Naomi Osaka Claps Back After Megyn Kelly Criticizes Her Sports Illustrated Cover

Naomi Osaka and Megyn Kelly have a heated exchange on Twitter after the journalist criticized the tennis superstar for appearing on magazine covers after refusing to speak to media at the French Open. Keshia Chante and Morgan Hoffman react on ET Canada Live.

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The Brethren Matthew 23:8
The Brethren Matthew 23:8:
A woman derive joy tearing another woman down old enough to her daughter.
Donna Gray
Donna Gray:
Naomi has every right to protect her mental health
Janina Carter
Janina Carter:
Why is Megan Kelly even relevant? Shouldn’t she be hunting lizard people with the rest of her Q friends?
Susan Smith
Susan Smith:
Its sad when someone's in their 20s has to tell grown woman how to conduct herself.
ewa krol
ewa krol:
Megyn karen is a real karen, spot on and thank you.
Naomi Powell
Naomi Powell:
Looks like she’s trying to get back in Fox News again ! Lol 😂
Dickerson Adrienne
Dickerson Adrienne:
Megyn just jealous 😂😂😂😂
Hattie Tarrer
Hattie Tarrer:
Naomi Osaka doesn’t have to explain anything. She is Awesome!!! Regardless what she does.
Natasha Peterson
Natasha Peterson:
Megyn just wants to stay relevant that's it period. She has been a Twitter troll since being fired
Ruben Castaneda
Ruben Castaneda:
Megyn (Karen) must have so much time on her hands to be going after Naomi or just wants people to remember her since her show was canceled after only 1 season I believe.....shame on you.
Megyn is a big bully. She needs to stop squabbling with a child🤦🏾‍♀️
Noel A
Noel A:
The phrase "Shut up Meg!" has never been more appropriate
Roddrick D. Haynes
Roddrick D. Haynes:
Megan Kelly needs to grow up and find something with some substance. Megan wants to have a relevant story so bad. She’s taking time out to poke at essentially a child. Basically Megan knows this young lady is extremely talented, very smart and really attractive! #meganhating!
Deborah Frederick
Deborah Frederick:
Four years from now, when Megyn is even more irrelevant than she is now, Naomi will STILL be young, beautiful, wealthy, AND kicking ass on the tennis court.❤️❤️❤️
As a person suffering from massive social anxiety disorder most of my life, I think I can understand that Naomi Osaka can handle the media only in a NON-HOSTILE environment. For instance magazine covers and interviews are by nature reverential and thus will be done in a manner in which Naomi will be made to feel extremely comfortable and may be even special. However press interviews definitely are held in an environment in which she can not control the narrative and can be rather confrontational and might induce extreme anxiety and given she is also an introvert who has to answer the questions in front of 1000's of might only exacerbate her anxiety...

Having said that - to a person on the outside, it will be very hard to explain why Naomi is comfortable doing magazine covers and not press interviews and in that Megyn Kelly has a that she may come across as a bit of a hypocrite to the outside world....

Think Naomi should not do any media and just concentrate on the sport or if she is doing any form of media then do all forms of the media....that will shutup people....This half in half out regiment does not work for anyone....especially if you are in the public eye....

