Naomi Osaka vs Serena Williams Extended Highlights (SF) | Australian Open 2021

Naomi Osaka takes on Serena Williams in the semifinals of the Australian Open 2021.

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Thank you for the extended highlight <3
Jerry Dee
Jerry Dee:
To Everyone saying Serena would have won if she was younger, sorry but age factor is a part of any sport. Let's give Naomi the credit she deserves.
Alpha Delta
Alpha Delta:
There's just something about Osaka, you cant help but feel proud of her.
Brandon Y
Brandon Y:
Osaka did to Serena what Serena used to do to Maria, Azarenka and Halep. Overplayed, outplayed, outserved, out hit, out-clutched, out-run. Basically a total beat down.
What happened was, Serena played a younger version of herself.
Mochi Dude
Mochi Dude:
This is one of the greatest matches of all history. A legend against a soon-to-be legend. Amazing. All the Serena fans, don't be so salty that she lost. Everybody has to step down at one point where a new generation moves in.
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading:
Naomi got that fireball swing from Wii Sports. So much ferocity.
James Stephan
James Stephan:
Serena screaming to motivate herself, Osaka killed her with her silence
Mehdi Nafia
Mehdi Nafia:
Osaka is the only girl who doesn't scream when she hits the ball. Eg. Serena, Sharapova and every tennis girl that had ever existed lol
Chudi Frank
Chudi Frank:
Osaka is really good at faking her strikes! With her positioning, you’d think she’s striking right, when she’s firing at ur left lol
Rosario Pulvirenti
Rosario Pulvirenti:
The only thing that cannot be defeated is TIME. Time claims everyone and everything.
Koech Alex
Koech Alex:
Age is a factor in almost every sport. Someone younger,faster and/or innovative will always show up at some point
Olivia Anna Carolina
Olivia Anna Carolina:
Osaka’s range is outrageous. How she can drag Serena THE Williams round the court. She fakes her stance too, very hard to guess.
michael lts
michael lts:
No more onesided booing this time around😁, better serve better ball placement by Naomi. Looks to me like Nadal vs Roger, one with brawl and the other with skill...just sayin'.
Sasha Moore
Sasha Moore:
Serena is a legend
Osaka is the upcoming legend
Let’s both have good comments
For both ladies ...
Serena and Osaka
Keep up the good work ....
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith:
Love seeing Naomi kick her ass!
yummy bunny
yummy bunny:
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
When Osaka starts hitting her strokes with pace and makes u run side to side , she becomes unplayable. Her forehand is best shot on tour right now and opens room for her backhands.
Ethan Cha
Ethan Cha:
I only played tennis in high school, so maybe I can't say anything here. But this kinda looks similar to how boxers don't always throw their hardest jabs or full momentum jab until they know 95% they can land that solid hit. Because if it hits air, it's just too much expended energy and stamina.

It looks like Serena has a lot of strength behind her shots, and it seems that usually that works for her. But Osaka capitalizes on the energy that Serena expends. If Serena can't win in a couple of hits, she just becomes too tired to run around the court, while Osaka looks like she's just redirecting what's being thrown at her.
40 vs 20, old vs young, stop crying Serena, even someone will beat Osaka when she is older
Vincent Mikko
Vincent Mikko:
Serena had a really good chance to make it to her 24th given her wide open group of opponents. But, Serena is no match to Naomi in this match. It’s very clear.
Naomi Osaka is the BEST player right now
Black Spiderman
Black Spiderman:
Serena is playing a younger calmer versions of herself. At this level it reminds me of the mens game. You can't just blast throught your opponents to be #1. You gotta play smart. Osaka played smarter tennis and is faster. Serena cant defend as well because she's not as quick and to break someone serve you have to defend well. It's not enought holding serve. That's why big servers rarely make it to the top level with just serve alone
Olatunji Olakunle
Olatunji Olakunle:
A very good game. it only shows everyone has their time, so make it count.
Curt Devine
Curt Devine:
Serena just look plain and simple slow. She’s still 20lbs over weight compared to 2015.
Willie Jones
Willie Jones:
It was sad to see Serena in her less powerful state. Her mind was there but her body just simply what it used to be. She is still impressive for her age but her decreased speed is a huge problem against the top players. Hopefully Wimbledon will have more of a chance. At least she gave us some incredible years at the top. She was still unbeatable at her peak. Sadly, I don't think she will ever reach her peak again.
TTim N
TTim N:
I have never seen Serena being bullied around the court like this match. Age has gotten to her and that's the law of nature which is understandable. So far no one in women's tennis has escaped such law. However age is just a number in men's tennis for the Big 3 who have been toying their much younger opponents in their twenties with ease and dominant wins.
It’s official: Naomi has become the new Queen of Tennis.
José Ari Ojeda Murcia
José Ari Ojeda Murcia:
I can watch this over and over again. It's just so satisfying.
Proyecto Cultural
Proyecto Cultural:
Serena's grunting is kinda annoying and ostentatious. Makes me wanna root for Naomi. :D
Osaka is like a fanless MacBook. She just seems to run cooler than Serena.
Osaka is in Serena's head.
Siqing Cao
Siqing Cao:
If Osaka is healthy, at least no big injury, she will win at least 10 grand slams. She could start to think about improving the tennis at clay and grass court and try to win French open and Wimbledon.
Digvijaypal Sharma
Digvijaypal Sharma:
Osaka was hitting every shot down the line
Evelyn josie
Evelyn josie:
I want to see Osaka crunch Serena into retirement. Nobody deserves what Serena did to her, in her first slam.
Someone just took every previous woman's best shots and stuffed them into Osaka.

