Napoli players pay tribute to Diego Maradona as they all wear the No. 10 shirt

The San Paolo Stadium holds a minute's silence as Napoli players wear the legendary #10 shirt in their Europa League match against Rijeka, to honour club icon Diego Maradona.

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100+ komentarze:

Consteple Lautermachen
Consteple Lautermachen:
Sad that San Paolo is empty this night. He means a lot to the city of Naples. I would love to see how they honoured him. Adios, pibe de oro.
Kron Des
Kron Des:
"When I realized that in Verona, Bergamo, Brescia, Milan.. they were welcoming us with banners reading 'Welcome to Italy' or 'Wash yourselves', I understood that we were there for something more than a football match"
Diego Armando Maradona
Son of Naples
Maradona is Naples, Naples is Maradona. Naples never forget him.
Oh mamma mamma mamma,
Oh mamma mamma mamma,
Sai, perche', mi batte el corazon?
Ho visto Maradona,
Ho visto Maradona,
Ed innammorato son'!
Passenger WhoWasntAllowedToSmoke
Passenger WhoWasntAllowedToSmoke:
The Media will forever slander his name. But true football fans will never forget his name👑 🐐
roque asuncion
roque asuncion:
Napoli and Argentina will be crying more than ever
Cani Man
Cani Man:
Muy emotivo todo! Gracias hermanos italianos, Maradona Argentino y Napolitano por siempre!
Josh 420
Josh 420:
When Pele dies they will both meet in heaven to play football.
RIP Maradona!
Everyone remembers him for the hand of god but I remember him for the second goal against England
Francesco Russo
Francesco Russo:
My first ever football memory, when I went to Italy to visit my grandparents in 1986, I went with my grandad to watch my first game of football. I will never ever forget the roar of the stadium when he entered the pitch, I thought the stadium was about to collapse. It still makes the hair's on the back of my neck stand, it was memorising beyond belief. RIP for a true talented football legend.
Life is here
Life is here:
It's such a shame that the beautiful game lost that magic flavour...nowadays it's just a fixed circus. Lot of money but little passion!
martrin aguilera
martrin aguilera:
Gracias Napoli por tanto amor a Dieguito .saludos desde Argentina
Legend of the game, We will never see a player like him again. Truly iconic legacy 🕊🔵⚪️
Nani Getahun
Nani Getahun:
Greatest of all time . Diego,
c'est un génie.
Jack McGinn
Jack McGinn:
Maradona was literally THE most talented player of all time. Absolutely incredible talent.
eduardo efrain muralles albizures
eduardo efrain muralles albizures:
Felicitaciones al Napoli, Maradona estaria contento con ese homenaje.
RIP legend, a hero to so many
Renato Niola
Renato Niola:
Stadio "Diego Armando Maradona" to be precise
Falco 11
Falco 11:
Diego did not die, he was only passing through this world from October
30, 1960 to November 25, 2020. Because legends will never die

He's not dead, he's just dreaming
Wahyu Ardi Azizurrokhim
Wahyu Ardi Azizurrokhim:
Maradona Barcelona Legend❌ Maradona Napoli Legend ✅
1:46 that image on the big screen .. the scream outside the stadium .. neapolitans, what a pain💔
Denis Desouza
Denis Desouza:
RIP Maradona!!
Tinie Jay
Tinie Jay:
What a beautiful tribute.😍❤
I am goddamn crying rn
Stefania Virgilio
Stefania Virgilio:
NAPOLI TI AMA 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌
Vasilis Vasilakis
Vasilis Vasilakis:
We all played thanks to him we all played on streets in neighbourhoods in rain 🌧 mudd everywhere with the same Adidas Tango ball ⚽️ only legends played with this kind of ⚽️!!! RIP 🪦 Diego cause......I AM LEGEND 🇦🇷10⚽️🙏🏻
Juan Rios
Juan Rios:
Hasta Siempre, D🔟S
Lulik Timor
Lulik Timor:
respect Napoli from inter fans
The Alolan Surfer
The Alolan Surfer:
Awesome show of respect - they should have been allowed to play the whole game in it tho
Bruno Fernandes memes
Bruno Fernandes memes:
Rip never forgotten
Daily Oscars
Daily Oscars:
Rest in Peace Legend 😇
Herbert Mische
Herbert Mische:
Rest in peace Diego!!! Respect forever!!!
Nicolas Giant
Nicolas Giant:
Antonio Tore
Antonio Tore:
Che tristezza!! Grazie di cuore da Naples💚🤍❤💙✌😪
Enrico Rossi
Enrico Rossi:
Naples is a very catholic city. In a documentary about Maradona (on ‘sfide’ i think) when people were asked how important was Maradona to them, they said he was more important than Jesus.
RIP forever in our hearts
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz:
RIP Maradona
Shabani Lwei
Shabani Lwei:
The man was the pure diamond💫💫, he lives his life and gave us a lot...the world football will never forget his legacy Rest in Power Diego🙏...Love from Tanzania ❤❤❤
Touching tribute 💙
R.I.P Don Diego, Senior Diego.
Carlos Melgarejo
Carlos Melgarejo:
Gracias muchachos...Napoli tiene un nuevo hincha argentino.
Walter Ramos
Walter Ramos:
para diego.. BOCA Y NAPOLI< un solo corazon!
Nilanjan Debnath
Nilanjan Debnath:
I understand the significance of this, but imagine defending against this team.