People find it hard to believe that I find acting/dancing easy on stage yet I find being myself and giving a speech as myself on stage extremely hard not realizing my anxiety is induced on stage by being myself where as with acting/dancing you are pretending to be someone else.....
Maryna Murray
Maryna Murray:
Ronaldo who is a soccer super-star received no negativity when he removed the Coca-Cola (sponsorship) drinks from his press-meeting, yet Naomi is criticized for voicing her feelings towards press meetings? Another example of discrimination against females.
It's Never Too Late - Dating Advice for Women Only
It's Never Too Late - Dating Advice for Women Only:
What Megyn and a lot of people don't get is that you can be an introvert and still do magazine covers. Robert DeNiro is shy and a total introvert. He's an actor in movies, but he rarely does interviews.
Iane Howe
Iane Howe:
She’s an adult and can do whatever she wants if she wants to give a interview, if she doesn’t, if she wants to talk to magazine if she doesn’t. She doesn’t belong to others but herself much less to the media.
Jennifer Frazier, LPC
Jennifer Frazier, LPC:
Naomi you looked absolutely stunning on your COVERS!!!💯👏🏽💖
Lisa Burke
Lisa Burke:
Please just leave this young lady alone. I hope she appears on several more covers.
Gmail User
Gmail User:
Why the hell is Megyn Kelly picking random fights with random people on the internet?
Megyn is a hater and desperate for attention
john baker
john baker:
Megyn Kelly will never be on the cover, or on the pages of Sports Illustrated for their swim suit issue. Thus, she won't have to respond to the same BS cheap shots that
Naomi Osaka had to. Naomi proved her worth on the open field of competition, not running at the mouth behind the microphone for ratings.
Dolores Williams
Dolores Williams:
Meghan Kelly is trying to come back from being let go from NBC for racist comments. Disregard Meghan Kelly.
Lottie G
Lottie G:
Asked piers Morgan,snd Megan Kelly to give Roland Martin a call, because he have something for them
Jeanny Benavides
Jeanny Benavides:
Trying to stay relevant at the expense of someone else's life.
Amen. ! U said it . Depression is just as bad as having any other illnesses
Joulien Solomons
Joulien Solomons:
Naomi is a great tennis player. She has the body why not do this shoot!!! Go for it Naomi Osaka.
Megyn made her career at Fox from "punching down". Naomi isn't the first athlete having anxiety issues, but she fit into "Megyn's target audience". Imo, Megyn is lucky Naomi don't make NY housecalls.
Sim Simas
Sim Simas:
Silence is a sign of strength and mental toughness. Practice makes perfect.
Jack Throne
Jack Throne:
It’s so amusing how Megyn is obviously jealous of Naomi lol
Ruben Castaneda
Ruben Castaneda:
Hope Megyn (Karen) doesn't throw a fit when she finds out it was Naomi Osaka who lit up the main torch at the 2020 Olympics opening ceremonies earlier today...
Allen Joseph
Allen Joseph:
Naomi is very smart. She's schooling her in a classy way : go do some research before you open your mouth. Shut the door.
Lucia Florent
Lucia Florent:
Meghn Karen is doing what she always does
Willy Bagatcholon
Willy Bagatcholon:
Scrutinising is okay as long as it's done professionally and ethically.
Jennifer Edwards
Jennifer Edwards:
Good for Osaka I can't stand Megan k who think that Jesus is white.👏👏👏👏
Michelle White-Lafitte
Michelle White-Lafitte:
Depression is real.
Shirley Hollins
Shirley Hollins:
When you look that great on the cover of a magazine! I can see how people could be jealous! Great job Naomi!
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams:
Common respect in media has been long gone. Nobody but other idiots subscribe to or support todays media madness. She owes them nothing. Self preservation is the first law of nature. The media hounds would rather see her destitute and broken; Then they'd celebrate that. Keep on moving forward Naomi.
Well done Naomi - taking control of her destiny.
Q Wilson
Q Wilson:
Megyn Karen love the name it suits her perfectly
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson:
Megyn it wouldn't cost you a dime to stay out Naomi's BUSINESS!!!!
Rachelle Alexandre
Rachelle Alexandre:
She better not come for our girl 🇭🇹
Verna M.C. Mendiola
Verna M.C. Mendiola:
Megan is a mean girl who never grew up. Naomi can run circles around her with her beauty and talent.
Teryn B
Teryn B:
The press brutal so they take things out of context and warp it to fit their own agenda . I don't blame her for going to certain people who she knows won't do that completely and let her explsin herself. But she only really get hate cause for one she's a women and two she's mixed race
Nubianstar twenty six
Nubianstar twenty six:
Megyn (Karen) is a professionall bully. Since her show was canceled, Karen (Megyn) has nothing else to do of course.
This woman (Karen or Megyn) is probably jealous of Naomi's success and since things are not going well for her, she prefers to go after people who are younger than her and thus, she will be able to destroy their self esteem instead of uplifting them. This woman is really pitiful! 🙄🙄🙄🙄
I hope someone will tell her to stop her childish behaviour. 🤪🤪
Megyn Kelly is such a hateful person. I wonder if she'd be so aggressive if Naomi was not a POC. She may be betraying her racist tendencies as well.
Antonia Escobar
Antonia Escobar:
Why does Megyn always need to be schooled.
Christine Roseman
Christine Roseman:
Megyn Karen ! Leave the young lady alone. When you was told blood coming out of your nose your eyes and else where you didn't say a thing. You run from fox news like a coward and didn't clap back . Oops you forget about that . Leave people of color alone ....
Colleen M
Colleen M:
I believe Meghan (Karen) Kelly,, is picking fights /controversy to be in the SPOTLIGHT, because who remember her without she picking on current people who are in the spotlight.
Percy /you wouldnt like me  when I'm ANGRY !!
Percy /you wouldnt like me when I'm ANGRY !!:
Now that Naomi has revealed her " weakness " some ppl are gonna harp on it
Classy ONEE
Classy ONEE:
Naomi Osakaa 🍻🥂❤️
Leslie Propheter
Leslie Propheter:
Even GOD let Moses use his brother Aaron to speak for him as he was shy with his words!
J L:
I love me some Keisha Chante, she is just so smart, beautiful and definitely knows her pop cultural population and always comes w a great perspective on things. Love her!💜💫✨
Chris Lee
Chris Lee:
I agree interviews are quite different from a photo shoot environment but that was not Naomi's response. In some way Kelly is correct.
Danaya Play roblox
Danaya Play roblox:
Naomi Osaka is: Awesome, Great, Magnificent, the Goat and more.
Tuti A
Tuti A:
OMG Meghan just wants to be talked about! And yes interview after the match and a magazine interview are not the same
Jortal Portal
Jortal Portal:
In the 50s, I remember sports talk radio hosts spending a huge amount of time trashing Black athletes; this gave them high ratings with racist White listeners - who may have been a majority of the audience. But are personal attacks on sports professionals fair? I don't think it is fair to do with actors or athletes - they are being scrutinized and judged unfairly - by people who just hate them. Why is Megyn Kelly attacking a 21 year old leader in her sport? This seems like she's sick - and race baiting.
Jimna Hilaire
Jimna Hilaire:
This is the reason she turns down irrelevant press such as thirsty Megan...blocking you is the best thing ever, you were taking space that you didnt earn.
Hasade O
Hasade O:
You just get angry that this MK still has a platform.....
There is a difference between a press conference and a one-on-one interview. Many times a one-on-one interview (late night, magazine) the interviewer has prepared questions in advanced. There are less people in the room and the stake are not that high. A press conference, however, has many interviewers who ask all sorts of off the cuff questions, tons of flashing lights, and are usually live. This is high stakes and can cause people who have anxiety to have panic attacks. Bill Hader has said many times about his time on SNL that his anxiety was through the roof because of the nature of the show. Anxiety is very physical and be terrifying. If this talented Athlete has difficulty speaking in crowds she should have the right to do rounds of interviews like they do for movie press. Where it is one on one. We need to be able to modify things for different types of people (to a degree). Asking to opt out of high stakes public speaking interviews when a person has really bad anxiety should be the norm. We already have a template for more intimate interviews (i.e. the rounds for movie press... it has a term I can't recall at this time... in which the interviewer comes into the room, asks questions, then a diff interviewer comes in, etc.). Not everyone is made for live- high stakes- public speaking (it is one of the higher ranked fears in people). Anxiety is a real disorder with real physical consequences in the body. Asking to opt out of a format that is harming a person's health and asking to modify it to be safer for them should not be an issue in 2021.
Erik Johansson
Erik Johansson:
I thought after turning podcaster Megan Kelly was anti-media. I guess she is when it suits her.
when a young woman 👋 comes back to a grown woman who supposedly should’ve know better than that let’s stand together not degrade her especially when she’s struggling with a lot WOW 😮 I love #Naomi #liveyourbestlife
Antionette Mason
Antionette Mason:
Nice cover she looks AWESOME ‼️
Iamsexy Andiknow
Iamsexy Andiknow:
People have so much time in their hands after working from home.

