The penultimate episode of Daley Diaries! It’s been a crazy season, I took some time after our synchro event to escape the village and relax before getting back to it!

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Tips For Travellers
Tips For Travellers:
Good luck for the solo events. Rooting for you!
Good luck and enjoy it! 🇬🇧

P.S. love the knitting...
Saw you knitting on live tv during women’s 3m synchro final. They kept zooming to you 😩🥺❤️
Jagyanseni Pruthal
Jagyanseni Pruthal:
Question: After years and years of diving how do you keep the routine fresh and lively for yourself? Do you ever get bored of the constant cycle of the sport?
Carol Z
Carol Z:
Sometimes the Olympics can transcend national boundaries, and it has for me in diving. Congratulations on the Synchro Tom, and we’ll be rooting for you in the Individual 10M. Regardless of the outcome, you’ve already won by having your family at the end of it all, sweet Robbie and the insanely talented and handsome Lance.
"No matter what happens I'll always be an Olympic champion". YES YOU ARE, SIR TOM DALEY
Addie Dycha
Addie Dycha:
I met you back in 2015 at a FINA competition. I was a lifeguard at one of the events. Throughout my years of lifeguarding I met so many different athletes, and I can say, without a doubt, you were the kindest and most genuine athlete I met. You stopped and took a picture with me and chatted with me and made me feel so comfortable. Seeing you with gold brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations on an amazing Olympics, I’m so excited to see what is next for you. 💕
In all disciplines, you, Tom Daley, are my favourite athlete in the world. I am proud of you and happy for you, Lance and little Robbie. No matter what happens next, as you said, you will always be an Olympic champion.
Ted Chaffman
Ted Chaffman:
1M subscribers and Olympic Gold — Not a bad way to top off the penultimate week of Daley Diaries!
Leo Swift
Leo Swift:
Honestly, with or without the medals, you’ll always be the diving champion in our hearts.
M Johnson
M Johnson:
Tom, there are more than just a few of us Austinites who are rooting for you in the singles. I remember a few years back when you visited Austin and Texas visiting Lance's relatives and practicing on the 10m board over here at the U. of Texas at Austin diving pool. Not to mention that there are more than just a few million Americans who are also rooting for you. We all will be watching. It will be great.
You have to be the most humble and kind professional athlete I have ever seen. Bless you, continue to be a ray of sunshine and hope for the next generations. 🙏
Jordan Leung
Jordan Leung:
Tom did you get to see the viral tweets about you over on Japanese Twitter? Funny enough they know you by your knitting on Instagram and only later found out that you were a diver who just won Olympic gold
Shania Chau
Shania Chau:
My heart skipped a beat when you and Matty won the champ!!!Wish you all the best for the coming individual comp!!You got this✨✨
Júlia Duarte
Júlia Duarte:
This documented journey has been so inspiring to so many people and seeing you achieve your goal just makes it even more special. I’m so proud of you and I know you’ll keep doing great things!
Mark G
Mark G :
Tom you are an amazing athlete, husband, Dad and prolific crochet 🧶 artist. Best wishes for every success in the Individual from the US to you. 🥇
Keio University is one of the top of the top uni in Japan, can’t believe Tom has been there (and signed) and the uni provides support to team gb!
Hilary Gosnell
Hilary Gosnell:
Sending you all the support I can from Canada! So proud of know your journey and I have been following this channel for years. <3
p. flores
p. flores:
*T*: tender
*O*: olympic
*M*: medalist

*D*: dadda
*A*: awesome
*L*: lovely
*E*: elegant
*Y*: young
Cindy Toh
Cindy Toh:
I cried when you and Matty won gold because I was so happy for y’all! I’m rooting for you in the individual event. I’m wondering how you, Lance, and Robbie celebrated your win and if Lance will jump of 10m now that you’re an Olympic champion.
Jitter Time
Jitter Time:
Tom I've immensely enjoyed watching you at every Olympic games you've competed at. Good luck with the rest of your Tokyo events. Relax, have fun. You're going to do great!
