Never Created Enough Chances, So Poor! | West Brom 1-1 Man United | Match Review

Joe and Jay review today's game vs West Brom at The Hawthorns in the Premier League.

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62 komentarze:

Joe's is the perfect guy to listen to after a game , he is not reactionary or exaggerates he is cool headed and gives constructive criticism .. Need to do better but we move GGMU ❤️❤️
Mandengue Moukoko
Mandengue Moukoko:
Never seen a team in all my years struggle to start a game like we do
Are they aware they don’t HAVE to start from a deficit?
Lewis Tougher
Lewis Tougher:
Shows how much pogba does for us when moving the ball forward, reckon diallo would make a bigger difference instead of martial RN
bob vickers
bob vickers:
Thank you Joe for some realism -at least you have the sense to say out loud we were never in a title race
21:00 Sam Johnstone gets in the squad, possibly the best keeper of the three
The Mancalorian
The Mancalorian:
Disappointing once again, if we lose the chance of the title which is very much possible thats all on the team for throwing it away. This was our best chance since 2012/13 season.
Tapor E
Tapor E:
Movement and spotting runs. Missing.
Plus a Fridge
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Maguire didn't technically do anything wrong and I think a pacey CB beside him will be a revelation, but he needs to stop going down. Dude is a fridge yet anytime he is taking contact, arguably into the back, he goes down. We are not getting those calls and it is costing us. Same type of thing with lindelof header.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
I feel Tony is not helping team to create. That's a bigger problem than lack of goals.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
We have a fight on for top four. That's always been the case, in truth, but there was an outside chance of more. For 7 years I've said I just want to be in the mix so suppose should not complain. I have been worried about top 4 since window closed.
mango fish
mango fish:
Again without a penalty or a soft free kick at the edge of the box utd always struggle to win games
6:16 Jay sending for Rick hahha
bob vickers
bob vickers:
After that shambles I don’t think we can just sit there and say blithely -we are one of the top 4 teams in the country
Sam Potter
Sam Potter:
i dont think it was a foul on Lindelof, BUT if Maguire does that and scores, it's disallowed.
Richard Wallwin
Richard Wallwin:
So deflating watching united against teams that put everyone behind the ball, we’re so slow moving the ball about.
Waqaas Fiaz
Waqaas Fiaz:
Last game we Miss Pogba this game we miss Pogba looks like we need Pogba
D Anton
D Anton:
It the ref can say 2 mins added time, surely he knows when it's 2 minutes and 35 seconds. Why not put that on the board?
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Absolutely today wasn't good enough, but why would we not assume Ole is also saying this. I juts don't understand the Ole out agenda that occurs after every poor performance. We all.knew these CBs are/were not good enough, yet the board didn't buy Ole reinforcements. Remember the state City were in prior to Ruben. COME ON UNITED
Samuel Lugo
Samuel Lugo:
🤣🤣🤣 what progress lol
Lorraine Gray
Lorraine Gray:
We really missed Pogba today in my opinion. Fred was utter garbage and Martial always looks like he’s about to cry. Greenwood put him to utter shame when he came on. Lindloff is a wet streak of lettuce.
21 is not over, the top 4 is not assured.
Green Mills
Green Mills:
United just don’t have the right defensive resilience or attacking prowess....simple as. Good team on paper, but a lot of dead wood in the squad.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
It must cost VAR to do the lines for offside, otherwise makes no sense.
mohamed hamdi
mohamed hamdi:
Ole doesn't learn that he has many midfielders but he has no wingers so why he keep using this 4231 instead of 4312
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor:
Another Ole masterclass. We struggle against a team that will definitely get relegated. Static football without flair and Ole sits/stands at the sideline without passion and without any idea of how to make a tactical impact on the game. I think we have now only won 2 of our last 7 PL games and the FA cup game against West Ham was also a draw in 90 minutes. We have to make sure that we finish top 4 and that is no given the way things are going lately.
D Anton
D Anton:
Why is there no VAR on the first goal?
mohamed hamdi
mohamed hamdi:
A lot of misspass from Fred and Bruno those games need vdb and Mata and their short passes instead martial Greenwood and rashford speed
Second lesson no Bailly no cleensheet
Praveen Steve
Praveen Steve:
The defence is a joke and not consistent winning 9-0 and going back to playing like shit is no good . I didn't see any good chances created
Manuel Ian Cabillos
Manuel Ian Cabillos:
We need pogba back.