A well-known journalist instead of doing a better use of her time being mean on line became her sport.
CelesteStation51 Smith
CelesteStation51 Smith:
Megyn should learn to keep her mouth shut…. She had no right attacking Naomi like that….
The expert on blackface Megs is clearly a bully!
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly:
They had a heated Exchange that's a great title for a book
Stacey A
Stacey A:
It's on HER OWN TERMS MEGHAN!! She doesn't have much insight does she? Lol
Naomi is fortunate enough to have people around her that really and truly love and care about her.
Apparently, Megyn doesn't.
Joerg Hardy H
Joerg Hardy H:
MG, get a grip, you’re not an athlete... all you do is repeat what your Network tells you... grow up!
Sarah Pelletier
Sarah Pelletier:
The Video is really good
Why does megan cares about why naomi doesn't want to do press but doing covers??? Why does matter to megan.. it is naomi's decision...
Julie A
Julie A:
Maybe if these - athletes would focus on their sport instead of appearing on magazine covers and other publicity crap, they wouldn't need to take so many mental breaks😂
D W:
3:54 - 5:00 is exactly what I would have said!!!
E. O’Brien
E. O’Brien:
Meghan is jealous 😂
Hey Megyn - Guess what? You've made yourself LESS THAN 0. Naomi and ALL young people are a Blessing
Carla Marie Mills
Carla Marie Mills:
Megan Kelly never gets anything right 😂
Martin B
Martin B:
I need to buy S.I asap!
Malekatah Campbell
Malekatah Campbell:
I'm not mad @Naomi good for her, she have several jobs not just tennis strong 💪
Jeda Marie
Jeda Marie:
Megyn is just jealous Of Us that's all bc She had something else to say about Ms.Union when she wore a throwback outfit of Gwen Stefani When is ppl going to stay outta black women business.
Megyn Karen is fitting. 💥
Ann Smith
Ann Smith:
Too much time is spent tearing down others to make oneself look good to score point.I don't regard this as good journalism. As for Naomi she rose above the unwanted press with her response.She is being courageous for bringing to the forefront the plight of ills that are overlooked in general.I look at her declaration as a champion for mental disorders.Continue on your journey you are destined for bigger and better things.Trail blazer for a good cause.More love makes the world we live in a better place.
Alexis Agginie
Alexis Agginie:
Why is Megyn trying to bully Naomi? What business is it of Megyn how Naomi handles herself?
Who is accountable to Megyn?
Lindamae JOHNSON
Lindamae JOHNSON:
Is there some racial bias going on here Megan Kelly is so wrong and how this young woman conducts her business is her business.😡😡😡😡😡😡.
Beas Family TV
Beas Family TV:
Forget Megyn Karen and look at the cover Naomi Osaka looks stunning 😍.
Antoinette Mosley
Antoinette Mosley:
She doesn't have to answer nor explain herself to anybody. Meghan Kelly just mad cuz she can't get an exclusive interview
Cal V Thomas
Cal V Thomas:
I watched N Osk’s docu-series on Netflix, and it was very obvious that this young lady is not comfortable being in the lime light. She is very mature for her age, but also very shy.
I do not believe for one min, that she is putting on an act, just so she doesn’t have to go in front of the media. I’m sure she wouldn’t risk losing money because of her ego.

