Natalia Partyka(Poland/Table Tennis)「WHO I AM」Paralympic Documentary Series【WOWOW】

The Undefeated Queen
Natalia Partyka(Poland/Table Tennis)

IPC&WOWOW Paralympic Documentary Series "WHO I AM"

Their glows tell us, “This is WHO I AM.”

IPC (International Paralympic Committee) and WOWOW’s Collaboration Project.
For 5 years until 2020, we will be producing a documentary series about Top Para Athletes worldwide.
Watch WHO I AM Season 1, 2 & 3 Full episode online for Free!
※To watch the full episode, a free ID download is needed.


8 komentarze:

Jyotiba Roby
Jyotiba Roby:
How lovely girl. How brave she is. Respect
Alex Max
Alex Max:
Respect from Romania! A brave player!

Almost cry!
googler j
googler j:
오늘 올림픽에서 보고 방문했습니다. 응원합니다. 파르티카 선수!
artur k
artur k:
Co dużo gadać... Jesteś zajebista i tyle! :)
Paul Ispaul
Paul Ispaul:
Beautiful woman.
Super 👍🇵🇱
luiza caramanos
luiza caramanos:
Jakub LSH
Jakub LSH:
Kto z lekcji wf