Navigating the dangers of the influencer phenomenon | Godfrey Gao & Darren Jiang | TEDxBangsar

Behind all the glamor and perks that comes with being an influencer, is an industry that excels at providing the public an outlet for their imagination. What we don't see is the inner-workings of a well-oiled machine that has a direct impact towards impressionable youth. In this talk, Godfrey Gao and Darren Jiang unwraps the influencer phenomenon and challenges youth to redefine their relationship with influencers. Better known for his acting and modelling skills, Godfrey Gao possesses a profound passion for basketball even as a little boy. This avid basketball player vows to provide a sports-based youth development programme to the youth without access to quality education. This dream is materialised through PB Camp.

As a big believer in sports building discipline, Godfrey helps the youth to improve their skills in basketball and eventually, in life. He envisions himself continue to impact the youth just as how his life was changed through basketball. Streaming his passion for sports into a different area, Godfrey is also the founder of Youyu, a workwear line that is integrated with sportswear technology.

Godfrey aspires to inspire people with his innovative and entrepreneurial streak. He believes that as a key opinion leader, he bears the responsibility to advocate change in the world.

Born and raised in China but spent more than half of his life growing up in America, DJ, as the Founder and General Manager, possesses a unique combination of bi-cultural upbringing, academic background and work experiences. In 2005, he participated in a MTV reality show production called “Nike Battlegrounds” where he was eventually selected to be one of the top 10 amateur hopefuls and the only Asian American to represent New York City.

His project with Godfrey Gao, PB (Personal Best) was born in 2014. Shifting from an experienced corporate white-collar to an entrepreneur, DJ has always kept his focus and faith while never been afraid of challenges and potential mistakes. Through his actions, he’s inspired youths across China to strive for their own Personal Best. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Man, he left us too soon. This dude was a shining beacon for Asian male representation, literally defied every stereotype. My heart sank when I first discovered the news.
Jiu Chan
Jiu Chan:
R.I.P Godfrey ... I can't believe this..
yamhong chan
yamhong chan:
Rest In.Peace Godfrey. You have left your mark as Asia's best looking and most successful model.
Kevin's Journal
Kevin's Journal:
As another Asian male in the industry, having such little representation, he was a massive inspiration for me, rest in peace I miss him so so much!!!
Cloud Clover
Cloud Clover:
Godfrey Gao. The icon for Asian-Representation. We will miss you.
He was not only gorgeous on the outside, but evidently a wonderful, humble soul as well. I don't think I have ever been this devastated by a celebrity passing away since Paul Walker's untimely death.
Cecelia Lee
Cecelia Lee:
Everything is all destiny.May your soul rest in peace 😭 😭 😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭😭 😭
Wendy Ren
Wendy Ren:
0:57 literally cried when I heard the word “alive”. RIP Godfrey.
Honey Glazed
Honey Glazed:
I still cannot believe we have lost this beautiful soul.
Louis O
Louis O:
Can't imagine Godffrey gone just after 2 months of this talk, Darren must suffer in deep grief of knowing his best friend and partner pass away.
Andrew Tang
Andrew Tang:
There are so many beautiful people in this world. Thank you for being one of them. Rest in peace, Godfrey.
Yolanda Wong
Yolanda Wong:
Even today when I see his face, I can't stop crying. I would rather never know him than can't stop grieving days and days. Please be happy in another world.
Qiuling Wu
Qiuling Wu:
I am really scare to read about the news about him this days . What a perfect man,we can't see him in this world forever,heart broken😭😭😭
this was just 2 months ago. still can't take it in that he is not here anymore. RIP Godfrey. 一路好走。。。
Tu Bebe Kr
Tu Bebe Kr:

Jacyntha Foo
Jacyntha Foo:
Should have attended this ted talk 😭 Rest well 😔
Crystal Wang
Crystal Wang:
I feel so sad about his leaving, a rising star suddenly vanish in dark sky turning to teardrops and sights.
Bocheng Gu
Bocheng Gu:
He said no one is perfect, but to me (at least on the outside) he is as perfect as a man can be.
Li Chen
Li Chen:
he already looks tired in this video
After he passed away youtube start bombarding my feed with his video
Lili Grace
Lili Grace:
we ought to honor him by carrying on his legacy/vision: inspire positive changes in this world by being our personal bests.
lihang he
lihang he:
Im so sad that he left. He was such a beautiful human being.
RIP Godfrey 😭 I'm gonna miss you, man. 😭😭😭💔
yoongin Ao
yoongin Ao:
I still don't blv it.
We were just seeing him all smiling n healthy n then just gone.
Jing Ying Lew
Jing Ying Lew:
My heart sank when I read the news 💔
I’m so shocked 😭 Rest In Peace
到現在還是無法接受Godfrey 已經離開我們的事實。

