Naomi Osaka | Official Trailer | Netflix

What does it feel like to be one of the best tennis players in the world? An intimate look inside the life of one of the most gifted and complex athletes of her generation offers insight into the tough decisions and ecstatic triumphs that shape Naomi Osaka as both an elite global superstar and a young woman navigating a pressure-filled world.

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Naomi Osaka | Official Trailer | Netflix

This intimate series follows Naomi Osaka as she explores her cultural roots and navigates her multifaceted identity as a tennis champ and rising leader.

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Muren Li
Muren Li:
The reason that some people cannot accept Naomi vocally speaking out about her mental struggle is because they have the illusion that “success” will cure any mental problems. “Successful person cannot have mental struggles, so Naomi must have other bad motivations.” Well, the reality is, success usually makes people harder to reach out, thus amplify their mental struggle.
This woman is such an inspiration to young generations. She really is a humble and down to earth person. Wish everyone could see and understand her story deeply.
Venera Kushner
Venera Kushner:
Didn’t not expect a docu series on Naomi by Netflix, but I sure am incredibly happy and excited about that.
Aima Oj.
Aima Oj.:
Progress story. I love that they're telling the progress story even when we believe that Naomi still has a lot to accomplish.

I'm glad they're not waiting till the end of her career to tell her story.
She is such a humble, kind-hearted and talented athlete. She has been through a lot, she is an introvert but she is very transparent and vocal about her thoughts. I love Naomi!
olivia tagoe-during
olivia tagoe-during:
“what if i am not good enough at tennis?”
*wins 4 grand slams and still has doubts*

tennis players have extraordinary mental strength and naomi’s strength towards her mental struggles is magnificent. she’s remarkable.
Shane C
Shane C:
She always chooses her words carefully. I love that about her.
Adamya Singh Parihar
Adamya Singh Parihar:
What I really admire about Naomi is that she prefers being a good sportsperson over a better tennis player. Excited for this doc!
I wish people can understand how hard a professional tennis player (and any athlete) has to work to keep playing at such a high level. Naomi is an inspiration and she has done an amazing job!
Letoya Johnstone
Letoya Johnstone:
This is why I respect every athlete. Most of the time people call Serena Williams names and all kind of things