There was promise when pogba played in the wing, until he got injured.
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies:
Mediocrity has to go. Offensively is our strengths, defensively we should have been no nonsense defending but oMediocrity has to go. Offensively is our strengths, defensively we should have been no nonsense defending but our 'Usual Suspects' Maguire & Lindelof were the reasons why we lost those last two semi finals & this season group Stage. Over the season they showed that they were vulnerable, either lack of pace & mobility or the necessary concentration & aggression to deal with matters in certain areas and DeGea should be more commanding in his 6 yard box. 50% of our losses were down to poor defending, where we expected our defenders to do better. We are not surprised. Our general play will have to improve once we add more depth of quality players in defence that can play the Man Utd way. Time for them to move on!

If the opportunities arises it would be best to replace Maguire & Lindelof at a loss by recruit at least 2CBs. They Are Not Man Utd type. So, Man Utd is not a charity but one of the Top Club in the World that have standards to maintain. There's Better Out There, recruit wisely!
Seb B
Seb B:
Ole, it's simple if you want to keep your job, drop Martial for the time-being, play DVB in place of either Scott or Fred, and DON'T play Harry and Diktor.
Jimmy Jammy
Jimmy Jammy:
Didier Diagne!!!😃 Slapped united defense around. 👋 I'm over Maguire and Lindeloff. No better than Jones or Evans for me. Vidic would've locked Vic in his locker at half today.
Peter Sykes
Peter Sykes:
I just do not understand why Maguire still has the captains armband, clearly it should be Bruno. I’m not arsed about Maguire’s fee.....that doesn’t give you an instant pass. Bruno is an absolute professional with the highest of standards and it would run off on the team. I’ll guarantee SAF would have been ruthless, Ole you need to be bloody ruthless!!!!
To me it's obvious and has been all season as well as last season. AARON WAN BISSAKA offers nothing going forward- can't cross, overall terrible passer of the ball so when we're attacking we're effectively a man short. You literally see the opposition give him space on the right bcos he's not threat and they can then double-down on the rest of the team. You can't really improve that side of your game either- you either have it (trent) or you don't (bellerin). AWB would be quality against top 4 teams when we have to defend but against the rest of the prem we need another RB- Trippier, Lamptey, even Dalot
Corey Bates
Corey Bates:
King jaffe
King jaffe:
we havent got better and closed on liverpool, they are just much worse, battling for top 4 is our ceiling under ole. unless the board allow him to sign the best players in the world in their positions we wont win the league under ole
Kinq Israel
Kinq Israel:
What progress?! If we had a better manager we would have been at least 6 points clear of City at the top of TheTable
Leeds blow out West Brom we all know man city are superb both Leeds&city scored 5 goals,Ole once again lack tactical awareness, we all knew West Brom are physical team to play again, why play lindelof, secondly Ole played 2 CDMs for 80mins again a regulation team who are conceiving goals for fun, VDB over Fred and Greenwood over Anthony. Ole have done enough for our club but i think it's time to go, time to move further.
Nenad Radosavljević
Nenad Radosavljević:
Diagne fouled Lindelof. Clear as day. Grabbing anyone from behind, by their face mind you, and pulling them down is a foul. Probably a yellow, as well. You don't have to be hard to do that. It's a dirty move, a foul, a booking, and nothing more.
Gr Cur
Gr Cur:
We aren’t improving. This is our ceiling under ole I feel.
Constant failures in semi finals, turfed out of the group stages of the CL and a collapse as soon as we have a sniff of a title race. Simply not good enough
One man team! Even Bruno’s had enough of saving Wolly!!
Test Testtt
Test Testtt:
never growing up did I ever hear of a utd fan not liking our captains, since valencia, young, maguire have become captain, many do not like them. just take the band off him and let him concentrate of being a good defender because right now, he is bang average. lindelof has been rubbish for 2 years, go and have a look at all the goals conceded when he is playing since last year.... dont think he is entirely awful, just not suited to the premier league. maguire does move around like a donkey, decision making is poor across the board. ole has to feel the wrath of fans too, he keeps picking lindelof and maguire. play williams on the right, play dialo, play awb, anyone who can cross a damn ball, rashford tries to take on the world and emulate ronaldo too much, ole is sven goran erikksoning it up at utd .
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies:
Sell them by the end of the season & Bring Back Johnny Evans with chance to be defensive Coach & Chris Smalling 'The Real Captain' there's still 3+ years at the top and he's a much better defender in all departments than Maguire plus he's a Man Utd type. All is Forgiven, Ole & Fans owes Chris an apology!
B D66
B D66:
WB goal a foul all day long, a clear and obvious mistake.
Brendan Pramjee
Brendan Pramjee:
Waiting for Howson to defend Maguire !
Oscar Dolloway
Oscar Dolloway:
Bring back Smalling
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone:
Bending over backwards for Tony aren't we? Felt the penny had dropped with him last year re work rate, movement but no ... I haven't blamed him for goals but it's gone past that now. Carvani works even when not scoring.