Lara Palma
Lara Palma:
Well he's distant now 😵😭
Love Life
Love Life:
I never heard of him but this is so sad that he has left this world . He seem like a very special human being . Bob M.
Rest in peace, my friend.
Draco Lucius Malfoy
Draco Lucius Malfoy:
Godfrey goodbye my hero, my heart you are in ours nephilim hearts :'(
Na Na Na
Na Na Na:
You left us suddenly, I really still can't believe it! 😑
Matthew Li
Matthew Li:
哎 浙江卫视真是人血卫视
Bye-bye've lived a good life. 💐 Now go and explore the other side. RIP.
I can hear his voice sound very tired. Maybe nightmare already started. 😭😭
I still feel bad, I can’t imagine that he really left
Nicole Livingston
Nicole Livingston:
RIP Godfrey ❤️ Thank you for everything 🙏 Hope you are in a really good place now 🌹🌈❤️
Yanin Van
Yanin Van:
Broken-hearted 😭 if he got serious illest I’ll pray for him to recover. But now don’t know what to do. Love ❤️ you from Cambodia.
Crystal BearieMeow
Crystal BearieMeow:
RIP dear Godfrey 💔.... Rest well with Lord Jesus 😢
Micah A.
Micah A.:
I literally discovered him a few weeks ago. So sad. I guess he was too good for this world. May he rest in peace ❤️
Rest easy. I don’t know too much of him but he seemed to be loved by many. Rest In Peace
myalynn huynh
myalynn huynh:
RIP Godfrey. It hasn’t even been a year after this TED Talk. Darren, thank you for hosting this TED Talk with Godfrey Gao. I am really going to miss all his posts and I feel so upset with all his now disappeared future potential. He had so much more to share with the world and he has made an impact worldwide. Day 1, and I already miss him.
Natasha Licavoli
Natasha Licavoli:
One wonders even more now what his struggles were. Cant believe hes gone. Devastating 💔. RIP
You'll never fall off from our heart. Love you so much.
Two days past and I still can’t believe that he had left. Bye bye Sunshine Boy and Rest In Peace . We all love you .
Niloc Rekkab
Niloc Rekkab:
Dang bruh this guys talk is about how great of a friend Godfrey is, and then he died two months later.
Jenny Wang
Jenny Wang:
RIP Godfrey:(
Enthn Yee
Enthn Yee:
rest in heaven G 🙏🏻🌹
H Tuna
H Tuna:
Gold Finger
Gold Finger:
"There was a clear lack of safety preparation as there was no mention of the use of an automated external defibrillator to resuscitate Gao in the statement, and the medical staff did not rush to the scene as soon as possible," the editorial said.
An AED, which delivers a controlled electric current to the heart, can be used to restore the normal heartbeat of a person undergoing a heart attack.
More than 540,000 cases of sudden cardiac death occur in China each year, mostly taking place outside of hospitals, said the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases.
Chen Zhi, director of the Beijing Emergency Medical Center's training center, said a person's chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest can be greatly improved if people nearby can perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use AEDs within four minutes of the heart attack, rather than just waiting for an ambulance.
"After four minutes, the brain will suffer irreversible damage and after 10 minutes, the brain is dead," he said.
However, many people in China do not know how to perform CPR and there are not enough AEDs in public places, he said.