Serena serve, Graf forehand, Seles backhand, Evert mentality. All she needs to unlock now is the footwork stat to get the other two slams. This was her at like 70%.
SUY Family
SUY Family:
Naomi Osaka will be world number one again soon 🏆💪🎾
Adam Macias
Adam Macias:
This is why I wish my parents put me in athletics at a very young age. That's the biggest unfair advantage life hack to success ever. It's nothing special to watch this otherwise.
Lachlan animecat
Lachlan animecat:
I'm so glad that she relinquished her American citizenship. She knows Japan is where she belongs.
She just was screaming that was so sad
Naomi osaka 🇯🇵🇭🇹 for the next 10 years🎾
How To Sims
How To Sims:
For me, neither player were at their best this match, but how Naomi upped her level in the last 2 games of the match shows how mentally tough she is. She did what Serena did to so many opponents throughout her career, and has really grown into one of the most mentally tough players on the tour. She really is becoming the next great player and has grown so much throughout the years to become the player she is now.

Serena Williams, it’s unfortunate we didn’t see her best here but what she has achieved in these two weeks is still incredible at this stage of her career. To beat Sabalenka in the 4th round and play such a high quality match against Halep shows she still can play amazing tennis. What she has achieved, and still is achieving is incredible and is certainly so amazing to see her do so well in this time of her career.

Really wish the best for Naomi and Serena in the 2021 season.
E*******Z L.I
E*******Z L.I:
Serena should be proud that her amazing career influenced a whole new generation of superstars!!
mike wilkins
mike wilkins:
6:30 crazy fast
Serena played quite well it seems, but I find it satisfying to see the calm determination Naomi showed in deciding to own this moment. I would think she felt just as much pressure as Serena, but now that feeling is transforming into confidence.
Serena on the other end of great serves, finally. Osaka might be ready to take over women's tennis.
Zara Bee
Zara Bee:
Go Naomi! # champ!
John Paul Pangilinan
John Paul Pangilinan:
Serena tried to make it sound like the match
was on her racquet and that her errors were her own undoing. This wasn’t about Serena making errors; Osaka was bullying her into errors. She couldn’t execute her usual gameplan because Osaka was having none of it and not allowing her to
Xavier Simon
Xavier Simon:
Enjoyed the beat down... Just broke down every part of Serena's game
Ruthcarla Dore
Ruthcarla Dore:
Naomi’s serves are just incredible ❗️
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
Individual sport is great....💚💚💚
K Jackson
K Jackson:
I told my grown daughter to keep an eye on this female in 2017. Look how she has replaced Serena in tennis and as a legitimate role model icon. She's a Upgrade baby!
Thanks for the highlights!!

Btw I think that, at this rate, Osaka will probably win at least 10 majors in her career.
Wonderful match!
Serena has been outplayed before, but you can tell during her post interview she knows time is really ticking to the end now. Honestly there was nothing Serena could have done, Naomi just blew her off the court.
Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose:
Its nice to see Serena gets a beat down just like what she does to other players her ass is being challenged by Osaka!
GameyDaddy [The Gamer Dad]
GameyDaddy [The Gamer Dad]:
3:21 - In fighting games we call that a 50/50. Osaka plays these mind games very well.

As seen here 4:10, and here 4:24.