You can imagine what these women go through just to play that good ?
I really love Naomi. I know some people doesnt understand her stand towards the issues surrounding her with the tennis community. But I stand with her bc Mental health is one aspect where people usually has lots of misconceptions.
Tennis is part of you but you are more, You are a daughter to your parents, a voice through speaking, a voice through silence. You are an inspiration, friend and whoever you choose to be. You are Naomi Osaka.
Bruno Salsas
Bruno Salsas:
I hope Netflix makes a documentary about Rafa Nadal. For me one of the greatest sportsmen of all time
Gemel Walters
Gemel Walters:
I love this already. It had to have been particularly challenging being biracial where both communities have varying opinions of the other and trying to find your place in it. We're rooting for you Naomi
Archita Suman
Archita Suman:
The fact that some people say "she uses her mental health as excuse" really disgust me. Come on mental illness is not an excuse. It can be more severe than physical pain. And she spoke out about it which is not an easy task. That requires lots of courage and mental strength.
Naomi is an inspiration for young minds. She very talented and I hope she achieves more in her life.
A Q:
I love this girl sooooo much. She’s gonna use her talent to make the world so much better.
I watched this documentary.. So proud of her and her parents. To be so young and have so much pressure on you. She is the goad for sure. I thank her Haitian Dad for introducing her to TENNIS.. He gave us Naomi OSAKA.. Such a talented tennis player.
Ayumi Matsuura
Ayumi Matsuura:
This trailer alone brings me tears. I feel so much of her pain. A sensitive soul.
Yvette Smith
Yvette Smith:
Was it just me that got teary eyed watching this? Its only the trailer so I already know that I’m going to be crying when this comes out!
Mikhala A
Mikhala A:
A truly inspirational story. She has accomplished soo much. I can’t wait too see what else is in store for her.🥺❤️
John Kevin San Jose
John Kevin San Jose:
paving the way for the new generation of athletes. proud of who you are and what you do, Naomi! <3
Everyone's story to make life worth something and the roads taken and not taken to achieve it, is worth listening.
I am up for it.
Gabriela Retana
Gabriela Retana:
Tennis is one of those sports that requires your absolute best physically and mentally. Add in factors such as she's young, competing at the biggest world tournaments, the press, making money for you and your family, social media, etc. It's draining. I admire her so much. She's a fantastic athlete and seems a genuinely nice person too. Can't wait to watch this!
Dayang N
Dayang N:
She inspired so many young girls out there. Shes should be nothing but proud of herself. Shuts off haters and critics with her achievement.
T J:
This young lady is so talented, young but still so humble and inspiring. I liked watching this and hearing her story. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would
E. Brown
E. Brown:
She is such a transformative figure for people and I hope more young women who are struggling with being everything for everyone can see themselves in her and learn that it's ok to focus on themselves and focus on what's really important.
amy mrowca
amy mrowca:
When a child grows up to only pursue sports it’s hard for her to identify yourself outside of it
I Get it.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
I love Naomi she is so sweet, and influential, in everything she do, and inspiration to this young generation. I wish I could hug her so much 😭🤚🏽.
Healandovercome Rise
Healandovercome Rise:
Amazing real life story, really worth watching! A well raised champion and A true role model, I love Naomie!! Keep on going ❤!
Grey K
Grey K:
This documentary and the story of Naomi made me fall in love with Tennis, she is such a beautiful spirit.
Margarita Papastergiou
Margarita Papastergiou:
I'm so proud of you Naomi! ❤️
DCS TheGeneral
DCS TheGeneral:
Naomi using her platform to inspire people not to forget who they really are outside of their work. Wooooow. Respect and Love young Queen. Keep going keep making these big steps.
Keisha Morris
Keisha Morris:
I think that Naomi Osaka is going to be a great tennis player, and taking time to regroup her mental stability is a noble and refreshing step. I am looking forward to seeing her in the Olympics and many more tennis matches, but for now I think she needs some good people who can help her hand difficult pressures and achieve her goal as a great tennis player. Not only that, but I am so proud of you, Naomi Osaka, and I am rooting for you.
Every time I watch this trailer it makes me cry. I'm not an athlete but I can relate.
Helayne Lehman
Helayne Lehman:
Thank you Naomi. You are helping so many of us by sharing your story. You are SO much more than an AMAZING athlete........not that you need my opinion/approval, or anyone else's. ❤️ Lead on. 😁
Emma Anjali Gonzalez
Emma Anjali Gonzalez:
i am wanting to go professional when I'm older for tennis, and this girl is such an inspiration. Hopefully I can become half as amazing as her one day
Fatima Jaffer
Fatima Jaffer:
I love Naomi. Hope to see her back on court when shes recovered.
I am a big fan and I am going watch this for sure. Wow!! She is so amazing 👏 to me. Even if you take tennis 🎾 away, she stands out as a person I would love to know someday. Her perspective on life and her humble spirit has away of drawing you in like no one I have ever seen.
Ashley Helmuth
Ashley Helmuth:
She deserves a Netflix documentary after the way she was treated at the US Open
Xiao Wang
Xiao Wang:
WOW, "people don't know the effort or work we put in to be good at what we do" is the understatement of the year". People don't become good overnight the amount of endless training or practice, and failure to get there is crazy. Just respect people's success and learn from them cause anyone can be successful.
hitesh mahato
hitesh mahato:
There isn't a more likeable, more human superstar in international sport ❤️
Just watched it, so good. Though, I don’t understand the point of cutting it into 3 30-minute episodes instead of making a whole 90-minute docufilm, especially considering this is a limited series. Other than this, I enjoyed it very much. Can’t wait to see how Naomi will do at the Olympics, in her own country! :)

