Naomi's plans after grabbing her FOURTH slam | Wide World of Sports

Naomi Osaka sits down with the panel to talk her straight-sets win over Jennifer Brady to claim the 2021 Australian Open. READ: | Subscribe:

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Naomi cried and apologized to the crowd for winning her 1st GRANDSLAM.... NOW IT'S HER 4TH!
Congratulations NAOMI!
Wins a grand slam then celebrates with Anime and pizza. She’s the best.
Australia Rules
Australia Rules:
Not only a Tennis Champion but she’s also a Sweet Personality.
D.C. Stoy
D.C. Stoy:
I love how down to earth she is, not caught up in the hype, or trying to shape her personality to what the tennis world press wants her to be.
Iorwuese Ali
Iorwuese Ali:
Who else noticed this:
Whenever Serena is playing, they're talking about Margaret Court more;
When Naomi plays, they talk about Serena.
Lesson: you can never give the world enough. Just do your thing!
Kimani Gregoire
Kimani Gregoire:
She has gotten so comfortable behind the mic over the past three years. Humble. Thoughtful. And hopefully the new face of women's tennis
L D:
I love her attitude. So humble, kind, and classy. We love Serena but it’s definitely Naomi’s turn to shine. Great job to Serena and Naomi. Congratulations Naomi. Job well done.
Jason N
Jason N:
I haven't really watched a lot of tennis within the last few years but I stumbled across Naomi and really liked her vibe and she's had me watching tennis again
Yosh T
Yosh T:
she won me when she says she's gonna watch anime
If my little sister was ever a pro tennis player, all of her answers would match Naomi's-literally 🤣🤣🤣
Sora Mame
Sora Mame:
Her interview skill has greatly improved. She’s very likable as usual. ❤️
Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed:
Huge Serena fan. But this little mighty warrior is something else. Bright future ahead 😊💙💙
Clev Sal
Clev Sal:
So refreshing to see an amazing humble champion!
Sulaiman Mohamad
Sulaiman Mohamad:
Congratulations Naomi Osaka, hopefully you get your gold at the Olimpic in Tokyo for Japan
Gil Das
Gil Das:
Dokic is good at these interviews. She totally nails it every time adding a little something that is very welcomed.
How lovely to see a champion who is humble, gracious, down to earth and not full of herself:)
I like this interview...She felt very comfortable to answer those questions.
Dimension Exo
Dimension Exo:
Come on Naomi,everybody knows your name:
Naomi is really good in her interviews.
Samir Fountain
Samir Fountain:
When she said she’s going watch anime and eat pizza 🥲
Nongcebo Mchunu
Nongcebo Mchunu:
I love her so much I'm gonna start watching tennis because of this queen love South Africa
Thoro Comments
Thoro Comments:
LOL, watch anime and eat some pizza! Cordae, you have a keeper! Honestly, those two are GREAT for each other.
Gosh, more tennis questions from Dokic please, she is great.
Osaka is an absolutely delightful and intelligent player.
If AO 2021 could not be Serena's year, then I am very happy it is Naomi's.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson:
A young Legend she deserves all the grand slams to come in the future
Calvin Vi Brittania
Calvin Vi Brittania:
she is such a beautiful role model for all female athletes just as serena was for her
aynyn Qu
aynyn Qu:
Naomi's fourth first love flower, shining romance is here.
Drink a shot whenever she says "for me"... jokes aside, she was unstoppable in this slam, she deserves this and I wish her the best for her career, really like her a lot as a tennis player and person
Joanne Tran
Joanne Tran:
I really love having Jim Courier each year at the AO and can't imagine one without him. He's so articulate but also relatable to the players to get great interviews. But most of all, he seems impartial, especially compared to other sports commentators.
Khalid Abed
Khalid Abed:
Congratulations Naomi.
US twice, AO twice. it's time for Wimbledon and Roland.
Big star in univer of tennis game.
Suresh Babu
Suresh Babu:
She has the best attitude to hold more grand slams.
hansali dissanayake
hansali dissanayake:
I love her because she is so down to earth. You slay Queen
Vuyo Jikijela
Vuyo Jikijela:
She has such a sweet personality
Arabion knights
Arabion knights:
Naomi Oska has to be the most humble tennis Queen in the palace. Blessings and Goodwill the reigning Queen. 👍👍👍👍👍
From us all.
Abdul Ekiyoyo
Abdul Ekiyoyo:
she's so freaking relatable! congrats
risto shikongo
risto shikongo:
Australian open 2021 was one of the strangest grand slams. Serena was fighting for her 24th grand slam, Naomi was fighting for her 4 (fourth) grand slam.
Daniel Taku
Daniel Taku:
Dokic is such a great interviewer! Great Tournament Naomi! Japan will be here for you always!!
She has a lovely voice and the way she speaks is very soothing. Congrats, Naomi!
Ben Y.
Ben Y.:
You always see how real, authentic she is. she's become stronger and stronger mentally on the court.
stervy Stervy
stervy Stervy:
Congrats my Haitian queen
Beverly Runnels
Beverly Runnels:
Such a beautiful young lady and so humble.
Ezzy Champion
Ezzy Champion:
Finally a new WTA dominant player! When I see Naomi I see Nadal. Great player, puts great effort in every point and stays humble.
Zara Bee
Zara Bee:
Shes so humble! & a natural born star! Love watching her!
“For me” all the Grand Slams Osaka 🥂
renekireborn renekireborn
renekireborn renekireborn:
She carries herself like a Queen 👑
Milana Maricic
Milana Maricic:
I love that immature-childish part of her personality! ❤️
ajit rao
ajit rao:
I love her simplicity
Calvin Hill
Calvin Hill:
She is so sweet and gracious Congrats.
Sleeping Beauty White Heart1010
Sleeping Beauty White Heart1010:
Japanese or Greek to night that sneaky lady pointing to him with a Particular Greek Heritage with an epic hairstyle and that man is Stefanos Tsitsipas
Shiva Gurung
Shiva Gurung:
congratulations 🍾🎈🎉🎊 Osaka from Nepal 🇳🇵
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar:
Her voice and the way she pronounces is so similar to Maria Sharapova... I mean, if you just hear her voice without actually seeing her, it is so similar to Maria's!
Justin Lue
Justin Lue:
Watch anime and eat pizza, yes love her :)
She’s amazing.
Da Lac
Da Lac:
She deserves everything she has got. She is amazing 🤩
Anime and pizza. She’s now my favorite player
Megreta Constable
Megreta Constable:
When you see a future in your child and act💃
Rulxnov Celestin
Rulxnov Celestin:
Lovely and Sweet, You are such a Fabulous Tennis Player.
I love you Naomi Osaka!
Chris Quidlat
Chris Quidlat:
Yay! Congrats to Osaka. I have a feeling it’s gonna be harder and harder to explain how a grand slam title win is special as she wins more of them. But I love that she belongs to a special group now with my other fave Monica Seles.