Rijeka Coach: "Armando, watch out for number 10".
Anastasio: "Boss everyone is wearing number 10".
Gattuso man .. that gut.
He was a hell of a player tenacious DMF
Y Znaiber
Y Znaiber:
Nobody's in the stadium! So sad!
1341141 N4JI13
1341141 N4JI13:
Pasquale Scippa
Pasquale Scippa:
I have had a very happy childhood. Thanks to my mother, my father and to Diego.
A kiss from Napoli to those people loved him .
Claudio Figueroa C.F
Claudio Figueroa C.F:
Hermoso y emotivo homenaje del Napoles!! 🇦🇷♥️
Marlon Dalli
Marlon Dalli:
Rip Maradona ❤️😭😭😭😭😭
I love football 😭♥️
Maradona is Eternal ♥️
PEG Cinema
PEG Cinema:
This is a beautiful thing to see
Portia Achumpo
Portia Achumpo:
Thanks for recognizing that great one in football called Maradona
Aski Jaya Burhan
Aski Jaya Burhan:
Siamo Napoli!
Ciao Diego!!!
Love me from Bali Indonesia.
I'll be miss U diego!!!
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy:
DESCANSA EM PAZ LEGENDA❤️10❤️🙏🏾 respect Napoli from inter fans
PabloWilde Siempreargento
PabloWilde Siempreargento:
El Rey ha muerto, LARGA VIDA AL REY!
Giovanni De Rosa
Giovanni De Rosa:
Hasta siempre, Capitano! 💙
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson:
Rest easy legend❤️
Walter Rossi
Walter Rossi:
E visto a Maradona..❤️.!!!
Matias Ivan Garcia
Matias Ivan Garcia:
David Dominguez
David Dominguez:
And God said:
Well finally we got a 10 in the heaven 🙏🏻
Paradiso A M
Paradiso A M:
Gracias Chicos, ustedes si tienen memoria.
D10s, siempre en el ❤💚💗
😎 🇦🇷
RIP Diego, thanks for your beautiful genius football. If there is anyone else that can play like Maradona I really want to see them
Zaid Rahman
Zaid Rahman:
R I P The god of the hand | The legendary player
EDIT: Thanks For All The Likes BTW
Maradona 10
Maradona 10:
The greatest. Rest In Peace Diego. 😪
salah ahmed
salah ahmed:
If he died some non-believe, he never rest in peace 💔💔
Anubhav Chakravarty
Anubhav Chakravarty:
RIP legend. Cant stop thinking about him even though I never watched him play life. What an icon , not only for football but a huge loss for the world of sport. Respect and hope he finds peace wherever he is
vista 20
vista 20:
R I P Legend 🌍❤️
ali hashim
ali hashim:
Gracias Napoli por tanto amor al Dieguito
Love and respect de Iraq
Sadif Rahman
Sadif Rahman:
The love this beautiful city has for Maradona can't be explained in words.
John Derwin
John Derwin:
Jamalu Din
Jamalu Din:
Selam jalan D10S ❤🧡💛💚💙 from the JAKmania,indonesia.
Mario Nelson
Mario Nelson:
His name alone was made for Greatness....Diego Armando Maradona 👏😢💔
Verita 21
Verita 21:
If football is universal, so is Diego, because Maradona and football are synonymous."

Jorge Valdano
indra Fahreza
indra Fahreza:
Rest in perfect peace GOAT!!!
Denis Gomes
Denis Gomes:
RIP Legend 🙏🙏
tarvin png
tarvin png:
Love from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Doug 7RM
Doug 7RM:
Olé Olé Olé Olé Diego, Diego! ♾
Fabianus Buyung
Fabianus Buyung:
The greates .. RIP Diego 💝💝
Yuvraj Gill
Yuvraj Gill:
Rip legend
I m watching from Italy...from a place nex to Naples👍
Beatriz Sanchez
Beatriz Sanchez:
Hermoso !
nice touch by napoli.
nazgul black
nazgul black:
Marius Strøm Glendrange
Marius Strøm Glendrange:
Rip diego🙏
Maradona Maradona
Maradona Maradona:
Maradona the (LEGEND) of all time!!!
Renato Araújo
Renato Araújo:
forever a legend💖
P o l a
P o l a:
Te vamos a extrañar Dieguito pero nunca olvidar porque sos eterno ♥️
Femi Ladi
Femi Ladi:
Rip legend
Anush Sangeeth
Anush Sangeeth:
Rest in power! Legend.
Veer Mishra
Veer Mishra:
spunk fire
spunk fire:
The hand of God reaches down to claim his number 10. RIP
pipi s
pipi s:
Gracias napoli! Diego fue feliz en su casa🖤 🇦🇷
Aaron T
Aaron T:
Walter Rossi
Walter Rossi:
Syahrul Abdullah
Syahrul Abdullah:
The legend...
Sri Suhas Purnachandra P
Sri Suhas Purnachandra P:
Tribute in an empty heartbreaking
yongky willmana
yongky willmana:
Football legend throughout history :Diego Armando Maradona