Rest in Heaven.
Denise Ng
Denise Ng:
RIP Godfrey 😭🙏
R.I.P This was the beginning though, Darren Jiang is alive and he will continue this work in his memory....I am pretty sure.
Li Yee Sim
Li Yee Sim:
RIP Godfrey. U left us too early 😭
Daniel Ku
Daniel Ku:
saved this weeks ago, just watching it now and it's crazy that this vid can act as a memorial for him weeks before his passing
T Lee
T Lee:
R.I.P you will be missed...
Betty X
Betty X:
I still feel sad and don’t wanna believe he has gone...
A Chan
A Chan:
He has left this world but never our heart ❤
Anne Ma
Anne Ma:
Rest In Peace 😂😂
D L:
He's not alive now 😢 I was so shocked when I learned the news.
Yihang Wang
Yihang Wang:
Rest in peace Godfrey 🙏
Jenny Ho
Jenny Ho:
May you rest in peace... this is so heart breaking to watch
EcClair Mayo
EcClair Mayo:
This is so upsetting that we are talking about Godfrey Gao in the past tense because his death was avoidable. I read that the other contestants were throwing up and showing signs of sickness yet they were still pushed to keep going. All of this for ratings?
Jane Liu
Jane Liu:
Too bad to hear that Godfrey die few days ago, he was one of my favorite actors , May him rest in peace!
I’m still in shock when I heard the news 🙏🏻 rest in piece you beautiful angel 😇
Marcus Luong
Marcus Luong:
Beautiful soul inside and out. When it is our turn to leave this world, we hope that we can all see you around up there. Much respect for this gentleman...
Kimi Lucine
Kimi Lucine:
R.I.P Godfrey 💔🙏
Leapseng Suy
Leapseng Suy:
It’s unfair that good person like you left this earth too early. Rest In Peace!
What a kind-hearted and down to earth man he was! Rest in peace Godfrey.
Krystal Ann
Krystal Ann:
My heart literally broke into pieces, i thought it was some fake news by some troll.. I can't believe this
He's a beautiful yet humble guy inside
What a big inspiration for asian people, he defied those stereotypes. He deserves so much more. RIP Godfrey...
You are always in my heart!
Tommy Kao
Tommy Kao:
Godfrey Gao, you'll always be my favorite KOL!
到現在還是無法接受這個事實QQ 真的真的很難過
這麼好這麼紳士這麼溫暖這麼善良的人 應該要有更好的結局的
身為一個外人都感到這麼悲傷了 難以想像他的家人朋友們要怎麼接受這個事實
希望在世的人可以早日走出傷痛 RIP Godfrey
Wave Surfer
Wave Surfer:
So sad! Leaving too soon! RIP, G!🙏😭❤️
He was such an amazing man. This world really lost a good one. 😭😭😭
I really can't accept this bad news for me the idol I love many years. G, you are loved and remembered forever
Metz 88
Metz 88:
Didn't know him until his death , sad news , gone too soon. He had too much to contribute and now it's taken away his untimely death. Feeling sad for his folks 😭😭😭
RIP Godfrey Gao
Lhai Mhel VLOG
Lhai Mhel VLOG:
RIP Godfrey😢
SHYNE Carnival360
SHYNE Carnival360:
vivi soso
vivi soso:
it's hard to believe you're gone. TT
RIP Godfrey! Gone way to soon. Prayers for family and friends.
Venus C.
Venus C.:
Godfrey, you left us too early! I still can’t believer it! We miss you
Sean Tan
Sean Tan:
A rising star gone too soon. RIP Godfrey Gao 🙏🏼
Xi Zhu
Xi Zhu:
Yin Yeung
Yin Yeung:
Godfery has gone with Angl! we love him, thanks him all the wonderful thing he has done.
Natalie siregar
Natalie siregar:
He So Smart and Very Calm ⭐️ Rest In Love Godfrey. God with you 💫
Rest In Peace, GG. 🌷
Yi Chen Tsai
Yi Chen Tsai:
love u so much and love u forever
rest in peace, Godfrey
Beautiful soul. Your parents really taught you well. RIP, G!
Wan Q
Wan Q:
RIP ❤️❤️❤️
Pema Wangmo
Pema Wangmo:
RIP, we lost such a young and inspirational real model, may your soul rest in peace. hope you will reborn in heaven
DJ looked up to G so much, so admirable, hang in there DJ
RIP.. Still can’t believe we lost him...
Thúy Minh
Thúy Minh:
im learning English and i will turn on this video regularly to hear your voice. In a cold day, with broken heart, please rest in peace! Can you hear my request?!
RIP...I will miss you 😢
Mèo cute Võ
Mèo cute Võ:
❤❤❤ !!!
Bubble W
Bubble W:
RIP beautiful angel....
Yihua Ren
Yihua Ren:
R.I.P will always be in my heart Godfrey
Leli Cat
Leli Cat:
my friend told me the news yesterday, I am so sad to hear that ,he is really good man, very kind idol .
Rebecca Yu
Rebecca Yu:
RIP Godfrey 這幾天真的很難過 一路走好
nori nori
nori nori:
i am your forever fan ..lot's of love and thank you for everything..we really miss you in peace .,