Naomi Osaka: "I was just guessing!" on-court interview (SF) | Australian Open 2021

Naomi Osaka's on-court interview following her semi final victory against Serena Williams at the 2021 Australian Open.

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Nicholas Flores
Nicholas Flores:
Her voice is so adorable but she’s a demon on the court
Her humbleness and honesty are rare qualities in this realm.
Ronald Au
Ronald Au:
She could have easily praised herself for reading Serena's serve but she didn't. That's the type of champion we like. Just gotta put your foot somewhere. Good life lesson there lol.
Karena Kaihe-Woolston
Karena Kaihe-Woolston:
My favourite Professional Female tennis player right now. Humilty, grace, strength, & talent. Exceptional role model for all young female players imho
Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner:
So adorable and humble
Chopper Fok
Chopper Fok:
Osaka should win finals
Daniel George
Daniel George:
Good luck Naomi. Great job Serena still doing it at 39
Naomi Osaka is so humble 🥰🥰🥰🏆🏆🏆
Ceferino Jr. Abata
Ceferino Jr. Abata:
She's so adorable. Her remarks about playing tennis and her idol Serena. Loving also her closeness with Stef Tsitsipas. Go Naomi for your 4th GS! #tennisfanPH
Jasper Meinema
Jasper Meinema:
Good she didn't give away her read on the Serena serve
Valentino Kays
Valentino Kays:
Remember some fan’s booed her years back. Now they’re all cheering. You go Naomi
Mark Stanley
Mark Stanley:
She is a breath of fresh air in women’s tennis 😁
Daniel Antonius Pasaribu
Daniel Antonius Pasaribu:
4th slam title here we go.
Terrence Bowden
Terrence Bowden:
Naomi Osaka's era has begun.
Her humbleness and honesty are this: "I don't wanna wish nerves on someone but hopefully one of them gets nervous" LOL
Dark matter
Dark matter:
She's so sweet and humble I love her so much!
I hope that she never loses that humility and freshness. Congrats Naomi!
Desroy White
Desroy White:
"it's either going this way or that way"
I was impressed by her humble attitude after the match, especially the many bows to williams.
The Japanese who bow is typical of the Japanese depicted in comedy movies, but she made it known as a "correct and humble attitude."
I am very happy that she was born and raised as a Japanese.
Minh Tran
Minh Tran:
There are many more Slams to come for Osaka.
Heavy Battle
Heavy Battle:
I couldn't be happier that she is on top of women's tennis right now.
Peter Davies
Peter Davies:
She was so impressive.
Gil Das
Gil Das:
I remember 3 years ago in 2018 how her interviews on and off the court were boring.
3 years later she is one of the best entertainers in interviews and loves the fact that she still does it genuinely and even poetically.
Jonathan Zhang
Jonathan Zhang:
She is such a sweet girl off court. On court, she has this killer instinct that makes her multiple GS champions. I think if there is anything that Serena could learn from this young lady, that would be Tennis is a game after all....
Zoe 954
Zoe 954:
You make Haiti proud Osaka congrats 🇭🇹
Matt Carlson
Matt Carlson:
Good for you Naomi: "Tennis is a game..!" Love it.
v z
v z:
Oh my Good, this is the first time ever I listened her talk, and she is a gorgeous and beautiful human being.
I mean, I am trully impressed with her grace, manners, everything. She is a true champion and so humble in everything! BIG CONGRATULATIONS. ❤
aynyn Qu
aynyn Qu:
Naomi is still in great shape today, like a Miss Northern dancer
I live in Japan and I can say that kind of humbleness is very Japanese.
The way she is playing and trash competition of on WTA tour.... I really believe she has a shot at calendar slam including Olympics Gold in her home country Japan.
Maruf Sajjad
Maruf Sajjad:
Loved the questions from Jim!
Letoya Johnstone
Letoya Johnstone:
I am so proud of you ladies 🤜🏿🇰🇪
Bhanuprakash Pothugunta
Bhanuprakash Pothugunta:
She has the voice of an angel.
MEvs ME:
so humble damn her soul is like that
Could you love her any more? Go team butterfly 🦋
Dave Border
Dave Border:
She seems a lot more at ease with Courier than with the other guy.
bless australia
bless australia:
What a player Osaka is! Any good tennis player can see how Osaka completely outplayed Serena by making her run all over the court. Serena tried in her press conference to shift blame on her own unforced errors/mistakes, instead of applauding Osaka. Truth is that 23 year old annihilated the arrogant Serena with wonderful court craft!
Ching-Chung Kao
Ching-Chung Kao:
Love the Greek food bit.
the way she complety honest and so humble she had the opportunity to boost and praise herself for reading serenas serves but just said how it is i love her so much. she become my idol since winning US2018
Jesse Saffold
Jesse Saffold: the new boss in
She is so beautiful 😍😍
Superstar of 2020s
Adefunke Adewole
Adefunke Adewole:
Fair and Square you won Naomi, you are amazing and Phenomenal. You are a force to reckon with. Serena, you are inspirational the way you don't give up, 39 years and you got to the semifinals, keep pushing, just one more grandslam. I love you both.
Jean-Charles Jean-Baptiste
Jean-Charles Jean-Baptiste:
Good on you Jimmy...One of the best interview on court. Thks for sharing.
frz Bruh
frz Bruh:
I hope mari keep sending weird images in the groupchat
Jonathan Zhang
Jonathan Zhang:
Is anyone gonna talk about how well Jim Courier is keeping his shape....I remember watching Agassi on TV a couple of years ago and I was like...what happened to him? 🤣🤣
Savage Edwards
Savage Edwards:
Why is she so beautiful 😍😍😍🔥☠️☠️☠️
Jerome Platon
Jerome Platon:
Congratulations Naomi!!! Take that 🏆🏆🏆🏆 home!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Manjit Mohan
Manjit Mohan:
Hahahaaa... What an athlete, what a wonderful human being... 😀👍🏽
Humble as usual. No ego like serena
Dobrin Roxana
Dobrin Roxana:
I think that Osaka has a very peaceful state of mine and soul.This is the key of her succes. Comparing to all the other players she is not screaming on the court,she is just taking every moment,every point,one by one. And I ❤️ that about her ❤️
Kat x
Kat x:
I love her so much omg she's so cute and pure
Alan Coligado
Alan Coligado:
Her candour and sincere humility are so refreshing. I'm so glad she won, and hope she goes all the way!
Welshy King
Welshy King:
When her ball striking gets going it's tough to win rallies. Osaka is special just needs to get 1st serve percentage up.
Serena missed the chances 1st set with break points to get into Naomi's mind but love that Osaka is tenacious and knows how to dig deep at vital moments.