Tom - watching you dive is a thing of beauty. Good luck in the solo event. ❤️
Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman:
Congratulations, Tom, to you and Matty for the Synchro Gold. Best wishes for the same Golden result for you in the Solo event. Thank you for sharing your life in all your vlogs through all these years. I have seen everyone. I feel like we are Mates. Good Luck from your biggest fan in Omaha, Nebraska, US.
C W:
Congrats on 1 million. I wish you luck for the individual, no matter what happens we’re proud of you!! The synchro was great!! 👍😊
You’ll kill it in the individuals, Tom! Show ‘em how it’s donee
Cheering for you🇬🇧🥳💪 What an athlete and what a YouTuber. Thank you for sharing your time.
Lily Fx
Lily Fx:
People has been going crazy after seeing you knitting on national TV at 3M springboard diving tournament today!! hahah. Thank you for documenting your Olympic journey! Good luck Tom, rooting for you✨
Tracy Lee de Kock
Tracy Lee de Kock:
You’re going to SMASH it,Tom❣️Lots of love and luck all the way from South Africa 🇿🇦 🇬🇧
I am so proud of from India ♥️🇮🇳...even though you are not a representative of our country , it has been so inspirational to watch you go out there and get the gold...I even cried seeing you getting the gold... wishing you all the best for gold in the coming matter what, you are a champion for us too...
Aakash Vadher
Aakash Vadher:
Just wanted to say, your channel got me through lockdown, to see you grow as a diver and person had been inspiring and I wish you every success for tommorow. Good Luck Tom!!
Diana Lynn Snyder
Diana Lynn Snyder:
We love you and it's been an honor following you on this journey! I remember you from 2008 and have been a huge fan ever since. To see you so happy personally and professionally warms my heart! Best of luck in the individual!!
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan:
Congrats on the medal in the individual 10m! Just saw the final round here in Australia. You are class and an inspiration to everyone. Thanks for sharing your journey.
Chloe Bea
Chloe Bea:
Happy 1 million subscribers :)
lean truter
lean truter:
Good luck with your solo event, LOTS OF SA LOVE💃🇿🇦
Ness D.B
Ness D.B:
Question: Do divers get the "twisties" or vertigo? If so, how often does it happen? And how do you cope with it?
Rooting for you in the Individual 10M, Tom! ✨
Thanks for vlogging your training & sacrifices. You make everything look easy!
April March
April March:
I just wondered if Lance is a good singer? He can really hit a high note? Congratulations on your Gold Medal, I screamed and cried sooo much, so happy for you and your family! Good Luck in your individual competition, sending love and positive vibes 🥰💙
Adrian Wayne Reavill
Adrian Wayne Reavill:
Watching you winning the Olympic Gold was the best moment of my lifetime
hi Tom, I'm so excited to see that you came to Keio which I graduated!
I just acknowledged you by the Olympic villege tour video and become your fan.
Also I'm a volunteer for Tokyo2020 (unfortunately not for diving). So happy to have you in this game:)
Good luck for your solo performance!
I love that Lance and your mum seem like genuine friends, so cute. (Indelicate question, are they like, the same age?)
Hiyona Mori
Hiyona Mori:
omg you came to my uni 日吉 campus!! Hopefully it helped and good luck on your next game! We, as keio students, wish you all good luck for team GB!!🇯🇵🇬🇧
Lumia Lives
Lumia Lives:
I’m like, really excited for the INDIVIDUAL EVENT and really proud of this man it’s all makes it worthwhile to see him this happy
6611 panisa
6611 panisa:
You’re so wholesome, talented and adorable ilysm Tom🥺🥺🥺
jens stawicki
jens stawicki:
Tom, congratulation for bronze in the solo 🏅👍
Let Robby polish that and it will shine like gold 😉
Aliya Manasika
Aliya Manasika:
i instantly love this man!! it's like he is the nicest person you could ask to hangout together and immediately be his friend
Ntlapu Tsolo
Ntlapu Tsolo:
Congratulations Tom …. I was so thrilled for and Matty in your winning 🥇 at the Olympics. I am visualizing double gold medals for you as you head for your individuals on the 6th. But no matter what the outcome, you are the best. You are an inspiration. Go and let your light shine brighter than it ever has before!!!
