Naya Rivera's Final Onscreen Appearance

During "ET Canada Live", Graeme O'Neil and Keshia Chante take a look at Naya Rivera guest-judging on "Sugar Rush", her final onscreen appearance, which was released today.

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Anubis Nibiru
Anubis Nibiru:
“Dead people receive more flowers than living ones, because regret is stronger than gratitude” - Anne Frank
Emma S.
Emma S.:
These are the most kind and respectful people. ET Canada employers deserve a damn raise
Joca Lariatto
Joca Lariatto:
The coolest thing about Naya is that she always made the most about everything, even if it was only a small participation on a reality show. It was tough to hear this update about her resting. RIP queen.
Claudia Rodriguez
Claudia Rodriguez:
She absolutely loved her son. She always mentioned him and talked about him, always brought him up in conversations!
Les Po
Les Po:
Am I the only one who noticed that Cory's final onscreen appearance was on master chef and Nays's on sugar rush and both of these shows are pretty similar. Life works in mysterious ways. Rest easy angels.
TBH i dont think ive seen a celeb be as completly in love with their child as she was with her son. it's gutting shes gone, but she will always be a hero to her son
I still can’t believe she’s gone so soon! Rip Naya
Throughout this, I've appreciated ET Canada's updates specifically. So respectful. I especially resonate with the woman on the left, because I remember her saying that she was hoping for a miracle (like most of us) and she has been so empathetic every step of the way.
Passion Ivory
Passion Ivory:
I love how practically the entire episode Naya was smiling 😓 and unrelated I wish there was an emoji for a sad smile
I’m really glad you pointed out how she got royally screwed over by so many different people. She was insanely talented and did not get to showcase it nearly as much as she should have been able to.
Kaylene Jantjes
Kaylene Jantjes:
Aaliyah Morris
Aaliyah Morris:
I can’t believe she’s gone and laid to rest. Even though I’m heartbroken that she’s gone , I find comfort in knowing that’s she laid to rest in Forest Lawn with other Angels like Nipsey , Paul , Debbie & Carrie, and so many more lost stars 🕊✨. It makes me soooo sad that I will never be able to meet her 😩 I always wished I could met or seen her in person and now that’s she’s gone I’m just heartbroken 💔 I’ve been watching All seasons of Glee and Watching Step Up to feel close to her and I just start crying watching her scenes whether she sings , dance, or just tell somebody off 😢 This is a hard lost and I don’t think I’m ever gonna really get over it. Praying for her Family , Friends, and The love of her life , Her son Josey 🙏🏽 #RipNayaRivera #NayaRivera💔
Alanna Adams
Alanna Adams:
I can’t imagine what she was thinking when she got her boy on the boat and couldn’t find the energy to get on herself.. 😭
marko Paige
marko Paige:
Naya "Santana"is the most talented actress I have seen in a long time. Heaven has another 👼. You were the best mom to your son. God Bless your son and family.
Hollie xo
Hollie xo:
Naya’s death really hit me hard. I broke down as soon as i heard that she was laid to rest because it kinda felt like an amazing chapter of a beautiful life had finally come to an end. Rip beautiful nay nay, i love you forever and always. Fly high angel💔🕊
Rachel Stapleton
Rachel Stapleton:
RIP Naya Rivera! You’ll be missed from all your families and friends and fans. We all will love and miss you so much. RIP beautiful!!!
Amina Jama
Amina Jama:
Yeah they’re right, Ryan didn’t appreciate her and fired her during season 5 to make Lea happy, as we all know he practically worshipped Lea and let her get away with her diva behaviors. But we all know Naya is amazingly talented and does the best in everything she is involved in,
Casey Christenson
Casey Christenson:
RIP Naya Rivera. This is so sad. I feel so sorry for her family, especially her son and her friends. What a tragic thing to have happen. She seemed very nice and sincere. Gone way too soon.
Jessika Valencia
Jessika Valencia:
She looks so sweet. Naya we love u🥰 Rest Angel
malachi brown
malachi brown:
".......... ........ has passed at age....."

