the chair even looks like the same one!
Brian Kai
Brian Kai:
for some reason the character you play as in this game is the thing that creeps me out the most. I don't like the way it moves.
Ria Cha
Ria Cha:
i'm watching this again years later after I saw another lets player do it and I realized,, Jack really is a great gamer,, like it sounds weird but his instincts and attention to detail are nuts
In the first few minutes of the game he already caught on that he was on a ship, and when he saw the makeshift rope he immediately noticed that it meant that someone had tried to escape before
He knew the nomes were good, and (though accidental) quickly learned that you need to break the woman statues
He also knows how to interact with the environment, and doesn't get stuck on puzzles or gameplay elements because they didn't really explain any of the controls, which is something a few other YouTubers had trouble with
I never really noticed before but it's really satisfying watching him play, he is so invested which in turn gets the viewer invested, and also teachers you small things about games because of his intense knowledge about them
Αχιλλέας Καραδήμας
Αχιλλέας Καραδήμας:
Watching this again after watching the second feels just weird
Danny ECB
Danny ECB:
Anyone else rewatching this after watching jack play the 2nd game
I was watching this so I wouldn't be scared while playing and I started the game at the same time so I am in sync with the video
It’s been 4 years to this day. Wow.