Naomi Osaka v Jennifer Brady | Australian Open 2021 - Highlights | Tennis | Eurosport

Watch the highlights of Naomi Osaka v Jennifer Brady at Australian Open 2021.

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Kaspar L
Kaspar L:
Brady's 31 unforced errors may seem a lot, but she was playing against Osaka. The pressure she puts on her opponents is immense. Serena felt the same. Naomi is the best right now and will win many more slams if she keeps it going..
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh:
Another composed performance from Osaka in a major final..she really could sweep up a heck of a lot of slams over the next 4/5 years! 👊🏼👏🏼
Ri Nato
Ri Nato:
As Justine said the other day, WTA has a new boss.
Achille Roy
Achille Roy:
It seems like after a few years of many surprises in Grand Slams, the WTA has found a new dominant champion. Naomi had a really tough draw and she did THAT ! Congrats to Jennifer Brady as well, she is constantly improving and she might become a GS champion as well if she keeps going that way
It’s mad how quick Osaka came onto the scene and how dominant she is now
Pride Manuel
Pride Manuel:
Thinking about the two match points for Muguruza makes Osaka's win even more special.
Sheldon Agwu
Sheldon Agwu:
New Era, and a new Queen in Women's Tennis. Wouldnt be surprised if Naomi dominates the women's game for the next 5-10 years.
Lawrence Orr
Lawrence Orr:
Osaka is such a lovely individual, who certainly knows how to play tennis. When playing at her best , nobody will beat her, and I love to see her win because her smile lights up the world.
༄Ï𝓽’ś 𝓜𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓸𝓷
༄Ï𝓽’ś 𝓜𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓸𝓷:
The commenter and the video so bias dammm that’s not that deep lmao
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
At least, Brady made some sort of a match out of it, in the first set. She reached the finals of a Grand Slam and she can be proud of that.
biased highlights lol....felt like i watched all brady highlights
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Congrats Osaka! The WTA player to beat on hard courts!
Seeing Naomi Osaka playing (and winning) is a real joy! Many thanks!
Marcin Chrzczonowski
Marcin Chrzczonowski:
Level was outstanding. This girl is coming for a seconad part of rge game to win it all. Novak? Best time player
Sipho Ncube
Sipho Ncube:
The highlight were updated by someone who hate Naomi.😂😂😂
Mark Woodward
Mark Woodward:
She was "lucky" says commentator. Hardly call it luck when your opponent makes an error and you win the first set 😂
Taiwo Babatunde
Taiwo Babatunde:
Jheeze, big up Naomi Osaka.
Артур Рыбкин
Артур Рыбкин:
2:13 ...This Brady's "snake spurt" really impressed me! :)
charles lucas
charles lucas:
Très beau match, mais elles sont vraiment habillées comme des sacs.
j. nicholl
j. nicholl:
Naomi will win so many more!!
So happy for Naomi 🤩🇯🇵
Arne Eich
Arne Eich:
Osaka is the new T - 1000 Version of the (little bit) older T - 800 S. Williams Version.
Marek xyz
Marek xyz:
Despite the fight, 1 set has already shown to whom the court belongs! 2 SET WITHOUT COMPETITIVE FOR OSAKA! Bravo for the triumph ! M POLAND
Maguslloret Munoz
Maguslloret Munoz:
With Naomi we have a trully NUMBER 1 for many years
Matteo Tinelli
Matteo Tinelli:
she definitely plays in another league, compared to the others.
Karl Schadt
Karl Schadt:
ASICS could not have made a more unflattering outfit for Brady if they tried.
She was fortunate first set but clearly dominated 2nd deserved winner
David Alvarez garcia
David Alvarez garcia:
iga swiatek and osaka are my new favourite female tennis players, i will follow them ;))
Артур Рыбкин
Артур Рыбкин:
3:17 ...Oh, that was 'crazy fault'! ;)
brady's forehand is so explosive, very enjoyable to see in wta
Dirty Dog
Dirty Dog:
I was neutral after Williams went out. Before Williams went out I was supporting all of her opponents.
Abc D
Abc D:
She is like cute 🦁
Артур Рыбкин
Артур Рыбкин:
5:09 ..."!SQUEAK!" ;)
Madalina Stanciu
Madalina Stanciu:
When I look at these highlights, I wonder how Osaka wins? :)
this looked like mosquito attacking the Goliath:), tiny Brady just had no chance, which is amazing in mens tennis that body weight does not mean much
Акылбек Жунусов
Акылбек Жунусов:
Congratulations Naomi
Al Chely
Al Chely:
Well done Naomi! How Barty is still no 1 I don't know. It's unfair!
iul iulian
iul iulian:
Love from România. ❤️
Chris Nagle
Chris Nagle:
Great match Ladies! Congratulations Naomi!
Fenri lorf
Fenri lorf:
Great match! I really liked how Brady fought to come back after beeing 0:4 behind. Congrats to Osaka!
Helen Green
Helen Green:
Naomi is incredible. Brady made too much unforced errors but still, Naomi is a great champion!
Dj Saarus
Dj Saarus:
On to the next one champ! 😍🏆👏🏾
Emils Superpuika
Emils Superpuika:
Dear australians, we all love you and support you, together we will kill the lies and the liers
What a match. Am team Serena and glad that Naomi is taking over the baton stick💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿
Momentum Stocks
Momentum Stocks:
What a *** final.
Kholeho Mosala
Kholeho Mosala:
well done, Osaka...all the best gal
vininio petrov
vininio petrov:
Crazy hard punches! No any improvisation. Just smash the ball in that edge of the corner!
Dieumerci Kamil
Dieumerci Kamil:
Naomi Osaka she is so good enough moving to the ball 🎾🎾🎾 Left and right easily congratulations Naomi.