Loes Adriaans
Loes Adriaans:
After not being able to train as much as you’re used to due to Covid, what did you feel you lacked the most while training leading up to the Olympics (strength, stamina, flexibility, etc.)?
Naomi Popo Olaniyan
Naomi Popo Olaniyan:
I check twitter everyday for updates on your solo event ..Hopefully you win ,rooting for you from Nigeria ❤️
Sharon Driggins
Sharon Driggins:
Tom, I am an American subscriber who just discovered your channel. I love your content. I have learned so much about diving from you. Congrats on 7 years of marriage. Lance is such an intelligent man and he worships you. That’s so sweet to see. Robbie is so so smart. He learns very quickly. He is also such a love. I really enjoy how you both include him in many of the daily activities around the house from baking to painting. You both are great parents and great role models.
Continue living your best life and making your dreams come true, Sharii
archa mary
archa mary:
Really happy for you tom. Hope I can meet you in person one day. Convey the love to Robbie and Lance.
Pablo Barrios
Pablo Barrios:
Rooting for you in the solo events YOU GOT THIS BROOOOOO❤️‍🔥💪
Tom, I'm so happy you found Neville Goddard's teachings. It changed my life too. 👏🏻
SGD .68
SGD .68:
Tom congratulations to both you & Matty for your amazing gold 🥇 also congratulations on getting over a million subscribers 👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧❌❌
Dawn Marie
Dawn Marie:
Love your videos and your heart! You're diving so magnificently. I wish you all the best!
Henry Ng
Henry Ng:
Good luck for the solo event!!!! Sending love from Malaysia ❤️😌 hoping one day Malaysia will have equality too 😌🏳️‍🌈
First of all, huge congratulations on your Gold Medal. I have been rooting for you since the first time I saw you competing in Rome. You are the only non-italian athlete I care for and I can't even explain how utterly happy I was for you and Matty that day!

Now, my question is: Simone Biles spoke about "twisties" and the feeling of getting lost in the air while jumping. I'm curious.. have you ever experienced something similar in diving? If so, how did you get over it?
"Break A Legg" Tom. Can't wait to see the final diving events. 🥇
imanol valencia
imanol valencia:
It has been an amazing journey of the Daley diaries. Happy 1 million and congrats on your big win olimpic champion
Petch W
Petch W:
You’re my inspiration. Thank you for taking us through your journey to the Olympics ☺️ and Congratulations in synchro 🙌
In athletics, the spirit can cross the farthest frontier of technical excellence to a place of profound beauty. Thank you for taking us there with your diving.
Michael Armand
Michael Armand:
Wish all the best from Indonesia for your solo diving event! I was unbelievably ecstatic for you and Matty getting your gold medals!
All the best Tom for the individual ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️, again congratulations to you and matty. Team GB 🎊
Kenny Chu
Kenny Chu:
Saw your knitting video at the pool during woman's 3m. Congrat for 1M sub too. Good luck and will cheering for you.
-- love from Malaysia.
Arushi D
Arushi D:
You’re the reason I got interested in watching diving. And I’ve learnt so much through your videos about the sport. So happy Matty and you won GOLD🥰❤️
Beth Van Heuklom
Beth Van Heuklom:
I’m so pumped for you, dude! You’ve worked so hard for this.
Tina Avelar
Tina Avelar:
I’m still so excited for you and Matty! I’ve watched the last dive you two did that determined the gold. I never get tired of watching it! ❤️🇬🇧👍🏼
Chris K
Chris K:
While I’m an American, you make me proud as a gay man!Thanks for the dedication & sacrifice and for the positive representation!!
You and Matty had me in tears of happiness. Thank you for all your videos, I have watched them all more than once, a great way to get through the pandemic.
Hugs John.
Good luck for the individual and love seeing you knitting in the 3m yesterday!
Akio Aslan
Akio Aslan:
Damn they even got their own line to walk in the street. TeamGB is killing it this year
T Li
T Li:
Congratulations again!!