Jelena Dokic! Who would’ve thought she’d come to be an articulate commentator and tv host! Good for her!
Deirdre Watkins
Deirdre Watkins:
Congrats Naomi on your 4th slam, you're a great competitor of this era, I know you will win more slams, cheers to you from🇧🇧♥️🥰🇯🇵
Lasharon Brown
Lasharon Brown:
Congratulations on your win. You’re just beautiful!
Marisol García
Marisol García:
The Best!!!!
RDC - Profondeur TV
RDC - Profondeur TV:
She is so fun, I really like her, she's full of life. There you go girl. Congratulations 👏
Purva Sharma
Purva Sharma:
I think we all should learn and use ' for me' more often in our communications to avoid unnecessary arguments
I love watching her so much! She’s so chill
Dingy Dan
Dingy Dan:
Master Roger Federer got me hooked to tennis. I felt losing the grip recently but Naomi is pulling me back to tennis world.
Victor Sebastian
Victor Sebastian:
The most humble champ🤗😍🏆
Sand J
Sand J:
She’s so much more confident
Tonya Watson
Tonya Watson:
Thank goodness for a REAL personality.
Rajiv Pace
Rajiv Pace:
Congratulations Naomi !!!! Let’s keep going. Now work on improving on clay and grass to dominate on all surfaces. I know you can do it. 😊
Steadroy Cornelius
Steadroy Cornelius:
Congratulations Naomi I love watching you play and all the best for the rest of the year
Ilyas Diawara
Ilyas Diawara:
The new face of the Tennis !
nkululeko nazo
nkululeko nazo:
Love her to bits... she's humble and yet strong ❤️🖤👑
M Pol
M Pol:
Leon Jacobs
Leon Jacobs:
Well done Naomi. I look forward 2 seeing you in Wimbledon
Charles Whitehead
Charles Whitehead:
The other best player in the tournament. Great perspective.
Sonia Rosen
Sonia Rosen:
Wishing Naomi Ozaka congratulations and to continue with much success in the future.
Anime and pizza. A dream.
ursula gere
ursula gere:
Mohini Thanmaung
Mohini Thanmaung:
Congratulations Naomi
Ommel Theus
Ommel Theus:
Congratulation beautiful !!!
gail squires
gail squires:
Once more u u did it u r so intelligent I love the way u answer the question that the interviewer ask well done Naomi congrats once more love and I so proud of u
black mamba
black mamba:
Happy for you Osaka. Many many congrats!!
Grace Karanja
Grace Karanja:
Well done Osaka!!!
Joya Thiem
Joya Thiem:
Arigato osaka for a great play today wish more SG to come and stay safe 👍🏆❤️.
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson:
CONGRATS OSAKA.. From beautiful Barbados🇧🇧.. Hope you will visit one day fabulous people beautiful Beaches..
wow dokic! one of my fav player!
emma k
emma k:
ugh i love her so much
Such a nice interview, I was smiling the whole time along with all of them. Naomi is still as refreshing as that Australian Open interview I think in 2018 when she beat Ashleigh Barty in 3R if I'm not mistaken.
Cong Zhi
Cong Zhi:
Adorable Naomi
Mariner Selah
Mariner Selah:
Congratulations Ms Osaka🎈🎊🍾🎉. May you win many more! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🐞💯♥️. You’re a great player!
Dharmaraj Khanal
Dharmaraj Khanal:
Congratulations 🎉🎊👏 osaka
PI JOE Henry
PI JOE Henry:
Very smart young lady🎈BRAVO‼
Future GOAT.
Mira Gowaikar
Mira Gowaikar:
Hopefully she wins a lot more ❤️ a joy to watch
Alfredo Soto
Alfredo Soto:
Felicidades por tu gran triunfo
galit dol
galit dol:
login Roberts
login Roberts:
Congratulations Naomi
Pizza? Now I understand where are those extrapounds are coming from.
Sharon Nation
Sharon Nation:
Noami is one of my favorite player her and mrs s William I love to see them play I would like to see them play together Noami and s william they will play awesome together
Tami Chyn
Tami Chyn:
It’s getting to be a habit.🤣🤣 love it!!
These three muppets had no idea what anime is 😂😂😂