Naomi Osaka Withdraws From Roland Garros 2021

Tennis Channel discusses Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from Roland Garros 2021

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Ms Osaka has a net worth of $25 million at the age of 23. In the year of the pandemic I'll focus my sympathies to the everyday people who've worked on the frontlines fighting covid. The everyday people who've lost livelyhoods and more saddenly lives of loved ones. Millionaire celebrities and professional athletes need to get over themselves and their importance.
John Capo
John Capo:
"For me, personally, how I deal with it was that I know every single person asking
me a question can't play as well as I can and never will,"
"So no matter what you say or what you write, you'll never light a candle to me.
"That's how I deal with it. But each person deals with it differently." - VENUS WILLIAMS (mic drop)
William Resham
William Resham:
Face saving move by osaka; she can't play on clay. Got wiped off court in Rome just a few weeks ago. This just makes her endorsement clients happier b/c she doesn't get bounced early in a Grand Slam.
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin:
This was predictable after the organizers' reaction yesterday. Very few took her statement seriously.
1:08 - "As a black woman, I have to say ..."

What does the reporter's skin color have to do with anything. Is this in any way about social justice?
Nali Lu
Nali Lu:
,"everyone needs to turn down the temperature on this" best thing said in this whole segment.
Fernanda Segunda
Fernanda Segunda:
She is suffering inside,her health comes first#fullstop
The lady is crazy and silly since she talks about 'racism' and 'social justice'
Featsbeyond 50
Featsbeyond 50:
This comment section could be used to determine the percent of population who are Sociopaths. Eyeballing it, I'd say we're at around 30-40 percent.
Emmanuel Buenviaje
Emmanuel Buenviaje:
Should pull a Marshawn Lynch. 'I'm here so I won't get fined'. lol
Marco Tulio Peñalba Valladares
Marco Tulio Peñalba Valladares:
The withdrawn of @Naomi Osaka from the WTA 2021 RG is the best solution to the issue, she created by refusing to attend press conferences, as any other ATP or WTA players do. Unless the WTA and ATP change the existing rules, every single player must comply with.
Naomi Osaka.. you absolute Beauty.. your brilliance and intelligence has dazzled the world. And continues to do so. Being sensitive to your own sensitivity is the rarest quality. You march on, girl. Now these pack-dogs will try to badger you.. fear not. Stay Strong. With Love and blessings from India.
Dean Albertson
Dean Albertson:
Shame on the tennis "Authorities." Find a solution, give the athletes some options. Otherwise, tennis will lose millions of fans, and some of their best players.
I want to be smaller
I want to be smaller:
Love how every friggin thing must be analyzed and critiqued. Everyone must have a take. Who the hell cares if she didn't 'handle' it perfectly. She doesn't work for a PR firm. BTW, in a hilarious bit of irony, the Head Cheese at the French Open gave a statement to the media, and did not take questions.
She has the right and it's her choice to withdraw if she doesn't want to go under the rules. Good for her.
Wish her a speedy recovery, it's really for the best to take some time off. I think this whole thing could have been avoided if she communicated it a little better from the start. Just announcing something on twitter might look colder than it actually was.
Steve Walters
Steve Walters:
I’m interested to hear what Billie Jean King has to say about her mid-tournament withdrawal.
And what John McEnroe and Chris Evert have to say.
Cameron Nepini
Cameron Nepini:
Them criticizing how she responded is literally why she doesn’t want to speak to the media lmao. She’s still young, let her live, let her make decisions without fear of criticism. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT!
Camille Hill
Camille Hill:
.Dustin Brown lived out of his van so he could compete in European tournaments while his family was back in Jamaica. He strung players racquets to earn money.The guy really did it the hard way and earned his way into the pro tour. Osaka is acting like a spoiled brat....
All the attention this is getting is her worst nightmare. Time off is the right thing. I can totally empathize with her, but in the long run she will have to learn to get over this is she wants to be a professional athlete.
The press has had a smell of arrogance for a long time. Hopefully there'll be compromise from both athletes and the press in the near future.
