Naomi Osaka vs Victoria Azarenka Extended Highlights | US Open 2020 Final

Naomi Osaka takes on Victoria Azarenka in the final of the US Open 2020.

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How To Sims
How To Sims:
It is incredible how Naomi's mental toughness has improved over the years. She always had the physical talents, but her mental toughness has improved so much and she is now able to come back from matches like this. At the very least, Naomi will become one of the greatest hard court players in tennis and if she can get her game to work on clay and grass, she may become one of tennis's greatest players. Congrats Naomi for winning this tournament once again.
How To Sims
How To Sims:
It is also crazy how Naomi has now won as many US Open titles as Venus, who also has two US Open titles. Amazing achievement for Naomi.
Thomas MN
Thomas MN:
Azarenka was playing incredibly well in the first set and early in the second set. Her form dropped only a little after that and Naomi pounced. Naomi is so dangerous on hard court indeed, so strong mentally
vincent cheung
vincent cheung:
She's playing with a hamstring injury, which makes her victory more incredible!
James Stephan
James Stephan:
Osaka won the slam silently without much noise, now thats class🥰
One of the best women’s matches I’ve seen at the US Open. Naomi is unstoppable!!!!!!! I love Vika as well, great job.
Jesse Ha
Jesse Ha:
Osaka has such great control of her release timing. Sometimes she releases the ball immediately and others she delays for a real smash. Keeps the opponents on their toes.
When Naomi starts moving the ball around the court while increasing the pace at the same time, an "older" player's chances are slim.
A R:
Both finalists are great players. Naomi has won 3 slams at 22 and looks set to become the next once in a generation player. Vika too is a great player, whose peak years unfortunately coincided with Serena's dominance in Women's tennis.
Camille Laudé
Camille Laudé:
Agung Laishram
Agung Laishram:
What a comeback win from champion Osaka. Love this final. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Bruno Saint victor
Bruno Saint victor:
Naomi ! Haitian people is so pround of you.
Misty Dawn 88
Misty Dawn 88:
5 of 6 tournaments that Naomi won are the biggest tournaments, 3 Grand Slam and 2 Premier Mandatory tournaments. She played her best on the biggest stage on hardcourt. She has not win a small tournament yet. What a big match player she is. The bigger the tournament, the better she play. She is arguably the best player in the world on hard court for the past 2 years. If she can improve on clay and grass and win GS on those surfaces she will become one of the greatest players ever
Myerk Lamb
Myerk Lamb:
10:13 (On Osakas poor start and inability to get into the match until the middle of the 2nd set) "Osaka did it at almost the last possible moment"

Dominic Thiem "Hold my beer"
nirab dhungana
nirab dhungana:
Down from a
Set and a brk in the second set it was a greatest comeback in the US Open finals
So proud of Naomi! Well played by both ladies. Vika will make some noise at the French.
Rafa Tennis Champ
Rafa Tennis Champ:
Injury free.always for Naomi and keeping her mindset like this in a tournament and Naomi will be unbeatable .As she said quarantine is a curse but at the same time a blessing for her ..Mentally and made her more matured..
Emily Mikami
Emily Mikami:
Congrats Naomi! Stay strong and humble!
That was an epic US finals 🍻

Congrats 🎉
to the Champion
Hillary Gillings
Hillary Gillings:
Ok. I am for Osaka now. Still love you Serena, but I'm sure you will be retiring soon. I am cheering for Osaka as well! She is going to do well over the years.
Lincoln Eyar
Lincoln Eyar:
*Another Osaka match highlight video?* Don't mind if I do.