UPDATE: This didn’t age the best way it could’ve.
I am so rooting for her!
Last name First
Last name First:
I love Naomi. She is so humble and yet soooo influential in everything she does... I can’t 🖐🏽 😭 she deserves the world
tai olatokunboh
tai olatokunboh:
Dear mum and dad, tell Naomi she can quit tennis without disappointing you! Tell her, her happiness means more to you than Tennis and watch her transform into who she really is. This young lady is sad and it's bcos she is not getting more out of life. She needs to LIVE. Help her by giving her freedom to CHOOSE! God bless you all.
Cineastik 82
Cineastik 82:
This series may come at the wrong time, given the current state that Naomi finds herself in… I wish her all the best and hope she‘ll return to tennis as soon as possible, but hopefully with a lot less pressure from outside factors.
Pramesh Khanna
Pramesh Khanna:
Something that Naomi rightfully deserves.
This pretty much says a lot about introverts who are always judged because of their nature rather than their abilities.
Good for Naomi. Telling her story - on HER terms. Go, girl!
Fred Otlogetswe
Fred Otlogetswe:
Talk of Grace, Class, Humility; Naomi.
When you need support no one comes forward BUT once you made it by yourself everyone tries to be the best allies
Lucky 🍀 Chucky
Lucky 🍀 Chucky:
Watching this makes me love Serena even more just thinking about all that she has handled with strength and a very strong mentality and never cracking! There will never be another Serena Williams
What scares me after watching this trailer is the fact that she might not return to pro tennis; even though she has every right to make that call, we will be missing one hell of a player.
More power to you, Naomi:)
Love docs like these. Will definitely watch. Her life seems heavy bless her.
Le Visionnaire
Le Visionnaire:
We are all proud of you in Haiti Naomi Osaka,love you so much.
El Australiano
El Australiano:
Superb documentary about an amazing athlete & an intriguing human being!
Shelly T
Shelly T:
We're with you Naomi!!! Draw strength from our ancestors!! 🙏🏼💚💪🏾🔥✊🏽💚🙏🏼
Netflix, thank you. It is time to give Naomi the microphone. I am sick of the media’s reaction and voice-piecing of her. I cannot wait to listen to what she has to say about her life, her experiences, her thoughts and feelings.
HPV Pinoy
HPV Pinoy:
Thank you Naomi for sharing your story. You are an inspiration.
speaking about the pressure of being the best is so much harder than one thinks, especially when one’s reputation revolves solely on “being the best”. idgaf if naomi’s rankings drop, as long as she’s happy and comfortable, she will always be my favourite women’s tennis player
I know she's an inspiration to the world, but living in Japan, I can't tell you how important she is as a role model here for young girls.
Caught me off guard with that Netflix
Rodrigo Machado
Rodrigo Machado:
Go for it Osaka, either you decide to keep playing or not, you're already an awesome soul.
Ally Estrada
Ally Estrada:
I’m glad that Naomi is taking a break and getting help with her depression. She is so young, and the pressure to be a good athlete, to be a celebrity, role model, etc. is insurmountable. She will get through this, and we will be right here waiting for her when she comes back on her own terms
Land of Smilez
Land of Smilez:
Just finished watching, for someone that do not want attention she sure brings it on herself.
MzLadyP G
MzLadyP G:
Just finished watching on Netflix. It was good. It kind of explained her struggle with the pressure of pleasing everyone and finding her own path. That kind of pressure can make anyone depressed.☹️ For the race part, this is MY opinion and experience, black folks embrace biracial people fully. But when that biracial person claim their other half as their race/nationality when that side wouldn't give you the recognition nor the time of the day, but since you're winning they now for you. (acceptance only if you meet a conditon/their standard)It's like a slap in the face to black folks that you got the love, nuture and culture from us but you won't claim black nationality?😏
Tenzin Samphel
Tenzin Samphel:
Hyped for for this, You Go Girl, Slaying it like Naomi Osaka
Thorfida OG
Thorfida OG:
I am so gonna watch this. Many people tie happiness to external things, be it job title, status in society etc. The most powerful question to ask yourself, who am I if I am not.......for Naomi it’s tennis player. For me it’s in finance. Who are you? Find this out and your path to self worth begins.
M V:
Cried through most of these episode so well done.
Djo Amigoos
Djo Amigoos:
I love Noami. Her personality, her story and fighting spirit !!
Allen Joseph
Allen Joseph:
Well deserved naomi. What an achievement 4 grand slams back2back2back, I usually heard back 2 back but naomi triple it within 2 years. Naomi worth a billion a year. Do you know how long it takes sharapova to get 5 azarenka 2 kerber 3 halep2 show naomi some respect. Congratulation nao.
Advika Kasliwal
Advika Kasliwal:
I’m literally crying 😥😥😥by watching this and I’m so proud if Netflix that they are creating a real life tennis based film. This is a opinion from a tennis player myself
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}:
She's so talented. ❤️
Amarachi Anih
Amarachi Anih:
I did not see this coming!