" Damn, it's a shame, I could be GONE at that AGE too

Jade: I may only have X amount of time, to chase my dreams, f*** all this other S***"

Mark: "Somebody dies everyday, it's just a shame, that it takes being a CELEBRITY or FAMOUS, to get some recognition"
Sarah Burkett
Sarah Burkett:
Hey Naya has a new unreleased song on YouTube Called my heart. If u can handle hearing her voice go listen to it it’s beautiful and the song is incredibly amazing! ❤️🙏🏽
It hurts so much still.
Vol B
Vol B:
You can see that she is a sweetheart... Im so heart broken. Well said that you say she got screwed and this shows the importance of not tolerating people that are bullies or allows bullying or people in power playing favorites. Not naming names here but yall know... It's not ok that its only now that she is dead that we see how wrong they did by her.
D C:
Everything in life is "Within Minutes"....right?
Esmii Del Bosque
Esmii Del Bosque:
Are we allowed to pay our respects to her? I know she was just put to rest and I don’t want to disrespect her family or anything. Just curious if we are allowed to leave flowers or something. Even if it’s quickly... I’m so sad about her passing. I just want to know what it’s okay from her family to let her fans pay their respects.
Destynee Garcia
Destynee Garcia:
My heart breaks every time I wasn’t a big glee but I noticed her face right away and I followed the story and my heart broke down sobbing hearing they found her body🥺 saving her son such a mama 😭 rip angel rest easy 👼🏼💔😭😭🥺♥️❣️
Wow. Respect to Graeme for mentioning how Naya got screwed over on Glee and how it hindered her career after, because it's the truth. Not everyone would tell it Graeme, so thank you brother for looking out for Naya and putting it out there.
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien:
2020 seems like a bad dream with all that's happened !!
The Ouroboros
The Ouroboros:
Rest In Peace :(
Erikka Juvonen
Erikka Juvonen:
Naya’s death has really made an impact on my heart..I didn’t known how hurt and sad I can feel for someone I don’t know.. i never watched Glee and never followed her but i knew of her. I can only imagine what her family is going through..God bless her son and may you R.I.P Naya you were a beautiful soul..
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk:
She was so kind, caring, beautiful, smart, and wonderful. She really was ahead of her time. Love you, Naya.
l don't know her
l don't know her:
My generation Natalie wood
Jelly One Ace
Jelly One Ace:
I miss you everyday, Naya. You deserved so much more.
Esmeralda Gems
Esmeralda Gems:
I love that they got permission from the famiy to post the clip without just going for it. It seems a lot of the media don't?

