Naya Rivera Laid to Rest 2 Weeks After Her Death | E! News

The "Glee" star was buried in Los Angeles two weeks after her body was recovered in Lake Piru. An autopsy later confirmed the actress accidentally drowned.

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Naya Rivera Laid to Rest 2 Weeks After Her Death | E! News

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Jerry Okonkwo
Jerry Okonkwo:
Still praying for her little son and her family and friends, just so 💔. She’s my gf idol and she saved me from hard times, hope everyone gets ☮️
Jeahanna Jones
Jeahanna Jones:
I literally can’t still believe that she is gone I’m still in shock from I heard that she died I couldn’t even sleep bc of her death I would cry if I heard her voice or see a pic of her I just sucks all the good ppl have to suffer and the bad ppl be livin their best life 😔😣😖😫😩🥺😭 RIP Naya we won’t forget u CMFAOOOO 😭
Christal Davis
Christal Davis:
This is still a horrible tragedy 😞😞😞😞😢😢
strawberryrum wahfilin
strawberryrum wahfilin:
I didnt know Naya Rivera but I feel really bad for her and her son hopefully Naya Rest In Peace
Josey will carry on in your honor and remember you as a hero. Fly high and rest in love Naya Marie Rivera 💛🕊
Adrianna Gamboa
Adrianna Gamboa:
Such a tragedy she made. But she made her choice, probably either let her son die, or she dies for him. And she saved him, she died for him. I will feel so bad for lil Josey. But she’s in a much better place now. Rest In Paradise My Angel. Forever Missed.
Iman Hasan
Iman Hasan:
this hurts my soul i’ve never felt so upset abt the loss of someone i didn’t even personally know. i hope she’s at peace😔❤️
Samia Williams
Samia Williams:
I kind of figured they would have a private service.
what chu talkin about
what chu talkin about:
dude, just report on the funeral. why you still telling how she died?
Still can’t believe this my thoughts and prayers go out to Josey her family friends and loved ones during this time so sorry for their love naya you will always be loved and missed by many and I am one of them forever in my heart RIP 😞🙏🏻❤️
Chris Spiers
Chris Spiers:
Praying for Naya’s family, loved ones, and friends. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
so Beautiful Rest in Heaven Naya!!!
Rasheed alli
Rasheed alli:
It still breaks my heart that she's gone I'm still in denial.😥
Trixy P.
Trixy P.:
May she Rest In Peace 🙏🏼❤
Handsome Mahlambi
Handsome Mahlambi:
May her soul Rest In Peace and may we all be at peace❤️🕊
Dahn Zhay
Dahn Zhay:
Aww that’s so sad 😢. How do you drown quickly though, I’ve never heard that before 🤔
This sucks man.... We LOVE YOU NAYA. ❤⚘
Karla Soto
Karla Soto:
Rest in peace..
I am still in shock.
If she just put her life vest..😔😱🙏
Rudiann Wildgoose-Laing
Rudiann Wildgoose-Laing:
My heart hurts for her son.😔
Liz 🌻
Liz 🌻:
I swear I thought for it moment it was Hilary Duff on the thumbnail
Diamond Perkins
Diamond Perkins:
I’m scared to watch sugar rush cuz ima cry 😢 ❤️🙏🏾
Icy Mya
Icy Mya:
Rest in Paradise Naya 💙🙏🏾
MercyFlex DeLuise Mazmida
MercyFlex DeLuise Mazmida:
So sad, Hollywood is strange in peace
Deanna Moncrief
Deanna Moncrief:
Just heartbreaking...💔
King Woody
King Woody:
How did she drown though, was she on pills or something? If she knew how to swim, she should still be here, it was a lake not the ocean.

