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0:00 Intro
0:45 Rell´s Lore
3:22 Abilities
3:22 Passive
3:47 Her Q
4:15 Her W
5:21 Her E
5:42 Her R
5:59 Final Thoughts and Gameplay
7:23 Outro

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Concepts: Best ADC 10.24, Best support 10.24, best mid laners 10.24, best junglers 10.24, best top laners 10.24 patch 10.24 rundown, 10.24 lol, 10.24 changes, preseason 11, preseason 11 items, mythic items lol, legendary items lol, Ludens tempest nerf 10.24, Liandries Anguish nerf 10.24, Night Harvester nerf 10.24, Riftmaker nerf 10.24, Hextech Rocketbelt nerf 10.24, Lichbane nerf 10.24, Demonic Embrace nerf 10.24, Nashors tooth nerf 10.24, Eclipse nerf 10.24, Blade of the Ruined King nerf 10.24, Tear of the goddess buff 10.24, AP junglers buff 10.24, Kraken Slayer buff 10.24, Essence reaver buff 10.24, Phantom dancer buff 10.24, Moonstone renewer buff 10.24, prowlers claw buff 10.24, serpents fang buffs 10.24, Kayle nerf 10.24, Samira nerf 10.24, Hecarim nerf 10.24, Tryndamere buff 10.24

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100+ komentarze:

Clément SIRE
Clément SIRE:
Can't wait to see her pierce those sett shields.
Bottle God
Bottle God:
Riot has been interested in ponies these days
When she's walking in armor it looks as if she didn't pee for years
"Its hard to market a faceless knight"
Mord: .... feels bad man
Alexis Ybanez
Alexis Ybanez:
QOTD: The void.

Douglas Walker
Douglas Walker:
Her kit honestly does seem pretty balanced, looks fun and really interesting
Math Lbr
Math Lbr:
Impressive how different one of another champ's lore deepness can be. From a fan service social media queen made... to this. Riot is weird sometimes.
Cat Kills Again
Cat Kills Again:
QOTD: We need more darkin
I wish she gained a helm in armored form and had another shoulder plate. I want her to look like an actual tank... Actually, just have her transform into a tank
"Playing Rell lets you really dive into the enemy team with all the exaggerated angst and edge of a black teen" - Gamespot version
Christopher Wong
Christopher Wong:
QOTD: a monster from the void because rito cant stop releasing pretty girl champions
zac schnieders
zac schnieders:
QOTD: shadow isles more fun with insanity
QOTD: Even tho we already know who the next champion is (aka: the Ruined king, so a champion from the shadow isles) I really want a new void champion.
Somar Evets
Somar Evets:
My mind pictures Beyonce with Magneto's powers.
Connor Bachan
Connor Bachan:
QOTD: ixtal, would love to see a new elemental mage tank like a nature galio
Kaloy Kaloy
Kaloy Kaloy:
I'm still waiting for Cithria from Demacia
LOR Character
Abominable Alligator
Abominable Alligator:
QOTD: It's been a while since we got a Frerjlord champion, would love to see one of the Sister's, or another Troll like Trundle
Rexvy Oli
Rexvy Oli:
You forgot that Samira is hunting down Rell
Maximiliano Perez-Retama
Maximiliano Perez-Retama:
She is like Toph from Avatar when she learns about metal bending lol
tautvydas grinkevicius
tautvydas grinkevicius:
QOTDl: Personally I like to see another Mountain Targon region champion.
Natsume Lippe-
Natsume Lippe-:
QOTD: Bilgewater. Pirate/cowboys are always welcomed.
Krast the Darkmage
Krast the Darkmage:
QOTD: probably in freljord, a glass cannon summoner that summons poros to fight.
THEY JUST MADE THE STRONGEST BOT LANE COMBO.....samira and rell that sounds scuury
Connor Rees
Connor Rees:
QOTD: istali that place is barely represented
7year old stud muffin
7year old stud muffin:
Ok this champ seems cool and balanced but when we will get a monster type champ again?
The ultra tuber
The ultra tuber:
QOTD: Shurima, I want to see more ascendeds or various other desert denizens. Icathia would also be really cool
Clare Fung
Clare Fung:
QOTD: A yordle.

