Naomi Osaka vs Serena Williams Match Highlights (SF) | Australian Open 2021

Naomi Osaka takes on Serena Williams in the semifinals of the Australian Open 2021.

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Chico Amadeo
Chico Amadeo:
I was rooting for Serena, but I just love Naomi Osaka.
Toto the Mutt in NW
Toto the Mutt in NW:
Unbelievable that Serena still plays at the top level but Naomi looks unbeatable.
Stanly Paul
Stanly Paul:
When Naomi hits the ball,
No screaming sound,
When Naomi wins a point,
No ecstatic sound.
Smile comes like a breeze
Like a breeze
Best Moments
Best Moments:
Osaka's power behind the shots is incredible. As good as that of Serena Williams in her prime .
Osaka is the new queen of women's tennis. 🙏
Carlos von Dessauer
Carlos von Dessauer:
Naomi... The moment she starts playing well she's just unbeatable
Greyham Lockett
Greyham Lockett:
Naomi is graceful and humble win or lose, a throughly deserved win this was.
j c
j c:
sooner or later, age will get everyone.
roger, rafa, serena... no escape
Shawn McNulty
Shawn McNulty:
Osaka’s power combined with her impeccable technique makes her so exciting to watch. I was rooting for her and glad she pulled it out.
Naomi's shots were perfectly placed. Her power's obviously great but her shot placement is where it's at.
Naomi has majorly grown. Championship mindset has arrived. First serve percentage not great but mind over matter and clutching at big points. Really proud of her arc.
Basically a 40 yo Williams playing against a younger version of herself with more variety
TheBigSquirrel 50
TheBigSquirrel 50:
Naomi knows how to play Serena so well. Hard up the center, then work from there.

Win this thing, Naomi.
art b
art b:
Osaka has the level of serena at her prime but her attitude I liked more!
Dani Tip
Dani Tip:
serena has power
but Osaka has power AND technique!!
Nemo Spence
Nemo Spence:
No tantrums–✔
No bullied umpire-✔
No bullied line judge–✔
No smashed racket–✔
No spoiled moment–✔
Malcolm Bruce
Malcolm Bruce:
Osaka’s biggest weapon is that attacking baseline shot that lands deep on the opponents baseline or in the corners.Its super hard to defend against and takes all control away from her opponents. Shes insanely accurate with it.
Lorde B
Lorde B:
Serena reminded me of Venus career later years this game. She getting older and has dominated so long. Sometimes you have no choice but to pass the torch. Serena will be the greatest tennis player ever but Great job Naomi!! 🎾🤍
no mom card this time, applause
I love Osaka's game and I love her as a person! She exudes class and grace and is confident but humble and kind! I hope she wins it all!
Bryan Max
Bryan Max:
Serena uses too much power, Naomi plays strategic
Charles Torr
Charles Torr:
Osaka, keep the momentum alive and you will be champ again.
J&C שָׁלוֹם
J&C שָׁלוֹם:
Great game. I wish more players were as humble as Osaka. I hope fame and fortune never change this. From what I have read, the players can make more money wearing/advertising Niki's clothing than they win in tennis. Each time the camera zooms down at their shoes, the network is making money advertising the brand. It's called subliminal advertising. There is allot of pressure from advertisers for some players to continue to play tennis (via contracts) in order to promote their products. Sometime you can sense this from Serena as she seems to be just going through the motions without the passion she once had. It's time to stay home, raise your children and enjoy tennis on TV.
S. McQueen
S. McQueen:
Serena is amazing but I think Naomi is a more gracious player winning and losing. I’m glad she’s shinning.
shangee tibodo
shangee tibodo:
Naomi is what a role model looks like . clean , humble, champion .
Congratulations to Osaka! She is an amazing player that is also humble & classy. Glad she denied SW tennis history, yet again. And sadly the drama queen SW couldn't even congratulate Osaka in the post match interview. No class & no grace. Vintage SW. SMH!
Michael Elliott
Michael Elliott:
I love me some Serena. :) In any sport it's hard to be on top, and stay there. Play your game Serena. You bring out the best of all your opponents. Love you Serena, BAE. :)
Yeah, the results weren't surprising.
Ary Munoz
Ary Munoz:
When you show love compassion and humbleness and come from a heart space whether you win or lose the results the results will always be in your favor..go Osaka.
Udit Agrawal
Udit Agrawal:
Love that a Japanese is doing so well in tennis. Proud moment for the country. 👍