You gotta look out for number one because not many others will . She is still young maybe a few years away from the sport is what she needs
She probably withdraw cause of her being threaten to ban from competing the grand slam. depression is just a good option for her exit.
Abu Nadia
Abu Nadia:
Mental Health is real, there’s not an ideal time. I pray she gets the help and support she needs.
Hope the media gets off her back!!
Pilar González
Pilar González:
Yes, all the love and support to her for a great recovery, time to live a little <3
That really is sad news. I hope she will come back stronger!
Milind Correa
Milind Correa:
In an Extroverted world, Introverts have to adjust a lot, just not this time.
Napa Butterfly
Napa Butterfly:
Must watch Iga Swiatek interview during press conference at French Open after Naomi withdrawal and statement. Iga Swiatek, 20 years old, is so mature and admirable when ask about press conference pressure and Naomi.
Dean Albertson
Dean Albertson:
BNP Paribas is a bank headquartered in Paris, the main sponsor of the French Open. One option is to voice your thoughts to BNP, the French Open committee, and to the ATP in London. People might decide to boycott BNP, the French Open, and the ATP tournaments.
Hariesz Horushi
Hariesz Horushi:
Maybe she needs time to cope with her depression..
Robmart H
Robmart H:
Good decision, if she's not ready then just don't compete for now.
all the best to naomi <3
Mark Jasper
Mark Jasper:
How can you say it was not well though out, when something like this needs to be done who needs to think it out the tennis world or her and her family?
Silver Lining
Silver Lining:
Never seen this before ... Try to learn from Haaland , he gives the best interview
E Walker
E Walker:
Good. Stop them from over policing her like they did Serena.
streaming service
streaming service:
The athletes come first. Everyone is entitled except the athlete. No respect.
Xi Yang
Xi Yang:
champion in the Slams will be an *. thanks WTA
robert mendoza
robert mendoza:
Suffering depression and still win a grand slam 👍wishing you the best in the future Naomi 👊
dj Blackwing
dj Blackwing:
I dont think she would have made it to final/semis anyway, . Paid millions to be a pro tennis player but cant take the heat. I guess she should just lay off the court till she is ready. Publicity and having to face the press is part of being a champion.
Noel Maldonado
Noel Maldonado:
She raised the snakes heads in the grass. Good for her. The media and business showed their true colors. They just care about drama and $$$
Djordje Caranovic
Djordje Caranovic:
Greetings to Linsday Davenport..great champion....
Phil Serna
Phil Serna:
At the end of the day she did talk.
Fools. They should have her alone. Now the number 2 in the world is out.
That tournamentjust got that much more uninteresting.
Mr Blackj
Mr Blackj:
its never over you have to watch what you say, just texting this is stressing me out lol
K M:
Yes, the rules of the forced player attendees have been outdated, and the official changes this model.
M.G. N
M.G. N:
You take all the time you need, dear. Managers, publicists, tennis organization are looking out for the almighty buck. You stay strong and when you are ready, come back. We will all be waiting and cheering for you.
Private Brown
Private Brown:
She should have attended the press conference and answered “No comment” to each question or request. She seriously has some issues and instead of threats of fines and expulsion, they should be trying to help her resolve those issues. Why are the other grand slams making threats and those tournaments aren’t even being played???
Good for her. She clearly needs to take time off (& needing support) and maybe sending signals to organizers but what did they do instead of sitting down and resolving the issue they fined her and threatening her of multiple suspensions. Then if something bad happens they say sorry. Clearly they look after profit and not the well being of the players. If only they showed support and resolved the issue early on.
Tershia Lambrechts
Tershia Lambrechts:
That might be a good move, as she (and Chanda) bring their offensive politics into tennis.
jackson chapman
jackson chapman:
She makes $50 million a year BECAUSE the media brings attention to the sport- she wants SPECIAL treatment because she is BLACK- can you imagine a White player saying they won’t follow the rules ALL the other players have to follow-
Thomas Frederick
Thomas Frederick:
*In few months or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency*
Vikash Malodia
Vikash Malodia:
Imagine the frustration of P.Tig(defeated by Osaka in 1st round). She would be asking herself why me.😂😂
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones:
She has a lot of money. She can be independent. Make her own decision no matther what the world say.