Well played!
Ethan Cha
Ethan Cha:
Wow, she walks with such class and grace. There's no bragging, and there's no bashing.
Roxana Doru
Roxana Doru:
I love her calmness and positive attitude..
Charlene Dong
Charlene Dong:
How can someone not like Naomi? She's so polite, soft spoken, humble, and funny. Definitely a future champion to come. Her interviews are as entertaining as the match itself:)
she continues to be a wonderful breath of fresh air in tennis. brilliant.
Ljubomir Novakovic
Ljubomir Novakovic:
Congratulations to Naomi,
You are #1 tennis player.
Australian open is yours honey.
I love your play and I love you ❤️
Tiffany Reese
Tiffany Reese:
She is so cute and pleasant! Just amazing!
Bakhrul Ulum
Bakhrul Ulum:
I have been waiting for this moment, where Jim interviewed Naomi after the match. I am guessing it’s the first one.
Ah How ah
Ah How ah:
I can imagine her being the flag bearer for the Japanese contingent in the Tokyo olympics. A great ambassador!
Fty Sso
Fty Sso:
Osaka you make me nervous 😬.
Alfredo Donque
Alfredo Donque:
I like her personality. Very simple and down to earth.
Nikhil Sam Raju
Nikhil Sam Raju:
Very genuine personality
How can you not like this kid
Nan P
Nan P:
Epic play for both of the players. Quality match, look forward to the final.
shikha b
shikha b:
She is such a super sweet girl 😇
Lionheart Mind Explosion
Lionheart Mind Explosion:
She’s is so calm, nice and normal. Absolute quality:)
The Collective Conscious
The Collective Conscious:
Such great answers.. she’s going to take over the game
Stink Dyr
Stink Dyr:
I love Naomi. She is such a sweetheart, so honest.
mobisman mobis
mobisman mobis:
Y'all need to try out some Greek food!
David Banner
David Banner:
Just give her the trophy now that she is destined to win
Kgomotso J Kgopa
Kgomotso J Kgopa:
Graceful in victory, i love her
Nodnarb Naelc
Nodnarb Naelc:
Oh my god I am in love. She is too adorable to exist.
Great interview!!
Anne Macleod
Anne Macleod:
She always has such a sweet honesty about her.
Ong James
Ong James:
10qvm for showing the lovely lady is so humble especially when she won the last point of the match. Great job and god bless you always. Beautiful lah.
Neeharika kanaka rao
Neeharika kanaka rao:
Your message 4:00 shows that you have a great sense of humour....LoVe U Naomi....ATB FOR FINALE
Jeff K
Jeff K:
Congratulations you’re so brilliant and smart 👌
So soft spoken, I love her.
prince paul
prince paul:
Very sweet girl ❤️

Congratulations champ
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Naomi is also working on clay game and has weapons for grass. Ur next double digit slam winner.
Fikri angga reksa
Fikri angga reksa:
I love her!
As a Greek i can only say that Naomi is welcome in Greece and the Greek islands for her vacations any time, enjoy all the Greek food her heart desires xD
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Congrats Naomi.
I was rooting for Serena. Im a diehard fan. But you are sweet.
Paul Vitug
Paul Vitug:
I’m heading out for lunch. Getting some Greek food. See yahh
ichha rana magar
ichha rana magar:
Congratulations!!! Nepali fan from JAPAN.
Love Sun
Love Sun:
Congratulations 👏Naomi 🥳❤!
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence:
She's becoming more and more mature in handling conversations!
rofax123 none
rofax123 none:
great interview , great crowd.
To my fellow Greeks in Australia:
Make some nice food for this adorable and talented girl!❤️👏🏻😅😍
diane Finn
diane Finn:
Congratulations Princess 👸 well done 👏
MauAng Mil
MauAng Mil:
Congratulations 🙏❤ 👏
Mihaela Felicia
Mihaela Felicia:
She's my favorite since now. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
jehmin jung
jehmin jung:
I think Serena mad not because she lost but because Naomi was so casual and humble about it.
Manny Manny
Manny Manny:
So much class! 🏆
aurica ciupei
aurica ciupei:
Felicitări!Mă repet :Naomi Osaka este sportiva mare în tenisul mondial !În meciul cu Serena a pus în mișcare motoarele ,adică Naomi a alternat lovituri de mingi în cros,în diagonală!Serena nu a rezistat la atâtea deplasări și a cedat !Cred că mental Osaka este foarte bine,iar Serena are o vârstă și o fetiță frumoasă !Congrats!