People need to leave her alone, and worry about their own lives that nobody cares about.
Gen Smiley
Gen Smiley:
Please, please, PLEASE, let #MeganKarenIMeanKelly be trending for a long time!!!
Taylor Roberts
Taylor Roberts:
4:10... THAT PART!!!. Megan Kelly is so imature and needs the clicks & views! IMO unless you have personally experience depression; has loved or taken care of someone who suffers/suffered from mental illness, don't point your finger and assume you know how the individual feels. "SOME" people who are diagnosed with Mental Health Disorders, can still live a balance life. I bet Megan couldn't walk one day in Naomi's shoes.
Love Naomi! Leave her alone…
louise guindan
louise guindan:
Megyn just wanted to stir the pot and be relevant at this point
Duncan Bridgeforth
Duncan Bridgeforth:
The Kelly chick acts like a child and the child acts like an adult. Smh
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly:
We call it a clap back
EmilyB Bernard
EmilyB Bernard:
You know after a tournament she's exhausted who can blame her oh I know Kelly can wow that's sad it just makes Kelly look like a jerk
mango stallions
mango stallions:
Here for Naomi, why shouldn't she do whatever she wants with her media presence?
Jz Disney B
Jz Disney B:
Meghan misses being in the spotlight so what better way for it to happen then by tearing down another woman. Really classy Meghan. 😏🤨😠
If the tables were turned and someone called her out on how she was handling her own personal struggle, she'd cuss and fuss quickly. Bye Meghan!!! 😠😡🤬
MamaStorm DrD
MamaStorm DrD:
Why is Megyn not getting grief for bullying???
Naomi has the freedom to take a stand when and where she wants. She faced the consequences (fines) for not doing media. Can’t we please be kind?!?!?
J nid
J nid:
but the point is, appearing on these, u are subjecting yourself to more scrutiny right. so i am also on the, confused fan.
Carrie Malott
Carrie Malott:
Really Megyn??? Does being a “b..” make you feel like you’re in control?? Why don’t you try having compassion instead of tearing apart somebody you don’t even know. It’s hard not to lose respect for you after these comments but I will try to give you the benefit of the doubt the way you should’ve given Naomi.