Chance Robinson
Chance Robinson:
Much Love & Respect to Ms. Osaka. “Health is your first wealth”. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

As for everyone else: LEAVE Ms. Osaka ALONE, PLEASE!!! You have no idea what you’re messing with.
Daniel Ordonez
Daniel Ordonez:
You have to clean your aura Naomi somebody don't want you on the court, they can do a lot of damage on your mind , spirit and body , please protect yourself, go with a spiritist a prist and clean all of bad and dark energies that others send to you.
luzon rodante
luzon rodante:
Sometimes overlooking things are dangerous.
We all know tennis is exhausting...physical and mental.
Thats why players have their own team...supporting in anyway including the psycho thing.
There must be outside of tennis happening here.
But to be fair...she shouldnt play this time until she resolves her personal issues.
haha.great news. hope i won't see her mug on tv on other tournaments also . she could take the opportunity to learn Japanese since she pretending be japonese :))
When the Slams made their little, "nice livelihood you got there; shame if something were to happen to it" gambit, I doubt they thought the player would be commited enough to their premise to be willing to sacrifice participation in a Slam.
Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith:
Naomi, do what is best for you and your mental health. I know you have a shy personality, it shows in your previous press conferences that your not a public speaker. I hope you take the much needed time away from the court that you need and get better mentally!.
Wong Jefx
Wong Jefx:
tennis is a business and pro players are expected to do more than just play... interviews, promotions, etc...all part if it for a high tier player... so yeah, if she is not in the right space to deal with that... then time off is OK... she has more than proven herself, more titles than most women much older...
It’s fair for her and the tournament. It was the right decision. I hope the media was drop the temperature and not force players into a corner for a comment.
Nasir Osman
Nasir Osman:
Good for her to withdraw to recovers and should let her rest well..Let her have a rest for one full year and even the olympics.
K 1111
K 1111:
Her life, her choice. So many people wanna make judgements bout how not polished her move to withdraw is. When anyone is going through that, they aren't worried bout being polished. So she refused the media the opportunity to abuse her or manipulate. Nothing wrong with just valuing silence and personal space.
prianto chen
prianto chen:
Get well soon Osaka
Just miss to see you play tennis 🙏
Just wonder why the official keep pushing her about the press thing ..🥲
Really sad to know that Naomi might withdraw from Roland Garros. Hope the authority can come up with a win-win feedback so that we can watch her play again. Best regards to Naomi!
Hai Truong
Hai Truong:
my heart go to her. if you dont stand up for yourself who would? like a phoenix she rise up.
B Shapu
B Shapu:
Being a tennis pro at that level is a high pressure job. Maybe she took on too much, committing to too many sponsors too soon, piling the pressure on herself?
Andrew Lampkin
Andrew Lampkin:
Good for you girl stand your ground i for one stand by you.
Hujaifa Adnan
Hujaifa Adnan:
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Beverlyann Gilbert
Beverlyann Gilbert:
I really enjoy watching her play. Their lost she is a draw. Fans come to see the winners. Only Naomi knows how those post match press conferences affected her mentality Noone else does.
Wondering if Naomi just needed a break from tennis for a little while. As a natural introvert, I think she needs to recharge her batteries before she could publicly speak again.
Bernie Biden
Bernie Biden:
It's for the best that she put her mental wellness ahead of playing at this slam. For some odd reason there are many people that don't take seriously the cries of help when folks say, I'm struggling with my mental health. People will believe you quicker if you say you are dealing with a broken bone. That is a societal problem.
You Go are a great woman, you are a warrior naomi, fight for our mental health. we are with you❤❤
Chanda, you looking good girl! Keep it up!
Karen quit the tournament? Either follow the rules or find another occupation.