Actually I was hoping to give my main her Master back....
I expected her to be more muscular since everything they teased about her was 'heavy armor warrior with big ass lance"
Slimzz Tv
Slimzz Tv:
Damn Rihanna stepping her game up.... go ahead girl!
Jackie Logan
Jackie Logan:
Still waiting for Riven to fight for her freedom and chance to return to Ionia.
Aless A
Aless A:
QOTD: Targon, I wanna see some celestiales
drew mollineau
drew mollineau:
QOTD: Targon, Aphelios was a nice addition to Targon's roster, however, I'd like to see another solari or warrior type champion like Pantheon at least.
"This is the first time we have a metal bender in League" Mordekaiser would like to have a word with you... that is... before he got ruined.
QOTD: we need more monster champions, I want another darkin, or void champ
QOTD: Ledros, The King's Shield from Shadow Isles
QOTD: shadow isles cuz I was expecting the ruined king, and I'm upset
Scarlette Naemi
Scarlette Naemi:
Qotd: I would like to see more Void corrupted people or some Solaris, who fight with Leona.
Luso Clemendes
Luso Clemendes:
"I am no murderer... I am the freedom of noxus!"
ESC Stroopwafel
ESC Stroopwafel:
QotD: I always had this imaginary champion concept in my head, an optimistic wanderer from an unknown island in an outside location, eager to see all corners of Runeterra with his own eyes.

He'd have some positive and negative interactions about the different places he had or has yet to see. I could see him even saying good things about Noxians, like _"I'm sure not all Noxians are bloodthirsty tyrants, right? Please don't prove me wrong."_ or an interaction with a Demacian saying _"Hate to break it to you, but it's only a matter of time before your nation will fall under your own laws. It's inevitable."_
františek tichy
františek tichy:
QOTD: i love Shadou Ilse, lucky for me because next champion is basically guaranteed The Ruined King. And with new game and lot of additional lore i will be happy 😁.
Storm Dragon
Storm Dragon:
QOTD: more ixtal champs or more aspects from targon . the regions is soo cool, but they not explored enough
Eugene Monotilla
Eugene Monotilla:
I can't wait for Rell/Samira bot matches that literally erases everything they come across
EmperØя Ðiø
EmperØя Ðiø:
QOTD: The void. This region needs more champs.
Grim Asialander
Grim Asialander:
QOTD: Zaun that is not Seraphine. But some kind of Singed's apprentice.
Him "Rell isn't meant to one-shot your ADC"
Me "Idk my Dude her AP-Scaling looks kinda strong"
Adrian Filimon
Adrian Filimon:
Can we just stop and appreciate that they are releasing a champion that feels unique, but not out of place and no bs abilities?

First new champ i actually might enjoy after a looong time
QOTD: I'd love to either see a new void character/ creature, or a VGU to chogath similar to what morgana got
Soonie Doongi
Soonie Doongi:
"So strong, yet so Small"
Her last words to me before she vanished. Sadlyf.
Seren Dipity
Seren Dipity:
"Rell exists*
Zed: fvk this sht im out
Lil Kan
Lil Kan:
QOTD: a yordle,the last one was released in 2016 and was Kled
QOTD: Another non diety freljord champ would be cool, I wouldn't be surprised to get an assassin from that region considering that's open
kmelvin santos
kmelvin santos:
I imagine myself picking this champ, using her ultimate and shouting, "ANCHOR HOWL!" (Log horizon reference)
WhoKnows WhoCares
WhoKnows WhoCares:
QOTD: I would love to see either a new Void champion, or a Yordle.
MetelBending ~ Toph Beifong
HQ Huy
HQ Huy:
QOTD: The Void. Its been a while since we had any new monsters
(not talking about you kaisa)
GemInTheMaking 15
GemInTheMaking 15:
I’d probably wanna see another Yordle or even a new Aspect
QOTD: i want to see another Shurima /Darkin champion.
Jeremy Tighe
Jeremy Tighe:
“Nothing close to a metal bender other than Taliyah with stones”