Bryn Gefferies
Bryn Gefferies:
Ole needs to Up his game especially in the second half of the season. His future at the Club depends on it. Our Chances per game ratio is poor at the moment, so we need to play on the front foot a lot more by playing Bailly as much as possible to the end of the season. The 4.4.2 diamond is the preferred choice with the players we have so more chances could have been created for the forwards. If we can bring in Roy Keane as Assistant Manager, that would help to get the players & staff to improve on their focus, performance, consistency and achieve more.
G 03
G 03:
I see everyone thinks Pogba is the reason we haven’t won again... he has all the talent in the world but let’s get real. He had a great game (vs Burnley...who were shite at that time), then 2 decent games (again mainly vs mid table to lower table teams...remember Fulham he was shite 1st 45). Then was fairly poor to average again for 2 games before getting injured! For a £300k a week player that’s hardly amazing stats and consistency is it.
Anyway, not his fault lately. Ole and coaches need to work hard on our attacking patterns of play to break teams down and not rely on moments to win games, and the players need to massively up their game.
Tony again today... looks sulky, behaving like a kid. Shame as wonderful talent but his attitude stinks lately.
Lindelof especially and Maguire also lately so weak too. We always offer a goal and good opportunities.
Bruno quite poor despite a good goal, and Rashford again just taking far too long on the ball and all the rolling it under his studs shite instead of being decisive - which is his main asset
Cavani was hugely disappointing today too.
Full backs, McTominay only players who played ‘ok’ (at best) today. Bad day at the office again basically
Mark Haynes
Mark Haynes:
We've been an absolute joke the last month. When a manager goes on national TV and states we aren't good enough to be title challengers what sort of message is that to the players and fans, even if you don't believe we can challenge you don't publicly state it no united manager should talk like this who does ole think he's managing Cardiff you don't speak like that as a united manager you go to the end regardless if we can win it or not. Personally, I think ole thinks that's it feet up we will make top 4 that's not good enough. He uses practically the same team sheet every game two holding midfielders against wba, really ole shows he's not tactically minded as a manager doesn't change it up. He won't last long if he doesn't start implying different tactics. What example does it set to bailly and Henderson same players keep messing up but ole keeps handing in same team sheet every week. Ole would play two holding midfielders against Salford City. Not good enough boring to watch regardless of 2nd position in league 😡
Tokos Claudiu
Tokos Claudiu:
Enough is enough. I won't watch another united game in the near future because i've just had enough of this bullshit. Almost every week the many weekends ruined by this team.
Every time Harry gives an interview, he's like "we have to learn from our mistakes" and "we have to improve" well, fuck me if they've improved, i think they are getting worse and worse every week. And mark my words, in 3 weeks time, we won't be in the top 4 anymore. So disappointed ffs
Kris Nduka
Kris Nduka:
If I am Ed Woodard even though this board are a complete shambles I will go to ole and shake his hand and say thank you for taking us this far and what you’ve done for the club but I’m not renewing you’re contact, ole cannot do anymore with this club imagine if we had an actual manager with this group of players
Jim Morris
Jim Morris:
OGS is going to lose his job due to his loyalty to Maguire. He really is dreadful...
Aztec Eagle Cocho de Guerrero
Aztec Eagle Cocho de Guerrero:
King 👑 🐀 and keane 🐷👑 corrupt from the old world
Dary Atha
Dary Atha:
Olee is too poor of tactics
mohamed hamdi
mohamed hamdi:
Martial and rashford are very talented strikers that were destroyed by van gaal and Mourinho they changes their position to wingers
Will Charters
Will Charters:
Say what you like about how we played, clearly wasn't good enough, but I'm so tired of watching referees being terrible at their jobs, week in week out, with no consequence, in what's meant to be the best league in the world
Peter Sykes
Peter Sykes:
Do we have tactics? Has anyone seen any? It honestly looks as though players are told their positions and told to go out and play. There looks to be no plan when we don’t have the ball and not defined way of playing when we do have the ball, I want Ole to be successful so badly, but I genuinely believe that this is his limit. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of, he can hold his head high.
Hello, Bye!
Hello, Bye!:
should've had a penalty and west b. goal should be disallowed, can't cover the defens with your hand over his face and get a goal for that.
As usual Paddock lads see nothing wrong with this soft belly manager
Uncle Doobius
Uncle Doobius:
Online: The return to banter. Everyone is shit. We need every galactico in the world. Ole out.
In reality: another bulletpoint for year 3 of the rebuild.
Hashley Dalloo
Hashley Dalloo:
Sorry but Ole was never good. It was Bruno who brought out the best in some players. But as a manager Ole is nonsense. Remember when he was Cardiff's manager? If Man Utd had a great manager they would have been champions. Blind followers will hate it but it's the truth.