Naya, sweet angel! We know you will watch your son from heaven ❤️❤️❤️❤️

She is so beautiful..
Its sad and disturbing how a beautiful son will grow up without her.. pff #nowords
i am so heartbroken
RIP Naya. From what I read I gather she was swimming and panicked when the boat started drifting. She probably struggled to get her son on the boat. It sounds like he had a life vest on so as hard as it would have been she probably should have same to the boat then moved the boat where she could pick up her son out of the water. Such a horrible tragedy. Naya shined so bright every time she was on screen.
Alicia Gallagher
Alicia Gallagher:
RIP Naya I will see you some day I promise I will visit you!
Gayle's BeautyCorner
Gayle's BeautyCorner:
Her smile and love in her eyes when she speaks about her son is so sweet, rest easy Naya ❤
Lowell Batoon
Lowell Batoon:
I watched the 2nd episode of Sugar Rush: Extra Sweet without reading the description. Then lo and behold, Naya Rivera is the guest judge! I felt emotional but I’m happy to see her smile.
Laura Martínez
Laura Martínez:
she was so beautiful and nice! i will miss her beautiful smile, that makes feel amazing ❤️😭
she will be always in our hearts!
now i’m rewatching GLEE and i’ve realised how much you can love a person who makes you see, how talented is !
Bitch please Lee
Bitch please Lee:
Even after she’s gone, her smile still lights up any room💗
so sad, Naya deserved the world 🕊 miss her every second 💔
Andrea Hernández
Andrea Hernández:
Listening her voice one last time just breaks my heart 😔. Rest in peace Naya Rivera ❤️
May she Rest In Peace still can’t believe she’s really gone she still had so much life left 🥺
Chica Arana
Chica Arana:
Can someone tell me how Glee screwed up Naya’s career? I don’t think I’ve heard anything. Does it have anything to do with Lea Michele?
سلامه M
سلامه M:
When she sang "What I never did is done.. A penny for my thoughts oh no I'll sell em for a dollar they're worth so much more after am a gonner and maybe then you'll hear the words I've been singing funny when you're dead how people start listening 💔 "
I was binge watching the new episodes of Sugar Rush today until suddenly I saw her appearance on the screen... Oh, man. Just for a brief moment I thought she was still here with us on this Earth watching the show too. I can't believe when I realized she already passed away at such a young age. Life is so short. I hope she is in a better place now and may she rest in peace. Naya will not be forgotten! My condolence to the whole family ❤
Fábio Ribeiro
Fábio Ribeiro:
I'm from Portugal, so I never watched anything of ET Canada until the news about Naya's death. But I have to say I always loved to see the empathy that these two hosts always had about this sensitive situation, not only with her fans, but also with her family and friends. Congratulations.
Tee YnG God
Tee YnG God:
😞 Rest in peace my ♑ sister, so 💔
#Naya4ever #gonetoosoon
Andrea Ante
Andrea Ante:
I miss Naya 😭 I can't believe she's gone she's so young 💔 I wish this just a dream but no it's real she's gone now 😭😭😭
Callie Daly
Callie Daly:
She was so talented. I have been rewatching Glee before she died. Rip
Charmaine Qualaty
Charmaine Qualaty:
Remember to love every body treat each other's with respect and give thanks to God each day. Tell your loved ones you love them before you leave your home whether you are going to work or to the store. Because you never no if you will returned back. Tell them you love them.
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson:
Waw I didn't know that was the last time she was last seen on tv glee had a course like Cory died young from a drug overdose Mark hung himself now Naya I mean who else is going to be next from that show😢
Amna S
Amna S:
she was so beautiful and kind 🥺. also I like how they just spoiled the entire episode lol.
She is sooooo beautiful and articulate ❤️ why WHY
Rocket Power
Rocket Power:
My god, she's was 🔥
She was just as sweet and beautiful in her final appearance as she was in her 1st and throughout her career
May 👑Naya’s beautiful spirit and soul Rest In Peace Paradise and Power 👑Naya 👼🏽🦋💙✨
Love you 👼🏽💙💙✨
Ashlee Aguilar
Ashlee Aguilar:
!!She was an awesome mom as well besides an actress and can tell~And awwww Josey I know he loved her dearly as she did with him...They were #2PEASinApod😭😭💔....Well may Naya rest in paradise.... she'll be gone but never forgotten... I'll definitely miss her as a fan....I'll always remember seeing her on #FamilyMatters and #RoyalFamily before her #GLEE times.... I'll miss that singing voice if not her beautiful smile as well!!
((I'll definitely be turning in to watch her #LAST show she appeared on))
We won't be able to see her onscreen anymore.. Will miss you Naya
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young:
Sad that she is gone.
MiQuel Quiles
MiQuel Quiles:
We will never forget our puerto rican princess RIP Naya Rivera 💧
She's such a sweetheart 😭❤️
Lizzy D
Lizzy D:
Anyone else watch this episode yesterday just cause naya was in it 🥺
Bryan Alvareeezy
Bryan Alvareeezy:
God, how I miss Naya Rivera 😪 wish we could have her back
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Rip Naya rivera ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Layiah Najibie Coco
Layiah Najibie Coco:
R.i.p....Beautiful Stunning Soul🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💐💐💐🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺😢😢😢Blessings to your precious sweet son🙏🏼🙏🏼😇😇💙💙🦋🦋
Yodo Quỳnh
Yodo Quỳnh:
I love watching Sugar Rush and when I saw the episode said "in tribute to Naya" i was stunned and sad yet appreciative because I got to see her last time on screen and how she smiled and was so so sweet...
adam smis
adam smis:
Oh I miss her so much. God bless her soul in heaven.
Raymond Thai
Raymond Thai:
I mean just hearing Naya speak, you feel such a genuine kindness and compassion from her and her words. You can't help but love her. A beautiful soul taken way too soon.
Suzannah Guevara
Suzannah Guevara:
I now start watching the new season of sugar rush I'm this hit me hard I'm on episode one
Wow no one else like her, I’ll miss her :’(
Emily Hodgkinson
Emily Hodgkinson:
I only watched this episode because she was in it. I'm still so sad but I love that she mentioned her son .
RIP Naya
KGFR 0823
KGFR 0823:
I can't still believe she's gone 💔
Jeanne Bautista
Jeanne Bautista:
RIP Naya!!!! It's really cool to see her one more time, such a beautiful talented young lady. Thank you to your family for allowing us to see her again. Naya will Always be a memorable,sweet ,talented,great singer and a great mom Always talking about her Lil boy, so touching for the world to view. To everyone that was lucky enough to know her and work with's bittersweet
Jerry Okonkwo
Jerry Okonkwo:
Just 💔. F off 2020, it’s too much! ❤️ you Naya, I know that you’re in a better place with Cory and Mark in the ☁️. Loved Glee growing up, was a outcast mainly and because of Glee, I approached my journey as special, you’ll be heavily missed by me being a Gleek and everyone who loved you. Fly high songbird! 😭
peter dee
peter dee:
Ugh I love her, she’s such a queen rip legendary naya
Sectionc saisai
Sectionc saisai:
She is the sweetest human being ever
Liana Bent Monegro
Liana Bent Monegro:
Wait what does he mean “she really got screwed over on glee”??
Dakota Gaul
Dakota Gaul:
Heartbreaking. RIP. Sending love to her son
Jelly One Ace
Jelly One Ace:
Agree. Naya has so much talent but people just take it for granted. So sad.
William Stalvey
William Stalvey:
Beautiful Woman, makes me sad.
Hope her Son will be Ok.
Maureen Dennise
Maureen Dennise:
I said I won't watch this ep cs I'm just gonna break down again, but here I am 💔
Roselle S.
Roselle S.:
Rest in paradise Naya. You’re missed forever! 😔🙏🏼🕊🌻💜
So beautiful Naya as always, I can´t believe this happen!!! I will miss you so much!!! Love you♥♥♥
Peach Macabre
Peach Macabre:
The host and her lip liner......very severe look.
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh:
i m so sad when i heard about her Demise
Natalie S
Natalie S:
Who else is crying rn 😭 ugh. A sweet soul indeed. Rest in peace Naya hermosa
I still dont Unterstand why she drowned..
Bisexual Bitch
Bisexual Bitch:
Naya marie rivera 💝 May You Rest In peace. January 12th 1987 - July 8th 2020
Buried: July 24th 2020
ZS: Capricorn
laur. robs
laur. robs:
RIP beautiful Naya. We miss you!❤❤
Eoghan Ryder
Eoghan Ryder:
Her death, and certainly the manner of her death, was one of the hardest things I read about this year. I loved her on Glee and thought she was an epic talent, she really was taken far too soon. May her son know only kind and wonderful things about his mammy as he grows up. ❤
You Crusty
You Crusty:
Naya's soul and aura looks like it's been through hell and back! She just looks old and beat down to no repair, yet she was so young! Damn....we already know she was killed off...she wouldn't sacrifice her son so they sacrificed her....leave the devil and all his doings alone.
Amber Hennessey
Amber Hennessey:
Absolutely I will watch her episode of sugar rush extra sweet. I love that show
addy roosevelt
addy roosevelt:
her smile is just contagious:(
Kayleigh Ann Dollins
Kayleigh Ann Dollins:
as soon as i heard her voice i had to stop watching. it’s still so unbelievable. rip naya💔
Brittany Nicole
Brittany Nicole:
Still hard to believe 😭😭😭😭 R.I.P. Naya
Angelo Herrera
Angelo Herrera:
My heart 💔 we love you Naya! May god have you in his kingdom.
i’m so heartbroken i-
Olivia Boulais
Olivia Boulais:
Fly high our sweet angel Naya❤️💔❤️