I'm really proud as to how far my twin (I like calling her that because we're born exactly on the same date) has come in terms of mental strength. Normally, she'd look helpless and hopeless when she's losing but I love how she managed to stay calm and buckle down when it mattered the most. 6-1, 2-0 40:30 was some deep hole she fell in.
Sepherina Allard
Sepherina Allard:
Osaka’s first set ... she played slow and sluggishly. She then raised her level in the next t 2 sets. Azarenka remained at her same level
Winston Chen
Winston Chen:
I would guess Naomi will get at least 10 GSs in her career!
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Naomi's disguise on her forehand and backhand is just amazing. You know it is coming big missile, but hard to guess which way
Joya Thiem
Joya Thiem:
That final shout of Victoria ends the game! Congratulations once again Naomi for your 2nd GS US Open 🏆 great come back.
The intensity of the play in that last point ... amazing of both of them!

Prem Tamang
Prem Tamang:
I am big fan of Osaka. Love you.
Tennis RNSW
Tennis RNSW:
This was great. Also Serena vs Sakkari, probably the best match of the open along with Osaka vs Brady
Victor Lupas
Victor Lupas:
extended highlights incoming 🔥🔥
dalton knox
dalton knox:
Glad Osaka won. Azarenka's howling is a pain.
Suabro Boro
Suabro Boro:
Congrats Naomi. Keep striking hard forever 👍
Congrats @osakanaomi🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆omedetouuuu
Jeromegrant Johns
Jeromegrant Johns:
Naomi will be the next queen of the court, she cannot be beaten..when her head is in the game...
Matt N8
Matt N8:
A legend in the making
Sev Raonic
Sev Raonic:
She tightened up, and Osaka's loosening'em 😁 10:08
James Wolf
James Wolf:
Thanks for this, what a great set of highlights. You can really see from these angles just how much Azarenka's movement has improved, she is far and away quicker than she has ever been, especially laterally on the change of direction. She would have beaten any other player on the planet this day, except for Osaka. And even then, at 6-1 2-0 30-40 she could have gone up a double break, was back on serve in the 3rd. No disrespect to Ash Barty but Osaka, like Serena before her in her heyday, is the best player on earth atm. Shame Vika couldn't win but great match from both
Zita Lopes
Zita Lopes:
Bravo Naomi😍👍👑
Erik Avant
Erik Avant:
Waiting for extended shapovalov fritz highlights from this years US Open.
Naomi has my heartt
Arifin Ardiwinata
Arifin Ardiwinata:
I proud to Naomi Osaka, to be the Champion in the USA tenis open.
Laura Michel
Laura Michel:
At second set 2-1, Osaka started to play, in the first set Osaka was very slow and wasn’t hitting the ball. That’s all, she was too superior, and I love Vika, sorry she couldn’t bare it
Naomi is an amazing athlete! 💝
Mattie Goudeau
Mattie Goudeau:
Congratulations 🎊
Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly:
I have not missed Vika's noises.
J L.
J L.:
Amazing match from both of them
Very fun to watch
Great match from Osaka!
Renan Eich
Renan Eich:
Please do at least 40-mins for the Men's, 5 very long sets
Naomi 2.0! She won the 2018 US Open and 2019 Aussie Open with sheer power, but this one it was her brain and composure. The way she was willing to wait and work for the point and develop the game while figuring out her opponent’s rhythm and momentum showed how much she grew just over a year or so. This is tremendous. Can’t wait to see more of her next year!
Gaming with Sarah
Gaming with Sarah:
I play tennis and I love it!
bayu adrian
bayu adrian:
I believe Naomi can be next legendary on Tennis
mike wilkins
mike wilkins:
What a comeback! Great match to both
hey guys,after long times i watching a tv shows programs US open 2020 teniss tournaments..i loves Osaka naomichan she is a fantastic in to the world...
Jimmy James