Luu Duong Hy
Luu Duong Hy:
After this event, all event and Grand Slam now decided will make a big change
All player now don't need to participate in conference, but must tell the reason why they don't participate. The only acceptable reason is the player had health problem like hand hurt or some physical problem. Other problem is not acceptable
"there were a lot of balls in the air" :D
Well done Naomi and well said. All those after the match interviews with the always the same "journalists" are so dull and filled with B.S. questions that I never watch them. It's like listening to the same record again and again. It's a show in a circus guided by the level of education and culture of those who watch it. Opinions, thoughts and feelings are a personal thing and one has the right not to share them when asked or else become a liar and a hypocrite. Freedom of speech is also the right to say NO to things one does not agree with, things that are imposed on one by methods of coercion and blackmail. Rules? How about lack of democracy and the rule of dictatorship in the four Gran Slam tournaments? Bottomline. They're losing money by Naomi walking out and rebels must be punished as an example to other.
Good for her! Take care of yourself girl!
Zanetta Toomata
Zanetta Toomata:
She screwed up my fantasy league 😩
Ceferino Jr. Abata
Ceferino Jr. Abata:
Naomi is still a young player and she might be experiencing mental mayhem and the pressure of playing on clay which is not her favorite surface sum up her decision to withdraw. I am just sad about what's happening to her and I am hoping that she bounces back fast and strong. Maybe the media can support Naomi in her decision. These are athletes and they are humans. They are vulnerable with internal and external factors affecting their games. Hoping to see Naomi go back strong and with a positive outlook in life and in her matches. Go Naomi! #tennisfan
Tizzy P
Tizzy P:
She's made enough money, just take a year off and come back next year.
Mercury Rising
Mercury Rising:
Naomi made the decision and not the establishment. Well done Naomi. Love your stance. You are in charge not those ignorant of mental health issues and covert bullies.
pumpkin kukus
pumpkin kukus:
Mental ilness is real, i support osaka
Nitzia Hernandez
Nitzia Hernandez:
Either way she's going to have to give a statement sooner or later. its her job as a professional.
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer:
I mean wtf is wrong with them?! A player doesn't wanna talk to the press. They may be extremely reserved or introverted. They have all the right not to talk
Bonnie L
Bonnie L:
Naomi's decision is well thought out, it's just not convenient to you all. It should be totally ok to just play, and not get involved with the press, and having to answer intrusive questions. She's a leader in her game, she is teaching you all to respect her boundaries. Get used to it.
Boleslavs Avdax
Boleslavs Avdax:
Excellent news! The weak should be eliminated.
Jack Bravo
Jack Bravo:
An after-match press conference would affect mental health? Oh, com'on, you get the whole night and the next morning at least to "recover". I believe a "pre-match" press conference could have some real impact, but "after-match" one? Oh, com'on.
Hendri Budiman
Hendri Budiman:
Her well been is very important .
Lara Croft
Lara Croft:
Wishing you all the best Naomi ! Take good care of yourself. I won't be watching Roland Garros from now on. It is toxic work environment
sakura kakki
sakura kakki:
She lives her life 😀
John W Hogan
John W Hogan:
I hope it all works out for her regardless of which path she chooses.
Alyssa saldana
Alyssa saldana:
She’s a young woman in her early twenties and she’s under so much pressure. I worry about her. People need to respect that she’s a human and she needs a break from some aspects of the media.
Sheal Stewart
Sheal Stewart:
The *PROFESSIONAL PR SPOKESPERSON* took no questions yet the tournament were demanding that she takes questions. She was asking for her work environment to be *MADE SAFER.*
Zayne Underwood
Zayne Underwood:
It's almost as if there's a cancel culture effect with Naomi saying no I'm not going to talk to the media and most of the people in the world realize it the media is full of crap outside of sports except when athletes begin to get political I don't want to hear politics out of athletes. Ever just play the game...
Gina Joseph
Gina Joseph:
Maybe she should just take some time off, but the rules are for every player. I am glad she withdrew. I hope she takes time to get her health back.
Zya Vasmer
Zya Vasmer:
Well said Chanda!
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
Roland Garros organizers tried to meet with Osaka, many times before, to try to find a solution but she refused to do so?
Nora Clynes
Nora Clynes:
Suarez Navarro story is awesome and that story should be praised .. not bow to the wining prima Donna..