Also, her precision (aka "that placement tho") and intelligence shines on some of her plays. It is apparent that her style is about adapting and crushing her opponent. This one's a keeper!
Dallas Tx
Dallas Tx:
Serena got that stallion I am sorry It has to be said respectfully
Jimall Joseph
Jimall Joseph:
Serena has met her match..
gabriel gervais
gabriel gervais:
This must be my 10th time watching this. Serena - I like her game - knows deep down the 24th is ''likely'' never going to happen. Osaka didn't work very hard to outclass her here. Not to put Serena down, not at all, but, we get older, things change, newer bloods come along either still in their teens or barely left it. There is supposed to be a difference between that category and 39\40. Same goes for Federer. Same for the greats of yesterday, no matter how much they are loved. Serena, I feel, will not be playing much longer.
Kashif Iqbal
Kashif Iqbal:
Naomi is the New Serena Ladies and Gentlemen
Rrik Ndoci
Rrik Ndoci:
The New Queen ❤️
Heena Ahmed
Heena Ahmed:
The game gets so much better when two amazingly talented and strong women play. ❤️ Absolutely admire both of them. 🙏
Serena giving the throne to osaka
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Naomi's backhand at 8:56. Reminded me of Agassi's against Nadal in one match. Just out of world from that position. Her angles r crazy! 3 bhs in that game!
L Tri
L Tri:
Osaka's new weight is working
Tre Fadez
Tre Fadez:
They focus more on this match then the actual finals lol
Broccoli Fan
Broccoli Fan:
Serena: "It's not fair...."
The rest is history.
Naomi Osaka, the champion.
Mark Burnham
Mark Burnham:
Watched the match live. No matter how you spin it, Serena got her A$$ kicked. Serena needs a lot of luck to get another major. Her best is nowhere near enough against today's best.
tuan nang dang
tuan nang dang:
wonderful highlights, Osaka has beaten down Serena so freaking hard.
Waaaoo A tennis and class lesson by Osaka! Go and take your slam girl!
Ercin Turan
Ercin Turan:
You had emogh of everything, better you quit Serena mostly for yourself!!!
Twizz The Whiz Kid
Twizz The Whiz Kid:
I knew Naomi Osaka was the next big tennis star since the very first time I seen her.
Alpha Zolax
Alpha Zolax:
It's very hard to win when your 39 playing your self that is 21,that's how good Osaka is
Wow Extended Highlights
d g
d g:
Osaka, the new queen of tennis. Unstoppable🖤❤
Naomi is on another planet ... if she keeps improvin like this, she's gonna beat serena's record !
Krishna Rao
Krishna Rao:
Why is this highlights showing more of Serena's points though Naomi Osaka had won the match ? It was a ruthless domination by Naomi, and the highlights should reflect that. Too biased towards Serena, as usual 😑😞
Luis Marech
Luis Marech:
Excellent Naomi Osaka.
V- Bro
V- Bro:
Williams has always been unable to run. Good job!!!
Peter Rezac
Peter Rezac:
Osaka's backhand was deadly.
samson teklu
samson teklu:
Naomi you are just simpely the best no question about that.thank you!!
This is new era , too old serena , i knew it 😁
Mary Ann
Mary Ann:
You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Juan Manriquez
Juan Manriquez:
I'm happy for the Japanese 💯🤭🇯🇵🙌
Jane Gavin
Jane Gavin:
Serena Williams got outplayed by a young brilliant calm and clever player again.
finally some decent highlights
Felipe Munoz Castillo
Felipe Munoz Castillo:
Osaka played similar to Halep in the Wimbledon final. Halep made the ball bounce high on Serena’s backhand. Osaka made the ball bounce high close to Serena’s body on both sides.
kaouther titouche
kaouther titouche:
So everytime naomi wins over Osaka people are going to discrédite her
holy sht Serena got destroyed. no footwork out there and osaka beat her in placing balls rly well woww
erik schaepers
erik schaepers:
9"03 How did she make that angle ? By using the hip rotation, as we can see in slow motion.
Mark Sam
Mark Sam:
Y’all acting like Serena serve was there that day! I’ll definitely be there for next match
desmondjr johnston
desmondjr johnston:
out-slugged,--out-Fistted left crying  great job Osaka great video to watch 50 year from now,, Barón Trump president
Ankita Yadav
Ankita Yadav:
Why is comment section so negative? I mean why not be encouraging for both of them?
Mateo López
Mateo López:
Osaka going into God Mode at 4-4 on the second set was amazing
Naomi 23 yrs old, Serena 39 yrs old.
Helen Green
Helen Green:
james curtis
james curtis:
Love her
சதீஷ் கண்ணன்
சதீஷ் கண்ணன்:
She says just "come on".. 😊☺️