Good luck for the individual!!!
Best wishes from Hong Kong❤️❤️❤️
Anya Yeh
Anya Yeh:
Amazing as always Tom! I screamed so hard when you won gold!!!
Lucy Turner
Lucy Turner:
Congrats on the gold medal! Wishing you the best! TEAM GB!
Deborah Li
Deborah Li:
Love watching your vlogs. I was wondering, what's the technical differences between diving in syncro and diving solo? What are the challenges and which do you prefer?
Anna Morales
Anna Morales:
Good luck on the individual dives Tom!! 💛🤩
Congratulations again! I love how positive and humble of a person you always seem. I see your knitting is trending on social media. I am always rooting for you and no matter what happens, I only wish your happiness! It's always good for people to know about hardships and overcoming them. People don't often see the bad on social media because we don't want to post about when we are struggling, but we all do and its great to see people overcome them. I say keep doing what you are doing as long as it makes you happy and always working on bettering yourself. (^_^)b
Vicky Goh
Vicky Goh:
loving ur energy and ur knitting, Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck in ur next Olympic event!!!! Sending love from Malaysia. <3333
Dishari Xex
Dishari Xex:
All the best for your individual events 👍❤️
Jess Potts
Jess Potts:
Congratulations on 1 Million!! It has been so amazing to see your journey over the years x
Will Fifield
Will Fifield:
Good luck in the 10m individuals and well done to Jack Laugher on his bronze medal today🥉
Denton Lister
Denton Lister:
Congrats on the synchro win, 1M and (early) on the solo comp!
Ananiyasri Raghavan
Ananiyasri Raghavan:
All the very best for your next competition sir! Hope you win that too !
Just A Gamer
Just A Gamer:
Mate! Congrats on one million subscribers on youtube and a gold medal at the olympics. You truly deserve it and I wish you all the best!
Omg watching this video made my eyes watery😭❤️ I’m soo beyond happy for you and Matty, I hope you the best for next competition. I know you’ll keep doing great things Tom! Greetings from Italy we all are rooting for you💖
garima jain
garima jain:
The channel is growing so much everyday. Congratulations on 1M tom!
Sidak Gill
Sidak Gill:
ALL THE BEST TOM!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
You literally have a glow, an aura since your win!! You must be feeling wonderfully satisfied by what you've accomplished. Congrats Tom. X
hannah ratier
hannah ratier:
God Bless you with another Gold 🙏 on your next event. Congratulations again with Matty on your perfect synchronized diving and Gold medal. Take care
Rue Lynn Galbraith
Rue Lynn Galbraith:
Best wishes, GOOD Luck, I will be watching and rooting you on. GO Team GB!!
Brooke Buckley
Brooke Buckley:
Good luck for the individual, so proud of you! ❤️
good luck for the individual events! proud of you :)
My husband and I are cheering for you and hoping you get another gold!
lil sis
lil sis:
I'm Puerto Rican and I'm so proud of you. Go GB
Lyra Jean Costan
Lyra Jean Costan:
Waiting for this! Currently 1:02 AM here right now. But, it's all worth it!! ☺️
Blake Maness
Blake Maness:
So proud of you and Matty, I watched you for years.....The best of luck in the next few can do it!!!!
Josie Jo
Josie Jo:
Wow, I have never really been into diving until you... for me, you make it such an artform, it's beautiful. I wish you all the best in every way.
Hi Tom — well mate, ya did it… Olympic Champion!! I’ve been just giddy all week thinking of the moment that you and Matty saw on the screen that you’d won Gold. I was literally in tears as I was so overjoyed for you guys. You’re such an inspiration, proving what hard work and focus can achieve. Here’s hoping you win Gold in the upcoming individual event. I have total faith you’ll give it your all. Best of luck! 👍👍
Cheering for you all the way! GO Tom! 💖
Madina Kadyrova
Madina Kadyrova:
Good luck for ANOTHER GOLD 🥇💙 Though no matter the results, you already are an Olympic champion!! 🏆