Jimmy James:
Great work from the American. And she supports our President 👍👍👍
Sucha 9ice display of technique on both 6ides 😐 the champion gave the 🎾 wrld a klassic tho 👏🥰
Denny Sigfalk
Denny Sigfalk:
Better crowd here than 2018, wait - no crowd, that explains it
でもギリギリの勝負でしたね atayee
[email protected] atayee:
I’m living in Belarus 🇧🇾 but I love the Naomi Osaka and so happy and proud that she won the match 👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵❤️
Shardei Bueno
Shardei Bueno:
14:36 yes! 🤘
Maijin Gonmai
Maijin Gonmai:
Well done Osaka
Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu:
As a matter of national importance can we establish if Vika sounds more like a Dove or a Pigeon. I have been going Pigeon for so many years but I am not so sure anymore.
Jerome Jacobs
Jerome Jacobs:
When African ancestors say yes, no one can say no.
Michael Haile
Michael Haile:
Naomi Osaka, improbable come back, what a great player! Love Osaka forever!
The two white commentators Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson are so unprofessional and just so biased. They cheered for Azarenka because she is white yet critical of a woman of colour Naomi Osaka.
Ec.Luiggi M Garcia
Ec.Luiggi M Garcia:
Osaka la mejor 🥇🏆
Prince of Tennis
Prince of Tennis:
I still find it but hard to believe that Osaka won in the end. After the first set, I think a lot of people probably think the match is over but Osaka is just not willing to give the match and keep fighting. What an effort! :)
Sangeeta Grg
Sangeeta Grg:
I’m not a fan of tennis bt Naomi brings me here.
Claude Policano
Claude Policano:
What Azarenka did to Serena the round before Osaka did to Azarenka very smart Azarenka was rallying Osaka and she got overpowered I was rooting for Azarenka but Osaka deserved it
Yacov Mitchenko
Yacov Mitchenko:
Too bad that such a great match was witnessed by so many empty spaces. The marriage of masks and empty spaces somewhat oppressed the soul of exuberance.
Giedrius Budvytis
Giedrius Budvytis:
one of the best wta matches could beat mens finalists atleast on final set i think :d
Marian Mrowiec
Marian Mrowiec:
Osaka.Cud tenisa.
Gursahib Singh
Gursahib Singh:
Well done Osaka
Sergei Michalich
Sergei Michalich:
Нечего добавить,молодцы девченки,хорош финал!
And I thought Sharapova's grunt was annoying.....
Tina Reutin
Tina Reutin:
Isn‘t it kind of unfair that Ms Azarenka makes such a loud sound (grunt, groan), everytime when she hits the ball? There should be some penalty against that.
Alfredo Soto
Alfredo Soto:
Naomi tienes mucho potencial para desarrollar más juego adelante
Plinio Buzato
Plinio Buzato:
Feel sad for Vika =( She's been through a lot
Kayla Osorio
Kayla Osorio:
Go Naomi!! BLM!!
Jimmy James
Jimmy James:
Great work from the American. And she supports our President 👍👍👍
Theo Theodoropoulos
Theo Theodoropoulos:
Awful noise from Azarenka during the game!
Vinay E.
Vinay E.:
Osaka is such a sharp hitter. I love her game.
slug fest. osaka doesn't look like she is sweating ;)
Same like Iga "comeon"
Ted Seamus
Ted Seamus:
Yasss Naomi Osaka!!!!
Jansh Dela Rosa
Jansh Dela Rosa:
The commentator is soooo biased. Grrrr
All hail, Queen Naomi.
Anil Rao
Anil Rao:
Azarenka’s grunting and screaming is really distracting . Should be banned.
japanese and a americana 's proude of you, NAOMICHAN''
santosh thapa
santosh thapa:
aza had this. how did she lose from a 6-1 2-0 lead??
Barbara Johansson
Barbara Johansson:
Sorry should win...
Major Davis
Major Davis:
i love naomi osaka.
Great match but surely you have to have at least one female commentator for the Women's Final?
Krish S
Krish S:
Great Naomi
fightin'' NAOMICHAN''
Azarenka is six feet tall yet she has a weak serve. She barely serves over 100 miles per hour. At six feet Azarenka should be serving triple digits at least on the first serve.
1st set was lost on purpose