Naya Rivera's FINAL Performance Revealed!

After much thought and consideration, Netflix has decided to release Naya Rivera’s last television show performance before her tragic death earlier this month. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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50 komentarze:

Zach Mottlow
Zach Mottlow:
She was too young... Idek why but her death just makes me feel sick to my stomach and I cannot fathom it🥺
Lynn Sabinash Arnold
Lynn Sabinash Arnold:
It was sad, when she talked about her son. Knowing she is not here anymore. R.I.P
Derrick Boudreaux
Derrick Boudreaux:
I will be watched this. It gonna be very emotional. R.I.P NAYA RIVERA we missed you so much.
tommo sun
tommo sun:
the sad thing is that everyone will have a final performance, a final laugh, a final smile, a final tear. it’s wild
Gabby Davis
Gabby Davis:
It’s so sad when stars die and then they always have that one last performance for us
I am still in disbelief
Arielle Lang
Arielle Lang:
I watched it and cried. I never met Naya Rivera but watching her since i was little made me like her a lot and she is my idol. love you nay nay Rest In Peace🤍
Aundrea Carrera
Aundrea Carrera:
This is sooo sad 😭😭 her son won’t have any more of her chocolate chip cookies 😭💔💔
Emily :D
Emily :D:
Navya sayal
Navya sayal:
There’s something happening to my eyes their sweating
Summer Tran
Summer Tran:
ok when she mentioned sugar rush i was like wait i’m watching that
Emelie’s Life
Emelie’s Life:
i'm totally not crying. RIP sweet Naya <3
The Real Me
The Real Me:
I’m going to watch naya rivera on sugar rush right now
Thisismichelle garcia
Thisismichelle garcia:
R.I.P. damn so sad
Cara Haley
Cara Haley:
I got to see her live and she was amazing ❤️
Bethany Jacobs
Bethany Jacobs:
Rest in peace Naya
Les Po
Les Po:
Am I the only one who noticed that Cory's final onscreen appearance was on master chef and Nays's on sugar rush and both of these shows are pretty similar. Life works in mysterious ways. Rest easy angels.
Liana Bent Monegro
Liana Bent Monegro:
I swear the only reason Sugar Rush is on the Netflix top 10 is because everyone tuned in for Naya💔
Ryan Ciani
Ryan Ciani:
died within minutes. nobody would have been able to even save her which makes it sadder. by the time anyone knew she was missing she was already long gone. so sad
maddi jauregui
maddi jauregui:
i knew who naya was before she passed away but i've never watched glee so i never really knew anything about her. she seems like such a sweet person, rest in peace naya :(
Nalie Solange
Nalie Solange:
She's gone with a part of me, i feel like im falling apart. Just a young girl like me it was danm too soon
Chilika Ny
Chilika Ny:
Anyone remember the Naya dance? Naya Rivera May have died young but died a hero.- Rip Naya Rivera
Cara Hu
Cara Hu:
I just watched it 😭 it was so sad she looked so happy
Lande Barber
Lande Barber:
Rip Naya💔
I don’t think my mind has accepted that she’s gone
Shraddha Mahendra
Shraddha Mahendra:
RIP naya....
this just made me tear up... gosh i miss her...
2:10Min Of course she died in minutes, you can't hold your breath for long. So sad when you think about how she must have felt and how she must have fought until she "gave up", couldn't hold her breath any longer and let the water in😭.
Jan Kuso
Jan Kuso:
We were watching sugar rush and I was so shocked to see episode 2. My daughter who only knows her as a mum who saved her son got emotional 😢
RD Campos
RD Campos:
When I watched it today, I was so emotional when she started talking about her 4 year old son. 😭
So heartbreaking 😔🙏
Kaleigh-Veronica Carteaux-Dominguez
Kaleigh-Veronica Carteaux-Dominguez:
i appreciate this. i appreciate this a lot. thank you netflix. ❤️❤️💔💔 rest in peace Naya🕊
Diamond Perkins
Diamond Perkins:
🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾R.I.P beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ praying for all her love ones especially her baby boy🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️😢😢😢 she save her sons life 🙏🏾🙏🏾 she did what she said her baby boy comes first ❤️❤️❤️ just wish she made it too 😢😢❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾GOD has gained a Angel❤️❤️❤️❤️ #nayarivera #ripnayarivera
Ms. Reezee
Ms. Reezee:
Why didn’t she wear her life jacket!! So sad ! Rip Naya !!
The Real Me
The Real Me:
So I watched that episode and it was very beautiful. I still can’t believe that she is gone but at lest we can still watch her in sugar rush and in glee. Rest In Peace Naya rivera we love you. BTW make sure to watch my dance cover tomorrow it is dedicated to naya
solar flame11321
solar flame11321:
I refuse to watch this because I won't be able to stop crying 😭
Madison Purdy
Madison Purdy:
Don’t say revealed like its a teen choice award. Isn’t really something to celebrate.
Amber Heilman
Amber Heilman:
I just watched this. I almost cried. RIP Naya. You'll be missed. 💞
Jake Angel
Jake Angel:
We miss you Naya😢
Maya Love
Maya Love:
julius siisi
julius siisi:
Yeah I watched it today just felt so sad
patricia Bermudez
patricia Bermudez:
Im going to watch it
Hanni Malik
Hanni Malik:
Omg sugar rush is my fav tv show
And naya is in it 😭
patrick jensen
patrick jensen:
A rule two adults to a boat would help them also on that lake.or should say one on the boat if swimming.what about a device you have to press every 10 minutes on boat rentals or more often or there alerted.someone should teach the boy she was looking at love when it happened
Jelena Obradovic
Jelena Obradovic:
Am I the only one that heard them say maya at first
patrick jensen
patrick jensen:
Someone should create a hero charity in her name and the other parent in California who had the similar fortune to save there child some type of education water safety.that lake should have a don't swim where your not anchored and rip current education usually they have jet skies to help around rip currents seems like they could use water coloring to find rip currents and that lake has wind problems.maybe invent a device that keeps a trolling motor to adjust the boat and some type of alarm and locator device bracelet or something.thank God there kids mom passed in a car crash my son was in the car she would be thankful he lived.should here about him more
Layiah Najibie Coco
Layiah Najibie Coco:
R.i.p...Sweet Naya😇😇🙏🏼🙏🏼🇦🇺🇦🇺🦋🦋💙💙😢😢
Pesados.. Dejenla ya en paz
Liz Sowerby
Liz Sowerby:
Ryan lex
Ryan lex:
Where BLM movement at???