Ofcourse her game is impeccable.
Playing osaka is like playing a younger version of herself in a way
This was basically the finals, if we're being honest.
James Thompson
James Thompson:
Nice. So good to see Osaka put Williams out especially after how Williams acted at the U.S. Open.
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Naomi ground game is wow. Her forehand u can never guess. She shoots with disguise. Her backhand , she hit 3 winners im 9th game of 2nd set, which is considered weak has become such weapon and second serve has become good now. Danger time for others!
Vive Naomi osaka for the next 10 years. Serena williams respect for everything you've done🎾
Charles Caple III
Charles Caple III:
Love them both of. Rooting for my girl Serena but in the end Well done Naomi
Rey Otero
Rey Otero:
Osaka has more variations in attacks and more angles hitting the ball than Serena.
Roger Alleyne
Roger Alleyne:
What makes Osaka's game different in my opinion is when she's on ;you can't read where the ball is going off her racket!!!😎😎😎
Abati Shakirudeen
Abati Shakirudeen:
Osaka's dominance on hard court is out of this world.
Osaka just did what halep did to Serena at Wimbledon........ total annihilation lol
Osaka beat Serena at her own game. Completely dominated her.
Sibusiso Faya
Sibusiso Faya:
Young legs. Everybody knew Serena was gonna lose. A prime Serena would be a discussion but now.. It's pretty much over.
J T:
Serena shouldnt feel bad. She lost to a good player and Serena is up in age.