Keep soaring Naomi!!!!!!!
Danny Unchained
Danny Unchained:
poor Naomi lost in 3rd match :( i was rooting for her. hope she gets back to the top next year
Teresa J
Teresa J:
Yeppp, watching that. So profound. Love it already. Love Naomi’s honesty.
Noah LaMore
Noah LaMore:
Naomi, we are all so proud of who you are and what you have become. Keep inspiring others. Keep being yourself.

Keep going.
wellbeing for us.
wellbeing for us.:
Naomi is truly an inspiration, we cannot wait to watch this!
Anastasia Anguiano
Anastasia Anguiano:
I cried when I watched this. I love this woman so much
yaalini lakhani
yaalini lakhani:
She’s such a great role model
ill 8085
ill 8085:
It's amazing I loved it ❤️
Rico _______
Rico _______:
This is gonna be a groundbreaking documentary. Can’t wait!✨❤️
It’s Freda
It’s Freda:
We love you Naomi🥰🥰. Please come back and keep being an inspiration to all the young female tennis players out there.🥺🥺🥺
Naomi Osaka is my inspiration and she will always be. No matter what anybody says. :)
Westside of Corpus Christi
Westside of Corpus Christi:
She is a legend in the making.
Yumjum Kamdak
Yumjum Kamdak:
I'm having Goosebumps all over my body, can't wait to see it......
John Dia
John Dia:
I am great fan of Osaka, but perhaps because I saw a lot of her matches and post-match interviews, I didn't see a whole lot of new stuff. The best part was when she talked about Kobi. What left me puzzled is her shyness. I believe it if she says so, but I didn't see in the documentary. She connects to more people on a daily bases than I do.

But there is one question I am left with. Why does an educated Haitian Black man, who studied in Japan, lets his two daughters spend eight hours a day on a public tennis court hitting tennis balls to pursue a career in tennis? Osaka and her sister didn't go to a normal High School, they were home schooled. Their father is not some Jim Crow victim as the father of the William sisters, who saw tennis money as their way out of the ghetto. So why didn’t he want then to purse the standard immigrant path, a college degree? The tennis gamble worked for Naomi Osaka, but for her sister the tennis journey became an unpleasant struggle.
No matter what others think about her. After what she’s done in her sport and outside of it. she has already won. ✊🏾
Benjamin Rawat
Benjamin Rawat:
Can't wait, She is just amazing in every aspect :)
I honestly don’t understand the hype around her when compared to other great tennis players but I wish her all the best.
Here for this!!!!!! Naomi you make me so proud!
Raquel Ponguillo Lanche
Raquel Ponguillo Lanche:
Tío Netflix, este es el tipo de contenido que he estado esperando. Por más documentales/series acerca de mujeres deportistas. (;
George Papanikolaou
George Papanikolaou:
I love Naomi's character.
macosby anthony
macosby anthony:
"What am I if I am not a good tennis player?"

This is very deep
mariposita 🦋
mariposita 🦋:
Naomi is inspiration I want to be like her when I grow up 😭
Melinda Vasquez
Melinda Vasquez:
“What am I if I am not just a good tennis player” - that was deep. All athletes have so much pressure on them to succeed, and when they don’t they face criticism. She is an amazing athlete win or lose.
when you aint got anything you cant do much but now when you are on the big stage and you acheived a lot you gotta enjoy point in letting netflix make a sad documentary on it
Salma Kadiri
Salma Kadiri:
The jennifer lawrence (with her two oscars!)of tennis.Two days playing tennis made her already a legend!She fits so well in this fake world.
Mark Wood
Mark Wood:
What an amazing young woman!!!!!
Paula Kebe
Paula Kebe:
i just love this woman so much❤️
I want a reaction video by Serena Williams watching this on Netflix. Naomi is the best! 🙌🏻