Heres the lesson, before you get on the boat, secure your life jacket, they look lame, but it could save your life.
Sarah DiCindio
Sarah DiCindio:
lucy gluce
lucy gluce:
"She died within a matter of minutes" yes of course she did. It doesn't take weeks, months or years to drown.
Jonghyun‘s biggest fan
Jonghyun‘s biggest fan:
The world loves you naya❤️
Emie Mott
Emie Mott:
Rest in paradise sweet Naya, you are already missed 😢🙏🙏
Jason Smith
Jason Smith:
She drowned in minuets
Charnee Johnson
Charnee Johnson:
RIP but her death is so fishy to me. Y didn't she have on a life jacket in all that water? Why was her funeral so private and not announced in the media the way her death was? Why did they have the funeral so quickly? Why is the media deeming her as a hero when we don't really know all the facts?🤷‍♀️ just me speculating 🤔
Finn Walther
Finn Walther:
2 weeks, and I still can't believe it...
Courtney Christine
Courtney Christine:
Rest in peace beautiful. I just can't help but think about her little boy and family.
Basilia Wanjiru
Basilia Wanjiru:
It's hard to easy champ
I was reading where the Pontoon Boats on Lake Piru are very lightweight and can easily drift away by strong winds and currents. Also when the Pontoon Boats are bobbing up and down on the waves this makes them very hard to get back on to.
Janice Gardner
Janice Gardner:
Naya must have saved her little boy first and then drowned . the boy proba bly
would have drowned and Naya saved him.
I don’t understand how this happened. A baby boy is more prone to drowning then an adult Imo. Idk I’m pretty tired rn so maybe I’m not getting whole picture. I feel hella bad for the family tho. Couldn’t imagine losing my mom in a million years
Javier Lobos
Javier Lobos:
Rest In Peace beautiful
Allure Searles
Allure Searles:
so sad may she rip I wonder if her funeral will happen or will it be shown publicly?
Strawbxrry Milk :3
Strawbxrry Milk :3:
This is super sad and tragic I feel bad for her son
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker:
Super super sad story of 2020!!
R.I.P. Everyone.
Hel Kenny
Hel Kenny:
So sad 😭😭
D. Hull
D. Hull:
Hate to be that person also but this death is honestly shady ! Going swimming alone with a young kid in cold, murky waters, unanchored boat and possibly fully clothed (nowhere specifies just states the clothing was matched to description?)... wtf.

A 4 yo is too susceptible to suggestiveness, especially after being asleep. My 4 yo asked me to remind her of the the cats name, the cat that had been around her all her life. You could probably also convince her she had 3 eyes if you suggested it well enough to her. They don’t use children’s words as the truth in court even when they’re the only eye witnesses.... for a reason.
Princess Alyson Sweat
Princess Alyson Sweat:
I Wish They Had A Public Funeral For Naya Rivera
Zorro II
Zorro II:
RIP baby
Angela Griffiths
Angela Griffiths:
I really hope that isn't her body plz let it not be her
Jesse alex
Jesse alex:
This seems a little odd like i think she maybe committed suicide maybe because this didnt add up at all maybe she didnt know how to swim but i do pray for her family and her child.
John Rambo
John Rambo:
Rip hero
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
Amber Tobar
Amber Tobar:
I'm just tryna understand how she just drowned like that It just doesn't sound right she and her son was pushed up but she couldnt grab on anything??? Its so sad I'm just so confused it's all a trafic😢
Emily Craig
Emily Craig:
Jodii H. Subliminals
Jodii H. Subliminals:
Lucas Dantas
Lucas Dantas:
Lisa Love Ministries
Lisa Love Ministries:
Develop a personal fellowship with Christ our LORD and Savior.
John 14:6
Debra Sloan
Debra Sloan:
Donna Hackney
Donna Hackney:
This is so sad. How....i dont understand....i expected something more from the autopsy. If she went swimming with her son without a life jacket on & the boat got away from her....his life vest would have given her something to hold onto even if lightly. She got him on board but slipped under the water after....idk somethings off here.
She had to have known how to swim.
I figured the boat got away, it took a lot of energy to get both of them back to it. She shoved him up n on the deck. I really thought she must have slipped getting back on deck n hit her head falling into the water with out a life jacket. But nope.
This just dont add up. Something happened to that girl.
Christine Lo
Christine Lo:
so sad. such a waste. I have to say Naya was like the prettiest girl I have ever seen. She had the most beautiful perfect features...but then she slowly destroyed each perfect feature w/ plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian! Such a bummer. It would have been so amazing to watch the OG Naya grow old.

So sad that perfect face is gone forever. she was fun to watch
Zay Zay97
Zay Zay97:
Rest easy
Grumpy MC
Grumpy MC:
This is part of the Epstien coverup, she was gonna help blow the whistle. Her ex was facing serious charges of child pornography so he killed himself, now she drowns under very suspicious circumstances. She was in way over her head, literally.