Артур Рыбкин
Артур Рыбкин:
Brady was fast... But Osaka - most generous!
Frederic Le clech
Frederic Le clech:
Festival de fautes directes 😔
Go Japan!
Sebastian B
Sebastian B:
tom brady
Talique Miller
Talique Miller:
that male commentator was definately supporting brady
Red Lavish
Red Lavish:
Brady played fantastic considering how great Osaka is.
Mehmet özgür Karadağ
Mehmet özgür Karadağ:
İlk seti basit hatalarla kaybeden barty, aklı 1. Sette kalınca maçıda kaybetti...
SHAY-məs Mamon
SHAY-məs Mamon:
from first 4m it looks like Brady won this game????
Dominic J
Dominic J:
2 sets and 1h 17min and same price as men. Tell me why it is worth the same for much less effort? Equality has only one direction...
Tanya Kirilina
Tanya Kirilina:
Osaka wins but AO makes a compilation where you mainly see Brady hit winners and Osaka unforced errors.... 🤦🏽‍♀️
Hector Figueredo
Hector Figueredo:
Osaka insuperable e imparable,ya sabía yo que no tendrá rivales en el tenis femenino, felicitaciones,👏🏆🥇😘
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Jennifer in the second set basically did not exist.
Asani Imer
Asani Imer:
Bohus Knapík
Bohus Knapík:
Gary Key holder
Gary Key holder:
I don't feel excited to watch these Girls, Serena is more entertaining she's more fire inside her even though she didn't play so well in the Semifinals once she lost I lost interested in the rest of the Tournament.
Free Wheels
Free Wheels:
Why tf does she look like a male ? :))))
Truth is Brady was a big disappointment in this match.
Emils Superpuika
Emils Superpuika:
Stop covidlies
naomi deserved that...only good players from 1R to FINAL. Congrats naomi
Miriam Darrin
Miriam Darrin:
Malphas Mikaelson
Malphas Mikaelson:
Set 1 was pretty bad from Osaka and Brady. Set 2 was way better from Osaka but yeah Brady is just not top tier. What I do like is that we get another woman who has a big serve, can move around the court and hit hard. Tired of all these weak women who have no serve and no power or they got a good serve and power but can't move.
State Tiberius
State Tiberius:
CS final with two firecrackers...🙈
Максим Куров
Максим Куров:
Ну вот и чернокожие японцы)))
Pride Manuel
Pride Manuel:
Love you Osaka 🇯🇵
Max Uhlig
Max Uhlig:
This game was one of the worst i ever seen. It is often not nice to see women’s tennis
Osaka Sakao kaosa saoka kasao perfetctooooo
Osaka played well in patches, but overall her service was poor. She never really had to dig deep, she was always the likely winner. Brady's only chance was to red line everything and hope that would be enough.
Female tennis games are too short
Louis Barton
Louis Barton:
Woman's tennis is God so boring so one dimensional
Magnus Lundahl
Magnus Lundahl:
77 min. Why?Women cant play best of 5 set? Give them half price money then.
The commentator should find another job :) He's crying throughout the whole video. Unprofessional. Glad to see Osaka shutting these ppl down
Prajwal Rai
Prajwal Rai:
The commentary was a bit one sided favoring brady over Osaka. Even the highlights was one sided given Osaka dominated the whole match. Wtf
Andrea Marly le bg du 13
Andrea Marly le bg du 13:
Bravo à elle 👍
Simon Prosino
Simon Prosino:
it's weird in 2021 knowing that two persons still believe in the existance of lucky tennis players! the first is Fognini - few days ago, the second - now - the Eurosport commentator
Vvaldes15 Novelas
Vvaldes15 Novelas:
Naomi the new Serena
N. Falhi
N. Falhi:
Worst female final ever I think
Yuriy Mininberg
Yuriy Mininberg:
were are my favorite Hingis, Evert, the elegance, feminity, intelligence, touch, improvisation? is it tennis? is it a girl?
Precocious Deathdealer
Precocious Deathdealer:
Sorry to have a moan but I don't think the Australian Open should have gone ahead in the first place. In fact all professional sport should be banned for the foreseeable future. How is it fair that players get paid $500,000, $1,000,000 or $2 million for competing in this tournament when people all over the world are losing their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic e.g. taxi drivers have no customers at the moment and so are making no money?!
꧁Vam Heredur꧂
꧁Vam Heredur꧂:
Naomi is the face of WTA.
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Since 2018 Naomi wins a slam each year. She is the queen of hard courts. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🇯🇵🥊
State Tiberius
State Tiberius:
VAmos MUGURUZA, Vamos Europa...!🤌🏼
Michaeloo 0007
Michaeloo 0007:
77 Minutes !? Why get women the same Price Money as Men ??? It's so crazy !
a ren
a ren:
Osaka is so beautiful
Simon R
Simon R:
If she is smart she can become the greatest. WTA is so weak and it's just getting worse so she just need to be doing this and she even might win all 4 in the same year.
Emils Superpuika
Emils Superpuika:
Why no sportspeople stand up for us. Arent they tired to wear the poisoned masks?
Mike UK
Mike UK:
Brady don't know her personally but she looks so grampy when playing. To stressed.
Otipo das BETS -progonosticos
Otipo das BETS -progonosticos:
Wta nexy years....
Osaka will dominate hard courts
On clay hapel wil raise
On grass is most undpredictable ...
Nikolaos Angelidis
Nikolaos Angelidis:
At this professional level there is no luck, it’s only value, and Osaka is huge and way better. That’s the reason she won. Besides that, she has a great character and does not celebrate when the opponent loses a point.
Female tenis is boring. Congrat' Osaka.