Mordekaiser: *cries in Iron Revenant*
William Tomkins
William Tomkins:
Is it just me who's forgotten her name several times already, like she looks awesome and everything but I'm just struggling to remember her name for more than a minute
Matteo Distefano
Matteo Distefano:
QOTD: I really want a champion that has something in his lore related to the sump, I love that place.
γιωργος Πα
γιωργος Πα:
Another champion?they need to calm down realising champions doesn't feel special anymore
QOTD: ok, so we know that the next champion is from shadow iles and that it is the ruind king, but for the next chempuon after the ruined king i would love a champion from demacia or freliord that has something to do with the mage rebelion
Travis Z
Travis Z:
The last time we got a void champion we got 2 in the same year, we got velkoz and reksai in 2014 every other area has gotten atleast one new release "ornn is from freljord" its been over half a decade since we've gotten a void monster. No i dont count Kaisa
Aiden Horne
Aiden Horne:
QOTD definetly the Void. I would like to see more monstery champs in League.
There's a new league of legends channel named "Leagueweed" and I'm not advertising or anything but since he's new I wonder if u guys can give him a chance he seems okay :)
Mario FRC
Mario FRC:
"The first tank support since Braum"
Tahm Kench: Am I a joke to you?
That Ponytailed Jerk
That Ponytailed Jerk:
I was expecting The Ruined King he looks so much more interesting in his game trailer, I hope he still makes it into league
Scurvy Sailor
Scurvy Sailor:
QOTD: STFU and listen here. If there isn't a hotfix to gp in the next week then I'll run it down on every one of my accounts and make new accounts so I can keep making your game worse. I really can't wait to see no buff so I can completely waste all of the time in my day just to make your game worse.
Jayvie Viñalon
Jayvie Viñalon:
I would like to see a champ that transform base on any champ whether enemy or ally, copy all of their skills. Like a vastayan champ that is like a demigod of vastayans.
Kade Jaroon
Kade Jaroon:
Something I've noticed in the past few videos is that either Nathan's microphone or some audio processing is making his voice sound terrible. Sounds like he's just being slowed down a little bit, is it cos' he talks too fast lol?
QOTD: I'm most excited about seeing a female Yordle. We haven't had one in ages.
Igreed, I also want another yordle. there is to much time since the last yordle.
I'm sorry, but why does the voice-over quality sound so poor on this vid? I literally had to stop watching because it sounds noticeably pitched down and slowed... or maybe our buddy over here had a few too many drinks before stepping into the recording booth
Santiago Ponce
Santiago Ponce:
Qqtd I feel like I would love to see someone from the Frejelord I think it’s called
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie
Swaggy_K_Boi Pie:
QOTD: Ahri and Yasuo was going to Bilgewater for her parents, right? Will we be able to see a new champion that we saw during the Worlds 2020 event? I just want to know whats going to come out after all the list of new champs that were listed released, Lillia, Yone, and etc.
shiny bidoof
shiny bidoof:
I need a Darkin support and mid Riot, cmon!
ah seems rito finally embrace echo fighters. they gave one for sona and now sejuani got one.
Pleaseeee make the text larger, what's the point in having the upper left section much larger than actual update info?
Andrew Ash
Andrew Ash:
QOTD: I would love to see another Yordle and I actually had an idea of a champion that was three young Yordles in a trenchcoat that would be tricksters with invisibility, clones, and even traps that shoot your enemies in certain directions.
Rage Madd
Rage Madd:
Anchor Howl from Horizon, and remembrance of old galio ultimate.
QQTD: The Demacia, we need more justice and more ways to purge those filthy mages and dirty noxians.
Player Named Juju
Player Named Juju:
I want to see a new champion from Ixaocan, elemental champions are needed, a bruiser type would be cool
QOTD: Ionia. Just because i find this region and the champs from there the most interesting.
Габриел Гаравалов
Габриел Гаравалов:
Can we have the rest of the darkin finally?!
Damn, a literal iron maiden,and here i thought riot was out of ideas.
Riot making tanks op just to make an actual tank busting, resistance stealing champ
“We’ve never seen metal bending before, closest being taliyah”
Mordekaiser: am I joke to you?
Ajwadd Anwarr
Ajwadd Anwarr:
Honestly I think Senna till now I have been very very satisfied with new champs riots been adding. They are genuinely diverse and leaves you asking whay they will do next. I honestly don't even mind Seraphine , she is a lot of fun to play.
Youkalicious x2
Youkalicious x2:
QOTD: Shadow Isles, Senna was the last one and honestly they should do a rotation; one champ from each region but i really want a shadow isles champ
Nodoken Starcanine
Nodoken Starcanine:
QotD: A new darkin champion who is Varus’s sister.
QOTD: Shurima or Zaun.
Storm Dragon
Storm Dragon:
imagine if every tank in the game was like Rel. tanky with lot of CC but slow and not doing massive dmg, but decent one. like a normal tank concept should
I’m so hyped for rell bro. It’s gonna be crazy
That moment when riot steal ideas from avatar . Just throwing it out there deal with it , cruel reality hurts
Omega ultra
Omega ultra:
I really like the new champ and its concept, but I would like riot to hace more variety with the new champs desing, it's the 3rd female champ in a row and I just would like to see another ornn, voli, urgot, skarner, monster champs in the game, the last one was 3 years ago. (And srry but yummi and lillia doesnt count to me).
Vinh Le
Vinh Le:
QOTD: Demacia, or Zaun.
Henrik H
Henrik H:
Her E seems really strong; instant cc in 3 large areas. Nothing flashy, just really useful.
How about a new Monster champ, from any region would do at this point
QOTD: Anything from Piltover / Zaun. I love this Region the most