Being up in age is going to catch up with you no matter who you are or how fit you are.
sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers
sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers:
Lmao, osaka mopped the floor with the old lady
Design Studio
Design Studio:
Serena was never a good mover and has confidence problems when she is down.Back in the day most top serve and volley players would beat her.
Coolman 1957
Coolman 1957:
I think the new era of Naomi Osaka has begun. Bye Serena, you're the Legend.
That’s a Messi-Mbappe moment right here....
Rock girl
Rock girl:
Barely 40% first serve and something like 8 double faults, but she clutched up when needed. What an Incredible player.
I'm not surprised that Osaka won. I'm actually more surprised that Serena got 3 games in first set and 4 games second set off of Osaka. In all honesty, the only thing that a top player like Osaka has to do is move Serena side to side and she will easily win the point. Serena is her own worst enemy now, because she refuses to lose the extra weight!!! If Serena is pregnant again then she might as well retire. Serena had many oppurtunities to win 2 more GS to break Court's record before Osaka came on the scene; however, Serena did not get the extra weight off, so she could do so.
Cmack 215
Cmack 215:
I don’t watch tennis but it looks like Serena can’t move her feet as fast
Osaka reminds me of Serena when she was younger. Especially that serve. Once she gets it going, it's unstoppable
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix:
A game of titans Osaka girl u did that going against the goat of goats and beating her was beautiful to watch seeing Serena play with her was magnificent period
The match point serve at 1:40 was outrageous.
Wayne Grant
Wayne Grant:
Serena had a great run but these new and upcoming crop of young players have her number and are no longer afraid of her. She is still great and can beat most of them but we all know it’s all about the majors for her
christian roy
christian roy:
That made my day :)
knew this match up was coming the second the draw came out. naomi didn’t disappoint ❤️ hope she wins it all
Larry Shui
Larry Shui:
Convincing win! Osaka has confidence
Wow she’s just plowing through the competition
Tanveer Khan
Tanveer Khan:
Man This girl Naomi is amazing 🔥
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg:
Naomi and dominic thiem have one thing in common the moment their unforced errors stops they are just unbeatable on any surface.
Danny Lim
Danny Lim:
What another passing of the baton moment!
rizky fawzy
rizky fawzy:
serena has power..but less speed..naomi has everything..i wonder why even simona lost to serena..🤷‍♀️
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha:
The 98 people who disliked this were people from the US Open 2018 crowd
Non- Government Issued
Non- Government Issued:
Osaka is the real class of the WTA.
Titus Tsiri
Titus Tsiri:
Naomi Osaka just brushes Serena all the time. Straight set.
Buzz Woody
Buzz Woody:
Naomi looks a little chunky but it’s all good
AAlpha Centauri B
AAlpha Centauri B:
I love them both, but right now it's Naomis time
Sakhele Ntaba
Sakhele Ntaba:
1:40 Damn ... I would've just said "yup.. ok.. next" lol
Are We Alone
Are We Alone:
Incredible, when she’s on she can’t be stopped
Nigel Thomas
Nigel Thomas:
Precision tennis by Osaka!
David Banner
David Banner:
The Japanese sensation is too strong for the American
Now she is 11-0 in the matches further than QF of GS
Barbara Williams
Barbara Williams:
How could you say that she would not beat serena five years ago I say you can't judge someone on something that you can't know because it didn't happen I know we all love the Williams sisters but myself I always thought that venus was more down to earth in serena earlier days she would not give Credit to anyone that beat her in a match she always use to say that she beat herself in still of saying that she was beat because I don't care how good you are you can be beat I respect her more now that she gives the other players their respect wish her the best
Serena is old news. We are in the Naomi era 🔥🔥
Bernice Owusu
Bernice Owusu:
I knew it’d be difficult for Serena to beat Osaka... I was so hoping to see Serene win her 24th😢Better luck next time... Osaka has just matured into the game
Congrats to Naomi but did Serena win any shots at all. Looking at these highlights u wouldn't think so.....
Nate Jewels
Nate Jewels:
Naomi is just unphazed by Serenas power. Unlike the rest. Namoi is one of two players that has the lead in head to head matchup with serena
Lewis Coleman
Lewis Coleman:
Serena looks like a 100 percent man
Charlene Dong
Charlene Dong:
AWESOME performance from Naomi. Completely destroying her opponents. She's such a humble, funny person and definitely a future unbeatable champion to come:)
J W:
Both Serena and Naomi didn't serve that we'll, Naomi 3 double faults in one game, Serena didn't take advantage of Naomi second serve and that cost her the match. Can't see Serena beating Naomi in the future, if Naomi starts getting her first serve in. Naomi has the best ground strokes in women's tennis.
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores:
Talent beat steroids.
ليبرالي مصري
ليبرالي مصري:
Want to see a GS final between Osaka vs Swaitek
Slack Starfish81
Slack Starfish81:
I bet Cordae watching this
Pungkha Brahma
Pungkha Brahma:
US and Aus open are always favourite for Naomi..
The Life Geek
The Life Geek:
Serena was staring at a younger version of herself the whole match...
Serena Williams is a great player, but you have to admit she is not on the same level as Naomi Osaka now.
Nathaniel Carreon
Nathaniel Carreon:
Osaka beating serena before was not a fluke.
Kept her head cool. Very well done.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson:
Naomi Osaka is a Legend in the making she will pass Serena in grand slams respectfully🥶
Lorie S
Lorie S:
Yes, yes , yes.... one more game Naomi...
Paul Tongson
Paul Tongson:
Keys to Osaka's win: Serena seemed to have difficulty reading her shots, she managed to change directions very efficiently, and she stayed focus/in the zone throughout the match.
Osaka is at that level where Serena was for so long:
When she plays her best (or just close to her best honestly) no one stands a chance of beating her.
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
It's going to take a great player to beat a great player. I think we've witnessed this already.
Glad Naomi Osaka won! She deserved it!
Naomi Osaka Is Now The Queen's Face Of Tennis & Very Humble.
Ihras Macias
Ihras Macias:
couples years ago, people said "only hingis can stop williams sisters". now osaka the only one who can.. congrats osaka!. great player serena 👍👍👍
Nan Phet
Nan Phet:
Congrats Naomi!!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
Naomi knows how to play Serena so well. Hard up the center, then work from there. Win this thing, Naomi.
Ankit S
Ankit S:
Barely 40% first serve and something like 8 double faults, but she clutched up when needed. What an Incredible player.
I know nothing bout tennis but 1:40 that was crazy i think imma start watching this sport
Moko Koco
Moko Koco:
Serena needs to get the “I need to beat her for revenge” mindset out of her head. Till the day she can be able to focus a lot more better and make better choices is the day she’s going to win